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"All's Possible With This Cheerleader"
Lynne Heffley
Los Angeles Times

Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable and naked mole-rat Rufus star in Disney series.
The Disney Channel

"You think you're all that." "Whaddup?" "What's the sitch?" It's "no big"....Welcome to crime-fighting, high school cheerleader-style.

The Disney Channel's lavish new cartoon series, "Kim Possible," about a teen who can whup international villains and still be home in time for dinner, dates itself by the minute with peppy pop slang and the title character's midriff-baring shirts.

She frets about her popularity and dithers over asking her crush to a dance, too, when not battling warped scientists and megalomaniacs with super-weapons and gravity-defying martial arts moves.

Still, the show, from creators Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley, and director Chris Bailey, can be a kick. Its cel animation, with layered designs, geometric shapes and textures, is stylish and creative. The humor is often wicked fun.

In one of today's three back-to-back introductory episodes (beginning at 6:30 p.m.), for instance, Ricardo Montalban voices a multibillionaire who knocks out power across Europe by fueling the world's largest tanning lamp. Kim's sidekick, Ron Stoppable, inadvertently inspires the bored mogul to pursue global domination and earns this post-apocalyptic advice: "Never, never tell anyone to go out and buy Spinning Tops of Doom."

The solid voice cast is led by Christy Carlson Romano as Kim, with Will Friedle as Ron, Tahj Mowry as Webmaster Wade, Jean Smart and Gary Cole as Kim's brain surgeon mother and rocket scientist father, and "Futurama's" John DiMaggio and "Mad TV's" Nicole Sullivan as arch-villain Dr. Drakken.

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