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General Rumors about XWP Archive

Here is the archive!!!

These babies cover February 1999...that's why we call it an ARCHIVE!

Last update: 04-21-99

02-11-99. Danielle Cormack has been signed to shoot an episode of XENA in early March 1999. According to our sources, she will be playing Ephiny. Perhaps there will be a real reunion of Amazons afterall! It looks like XWP is going out of this season with a bang...the last episodes will have the triple power of Ephiny, Callisto, and Alti. No info on whether this will all be in one incredible episode or spread out over a few incredible episodes. Whatever happens, it won't happen too soon for the fans.

02-11-99. HTLJ writer Paul Robert Coyle's contract is up after this season, however, he has been pegged to write the HTLJ 6th season opener. Coyle has stated that he wants to write more for XENA, now that his HERCULES contract is up.

02-11-99. More HTLJ rumors: Looks like Zeus will finally make another apperance on HTLJ and there are plans on doing a mini-musical episode with Hercules and Ares having bands and Kevin "Ares" Smith doing some singing.

02-11-99. We are slowly getting intelligence about DEJA VU ALL OVER, Renee O'Connor's directorial debut. It's a clip show, but it is looking like it might leave HERCULES in the dust with the genre of modern day parody clip shows. All we can say right now is that Robert Trebor and Ted Raimi are in it, but playing NEW characters; and it looks like BETWEEN THE LINES is not the only "in the future" episode this season.

02-10-99. Hudson Lieck has been signed to play Callisto in a XWP episode which will be filmed during the first part on March 1999. The big money is on that Callisto will appear in the humungo season-ender cliff-hanger which also features the return of Alti and will either resolve or start the resolution for Xena's crucifixion visions once and for all.

02-10-99. Steven L. Sears (co-executive producer/writer XWP) was at an on-line DWO AoL Chat on 02-04-99. He shared the following observations:

Question : Why did you reshoot Xena giving away Solan for the Past Imperfect ep?
Tyldus: That was something that we discussed at length. Rob wanted to reshoot it so that we could give a better effect of war in the background. When it was done, it didn't so much succeed at that, but it did have more continuity within the particular episode. I wish we could have combined them, as I think the older one had some great moments. Costuming prevented us, though.

Tyldus: I'm writing Amazons tonight, as a matter of fact.... As the rest of the series unfolds, keep an eye on Gab's "spiritual and character" growth. And think of the Amazons.

Question: Did Gab miss the spear shot in A Good Day on purpose or not?
Tyldus: She didn't miss on purpose. She didn't miss because she couldn't hit it. What it was, and it didn't come across very well as shot, was that she had every intent of hitting him. But at the last second, she pulled. An involuntary reaction. It is actually a common occurence with people who are put in a position of shooting someone in an emergency.
Question: You mean she just subconsciously couldn't let herself throw it?
Tyldus : Yes. Exactly.
Question : So if it had been her staff, she would have nailed him?
Tyldus: Exactly right.

Tyldus: I think you could say that the season ender will leave you with a lot of questions.

02-10-99. This info is from Gabrielle Anderson and her website. There is a series of FOUR episodes to be filmed between November and December of this year [1998] that will take place in Ancient India and Ancient Persia. Currently dozens of East Indian actors and extras are being cast. It is not known whether all four of these episodes will belong to the Xena series or Xena AND Hercules series [It turned out some were where Herk and the gang go to Persia and meet Zoroaster, and the rest for Xena and Gabrielle's trip to India: DEVI, BETWEEN THE LINES, and THE WAY]. One episode will be a loose follow-up of an ancient Hindu epic called "The Ramayana". In this episode (tentatively titled "The Way"), Gabrielle and Issa [now Eli] (an avatar - that is a physical incarnation of a deity) will be kidnapped by Indrajit, King of the Demons (Indrajit is the son of Ravana - the previous demon king who was slain by Rama, a previous avatar in "The Ramayana"). Indrajit, a four-armed, seductive demon in human form will attempt to persuade Issa to join powers with him in a bid to "save" mankind (or perhaps enslave it). Xena will, obviously, intervene with some special powers of her own. GABBY will LOSE HER STAFF FOR GOOD in one of these episodes [THE WAY]. One of which is called "The Way". There is a character appearing in two of the Indian episodes named Eli. No doubt he will probably made into a regular [He may return to the show as a guest star, but I doubt he will be a regular]. In "The Way", the writers and designers did some wonderful research into Hindu mythology. A famous much-loved character named Hanuman (an ape-man) appears in the episode and will no doubt please lots of indian fans as well as the god Krishna. Also, Xena (in the final battle) will transform herself into the demon-killing Goddess KALI (complete with four arms, blue-skin and super-long tongue). Very cool and she pulls off the role really well. Great stuff. [The special effects on these shows are supposedly the best they have ever attempted].

