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Season 1, episode 3
Series 103
1st release: 01/31/00
2nd release: 03/27/00
3rd release: 07/31/00
Production number: V1309/1253?
Last update: 08-24-01

SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Bruce Campbell (Jack Stiles)
Angela Dotchin (Emilia Rothschild)
Stuart Devenie (Croque)
Stephen Papps (Brogard)

Hori Ahipene (Blackbeard)
John Sumner (Benjamin Franklin)

Written by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman
Directed by Chris Graves


Blackbeard kidnaps Benjamin Franklin for Napoleon, and Emilia and Jack must save him before he builds a dangerous weapon.

Blackbeard Kidnaps Benjamin Franklin for Napoleon, and Jack and Emilia must save him before it's too late.
1st RELEASE: 01/31/00
An AA average of 2.9
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
(1) X-Files 4.9
(2) ER 4.3
(3) Xena 4.0
(4) Stargate-SG1/VIP 3.4
(5) Back2Back 2.9
(6) Relic Hunter 2.8
(7) Lost World 2.5
(8) Total Recall 2.0
(9) Beastmaster 2.2

2nd RELEASE: 03/27/00
An AA average of 2.5
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
(1) X-Files 4.5
(2) ER 3.6
(3) Stargate SG-1/VIP 2.9
(4) Baywatch Hawaii 2.8
(5) Xena 2.7 (Back in the Bottle )
(6) Back2Back/Earth:Final Conflict 2.5
(7) Relic Hunter 2.1 (Myth of the Maze)
(8) Total Recall 1.2

3rd RELEASE: 07/31/00
An AA average of 2.3
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
X-Files 3.8
ER 3.1
Xena 2.8
Stargate Sg-1 2.7
Back2Back/Profiler 2.3
Earth: Final Conflict/Relic Hunter


This commentary is by Sally Dye.


Emilia is welding a piece on her submarine, and the noise wakes Jack, who is still sleeping at 4 in the afternoon. The doorbell rings and they find Jean-Claude, their "trusty carrier parrot", who brings news that the pirate Blackbeard is headed their way and up to no good.

Croque and Brogard meet Blackbeard on the beach. Jack and Emilia are watching and see Croque give the pirate a chest full of jewels. They are paying Blackbeard to deliver someone to Napoleon. Blackbeard pulls a sack from the head of his captive, and Jack and Emilia are astonished to recognize Benjamin Franklin.

Act I

Ben demands to be released. Croque says that they want all his scientific secrets so they can take over the U.S. Jack and Emilia argue over whether Ben's greatness is because of his British parents or his American citizenship. They do agree that they must rescue him.

Jack and Emilia knock out some soldiers and dress in their clothes. They are able to get into the prison and see Ben. Ben explains that Napoleon wants Ben to invent a powerful weapon -- a kite that can generate enough electricity to "turn the White House black." He and Emilia have a scientific discussion about how such a weapon would work. Bored with that, Jack interrupts to tell Ben that they plan to rescue him when he is transferred to the ship.

At dinner Blackbeard demonstrates his ability to drink kerosene and breathe fire. Soldiers rush to douse the flames. Croque and Brogard are disgusted with his grossness and decide they must take extra precautions when Ben is transferred, though they do warn Blackbeard that the Daring Dragoon is likely to interfere with their plans.

Emilia distracts Blackbeard and crew as they are getting ready to load Ben into a boat. Jack (as the Dragoon) rides up, grabs Ben and makes for the woods. But when he removes the hood, it's not Ben, it's Brogard. Brogard pulls a pistol and points it at Jack.

Act II

Emilia knocks Brogard out with a branch. They realize they have lost Ben as they see the ship sailing away.

Emilia and Jack launch the tiny submarine that Em has made. The sub is powered by Jack cranking two large levers. He is not happy about this, but Emilia says she'll take a turn later. Suddenly they start to sink. Emilia says there must be some sort of electrical fault. They must rise or they will be crushed. Jack punches the electric mechanisms and the sub starts to rise again.

Emilia plans to attach the sub to the ship with a docking port, drill a hole into the ship and remove Ben through the hole. Jack is skeptical, but the plan works. Jack distracts the pirates while Emilia and Ben get into the sub and get it powered up. Ben is very impressed by the sub, especially when Emilia explains that she built it using his ideas. Emilia starts the sub, but the power fails again. Ben solves the problem, but the wires are not long enough to connect. Jack arrives and Emilia says for him to hold the wires, one in each hand. The current connects through his body and powers the sub. They escape.

Jack and Emilia continue arguing about whether American or British ways are superior. Ben stops their quarrel by saying that in them he sees the best of England and the best of America and that they are the beginning of a great partnership between their nations. Ben departs and Jack and Emilia walk off making fun of each other's accent.


08-24-01. From marguimarz. When Jack Stiles came to visit Benjamin Franklin in the hoosegow he brought a platter full of sandwiches, actually 3 by my count. He gives Franklin one and takes one for himself. That should leave one left on the plate. In the next scene, it appears that Jack has another sandwich, but there is still one on the plate. A second later, you see the sandwich is gone. This scene is frought with continuity problems. I can imagine a whole slew of half eaten sandwiches on the floor of the jail. In one shot, Jack takes a bite of sandwich, in the next he has a whole new one. He takes a bite of that sandwich, and in the next shot, he seems to have another uneaten sandwich.

08-24-01. From marguimarz. Benjamin Franklin was a key figure in this episode. The series is supposed to take place in 1801 or shortly after. Benjamin Franklin died in 1790.

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