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Season 2, episode 1
Series 201
1st release: 10/02/00
2nd release:
Production number:
Approximate shooting dates:
Last update: 10-05-00

SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Bruce Campbell (Jack Stiles)
Angela Dotchin (Emilia Rothschild)
Stuart Devenie (Governor Croque)
Stephen Papps (Brogard)

Danielle Cormack (Catherine the Great)
Jonathan Acorn (Jockey)
Norman Forsey (Bookie)

Written by Melissa Blake
Directed by Charlie Haskell

Filmed in Auckland, New Zealand, by Renaissance Pictures in association with Studios USA. Executive producers Rob Tapert, Sam Raimi, R. J. Stewart; co-executive producer, Eric Gruendemann; producer, Chris Black, Janine Dickins; co-producer, Mike McDonald, associate producer, Sam Clark; director, Greg Yaitanes; writer, R.J. Stewart; camera, Kevin Riley; editor, Cushla Dillon; music, Joseph LoDuca; casting, Marie Adams, Beth Hymson-Ayer, Tracy Hampton.


Catherine the Great threatens to destroy an island if her stolen horse isn't returned within 24 hours. TVGrid.

Catherine the Great threatens to destroy the island of Pulau Pulau. GistTV

Jack and Emilia are infected with the gambling bug after a trip to Pulau Pulau's new racetrack. Entertainment Weekly


This synopsis is by Sally Dye .


Jack, Croque and Brogard are all excited that a racetrack is opening on Pulau Pulau. Emilia thinks it's cruel to make the horses race and wrong to bet on them. Jack asks if the others have any hot tips, and Croque says he has a horse that he is racing that will beat them all. They go to the stables and find Katherine, Empress of Russia, who is searching for her stolen horse, White Russian. She has heard that the horsenappers were headed for "Pilou Pilou". She insists that Croque find her horse and execute the criminals responsible, or her navy, which is surrounding the island, will kill everyone.

Act I

At the track, Jack insists that he has a system, so to humor him Em allows him to place one bet -- on Perky Peter -- and then they are to get right back to the mission of locating Katherine's horse. But Em gets caught up in the excitement of it all, and when Perky Peter wins, they rush off to place more bets. By the end of the day, they have won a bundle.

Katherine accepts a dinner invitation from Croque. Em and Jack also come, dressed in new finery bought with their track winnings -- though Em says she has donated most of hers to charity. They are getting ready to sneak out and search the stables when Katherine announces a "demonstration of my resolve". One of her ships fires into the mansion and shatters a bust of Croque. Jack: "Well, Croque, I'd say you've been busted."

Jack and Em go out to the stables to search for the missing horse. They know that White Russian is cream colored, but they only see brown horses and one horse that is marked like a giraffe -- cream with brown spots. Jack stumbles and falls against this horse and die rubs off onto his coat. They realize that this must be Katherine's horse and that they are going to have to steal it back and return it to Katherine anonymously. They plan to do this the next day while everyone is distracted at the track.

At the track, Jack and Em decide to make one last bet. Since Jack seems to have this sure-fire system, Em signs over everything she owns. As they prepare to watch the race, Em asks Jack what exactly the system is. He reveals that he chooses the horses based on nicknames he has been called -- Perky Peter, for example. Em is appalled, and sure enough, their horse loses.

Act II

As they sit in Emilia's now completely bare living room, Jack proposes that, to win their money back, they steal Katherine's horse, re-disguise him and race him themselves. Then they will return the horse to Katherine. Em decides to ride him in the race herself, and they change White Russian's disguise, this time to zebra stripes. At the track, Brogard reveals that all the jockeys work for him and they will not allow a new rider to win. Jack runs out and puts on his Dragoon outfit and joins in the race, riding interference for Emilia. With Jack's help -- and some very acrobatic riding by both of them (think scenes from "The Mask of Zorro")-- Em wins.

White Russian is restored to Katherine (sans stripes) and she leaves, happy to be reunited with her beloved animal. Em confides to Jack that she has learned her lesson. Jack proposes that they stop in at the Drunken Pig and celebrate. Em agrees and offers to race him there. Jack: "What are the stakes?" Em pretends to be exasperated but then says "Loser buys the first round" and takes off running with Jack trying to catch up.

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