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Season 2, episode 5
Series 205
1st release: 11/06/00
2nd release:
Production number: v1321
Approximate shooting dates:
Last update: 11-19-00

SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Bruce Campbell (Jack Stiles)
Angela Dotchin (Emilia Rothschild)
Stuart Devenie (Governor Croque)
Stephen Papps (Brogard)

Ingrid Park (Camille)
Chris Ryan (Kiki)
Terry Batchelor (Prison Guard)
Barry Duffield (Prisoner)
Lex Matheson (Inspector General)

Written by David H. Goodman
Directed by Chris Graves

Filmed in Auckland, New Zealand, by Renaissance Pictures in association with Studios USA. Executive producers Rob Tapert, Sam Raimi, R. J. Stewart; co-executive producer, Eric Gruendemann; producer, Chris Black, Janine Dickins; co-producer, Mike McDonald, associate producer, Sam Clark; director, Greg Yaitanes; writer, R.J. Stewart; camera, Kevin Riley; editor, Cushla Dillon; music, Joseph LoDuca; casting, Marie Adams, Beth Hymson-Ayer, Tracy Hampton.


When Croque is thrown in jail, Jack protects the governor from every islander he threw into prison.

When the Inspector General comes to town, Jack impersonates Gov. Croque to avoid having him replaced with someone more competent. ClickTV


This synopsis is by Sally Dye .


Camille summons Jack and Emilia to the mansion and informs them that a plot by Croque to kill Napoleon has been uncovered, and Croque has been imprisoned. Until further notice, she will be acting governor. Camille then goes off with her interior decorator to turn Croque's office into a walk-in closet.

Em and Jack wonder if Croque was framed. Em says that Croque is in danger being in prison with all the people he sent there and they must protect him until they can prove him innocent, because Camille running the island would be disasterous. Jack says that the only way to do this is for one of them to go to prison. Em says yes, glad you agree with me. Jack says he isn't about to go to prison for Croque, Camille or no Camille. Em: "Just think of it as another undercover assignment." Jack: "I've got two words for you -- N - O!" Em just tackles Jack to the ground and yells that he's attacking her. Brogard arrives and thanks Jack for finally giving him an excuse. Jack tries to escape, but is caught with Em's help. Em says someday Jack will forgive her. Jack says not to count on it as he is dragged away.

At the prison, Croque is saying good-bye to his beloved hand puppet, Mr. Nipples, when Jack is thrown into his cell. Croque is startled and topples from his top bunk. Jack sees that he has a sheet knotted around his neck.

Act I

Jack saves Croque from hanging, but Mr. Nipples falls out into the corridor and is stepped on. Croque is distressed, but Jack tells him that he and Em are working to find out who framed him, and that cheers Croque up somewhat. He is moved that the masses believe him innocent: "Don't cry for me, Pulau Pulau!" Jack doesn't tell him that he and Em are the only ones who believe him innocent.

On the chain gang, Croque angers the guard by refusing to work. Jack just barely keeps Croque from announcing his identity, but one of the prisoners -- a burly man named Kiki -- thinks he recognizes Croque and starts muttering to the other prisoners.

At the governor's mansion, Em comes to thank Brogard for "rescuing" her from Jack. She asks if she could see the order sending Croque to prison. Brogard is reluctant, but Em charms him into inviting her to lunch, and she sits down with a satisfied smile.

Em visits Jack in prison. He is still angry with her. She tells him that the order for Croque's imprisonment is not in Napoleon's handwriting. She knows because Napoleon is left-handed and smudges everything he writes, and the order is perfectly clear. She says she will keep working to expose the forger and for Jack to make sure he protects Croque, because Croque will be needed to pardon Jack from the life sentence he has received for assaulting Emilia. Jack is enraged all over again.

The other inmates, led by Kiki, confront Croque and Jack in the prison yard. Kiki says they know who Croque is and they are going to pay him back for putting them in prison.

Act II

Jack saves Croque from the inmates, who are former circus performers. Croque had sent them to prison because the clown act poked fun at the aristocracy. Jack has to fight Kiki, who was the strong man in the circus. The guard breaks up the fight and sends them all back to their cells.

Jack tells Croque they must escape, but Croque says he will not leave without the circus performers because they didn't really deserve to be sent to prison. They talk to the others, who agree to try, but tell them that no one has ever escaped from the prison before. Jack says he knows someone who might help them -- the Daring Dragoon.

Em has convinced Brogard that the order may be a forgery. They plan to set a trap for the forger.

Jack and Croque pretend to fight in their cell. The guard comes in to stop them, and Jack knocks him out and takes the keys. Croque frees the other prisoners while Jack ducks into the laundry room and finds enough odds and ends to disguise himself as the Dragoon. He distracts the guards while the prisoners escape. The circus performers flip onto each other's shoulders and form a ladder against the prison wall. They all escape.

Meanwhile, Em visits Camille and tells her that she has learned the order may be a forgery. She reveals that if the order is genuine, the signature will be smudged. Camille goes to get the order.

The circus performers part company with Jack and Croque, saying that they have a way off the island. Jack and Croque head for the governor's mansion.

Camille is frantically trying to smudge the signature on the order when Em, Brogard, Croque and Jack burst into the study and catch her in the act. Camille thinks fast and says she did it because Croque forgot their anniversary. She and Croque run into each other's arms. Brogard says that Croque is innocent but that Jack has to go back to prison. Jack reminds Croque that he planned to free all of the inmates, but Croque says he must have been overcome with stress to have said that. Emilia says that Camille will have to go to prison also, then, because forging an order from Napoleon is a federal offense. Croque reconsiders and pardons Jack.

As they walk home, Em asks if Jack is still angry. Jack says it was best for the mission, so no hard feelings. Em is saying she is glad to see that Jack is being reasonable about it when he pushes her off the dock into the harbor.

Note: Chris Ryan played Zantar in "If the Shoe Fits" and Virgilius in "Ten Little Warlords".

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