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The listing gives the character names and actor names of cast meners appearing on RELIC HUNTER followed by what show they appeared on.

The first section is the character list, and second is the actor list.

RELIC HUNTER Character List

RELIC HUNTER Character List

[Name of Character] Actor playing [Episode number/series appearing on]

Up to episode #01/101

Chan's Father (Harvey Chao) 01/101
Adams, Zeke (Anthony Ashbee) 04/104
Beauchamps, Derek (Ron Gabriel) 03/103
Billings, Marty (Dov Tiefenbach) 04/104
Blaine, Robert (Martin Doyle) 01/101
Bouncer #1 (Simon Kim) 01/101
Bouncer #2 (James Kim) 01/101
Chan, Michael (Arthur Eng ) 01/101
Elvis (Kevin Milanese) 05/105
Falsey, Merrit (Michael McPhaden) 04/104
Frohman, Glen (James Binkley) 03/103
GI, Drunken (Steve Ferguson) 05/105
Goodman, Steve (Howard Hoover) 05/105
Guard (J. Craig Sandy) 05/105
Gunther (David Dunbar) 05/105
Hall, George (William Colgate) 05/105
Hall, George (Young) (Duane Murray) 05/105
Hannah (Cyndy Preston) 04/104
Harper, Stewie (Tony Rosato) 01/101
Janitor (Timm Zemanek) 05/105
La Foret, Emil (Robert Kennedy) 03/103
LaPont, Paul (Dan MacDonald) 03/103
Laundromat Manager (Phillip Shepherd) 05/105
Lori (Michelle Nolden) 02/102
Manager (Tony Ning) 01/101
McKenzie, Ian (David Nerman) 03/103
Mohash (Silvio Oliviero) 01/101
Monk, Guardian (Marvin Ishmael) 01/101
Nun, Beautiful (Nicole Lyn) 03/103
Pawnshop Owner (Yank Azman) 05/105
Peasant #1, Greedy (Phil Chiu) 01/101
Poole, Mark (Paulino Nunes) 03/103
Shiner, Aaron (Mark Burgess) 02/102
Shiner, Aaron (Young) (Eric Coates) 02/102
Siddhartha (Damon D'Oliveira) 01/101
Sister Grace (Joan Heney) 03/103
Sister Mary (Sherry Miller) 03/103
Skeptic, One-Eyed (Michael Chow) 01/101
Soldier B, Stunt Enemy (David Stinson) 04/104
Van Hoffman, Dieter (Hardee T. Lineham) 05/105
Villager #1, Nepalese (Sugith Varughese) 01/101
Whitney, Jake (Don Francks) 04/104
Wilkinson, Mr. (Richard Blackburn) 05/105
Zale, Lawrence (Aron Tager) 02/102


This list does not include the three leads of the show. They appear on every episode.

Name of Actor (Character playing) Episode number/series appearing on

Up to episode #01/101

Anthony Ashbee (Zeke Adams) 04/104
Yank Azman (Pawnshop Owner) 05/105
James Binkley (Glen Frohman) 03/103
Richard Blackburn (Mr. Wilkinson) 05/105
Mark Burgess (Aaron Shiner) 02/102
Harvey Chao (Chan's Father) 01/101
Phil Chiu (Greedy Peasant #1) 01/101
Michael Chow (One-Eyed Skeptic) 01/101
Eric Coates (Young Aaron Shiner) 02/102
William Colgate (George Hall) 05/105
Damon D'Oliveira (Siddhartha) 01/101
Martin Doyle (Robert Blaine) 01/101
David Dunbar (Gunther) 05/105
Arthur Eng (Michael Chan) 01/101
Steve Ferguson (Drunken GI) 05/105
Don Francks (Jake Whitney) 04/104
Ron Gabriel (Derek Beauchamps) 03/103
Joan Heney (Sister Grace) 03/103
Howard Hoover (Steve Goodman) 05/105
Marvin Ishmael (Guardian Monk) 01/101
Robert Kennedy (Emil La Foret) 03/103
James Kim (Bouncer #2) 01/101
Simon Kim (Bouncer #1) 01/101
Hardee T. Lineham (Dieter Van Hoffman) 05/105
Nicole Lyn (Beautiful Nun) 03/103
Dan MacDonald (Paul LaPont) 03/103
Michael McPhaden (Merrit Falsey) 04/104
Kevin Milanese (Elvis) 05/105
Sherry Miller (Sister Mary) 03/103
Duane Murray (Young George) 05/105
David Nerman (Ian McKenzie) 03/103
Tony Ning (Manager) 01/101
Michelle Nolden (Lori) 02/102
Paulino Nunes (Mark Poole) 03/103
Silvio Oliviero (Mohash) 01/101
Cyndy Preston (Hannah) 04/104
Tony Rosato (Stewie Harper) 01/101
J. Craig Sandy (Guard) 05/105
Phillip Shepherd (Laundromat Manager) 05/105
David Stinson (Stunt Enemy Soldier B) 04/104
Aron Tager (Lawrence Zale) 02/102
Dov Tiefenbach (Marty Billings) 04/104
Sugith Varughese (Nepalese Villager #1) 01/101
Timm Zemanek (Janitor) 05/105

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