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General Rumors about XWP Archive

Here is the archive!!!

These babies cover October 1999 through February 2000...that's why we call it an ARCHIVE!

Last update: 03-07-00

11-20-99. The first day of filming for JACK OF ALL TRADES was Monday 11/15/99 on the script titled RETURN OF THE DRAGOONS. It will be directed by Josh Becker. The next 14 episodes of JACK will be filmed over the nest three months, after that, CLEO's last eight episodes will be filmed, followed presumably by the last 8 of JACK. That will make 22 episodes of each CLEO and JACK even though they are replacing HTLJ 8 episodes into the season. This will mean, no doubt an elongated season with new episodes released well past the traditional May season enders. The filming schedule is CLEO August-October 1999 (14 episodes), JACK November-January 2000 (14 episodes), CLEO February-March (8 episodes), and JACK April-May (8 episodes). That makes a somewhat tight schedule, but they have gotten shows to airing with the film still drying before. Because of delays, the premiere of CLEOPATRA 2525 and JACK OF ALL TRADES has been pushed forward a week to January 24, 2000.

11-20-99. Will he or won't he. Looks like Kevin Sorbo WILL be on the episode of XENA where the daddy of Xena's spawn is revealed. It is also looking like they bifurcated the "Who is Daddy" show and the "Baby is Born" show...only time will tell as usual in the Xenaverse.

11-20-99. I watched Lucy Lawless' interview from NZ on the internet 11/17/99 and it looks like she was indirectly saying that she suspects at least a 6th season. Good enough for me. Looks like issue 50 will not be the last WHOOSH issue. And I guess we will have 5th anniversary issue after all. EEK!

11-20-99. The upcoming XEA episode MARRIED WITH FISHSCHTICKS is a sequel to FINS FEMMES & GEMS, which was originally called FISH SCHTICKS (but changed in order to humor DeBeers, a big sponsor of the episode which highlighted a gem in the show).

11-20-99. Either its a cross-over show or just borrowing the sets, but XWP on the week of 11/08/99 was filming on the CLEO 2525 set. This might be the heavy special effects episode for XENA which was leaked out over the summer (the robots/cgi/animated episode which Ted Raimi also alluded to in an on-line chat). If it is, they sure took their time to film it! The set, by the way, from CLEO they are using is an old, run-down factory. This might also mean that the episode EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN has been resuscitated. That was the STAR TREK "City on the Edge of Forever" homage which had Xena and Gabrielle catapulted in the future to 1990's New York or Los Angeles. They might be catapulted to 2525. Who knows in this show?

11-20-99. Here's the produciton information for current RenPic productions as reported in the November 11, 1999 edition of the Daily Variety:

(310) 360-2300

CLEOPATRA 2525 (synd) (Renaissance Pictures in assn w/Studios USA) EXP, Rob Tapert, Sam Raimi, R.J. Stewart; CO-EXP, Eric Gruendemann; PROD, Chris Black, Janine Dickins; CO-PROD, Mike McDonald; CASTING, Hymson-Ayer Casting (818) 777-6748, Mary Adams.

HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS (synd) (in assn w/Renaissance Pictures) EXP, Robert Tapert, Sam Raimi; CO-EXP, Liz Friedman, Eric Gruendemann, Alex Kurtzman, Robert Orci; PROD, Bernadette Joyce, Chole Smith, Gene O'Neill, Noreen Tobin, Paul Robert Coyle; CASTING, Beth Hymson-Ayer.

JACK OF ALL TRADES (synd) (Recaissance Pictures in assn w/Studios USA) EXP, Rob Tapert, Sam Raimi, Alex Kurtzman, Robert Orci; CO-EXP, Eric Gruendemann, Bruce Campbell; SUPR PROD, Eric Morris; PROD, Janine Dickins; CO-PROD, Mike McDonald; CASTING, Hymson-Ayer Casting (818) 777-6748, Mary Adams.

XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS (synd) (in assn w/Renaissance Pictures) EXP, Robert Tapert, Sam Raimi, R.J. Stewart; CO-EXP, Liz Friedman, Eric Gruendemann, Steven J. Sears; PROD, Bernadette Joyce, Chole Smith, Chris Manheim; CASTING, Beth Hymson-Ayer.

11-07-99. 12/01/99, Salmoneus (as told to Robert Trebor) will have a book released called "Dear Salmoneus; The World's First Guide To Love and Money..."

Since Sal is the one major mortal in the Xenaverse who has never died, he has been able to reincarnate endlessly thruout the millennia giving much needed advice on romantic and financial matters to the great and near-great. All the characters of both shows have asked Sal for counsel (including Argo)...as well as such persons as, Monica Lewinsky, Ken Starr, Jerry Springer, The Spice Girls, Stanley Kubrick, OJ Simpson, Margaret Thatcher, Anna Karenina, the Y2k Bug, Tamagoitchi, Ross Perot, Donald Trump, Gary Coleman...the list is just too large to recall here. There is also a 16 page photo spread with pictures never before seen anywhere.

The shipping date is due to be Dec 1. Request preorders from your local bookstores now. It's out from Image Publishing in Fullerton. The store owners should have received a solicitation for orders by now.

11-07-99. R.J. Stewart was at the First Annual Special Effects FIlm Festival in Phoenix, AZ on 10/30/99. From Marilyn Cristiano's On the Road report:

I asked R.J. a burning question on the minds of some subtext loving fans: "Do you think that we will ever see an on-screen kiss between Xena and Gabrielle?," and then I said, "you know, a lot of fans would like to see that." R. J. smiled and with a twinkle in his eye said: "Yeah, maybe." I smiled and with delight responded "really?," and he said, "sure, absolutely." Looks like there is still hope.

