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General Rumors about XWP Archive

Here is the archive!!!

These babies cover January 1999...that's why we call it an ARCHIVE!

Last update: 02-10-99

01-05-99. The next eight episodes to be released by Renaissance Pictures (barring more schedule changes): PAST IMPERFECT (Sears script with Xena flashbacks, directed by Garth Maxwell), KEY TO THE KINGDOM (An Eric "I Want to be Armus& Faoster When I Grow Up" Morris script, directed by Bruce Campbell, where Meg, Joxer, and Autolycus conspire to kidnap a baby, considered the "Raising Arizona" honage), DAUGHTER OF POMIRA (Newcomer Linda McGibney script, directed by Patrick Norris, where the Horde return and Xena and Gabrielle attempt to rescue a young woman kidnapped by the Horde long ago, considered the "Searchers" homage), IF THE SHOE FITS (Armus & Foster script, directed by Josh Becker, where Xena, Joxer, Gabrielle, and Aphrodite babysit a young girl and tell her their versions of a popular fairy tale, considered the "Cinderella" homage), PARADISE FOUND (Chris Manhein script, directed by Robert Tapert, where Gabrielle encounters her heaven while Xena encounters her hell, considered the "Bad Acid Trip" homage; this may also be the first of the 4 India episodes); DEVI (Chris Manheim script, directed by Garth Maxwell; this might be an India episode and also may introduce the new nemesis god, Indrajit; it also may be a new name for the episode previously known as "Smoke and Mirros"), BETWEEN THE LINES (Sears script, directed by Rick Jacobson, where Alti returns to cause Xena even more trouble; rumors that instead of being a show which sets itself in the past -- aka flashback episode -- it is a show which sets itself in the future), and THE WAY (Stewart script directed by John Fawcett; this may be the concluding India episode).

01-05-99. News from Kevin Smith's Fanclub! Smith did a lot of work on YOUNG HERCULES (the wrap party for YH was 12-23-98, they had done 50 episodes; Smith's band played at the party). He will not be able to make the Santa Monica Convention due to his work on a television movie titled, LAWLESS, which is scheduled to end filming on January 30, 1999. The film purportedly filmed a scene in it where there is a cat called by the name "Xena". Smith also will be in the HTLJ episodes REDEMPTION (Ares), FOR THOSE OF YOU JUST TUNING IN (Jerry Patrick Brown/Ares), and STRANGER AND STRANGER (God of Love). The character Iphicles is not in the cards. As yet, still no XWP episodes for Smith.


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