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"I love the dual life Kim leads," says Christy Carlson Romano (Even Stevens), who voices Kim Possible, the eponymous character in Disney Channel's new action comedy series premiering in June. "At home, she's kind of a normal teenager with the usual high school issues. After school she becomes this fearless globe-trotting superhero. "She doesn't drive yet," Romano adds, "so she's constantly calling in favors from people she's saved in the past, catching rides on airplanes, boats, trains. In one episode, Britney Spears takes her to Peru!" Director Chris Bailey, whose animation credits include "The Lion King" and "The Little Mermaid," for which he created Sebastian's famous "jaw drop" scene, says he had "fun with the color palette," using it to accentuate the show's story line. "Her home, school, and the local hangout, Bueno Nacho, are bright and friendly," he explains, "whereas the more exotic locales take on a different feeling. When you get to her archenemy Drakken's lair, for example, it gets dark and sinister." Kim Possible is "a good role model," says Romano. "She doesn't let herself give in to insecurity." In the "Bueno Nacho" episode, for instance, Possible gets obsessed with a coat in a fashion magazine, but ultimately learns that clothes do not make the woman. "Every episode quietly offers a moral," says Romano. An executive producer, Mark McCorkle, agrees that "Kim's the kind of person who wants to do the right thing because it's the right thing, not because she's part of some spy organization or because she gets paid."

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