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News and Rumors about RELIC HUNTER

Here is the general news, rumors, and info about what to expect.

As the news and rumors come and go, I will just add a line on top so that the most current is always on top. I will keep the old ones as long as I can just so the history buffs can have fun tracing history!

Last update: 02/04/03

02-04-02. Christien "Nigel" Anholt will be appearing in the next Adventure Inc episode. That will be the episode called "The Angel of St. Edmunds" -- it sounds all so veddy British for Anholt and all.

04-17-02. Some sweeps highlights. Look for Omid Djalili ("The Mummy", "Gladiator") as a wise-cracking guide who may be leading Syd and Nigel down the garden path on the hunt for "Pandora's Box". Nigel falls for a six hundred year old Princess in one called "The Warlord" and later, Preston Bailey returns to the Relic Hunter fold in the episode "Fountain of Youth". Then, in "So Shall it Be", Syd and Nigel take on their old nemesis Fabrice DaVeiga, while racing the Gural Nataz to a druid relic.

01-24-02. The rumor of Relic Hunter cancellation has been denied...however there has been no word about renewal either. So, its up in the air folks. I am of the persuasion that it will not be renewed. However, they are still asking for fan feedback (drat! I forgot to tell them that they need to put the episode's title in the show as well...darn...if anyone hasn't given them feedback yet, could you add that for me? It is DARN ANNOYING to identify shows without a title popping on at the beginning of the return after the opening credits), so someone thinks they will be returning.

01-15-02. Dylan Neal (B5 Rangers) guest stars in WOMEN WANT TO KNOW, alongside his real life wife, and sometime Relic Hunter writer, Becky Southwell. Sydney and Nigel's nemesis Fabrice Da Veiga returns in HUNTING WITH THE ENEMY early in February. And keep an eye out for Joanie Lauer (formerly WWF star Chyna) in an episode called ANTIANEIRAI.

01-15-02. Relic Hunters DVDs!!! Oh joy! Oh rapture! They are asking for pre-order interest requests at http://www.watchfireworks.com/rhorderform, and they are asking for viewer feedback!!!! I definitely told them what I think about this focus on the occult/horror/irrational aspects of it. Even if no one reads it, I felt good after doing it.

01-11-02. There's an article about Christian Anholt called "The Christian Anholt Experience" on the Official Website. Click here to access it.

11-05-01. Claudia Christian [Hourglass in development & of the late Babylon-5 "Ivanova" and to be interviewed in Whoosh in December] will appear in the Relic Hunter episode ALL CHOKED UP. Nancy Sakovitch [recurring character Cate Hemphill] will appear in the 11-24-01 episode INCOGNITO.

09-10-01. Transcript of the Tia Carrere on-line chat at Canada's http://www.spacecast.com on Monday, August 27, 2001 from 10:00 - 10:30 pm ET can be found at http://www.citytv.com/events/relichunter01/transcript.asp

08-23-01. The Tia Carrere on-line chat will be Monday Aug. 27th EST 10pm at http://www.citytv.com/events/relichunter01/

08-17-01. I do not know where or when yet, but Tia "Relic Hunter" Carrere will be doing a live chat on-line sometime later this month.

08-16-01. RELIC HUNTER season three kicks off September 17, 2001. The new cast member is rumored to be Tanja Reichert, however she is listed at the IMDB as being part of the cast of another TV series airing 2001-2002. Hmmm.

08-16-01. IMDB (Internet Movie Database) has the following info about guest appearances for season three:

"Sydney at Ten" (ep. #3.304)
Larissa Laskin .... Darcy

"Women Want to Know" (ep. #3.307)
Ken Pak .... Counsel General

episode name/date unknown
David Macniven .... The Abbot

"Mr. Right"
Deborah Odell .... Agent Curi

"Vampire Kiss"
Adrian Paul .... Lucas Blackmer

07-25-01. RELIC HUNTER NEWS. Adrian Paul has filmed a third season Relic Hunter episode called VAMPIRE KISS. It will air in the fall of 2001. Also, Relic Hunter's first season is available on videotape VHS for only $99.95 at http://www.relichuntercatalog.com/. Me? I am holding out for DVDs. And last but not least, it looks like Lindy "Claudia" Boothe has been released from the show. Apparently the rework for the third season will allow Sydney to do less "T&A" because they are going to bring in the new character to take on that role. Rumors that Boothe did not feel comfortable with making Claudia into a sex object contributed to her leaving. However, Boothe has been picked up by the new Jet Jackson TV incarnation on the Disney Channel. Boothe originally was in the previous incarnation of the Jet Jackson TV show, and when that ended she went to Relic Hunter. There are indications that the character replacing Claudia might become involved with Nigel. The character will be introduced to the show as a workstudy student assigned to replace Claudia.

06-07-01. Adrian Paul was filming the RELIC HUNTER episode VAMPIRE KISS in Toronto on June 7, 2001.

05-07-01. And now for some RELIC HUNTER news! RELIC HUNTER used to shoot half the season in Toronto Canada and the other half in Paris, France, but starting in the third season, they will shoot half in Toronto, and the other half in Spain. Also, there is buzz that a new regularly appearing female character will be introduced. It is unclear whether she will replace Claudia or join the triumvirate.

03-20-01. There is some buzz that RELIC HUNTER, which has been one of the few lucky action syndies to have been renewed (for a third season), will be moving part of their production to London from Paris. The first two seasons they filmed 6 months in Toronto and 3 months in Paris. Apparently London is waving some mighty fine tax breaks in their face to jump over the pond. The production would then do its overseas three months in London instead of Paris. Also, the productions are in the process of hiring new writers. There are suggestions that they want to change the format of the show for the third season.

02-26-01. RELIC HUNTER has been renewed. There are no female-centric syndicated hours slated for premiering in the 2001-2002 season. Sad, but true. Looks like we may have used them all up this season.

10-04-00. Storylines for the 2nd season: Syd rescues a relic before China's Yangtze River is dammed and flooded; Syd goes to Papua, New Guinea to clean up after a secret agent; Syd and Nigel crash in a jungle ("Last of the Mohicas"); Syd will rescue another relic hunter from an African curse; and Syd will deal with a cult of assassins who make items out of human skulls.

10-04-00. The show is called "Aarteenmetsesteje" in Finnish. It means "treasure hunter".

08-02-00. This was reported on the Paramount newsgroup on 06-25-00 (reprinted with permission):

"I just came back from walking my dog along the Rouge River, where we came across a set for the Relic Hunter, to be filmed tomorrow. It looks to be set in a sub-tropical Spanish speaking location. They've got a really run down "aeoropeurto" and some combat-camping sort of set up. Lots of imported tropical looking plants to make the Toronto ravine locale look like Costa Rica or wherever. It was fun to walk through and see all the detail of the sets."

08-02-00. Seven episodes of season one were shot in France.

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