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Season 2, episode 03
Series 203
1st release: 10/02/00
2nd release: 12/11/00
3rd release: 08/06/01
Production number: 204
Approximate shooting dates:
Last update: 10-28-01

SYNOPSIS by Elizabeth Daughterty
COMMENTARY 1 by Beboman
COMMENTARY 2 by Elizabeth Daughterty

Tia Carrere (Dr. Sydney Fox)
Christien Anholt (Nigel Bailey)
Lindy Booth (Claudia)

Nancy Anne Sakovich (Cate Hemphill/Cate Smith)
Colin Fox (Hans Lubeck)
Christopher Shyer (Jason Clark)
Richard Eden (Jacob Strom)
Jody Racicot (Tobar)
Markus Parilo (Lieutenant Hilgado)
Silvio Oliviero (Captain Sanz)
Christopher Lee Clements (Chieftain)
Ray Paisley (Co-Pilot)
Duke Redbird (High Priest)

Written by Ron Levinson
Directed by John Bell

Filmed on location in Toronto, Canada and Paris, France by Fireworks Entertainment Inc. and Gaumont Television.


[Syd and Nigel on a plane]
Missionary Woman: We're losing altitude.
[Plane crashes]
Syd: We need to stick together!
[Syd taking names and kicking hinder]
[Nigel jumps onto the back of a truck while being uzied]
Syd: The question is can we trust one another.
[Gun drops to floor and a hand picks it up]
Nigel to missionary woman: What is a missionary carrying a gun in her bag?
[Guy shot in the back by an arrow]
Man: Headhunters.
Another man running through jungle: They're getting closer
[Nigel knocked out by big guy in a classic jungle fighter outfit]
Syd [off camera]: Nigel!
Syd [looking as hanging body partially off screen]: Hence the term headhunters.


A vessel believed to contain the Great Warrior Spirit of the Mochican tribe is found and wreaks havoc on Sydney and Nigel's trip home.

Sydney and Nigel's plane goes down en route to Lima. Zap2It.com


Recovering a vessel believed to contain the Great Warrior Spirit of the Mochica tribe and hopping a flight to Lima, Sydney and Nigel assume their latest adventure is complete, but it's just the beginning. After their plane goes down, a motley crew of passengers is beset by indigenous headhunters, gun-toting rebels and internal strife. Forget getting the last of the Mochicas safely to the Lima Museum - Sydney and Nigel will be lucky to get themselves out of the jungle alive!


1st RELEASE: 10-02-00
AA Rating: 1.7

Andromeda 4.3
ER 3.4
Xena 3.3
XF 3.1
SG 2.9
BM 2.5
VIP 2.4
EFC 2.2
Sheena 1.9
B2B/Profiler 1.8
RH 1.7
BH/IM/Queen/LW 1.6
Immotal .9

3rd RELEASE: 08-06-01
AA Rating: 1.7

X-Files 3.1
Stargate SG-1 2.7
Xena 2.2
Andromeda 2.1
Invisible Man 1.9
Profiler 1.9
Early Edition 1.7
Earth: Final Conf. 1.7
Relic Hunter 1.7


This synopsis is by Elizabeth Daughterty.

May the Great Warrior’s Spirit forever Protect the Doomed….

Yes, but does that include episodic television as well?? Apparently not. And it’s too bad. This episode opens with Nigel lowering Sydney by rope into a well-like cave and bitching every step of the way about needing more upper bodywork at the gym.

They recover this week’s relic, the Vessel containing the Spirit of the Mohica Great Warrior and it’s about to be stolen from them by “Strom” (read: rival relic hunter with lots of muscles, dark hair, tight black t-shirt, stupid name) who, of course has a big no-neck thug with him who, of course, has Nigel in the Vulcan Death Grip.

Syd trips them up, gets the relic, they climb into a motorcycle-with-a-sidecar thing that was probably all the rage in 1936 and they’re off. Just far enough away from the bad guys and they run into a tall woman on the side of the road needing desperately to get to the airport. Nigel says no, Sydney says yes, the woman plops into Nigel’s lap and they’re off again.

At the “airport” our heroes board a plane that was last seen over the Australian Outback dumping off 16 people heading their way into huge ratings.

Capt. Clark, a very (natch) good looking pilot is going to fly our heroes, their impromptu lady passenger, an old professor looking guy ( I guess Sean Connery was busy) and a shady looking character who “convinces” (bribes) Capt. Clark to take off, now, to Lima.

