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08-12-01. The completed pilot script for Hourglass is by Alexandra Tydings and it is called ABOUT TIME.

08-12-01. Hourglass news. The TV development project of Claudia Christian and Alexandra Tydings is still afloat and going strong even though their valiant pitch from a fortnight ago did not soften the hearts the studio they pitched too. There are still more pitches to be made to other studios. This project is far, far from dead. One has to jump through many hoops and travel down many deadends to get a TV show onto the little screen. Christian & Tydings are very responsive to their fans, and it is amazing and kind that they are sharing this experience with us. The only other producer who did anything like this was J.M. Straczynski, when he started talking about a little project that popped up in his head one day, later to be called Babylon 5, over four years before the TV show first aired. He knew that the fans would be instrumental in creating and maintaining the project. He was not afraid of his fans. He embraced them and interacted with them as thoughtful and intelligent people. He used this internet bonding (this was all pre-web and he used e-mail and newsgroups and bbs networks) to create a project which fans were able to participate in prenatally. Talk about creating responsible relatives and exploiting the instinct of nurturing. The fans made sure that Babylon 5 made it through its 5 years. Now, Christian and Tydings are offering us a similar and very rare experience. I wish them all the luck they will need (and they will need it!), and hope that they succeed. They are doing a brave thing AND they are asking us to walk with them in their production adventure. Let's rally behind them and support the project anyway we can. I have already written at length why I think it is an important project (in short, we need more female helmed action/adventure shows, regardless of what Tribune may think). It still goes. This is the age where grassroots fan movements can make or break a show. Let's use this power to allow another show in the true spirit of Xena to get made.

08-11-01. The buzz is that the pitch from a fortnight ago went very well but because of other projects already in production with the studio, they passed on the deal. However, there are still more pitches to be made to other studios. This project is far, far from dead.

07-20-01. Over 7000 visitors to the site, and only 3 days before the pitch. More!!! I want MORE!!!

07-18-01. The Hourglass Official Website has gotten over 5000 visitors in the past 24 hours. Keep it going feminist time travel geeks!!! Let's make ourselves be heard.

07-17-01. Alexandra (Aphrodite) Tydings and Claudia Christian (Babylon-5) need our help. They are pitching a kick-hinder action-adventure TV show to a studio on Tuesday July 24 (it was originally for Thursday before, but it was rescheduled). Their pitch is a time travel show called Hourglass. There are two critical things about this show: (1) it is about TWO WOMEN having adventures side by side (sound familiar?) -- not a woman and her MALE sidekick or not a guy and his feisty female sidekick; and (2) it is being created by women -- not some guys who thought it would be cool to have a female hero, etc. etc.). They got their foot in the door. What can we do to help? Go to their website (http://www.hourglass1.com/) right NOW. They want to get as many visitors as possible before the meeting on Thursday to show the studio that (1) there is interest in two women helming an action-adventure-fantasy show, (2) there is interest in Tydings and Christian doing such a show, and (3) that there is interest in doing a time travel show (okay I am a geek, I looove time travel shows and it is painful to watch 7 Days...okay???). We love our action-adventures, and we love them MORE when they are intelligent women doing intelligent but fun action-adventurey things. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CLICK RIGHT HERE. You can look at the site or not. It's fun. But the important thing is that this is a vote you can make to show the studio that chicks do not need male sidekicks...we want some chicks to have chick sidekicks. Anyways, please, this is a time where WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. So help out these ladies and allow ourselves to get some quality kick-hinder shows! Click away. Please.


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Hourglass is a development project by Claudia Christian and Alexandra Tydings. It is a time travel episodic television show helmed by two strong female characters. It is currently being pitched as a fantasy/sci-fi/action/adventure one hour syndicated drama.


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