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Season 1, episode 2
Series 102
1st release: 01/24/00
2nd release:
Production number: V1304
Approximate shooting dates:
Last update: 05-13-01

SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Bruce Campbell (Jack Stiles)
Angela Dotchin (Emilia Rothschild)
Stuart Devenie (Croque)
Stephen Papps (Brogard)

John Leigh (Monsieur Martin/Bernard St. Bernard)

Story by Eric Morris
Teleplay by Melissa Blake
Directed by Charlie Haskell


Jack must teach Emilia how to seduce a French agent in order to locate plans hidden in a "secret place." Bruce Campbell Website

After receiving a lesson in the fine art of seduction from Jack, Emilia sets out to retrieve a secret code from the famous French spy, Monsieur Martin. Log Line

Jack gives Emilia lessons in seduction for a mission against a French spy.

Emilia uses seduction to retrieve a secret code from a French spy. ExciteTV


This commentary is by Sally Dye.


Emilia is at the docks waiting for an incoming shipment when she meets Croque and Brogard, who are there to meet "the most famous spy in all France," who is reputed to be a master of disguise. Just then a conspicuously dressed man with a loud voice disembarks from a docked ship. Croque introduces him as Monsieur Martin, "if indeed that is his real name". Brogard suggests that they retire to someplace less public because of the possible presence of the Daring Dragoon. As they are leaving the docks, M. Martin steps in a rope trap and is hoisted up by his feet. Jack, as the Dragoon, leaps down and cuts M. Martin's briefcase--which was cuffed to his wrist--free, fights off all the surrounding soldiers, jumps on his horse and rides off. Croque cuts M. Martin down as Emilia looks on with a satisfied expression.

When they get the briefcase back to the lab, Jack and Emilia are disappointed to find nothing in it but underwear. They are looking for a secret code that will identify all the artists on the island whose work is subversive to the French. If the artists are identified they will all be killed.

Act I

Jack and Em meet Croque and M. Martin on the croquet field. Croque is commiserating with M. Martin on the loss of his briefcase, but Martin says it's okay, he doesn't keep anything classified in it. Emilia wonders aloud why, then, did he keep it handcuffed to his wrist, and he explains that he has a condition that requires him to wear "special undergarments". (He gets strange looks from everyone for that statement.) Martin says he will only be on Pulau Pulau for one evening, and Croque says he must attend a special soiree being held that very evening.

Back at the lab, Em is working on a mysterious potion, and when Jack walks in, she sprays it in his eyes, blinding him. Em is thrilled that the spray works. She immerses Jack's head in a bucket of water to restore his sight. Then she begins discussing their plans to get the secret code at the party. She decides that Martin must keep the code in his "special undergarments." Jack then suggests that Em seduce Martin and "get the code in the heat of passion." Em seems less than sure of herself, but agrees that she must do it for the mission to succeed.

Martin is in his room at the governor's mansion, relaxing and reading "Let Them Eat Cake", by Marie Antoinette, when Brogard enters to inform him of plans for the soiree. Brogard is a bit contemptuous of Martin's effeminate appearance and comments that Martin is acting very frivolously for someone reputed to be France's greatest spy. Martin leaps off the bed, throwing several daggers which embed themselves in the wall around Brogard's head. He reveals that he is known as "L'Homme Fatale", the Shadow of Death. He says no one has ever gotten the better of him at his own game until that morning, and he is determined to apprehend the Dragoon. He knows that the Dragoon will try again to get whatever he is looking for and that is why he said he would only be there for one night--the Dragoon will have to make the attempt at the party. Brogard says he and his men will be ready.

Jack offers Emilia advice on how to seduce Martin, since Em seems to be out of practice. Em responds by either laughing at his suggestions or being totally repulsed by them. In exasperation, she tells Jack that seduction "is an art, not a contact sport". Jack gets totally serious and apologizes. He tells Em that thinking she may have to seduce Martin to get the code was making him jealous and he would never want to lose her. Em is mesmerized by his confession. They draw closer and closer to a kiss.

Act II

Just as their lips are about to touch, Jack says it's her turn now to try to seduce him by saying the things he wants to hear, like he was doing just then. Em is flustered and Jack realizes that she was taking him seriously. Em denies it, though, and says she was acting, just like he was. She runs upstairs.

At the party, Em makes an entrance that has Martin, Croque and Brogard all drooling. She tells Jack that she will have Martin upstairs in ten minutes and to meet her in the hall outside his room. She bumps into M. Martin so that he falls and breaks his glasses and spills wine over his shirt. She apologizes profusely and offers to accompany him to his room to change. Jack is occupied talking to a group of women and doesn't see them leave. When Em and Martin reach his room, he begins undressing and chases Em around the room. Jack suddenly notices Em is gone and rushes off to change into his Dragoon outfit. Meanwhile, Em buys some time by suggesting a relaxing bath first. This gives Jack enough time to get to the room. He and Em search through Martin's clothes while he is in the bath, but they can't find the code. Martin enters wearing nothing but bubbles, and they see that the code is written on his private parts. Em sprays the ginger spray in Martin's eyes, but gets it in Jack's eyes, too. Brogard and his men burst in, and Em sprays their eyes. Martin, Jack, Brogard and all the soldiers fight blindly around the room while Em is on her knees copying down the code. Finally, Em breaks a vase over Martin's head and she and Jack escape out the door .

The next day in the lab, Em notes that, thanks to their decoding, the artists on the island are now safe. Jack compliments Em on how great she looked at the party and tells her that she is the best agent he has ever worked with. He apologizes for hurting her feelings earlier. Em says she has a confession to make also--that when he said those things, her heart had skipped a beat. She says she had never realized how suffocated she felt until she met him. They draw closer and closer. Em says softly, "Now we're even", and sashays out of the lab.


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