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Season 1, episode 07
Series 107
1st release: 11/06/00
2nd release: 12/25/00
Production number: 1006
Script number:
Approximate shooting dates:
Last update: 05-14-01

SYNOPSIS 1 by James Ott

Tessie Santiago (Tessa Alvardo)
Valentine Pelka (Col. Luis Montoya)
Anthony Lemke (Capt. Marcus Grisham)
Paulina Galvez (Marta)
Peter Wingfield (Dr. Robert Helm)
Tacho Gonzalez (Don Hidalgo)
Elsa Pataky (Senora Vera Hidalgo)

Christian de la Fuente (Antonio)
Eduardo Relabarren (Pietro)
Oliver Vitran (Young Man)

Written by Elizabeth Keyishian
Directed by Richard Martin

Filmed in Almeria, Spain, by Fireworks/Morena Films/Amy Intl. Prods. in association with Telefonica, and M6, distributed by Paramount Domestic TV in association with Mercury Entertainment. Executive producers, Jay Firestone, Adam Haight, David Abramowitz; producer, Ken Gord; director, Jon Cassar; writer, James Thorpe; director of photography, Alwyn Kumst C.S.C; production designer, Fernando Gonzalez; music, Philip Stanger; wardrobe designer, Evelyne Correard Trompier; supervising editor, T.C. Martin; ``Behind the Mask'' theme song performed by Jose Feliciano; special effects, Carlos Fernandez, Tomas Urban; art director, Carlos Suarez Bodelon; set decorator, Marta Agullo Laguna. Season one filmed between May 3 - December 2000.

Montoya commissions Antonio to strike down Tessa, his long-lost love. ExciteTV


Montoya commissions Spain's finest swordsman to strike down the Queen of Swords. Unbeknownst to Antonio (played by special guest star Cristi n de la Fuente), his target is also his long-lost love, Tessa. The two long to pick up where they left off years before, but both have been changed by the sands of time. Tessa puts the Queen's life in Antonio's hands - does he have the honor left to protect it?


1st RELEASE: 11/06/00
An AA average of 1.7
Competition from Action Hours:

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Andromeda (3.7/3.9) 
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The Invisible and Queen of Swords (1.7/1.8 each)
Relic Hunter (1.5)
Battle Dome (1.4) 
The Immortal (0.7) 


This synopsis is by James Ott.


After a dazzling display of superior swordsmanship by a handsome Spanish Nobleman against Capt. Grisham and four soldiers, Col. Montoya remarks that he will need his skills to defeat the Queen of Swords.


Antonio, due to the his family's hard times in Spain, now sells his only marketable skill, his quick sword, to the highest bidder. Col. Montoya has hired him to perform a special task. As they speak of their mutual backgrounds, the Governor retells his story as a son of a lowly bureaucrat. He ends the tale with a forewarning that with enough soldiers and cannon, a son of a bureaucrat can become an emperor. At the Governor's Mansion party, Tessa locks eyes with her former flame from Spain, Antonio. Upon seeing her once again, he proclaims his love for her has remained.

Two flashbacks to 1815 Madrid occur. The first centers on a duel where an obviously overmatched opponent attempts to stab Antonio in the back but an alert from Tess saves her lover in time to kill the duelist. The second is a tender departure where they kiss and he declares their hearts are as one; he will return to her after the war. She gives him a gold medallion to remember her by.

Tessa asks Antonio why he never returned or answered her letters. His response was that he will soon be wealthy enough again by noon tomorrow to be able to marry her. Marta warns Tessa later that since he kills men over just harsh words, he values life too lightly and doesn't seem to be the same man she knew in Spain; time and circumstance seem to have changed him for the worse.

Finally, after spreading news of a carriage carrying gold along with it's departure time and route purposely around town, a trap is set with Antonio riding in the coach. The Queen of Swords bears down on the carriage only to ride off when her beloved jumps out to fight her.


Antonio explains she ran off and does not yet deserve his 500 Riales for killing his prey. They decide on a plan where they will grab an anonymous man from the Cantina and charge him with treason knowing the Queen will predictably attempt to save him.

Marta still tries to dissuade Tessa from her romance. Antonio meets with Tess and tells her how the War ruined Papa, leaving him with no stables, no house, no lands etc. All he has is his sword. Tessa is his reason for living he relates.

Back home, Tess asks her Gypsy servant, Marta, to read the Tarot cards about her and Antonio. Marta draws the Lovers card followed by the Death card. "He wants to marry you, but one or both of you will die soon thereafter."

The Queen shows up in Antonio's room to persuade him to drop his scheme and leave California, confronting him about her concerns for local justice. He reaches his sword for a quick parry where the Queen loses her sword momentarily, kicks him over, torches his hotel room and exits during the blaze.


After his room is in flames, Antonio grabs his horse and tracks the trail of the Queen, despite it being at night.

The following day, Montoya shows up at the Tessa's Estate to bribe her to move to Spain after the future wedding takes place. (He already has plans to kill Antonio after he has disposed of the Queen of Swords.)

Antonio, who encounters a waiting Queen in the desert, draws his sword and the fight ensues. He remarks that they must have had the same teacher in Spain after his attempts to stab her are defended off. She has retreated to a rocky wall where she ends up unmasked by the master dueler. Neither wanted to kill each other, so Antonio returns to town.

Antonio has decided to rob the Governor's safe as he desperately needs the money for his plans to reach fruition. He knocks out Grisham with a pistol handle and kills a guard with his dagger while escaping with the gold he was promised.


Antonio meets up with Tessa at her home. He demands that she pack her things as they are leaving in a hurry. Tess refuses to go with because he's changed from the person she knew and loved in Spain as a teenager. Besides, it's the People's gold and must be returned. Angered by this sudden turn of events, he declares to her, "If you do not love me, you are dead to me." Montoya, with soldiers, arrive after trailing him to the obvious location. Antonio tries to make a deal for more gold by telling Montoya who the Queen of Swords is. Montoya agrees to double his fee and says, "At last we have set a price for your honor." Antonio replies, "I cannot sell something I've already lost." At that point he charges his horse straight for Montoya waving his sword. Capt. Grisham aims his pistol and kills him. Montoya later admonishes him for not trying to wound him so they could get the identity of the Queen of Swords.


Montoya meets with Tess at the Church where Antonio lies in wake. Montoya sympathizes for her loss after inquiring about if she was told who was the Queen. Tess tells him that he never confided to her who she was. Montoya parts company after saying that one day the Queen of Swords will pay for all the suffering she's caused.

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