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When Kim Possible battles evil, Romano speaks up
Mike McDaniel
Houston Chronicle

Nothing's impossible with Kim Possible -- except maybe landing a date.

Christy Carlson Romano, who stars with Shia LaBeouf in Even Stevens, does the voice for Kim Possible.

An animated knockout, Kim is a high school sophomore who routinely saves the world against the most vile evildoers imaginable, while barely flexing a muscle, breaking a sweat or mussing her red hair.

Along for the thrilling ride is her well-intentioned but bumbling best friend, Ron Stoppable. He and his mole-rat, Rufus, are the comic relief in this fun new series.

Kim Possible premieres Friday in grand style -- three episodes airing back-to-back, 5:30-7 p.m. on Disney Channel.

Here's the premise: Kim has posted on a Web site that "I can do anything." She's looking for work: baby-sitting, lawn care. Instead, she gets e-mails from all over the world, asking her to rescue the planet from an assortment of bad guys led by the horrid Dr. Drakken. Fortunately (and sometimes not), she has Ron to assist her. She also can count on Wade, her highly resourceful Web master buddy, when things get especially prickly.

"In every episode, Kim surprises you a little more, because she does something completely different than any kid would probably be able to do," says Christy Carlson Romano, who provides the voice of Kim.

Romano, 18, recently completed a three-year run on the popular Disney series Even Stevens. Kim Possible marks the first time she's worked with only her voice.

"It's fun to get into her head," she said, "only because she is a younger, fun, confident character, and I really like to play those characters. I'm not saying that I'm exactly like that in life, but it's good to try and be like that."

Romano has been getting an education while forging a career through two-thirds of her short life. She was working on Broadway by the time she was 8. So perhaps she can identify with Kim Possible's superwoman powers.

She laughs at the thought, but somewhat agrees. "I balance my school and work at the same time, so sometimes I do feel like I've accomplished a great feat."

How else would she say she and Kim are alike?

"She can kick higher than me," she said with a giggle. "She's probably a little more tenacious and, umm, animated. We do embody some of the same characteristics. I don't know if I'm as confident as she is, but I know that I am assured."

The series comes across as assured, too. It features clever plots, a nuclear family (Kim has a mother and father and twin younger brothers), and a nice array of voice talent. Will Friedle (Boy Meets World) does the honors for Ron, Tahj Mowry (Smart Guy) is Wade, Nancy Cartwright (The Simpsons) is Rufus, John DiMaggio (Futurama) is Dr. Drakken, and Jean Smart and Gary Cole voice Kim's parents.

Guest voices include Breckin Meyer, Ricardo Montalban, Patrick Warburton, Nestor Carbonell and Carly Pope.

The show also features a hot theme song, by Christina Milian, with right-on lyrics:

"Call me, beep me
"If you wanna reach me.
"Danger or trouble,
"I'm there on the double."

The clever sitch (parents, if you're reading, that's short for situation) in Episode 1: Dr. Drakken has taken over a factory in Tokyo, trapping all the workers inside. (Of course, there are only two because this is the most automated factory in the world.)

The assignment to Kim is "no big," but, wow, what a life she leads. She can go to Tokyo and save the world, even though it's a school night.

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