R. J. went on to talk about the much anticipated CLEOPATRA 2525 that will be premiering in January. He and Robert Tapert wanted to do a sci-fi adventure and developed the idea over a few scotches at Rob's house. R. J. went on to discuss the special effects in CLEOPATRA 2525 and noted that CLEOPATRA 2525 will be a heavy special effects show. Two percent of the budget on XENA and seven percent of the budget on CLEOPATRA 2525 goes to special effects. CLEOPATRA 2525 is a sci-fi thriller based in the year 2525. The title character, played by Jennifer Sky who plays Amarice on XENA, was cryogenically frozen in the year 2001, and she wakes up in the year 2525. Civilization has been forced underground by forces called the Baileys. The lead characters are not sure if the Baileys are aliens or machines, and the leads are intent on battling these creatures in order to reclaim the surface of the earth.

R.J. showed the audience a clip from CLEOPATRA 2525 and told them that they were the first group of individuals to see the show outside of the people at Renaissance Pictures. The clip was the first thing that was shot and edited together and was still in a very rough form. From the short clip, I conclude that this show is absolutely going to rock! Looks like many of the elements that fans love about XENA will be a part of CLEOPATRA 2525: strong, independent, fit, and beautiful kick ass women characters who team up to fight for the greater good. Jennifer Sky has a new look (short blond bob hairstyle), and Vicky Pratt, who played Cyane, Queen of the Amazons in the SIN TRADE episodes (69/401 & 70/402) on XENA and who plays Sarge in CLEOPATRA 2525, sports her hair up in a ponytail and appeared in an Amazon-style costume.

Gina Torres (Nebula on HERCULES and Cleopatra on XENA) seemed to be playing the part of the smart and controlled leader, whereas Vicky Pratt's Sarge is the emotional shoot first, ask questions later type. I was excited before about seeing CLEOPATRA 2525, but after seeing this clip, all I can say is "bring it on!"

10-28-99. R.J. Stewart is returning to XENA full time. It is unclear at the moment where Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman will be going, but R.J. has been drafted to take the helm once more for the XENA writing staff.

10-25-99. Awhile back there was a rumour about an episode that was supposed to feature Callisto's sister. Many people jumped to the erroneous conclusion that Amarice was this character. This is incorrect. Callisto's sister was supposed to be Arciana in the HERC episode BE DEVILED. Callisto was going to play the role of the Xerxos character, but Hudson did not play a role on that episode, and it would have been difficult to explain her presence there in light of Callisto's "redemption" in FALLEN ANGEL. So Arciana, who was supposed to be Callisto's sister (in Fact the mythical Callisto had a brother named Arcus), ended up just being the sister of Xerxos.

10-25-99. The first 14 episodes of CLEOPATRA 2525 are in the can, with 8 more additionally contracted episodes that need to be shot.

10-25-99. The 100th episode called SURPRISE GABRIELLE has been renamed SEEDS OF FAITH. Not only will Xena's child be born in this episode, but the father will be revealed AND it will be followed by a four episode arc which has been called by some "The Getting Rid of the Baby Arc".s

10-25-99. A XENA video game is expected to be released in November 1999 for Nintendo 64 and GameBoy Color.

10-25-99. Am I the only person left on this earth who wonders what happened to LOVE POLICE?

10-25-99. Earlier this year XWP lost some producers and gained new ones. Well, it looks like some more changes might be in store. Stay tuned.

10-25-99. Hudson Leick in an AoL on-line chat in late September 1999, said:

Question: hudson with your chracter turning over to the good side does that mean you will not be in many episodes like last season
Hudson tvg: I think truly truly truly I am finished with Calisto now.

Question: Are you going to do any conventions this year or next?
Hudson tvg: Maybe one in England.

Question: Do you have any non-Xena projects coming up in the near future we should look out for?
Hudson tvg: I just finished Chill Factor and an Aaron Spelling pilot: Safe Harbor. And 2 more Xenas that are coming up.

We know that FALLEN ANGEL was one of them. Perhaps Callisto will pop up in the February sweeps month?

10-25-99. In June 1999, Ted Raimi on an on-line chat stated that he believed there was going to be a "completely cgi animated" episode of XENA for the 5th season. Rumors have it that it is that mysterious "robots/cgi" episode listed in that alledged production sheet which was leaked over the summer.

10-25-99. At a German Fan Gathering on Feb. 12-14 1999, RJ Stewart phoned in a live interview. In this interview he said that there would be a sixth season provided Lucy Lawless stil wanted to do it. As an update to this information, according to reliable sources, all the contracts have been signed and everyone concerned is working towards the expectation that there will be a 6th season, Lucy Lawless still has an out if she wants it. Let's hope that Ms. Lawless is happy and wants another go around. Stewart also was reported to have agreed that Joxer could be overused at times and that the "Gabdrag" in BITTER SUITE was a mistake. He also stated that a world famous guest star would be in a 5th season episode.

10-25-99. In the May 1999 Orlando Creation Con, Kevin Smith stated that Ares' hair and beard would change for the 5th season of XWP. At the October 1999 San Francsico Creation Con he stated that he cut his hair because he was finding it difficult to go after other roles credibly with his previous Ares' 'dos. It was also announced at the Orlando con that both Xena and Gabrielle would have costume changes. Gabrielle's would most likely involve leather.


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