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General Rumors about XWP Archive
APRIL 1999

Here is the archive!!!

These babies cover May through September 1999...that's why we call it an ARCHIVE!

Last update: 10-25-99

06-02-99. Jeremy Roberts (popular guest star) in an on-line chat at the Sam Raimi Yahoo Club on May 21, 1999, stated that:

  • He is in the 2nd HTLJ to air for the 6th season. He will portray a "winged demon from hell". His wings will be angelic-like as opposed to bat-like. He described the character as a type of fallen angel. He stated, "Who wouldn't like flying around 100 feet in the air slamming Hercules into pillars?"

  • While filming the HTLJ episodes he noticed that XENA was filming an episode with 30 angels! [Talk about inflation!]

  • He has been approached to play Vlad the Impaler in XWP 5th season.

  • He also mentioned that Robert Tapert may make a cameo appearance in XWP as the "godlike being" who impregnates the fertile warrior princess.

  • He also mentioned that RenPic tried to get William Shatner to play Zeus but it was not possible. [Star Trek trivia: Jeremy Roberts played one of the assassins in Star Trek VI].

  • And just like everyone else in New Zealand, he is auditioning for LORD OF THE RINGS.
  • 06-02-99. A report on the Bruce Campbell WebForum reported that Bruce Campbell in a private e-mail confirmed that JACK OF ALL TRADES was the pirate pilot developed for him at RenPic that he eventually boewed out of [He also confirmed that live at a Dallas Comics Con in June 1999].

    06-02-99. HTLJ last episode, FULL CIRCLE, will be released 11-15-99. FULL CIRCLE will have Bruce Campbell as a guest star and he may also direct.

    In January 2000, RenPic will unveil it's new gift to the action-adventure genre...an adult half hour! Yes, now those who were challenged by an hour action-adventure can enjoy what HERK and XENA fans have been for the past 5 years. The shows are called JACK OF ALL TRADES and CLEOPATRA 2525. JACK was created by Eric Morris who was involved in SPYGAME. It originally was developed as a pirate show for Bruce Campbell. Now it is about a British Secret Service agent in the Caribbean in the early 18th century. CLEOPATRA 2525 was created by ROB TAPERT and R.J. STEWART, the very same guys who brought us XENA. It was originally developed as AMAZON HIGH which started out as a Buffy clone which reportedly went through a maturation to a Cagney and Lacey homage to finally dumbing it back down to the the adventures of an exotic dancer who was cryogenically frozen and thawed in 2525 to find a world ruled by EVIL robots (man, don't you just hate that when that happens?). This is very sad news to all those Gina Torres fans who were hoping that when JACK was a pirate show it was going to be about Nebula the Pirate, or even CLEOPATRA 2525 would be about Cleopatra the Egyptian chick. But nooooo, looks like Gina Torres is out of work until they finally get around to filming that Mark Antony/Octavius Caesar episode. Casting has not been announced or even rumored at for either JACK or CLEO.

    06-02-99. Looks like Gabrielle, Xena, and Ares all get new looks this coming season. May include hair, clothing, SIZE, or any mixture of the former.

    06-02-99. On May 28, 1999, an Official from USA Studios responded to the various extent petitions requesting the reinstatement of the episode THE WAY (if you remember, the episode had been removed from release because of protests by various organizations). The gist of the statement was that USA Studios is looking into ways they could re-release the episode.


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