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Season 1, episode 05
Series 105
1st release: 10/30/00
2nd release:
Production number: 107
Script number:
Approximate shooting dates:
Last update: 11-05-00

SYNOPSIS 1 by James Ott

Tessie Santiago (Tessa Alvardo)
Valentine Pelka (Col. Luis Montoya)
Anthony Lemke (Capt. Marcus Grisham)
Paulina Galvez (Marta)
Peter Wingfield (Dr. Robert Helm)
Tacho Gonzalez (Don Hidalgo)
Elsa Pataky (Senora Vera Hidalgo)

Bo Derek (Mary Rose)
Neil Newbon (Anton)
Javier Hidalgo (Luke)
Miglen Mirtchev (Vlad)
Juan Valle Avellaneda (Blacksmith)
Christoper De Andres (Arsenio)
Pilar Abella DeArstegui (Carmina)
Leo Medina (Crispin)

Filmed in Almeria, Spain, by Fireworks/Morena Films/Amy Intl. Prods. in association with Telefonica, and M6, distributed by Paramount Domestic TV in association with Mercury Entertainment. Executive producers, Jay Firestone, Adam Haight, David Abramowitz; producer, Ken Gord; director, Jon Cassar; writer, James Thorpe; director of photography, Alwyn Kumst C.S.C; production designer, Fernando Gonzalez; music, Philip Stanger; wardrobe designer, Evelyne Correard Trompier; supervising editor, T.C. Martin; ``Behind the Mask'' theme song performed by Jose Feliciano; special effects, Carlos Fernandez, Tomas Urban; art director, Carlos Suarez Bodelon; set decorator, Marta Agullo Laguna. Season one filmed between May 3 - December 2000.

At any cost, Mary Rose will protect her son Anton from being charged with murder. ExciteTV

Tessa is the only witness to the murder of a peasant girl by her rich lover, and she must fight the man's mother who vows to protect him. ClickTV


This synopsis is by James Ott.


Leaving an evening garden party bedecked in a lovely red gown, Tessa walks into the courtyard with a persistent Capt. Grisham in pursuit. She resists his advances and offers to accompany her home. As she strolls further, Tess looks at a a couple’s shadow embracing in a window when there is an unexpected struggle between the two. A shot is fired and the woman goes through the window, rolls off the roof and falls dead at her feet.


The scene opens as nine riders are galloping toward town while Tess is leaving flowers for the dead woman laid in rest at the Church. The brothers of the Deceased, the gentle Crispin and the angry Arsenio, confront her hoping she will testify. She assures them she will and departs.

A gang of riders, led by a tall blond woman, arrive in town. The woman seeks out Col. Montoya demanding the release of her son, Anton, who is being held for the murder of his lover, Carmina. Montoya cannot release the accused man but allows the mother, Mary Rose, to visit her jailed son. He listens on as the mother and son argue. Anton remarks to his mother that dead bodies are something she knows about. The Governor’s interest is piqued.

After Marta has flirted with the town blacksmith, her and Tess leave on a carriage for home. Along the trail, many riders begin chasing the pair back to their ranch. They arrive ahead of the pack who surround the area and enter the Hacienda to find Mary Rose in their drawing room awaiting them. She urges Tessa not to testify and slices a nearby candle to it’s core as a warning.


Tessa rides back into town the following day. Vera intimates she has something to tell her but is unable to. Mary Rose’s men are strategically placed around the town to intimidate her but she reconfirms to the two brothers that she will testify.

Col. Montoya and Capt. Grisham are alone in the cell with Anton where his mother’s identity is discussed. It is common knowledge that she’s a former Sea Captain, Pirate, “Sea Wolf” and “Mercenary”. The two inquisitor’s refer to the prisoner’s girlfriend as a woman of ill repute who would accompany anyone with land and money.

Vera comes to Grisham’s room seeking help but the preoccupied, frisky Captain won’t cooperate so she bolts out.

Tess obtains an audience with Montoya, flattering him for his strength and uncommon virtue for a man who must make life and death decisions. Afterwards, the Governor’s plan becomes apparent. If he plays all parties against each other, and Mary Rose would kill Tess, Montoya would grab both of their sizeable Estates as he would eliminate all heirs to their lands.

A rider portraying himself as a messenger hands a blank piece of paper to Tess, who is returning home. He pulls a knife on her and they circle each other. Tess eventually knees him in the chest, tripping him to the ground and he stumbles to stab himself in the lower back.


Tess remorses over another man dead at her hands. Upon Mary Rose finding out one of her men was killed, she sends out her riders in search of his killer; it couldn’t be that witless girl.

After passing the newly built gallows, Vera finally bears her soul to Tess that she was drinking wine that evening at the same hotel when she heard voices in the next room across the hall. She opened the door to see a young couple playing over a pistol. The young woman, Carmina, was shot accidentally in the struggle. Anton should not be executed. Vera cannot come forward with this information lest she lose her Husband’s life in the eventual duel for her honor. Bloodshed, ruin, poverty, and oblivion would be her fate if she told the truth. Her lands would also fall to Montoya if everything in his plan came to pass.

Mary Rose and her gang return to Tess’s Hacienda and kidnap Marta, who puts up a valiant fight before threatened by Mary Rose’s drawn sword. They have done this to insure that Tess will not testify against her son.


The Queen of Swords arrives at Mary Rose’s encampment. She whips two sentries out of action and appears in front of Mary Rose. The two draw swords and duel. Even striking with two hands on the sword, Mary Rose is no match for the Queen’s expertise. The Queen of Swords says she represents Tess who will not testify in return for Marta’s release. She relinquishes her sword as a good faith gesture. Mary Rose compliments her demeanor saying the Queen would have made a proud buccaneer and releases Marta. Tess, she is told, will meet her on the trail to town the next morning.

Tess, with Mary Rose, arrive in town as a group where she announces she will not testify. Montoya’s men and Rose’s men aim their weapons at each other. Tess compliments Montoya in her own way by suggesting an honorable commander such as he recognizes a standoff where nothing can be won. The Colonel declares himself as a “man of peace and an arbitrator of the Truth”. Reluctantly, no witness, no trial, Anton is freed. Tess thanks the Colonel and proclaims him to the crowd as a man of great wisdom and courage.


The anguished, excitable brother, Arsenio, threatens Tess’s life for not testifying. Mary Rose draws her sword and swears that if any harm comes to Tess, she will find him and gut him. Tess bids Mary Rose farewell and they part as friends. Mary Rose apologizes for underestimating Tess’s attributes as a person before riding away.

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