02-10-99. Steven L. Sears (co-executive producer/writer XWP) was at the Santa Monica Convention (01-24-99). He said that there weredifferent moments that impressed him as regards Lucy and Renee and their portrayal of the characters. He related an interesting tale about THE GREATER GOOD, and how from one line of description (the Tree Bashing Scene) Renee pulled out everything he imagined that scene should convey. He also said that there will be more "temporary" characters that come and go for a few episodes.

02-10-99. Bruce "Autolycus" Campbell, and erstwhile director, was featured in the March 1999 issue of STARLOG Magazine. He refers to KEY TO THE KINGDOM as "Three idiots and a Baby". He also discusses his experiences directing Lucy Lawless in KEY TO THE KINGDOM: ""Lucy is more instinctive. She doesn't like specific information, like if you're doing a gag, she doesn't want it explained to her. Just tell her what to do and she'll do it in her own way. You've got to feel out her interpreting. As an actor, I get along very easily with her, she's very professional. As a director, now you're dealing with the show's lead and you have to make sure you're prepared because this is 'their' show." On directing FOR THOSE OF YOU JUST JOINING US, he said: "I think what's fun is that the audience sees all the actors they know playing other roles: Renee O'Connor, Hudson Leick, Kevin Smith, Michael Hurst. It's great to see Kevin, an amazingly talented guy, in a compleyely different role. He's playing a southern hick, and he's really good at it... Michael can just be this outrageously drunk character. Hudson, she's pretty intense, even as a person, she's fun to deal with, she has a lot of kooky ideas...." And finally, as to the future of both shows, he said, "Those shows are near the end of the road, say what you want...The actors are only going to last so much longer. After a few years, you start to beat up on your lead actors. And there are only so many more stories you can tell. The BABYLON 5 plan was great - it was designed for five years and, bye, it's over. That's brilliant...."

02-10-99. Kevin Sorbo at the Santa Monica Convention (01-23-99) stated that he would do the Xena war cry in an upcoming episode.

02-10-99. There is a rumor that Gabrielle will purposely get rid of her trusty staff at the end of THE WAY. In terms of airing scheduling, THE WAY was to end the middle group of first runs, but then the schedule changed to have THE PLAY'S THE THING end the cycle. But the latest news is that repeats will resume after THE WAY. THE WAY is an intense episode which concludes the "India" cycle of episodes. The devi, Eli, returns while Xena and Gabrielle continue down their spiritual paths. Perhaps it was thought that having the cycle end on a mindless comedy might be good. I for one am glad they are ending the 2nd cycle first runs on a dramatic note.

02-10-99. Claire "Alti" Stansfield was at the Santa Monica Convention (01-24-99). She parted with observations and information. Originally she auditioned for the part of Morrigan on HTLJ (that part was won by Tamara Gorski, who also played Norma Bates in FOR THOSE OF YOUR JUST JOINING US), but was called back to read for Alti. She did not know she was reading for Alti (she thought she was going to be Cyane) until later. She stated she appreciated the welcomeness that Lucy Lawless and the others on the set gave to her, since she was coming in rather late in the history of the show. She related how uncomfortable it was to do the harness scenes in ADVENTURES IN THE SIN TRADE II. she was heartened though by Lucy Lawless' enthusiasm in the same scenes. She stated she has three more XENA episodes to do [at this time, I conjecture them to be BETWEEN THE LINES, LAST TEMPTATION (if the season-ender), and XENA AND CAESAR (if the 5th season premiere)]. She stated that BETWEEN THE LINES deals with karmic issues [we know now that it involves some sort of soul transference to the future; there is debate as to whether this is infact reincarnation or just soul posession; there is also a debate on-line whether this will affect the fan fiction genre of UberXena].


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