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Season 2, episode 10
Series 210
1st release: 11/13/00
2nd release:
Production number: 208
Approximate shooting dates:
Last update: 04-07-01


Tia Carrere (Dr. Sydney Fox)
Christien Anholt (Nigel Bailey)
Lindy Booth (Claudia)

John Novak (Rod Thorson)
Danielle Brett (Joan Wyatt)
Billy Khoury (Kyle)
Theo Caldwell (Rudy)
Aaron Poole (Vic)
Peter Cockett (Preswock)
Chris Lamon (Stunt Rudy)

Written by Leonard Dick
Directed by Milan Cheylov

Filmed on location in Toronto, Canada and Paris, France by Fireworks Entertainment Inc. and Gaumont Television.


The gang searches for a sacrificial bowl in the Myanmar jungle.

Nigel and billionaire Rod Thorson parachute into the jungle to find a Relic Hunter team that disappeared while looking for the world's oldest artifact.


Sydney, Nigel and billionaire entrepreneur Rod Thorson parachute into the Myanmar jungle to rescue a relic-hunting team hired by Thorson to locate an ancient sacrificial bowl. The crew's last video transmission -- of a blurred figure ravaging the campsite -- does not bode well. Hoping to find the crew alive, as well as the world's oldest recorded religious artifact, the threesome uncover a frightening discovery -- a living link to homo heidelbergensis, man's most savage ancestor.


This commentary is by Beboman.

I have to say that this was another good episode. It seems like the show has found the right ingredients to make some really good episodes. Once again, this episode had a touch of action, a spoonful of suspense, and a pinch of comedy. When all these ingredients are mixed, it makes for a great episode.

In this episode, Sydney and Nigel, accompanied by billionaire Rod Thorson, have to parachute into a jungle to locate a lost member of a prior expedition, who had been send by Thorson to locate a relic. Originally Thorson had approached Sydney for the job, but Sydney had refused to work for him due to prior conflicts between them. So Sydney had recommended Joan, another Relic Hunter, for the job. Joan finds the relic, but at the same time finds more than what she and her group had bargained for. It is at this point that Sydney and Nigel step in.

Once again we see Sydney's caring side. She will leave everything to help find someone who she has been associated with. Her sense of duty for someone she has recommended or encourages is very patented, not only in this episode, but also in prior episodes.

The chemistry between Nigel and Sydney is also very patented in this episode. For Sydney, Nigel has long ago stopped being just her assistant. He is one of her closest friends and someone she truly depends on and cares for. This can also be said for Claudia. Sydney depends on Claudia to keep the front under control. She knows Claudia has the ability to use all the resources at hand to help Sydney.

While we are on the subject of Claudia, it is interesting to see that she is a woman who will go after that which she finds interesting and very appealing to the eye. Once again we see Claudia bluntly flirting with and doing everything possible to obtain the attention of a man she finds attractive. In this episode, it is the computer wiz.

However, we should not be fooled by Claudia's behavior. Claudia has paid attention to Sydney and is able to use some of what she has learned to give the computer wiz the solution to his computer dilemma as a means of helping Sydney and Nigel.

This episode had some really great moments that kept me on the edge of my seat. One of them was the first time Sydney, Nigel and Joan go down into the cave and find the bodies of Thorson and the other members of Joan's expedition. At the same time, they find the relic Joan and her companions had found earlier and that was missing when Sydney, Nigel and Thorson arrived at the remains of Joan's campsite.

Then there is the scene where Sydney, Nigel and Joan are driving away from camp after realizing that something within the relic they found has turned Ruddy, Joan's assistant, into a prehistoric creature and that their lives might be in danger. This is another of those types of moments like the shower scene in "Psycho". The tension is building, you know the group is heading for peril and then there it is. Ruddy jumps on the Jeep, Sydney maneuvers the Jeep to get him off, but then crashes into a tree, and Ruddy takes Joan with him.

Now I have to make a side bar here: when Sydney, Nigel and Joan get in the Jeep, we don't see Sydney put on her seatbelt, but after the accident, we see Sydney with a seatbelt on, but poor Nigel is not wearing one. I guess the stunt coordinator found it more important to make sure that Tia Carrere was well protected during this stunt.

Another good scene was when Sydney and Nigel catch up with Joan and Ruddy back at the cave and Ruddy dies. I like what Sydney said to Nigel when he asked what she was going to report about this trip and she answered that this was a really high price the prior expedition had to pay to find a relic.

Yes, Sydney is an adrenaline junky. She loves and lives for adventure, but at the same time she has her priorities very well placed. Human life is more important than any relic that can be obtained at any particular time.

This episode had a good solid script, with a good direction and a good musical score. (I really like the theme of this show) Once again, the acting by Tia, Christian and Lindy was simply excellent. The visiting actors also did a good job.

All in all, this was a very good show and it fulfilled its purpose to entertain.

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