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Season 2, episode 22
Series 222
1st release: 05/21/01
2nd release: 09/10/01
Production number: 222
Last update: 06-06-01

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Tia Carrere (Dr. Sydney Fox)
Christien Anholt (Nigel Bailey)
Lindy Booth (Claudia)

Peter O'Brien (Allan Devaut)
Matthew Delamere (Jean Chabot)
Tony Amoni (Anton)
Waguih Talka (Van Gelden)
Robert Barr (Albert Chabot)

Written by Jeff F. King
Directed by John Bell

Filmed on location in Toronto, Canada and Paris, France by Fireworks Entertainment Inc. and Gaumont Television.


Allan has been blackmailed by a collector into finding the world's first Christian cross. It is believed to grant its possessor eternal salvation. The collector has also infected Allan with a deadly virus using the antidote as an extra incentive. Sydney and Nigel must help Allan find and deliver the Cross of Tau and get him the antidote in twelve hours. TVTome.com

Allan, un ancien soupirant de Sydney, se rend à son hôtel avec de très mauvaises nouvelles : l'héritier d'un groupe pharmaceutique, qui est à la recherche de la Croix Tau de Jérusalem, a contaminé Allan avec un virus. Allan mourra dans les 12 heures si la Croix n'est pas retrouvée. Une course effrénée contre la montre s'engage alors...


Allan Devaut, an old flame of Sydney's, has been blackmailed by a mysterious collector into finding the world's first Christian cross. This is a relic believed to grant its possessor eternal salvation. To guarantee Allan's total involvement, this collector has also infected him with a deadly virus - using the antidote as an extra incentive. With only twelve hours to spare, Sydney and Nigel must help Allan find and deliver the Cross of Tau and get him the antidote.


This commentary is by Beboman.

Deadline was a very interesting episode, which gave us a bit more insight into Sydney's past. This is something that I like a lot because, with small glimpse of her past, it helps us understand even more the character as it develops.

Another good thing about this episode was that it gave us a bit more insight into the inner working of the group; how Sydney uses the talents and the abilities and how she relies on both Claudia and Nigel to get things accomplished.

This episode also showed that Claudia could be more than just a bratish, man hungry, airheaded female. It showed that when she sets her mind to do something, she can accomplish the task just like the best of them. I do have to say that this has been shown in some other episodes. In this one, it was more obvious. Sydney gave her a task to do and she accomplished it to perfection, even to the point of being able to decipher a quote given to her by Nigel in an instant. Even Nigel was impressed by it.

Also, Claudia with her tarot cards was the instrument that gave Sydney the clue of how to be able to crack the code and locate the cross. Very good interaction between Sydney and Claudia at the time.

We are very aware that Sydney is, by no means, a very shy person, but she really did not hold back how she felt about Allen when she first saw him. This is a very interesting quality of Sydney.

Also, this episode touched ever so softly on the theme about soul mates and past lives. By showing the portrait of Sydney and Allen as Knights of the Temple, it touched on the subject of them being together in a past life. And with Claudia's tarot card reading of their present lives, it brought forward the possibility that they are soul mates. Interesting way of doing that.

This episode goes back to one of the primary plots of the series: the search for a relic to save someone's life. This time, it is not a colleague or a student in trouble, but this is Allen, Sydney's lover, who has a deadline to meet or he will die from some unknown virus that was injected into him. So Sydney will stop at nothing to get this relic and save his life.

Another thing this episode provides is a deeper look at the working relationship between Sydney and Nigel. Even though Nigel's, as well as Claudia's character sometimes provides the comic relief for the episode, the working relationship between Sydney and Nigel is strong. She depends on his knowledge and understanding of ancient and historical data to be able to find the relic.

Sydney is the brains behind this well oiled machine composed of Nigel, Claudia and herself and this is what makes this show, and especially this episode interesting.

One thing really bothered me in this episode: Nigel accidentally killed a person. It is true that the person would have died anyway, but Nigel killed him and very little was made out of it. It was like a small thing, as if Nigel had just killed a bug and Sydney just brushed it off. Maybe a few more seconds of Nigel feeling sorry about it and Sydney comforting him, then moving on might have been helpful.

I will have to agree with Nigel when he says that, so far, this relic was the most valuable and dangerous they had ever found. It was like in "Indiana Jones", when he found the Arc of the Covenant.

One thing that attracts me to this show, and that we see very vividly in this episode, is Sydney's ability to think on her feet. When she finally gets the cross and takes it to the blackmailer's house, she finds both Allen and the blackmailer have guns pointing at each other. Sydney uses the cross (the relic) to lure the blackmailer to the relic and, by doing so, he is tempted to touch the cross. The cross swallows him into it. (By the way, great special effect.) This provides Sydney the opportunity to get the antidote Allen needs to save his life. Very good move by Sydney.

One thing missing from this episode was a good fight scene, but that was made up by the intrigue and mystery in this episode.

I have a question regarding costumes. I find it interesting that in the last few episodes, Sydney has been wearing this nifty leather coat over her normal working costume. Is this a new trend for Sydney or was it too cold in France at the time of the filming?

This episode had a bit of everything, well almost everything, except fight scenes (I know, get over it). The script was good, had excellent direction and editing, and some great acting. In general, it was a good episode and very entertaining.


04/18/02. This is Lindy Booth's (Claudia) final episode.

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