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Season 2, episode 6
Series 206
1st release: 11/13/00
2nd release:
Production number: V1324
Approximate shooting dates:
Last update: 11-19-00

SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Bruce Campbell (Jack Stiles)
Angela Dotchin (Emilia Rothschild)
Stuart Devenie (Governor Croque)
Stephen Papps (Brogard)

Verne Troyer (Napoleon)
Vanessa Guy (Maid)
Chris Easley (Architect)

Written by Stephanie Meyer and Christopher Beresh
Directed by Michael Hurst

Filmed in Auckland, New Zealand, by Renaissance Pictures in association with Studios USA. Executive producers Rob Tapert, Sam Raimi, R. J. Stewart; co-executive producer, Eric Gruendemann; producer, Chris Black, Janine Dickins; co-producer, Mike McDonald, associate producer, Sam Clark; director, Greg Yaitanes; writer, R.J. Stewart; camera, Kevin Riley; editor, Cushla Dillon; music, Joseph LoDuca; casting, Marie Adams, Beth Hymson-Ayer, Tracy Hampton.


Jack and Emilia learn that a statue Napoleon intends to send to America is actually a ``Trojan horse.''

Jack uncovers the truth when Napoleon tries to send America a Trojan horse statue.


This synopsis is by Sally Dye .


Jack is supervising the cleaning of Emilia's study by a buxom housemaid when Em arrives unexpectedly. She is disdainful of the situation and asks what she smells. Has Jack been cooking? Jack: "Don't you know what tomorrow is?" Em: "The day I fire you?" Jack informs her that tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, and he is cooking up a fantastic turkey dinner. Em: "Ah, yes. The day you befriended the native Americans so you could swindle them out of their homeland." Em wants to know why there is a ten story statue at the governor's mansion. Jack swears it wasn't there yesterday. They go to the mansion to check it out. It is the Statue of Liberty, minus a face. Croque says that when it is completed, it will be sent to America as a gift. Napoleon himself has ordered the construction and is high on a scaffold supervising te completion of the face of Lady Liberty.

Act I

Napoleon jumps off the scaffold and parachutes to the ground. Em asks what has prompted such a generous gift. Napoleon says he has turned over a new leaf and now just wants peace on earth and good will towards men. He says the face is not complete because he wants Emilia to model for it. Crowue says they are having a special feast to celebrate, complete with coq au vin. Jack is appalled at serving anything but turkey on Thanksgiving and says he will provide the feast. Napoleon agrees and tells Em to meet him in his suite in one hour.

Em is suspicious of Napoleon's motives and hopes that she and Jack can find out what he's really up to. She leaves Jack preparing the feast and heads off to pose for Napoleon.

Napoleon has Em dress in a sheet and hold a torch over her head. She asks what he plans to call the statue, and he says he has named it after her: the Statue of Ooh-What-a-Rack. Brogard enters with a set of blueprints, which Napoleon grabs and says he will keep with him.

At the feast, Napoleon carves the turkey. Before they eat they go around the table and each tells what he's thankful for: Em is thankful for friends; Croque is glad he wasn't born a peasant; Brogard is grateful that he has been spared the Dragoon's insolence for a week; Jack is thankful for mini-skirts, wonder bras, penicillin and doughnut holes; and Napoleon is thankful that the world will soon be....."a place where we can all live in peace."

When the feast is over, everyone is sleepy. Em thinks the wine was drugged, but Jack says that's the way it always is after the Thanksgiving meal. Napoleon is carried off to bed, and Em and Jack sneak after him to search for the blueprints. They find them under Napoleon's pillow. When they pull them out, they see that the Statue is to be a Trojan Horse, full of French soldiers. They are slipping the blueprints back when Napoleon rolls over a points a gun at them.

Act II

Emilia leans up and kisses Napoleon and says he must be dreaming or else why would she be in his bedroom? She sings a lullaby and Napoleon falls asleep.

Em recreates the Statue's blueprints. She suggests that they blow up the torch. This will overbalance the Statue and topple it. Jack says he has one more Thanksgiving tradition that will occupy the French soldiers -- football.

Jack and Em get Napoleon to agree to a game of football. Em has rigged a football with a bomb. Once they light the fuse, they will have 30 seconds until the bomb blows. They plan to put as many soldiers out of commission as they can and then get the bomb up to the torch. They have to play for a long time before enough of the soldiers are away from the Statue and on the football field. Finally, Jack fakes an injury and changes into his Dragoon outfit. He intercepts a pass and runs off with the ball. He climbs the Statue and lights the fuse, but Napoleon interrupts him, and they fight while the fuse burns away. Jack finally leaps off the Statue just as the bomb explodes. The whole Statue crumbles to the ground and Napoleon staggers out from the rubble, cursing that his plan has been foiled.

Back home, Em is pacing nervously when Jack stumbles in and collapses. Em rushes to his side. Jack: "Auntie Em?" She tells Jack that the plan worked. She says she thought she had lost him, but now they both have something to be thankful for. Jack says he thinks she actually was afraid he was gone. Em decides she's being too sentimental and helps Jack back through the fireplace so he can be patched up.

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