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General Rumors about XWP Archive
APRIL 1999

Here is the archive!!!

These babies cover April 1999...that's why we call it an ARCHIVE!

Last update: 06-02-99

03-26-99. At the NYC Xena Convention is was reported that the Mel and Janice remake plans had been scrapped, but that the O'Connor directed episode would take place in the 1940's. However, this is in direct conflict with intelligence received about DEJA VU being a modern day episode a la YES VIRGINIA THERE IS A HERCULES; however, instead of being about the production people, it would be about the fans. I guess we will just have to wait and see. I find it easier to believe that they are doing a 1990's episode as opposed to a 1940's episode WITHOUT Janice and Mel. But then, stranger things have happed.

03-26-99. Paul Robert Coyle discussed this episode a bit at the NYC Xena Convention (02-22-99). He mentioned that Callisto would be in it (he was amused that he was told to kill her off only to be told to bring her back), that it would be a season-ender cliff-hanger, and that he was writing it and another HERCULES episode with Callisto. Feeling bad about his faux pas with Callisto's sister, he assured the audience that he would remedy his error in season-opener of Xena's 5th season where we will discover that Callisto's sister survived and we get to meet her.

04-21-99. THE WAY was removed from syndication in April 1999. Read more about the controversary at the XWP FAQ. This episode was previously aired at a later time by a Canadian station because of violence. The episode was eventually pulled because of a concerted protest by some Hindu associated organizations against USA Studios. Since then there has arisen a fan grassroots movement to restore the episode in its original form to the airwaves again.

04-21-99. At the recent NYC Convention (08/99), Paul Robert Coyle said that the god Strife really is dead (regardless his appearance in YES VIRGINIA, THERE IS A HERCULES), but the actor Joel Tobeck, who played him, will reappear in HERCULES as a different god. Coyle also mentioned that the genie in GENIES was originally slated to be played by Sandra Bernhardt, but she became pregnant and was unable to do it. He also mentioned that the role played by Danielle Cormack (Ephiny) in SKY HIGH, was originally supposed to be for Nebula (to be played by Gina Torres), but Torres could not play it because she was covering for Lucy Lawless in STRANGER AND STRANGER who was originally slated to play the Empress. When the 3-D plans for STRANGER AND STRANGER were dropped, Lawless left the line-up, and Torres stepped in. Supposedly the written part was not changed from what was written for Lawless.

04-21-99. Due to the declining revenues for syndicated hour-long tv shows, HTLJ is anticipated to only have an 8 episode 6th season.

04-21-99. Jeremy Roberts (Thersites in FISTFUL OF DINARS & Aiden in PARADISE FOUND) flew to New Zealand on April 15th to film a HTLJ episode. Bruce Campbell (Autolycus) has also been tapped to appear in one or two of Hercules' last episodes.

04-21-99. Lucy Lawless is with child, and said child is due to debut in October 1999. The writer have been busy for the past couple of months working on how to assiimlate the pregnancy into the 5th season. Since RenPic is an outfit which excels and usually transcends itself when given an impossible challenge, I am especially curious how this is going to be dealt with. Robert Tapert stated that we should expect more comedies because of the situation. Let's hope they are comedies more along the vein of THE PLAY'S THE THING and A DAY IN THE LIFE, than the other episodes passed off as comedies.

04-21-99. At StarCon in Denver Colorado (4/18/99), Robert Trebor (Salmoneus) mentioned that he is in negoitiations with RenPic for Salmoneus to appear in XWP's 5th season.


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