So for some in-flight entertainment, Hans Lubek (the old professor looking guy) tries to strike up conversation with the shady looking guy named Tobar who keeps looking over his shoulder every two seconds and Nigel decides to flirt with the woman, Cate, who had earlier dumped herself in his lap, only to discover that she’s a missionary. This somewhat appears to cool his ardor some as he once tried to hit on a nun( Season 1 The Headless Nun) so he decides to take a cold shower…. I mean get a drink of water from a bladder bag looking thing. Glancing over his shoulder at Cate, he notices she’s dropped her bag and a gun rolls out. She nervously looks around as she stuffs it back in her bag, Nigel acts like he hasn’t seen anything but high tails it back to his seat to tell Sydney that the woman he just hit on is a missionary and she has a gun in her bag. Before he can do this, however, the plane gets shot at and our heroes and their flight pals prepare for a crash landing.

After the crash into the jungles of Peru, in which the co-pilot dies, Sydney, Nigel, and the Motley Crew become the new survivors and it’s time to outwit, outplay and outlast each other. Nigel and Sydney size everyone else up. Nigel’s already tried to form an alliance with Cate with no luck. Tobar’s alliance is with himself and Capt. Clark lets everyone come to him although Syd suspects he may have had a hand in the co-pilot’s death. Dr. Lubek appears to be the least threatening and that’s why Syd trusts him the least. He also has a strange attachment to his valise. Nigel’s got the immunity idol (Vessel) in his backpack and the headhunters are pounding out their welcome speech with their drum, which sets everyone on edge.

Clark, who appears to be either the only one thinking or the only one who knows the lay of the land, heads northwest towards a distant town away from the drums and by popular demand, so does everyone else.

Upon reaching an abandoned mining camp, Nigel and Sydney come upon the headless skeleton laid out in a ceremonial pose. There is an abandoned truck at the mining camp and the decision is made that Syd and Clark will team up and go back to the plane for tools and try to salvage the battery while Tobar, the injured Professor Lubek, Cate and Nigel cool their heels at the mining camp. Nigel, to his credit, asks Cate point blank why a missionary packs heat and she gives him a cryptic answer that answers nothing. The group then hears drums and Cate pulls out her shiny gun only to have it snatched easily away by Tobar who heads off into the jungle. It was a dumb move on her part and turns out to be even dumber, but I’ll get to that part later.

Syd and Clark get the stuff and hike back to the mining camp only to discover it deserted. Further on, they discover the boot tracks of militant rebels and Tobar’s bag filled with cash. A little further on, they discover the body of Tobar-minus his head.

While waiting for Syd and Clark to eventually come upon the rebel encampment, Nigel talks to a distressed Professor Lubek. The rebels have taken his valise which contains his notes and manuscript detailing how the rebels are killing off the Peruvian tribes. Cate pipes up that Tobar has been arming the rebels with guns but that he stiffed them on the latest shipment. Her secret comes out that she’s no missionary at all, but really Interpol. To make a long story even more implausible, Syd and Clark save the day but not before Cate hot wires a rebel truck and not before Dr. Lubek takes a couple of rebel bullets for Syd, thus ending his life.

A poignant exchange between Sydney and Nigel when Syd asks about Lubek and Nigel reveals he’s dead. She then asks how he (Nigel) is and Nigel mutters over his shoulder that he thought he would surely be dead. He has a look on his face that clearly says he’s had it with this relic hunting stuff and wouldn’t mind if he never left his book filled office at Trinity ever again.

Back at the mining camp, where Nigel hid the vessel, it comes out that Clark was in cahoots with Strom all the time in antiquities smuggling and is just about to execute Syd, Nigel and Cate when he takes an arrow in the back and the three see the advancing and menacing headhunter tribe. Off to their other side, the rebels have shown up and Syd urges Nigel to open the Vessel and release the spirit even though it’s only a legend that the Great Warrior will come to protect the doomed. They’re doomed so they have nothing to lose. Nigel opens the vessel, the Genie in the Bottle swoops out, kills the rebels and humbles the headhunters. The trio is back on their way home .

Back home at Trinity, Syd and Cate, armed with Professor Lubek’s notes and manuscripts, work on getting his book published posthumously and Cate and Nigel begin a relationship. (See the episode MIA for further details on this relationship).


This commentary is by Beboman.

This was not a bad episode at all. It had some good action scenes and it kept you interested throughout the episode. It reminded me a bit of Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark. It had those same types of elements that made it both interesting and exciting.

We had Sydney and Nigel getting the relic, only to have one of Sydney's competitors try to steal it from them, while Sydney and Nigel run through a tropical forest trying to escape. Then we had the damsel in distress, very much like an old 20s movie, with the twist that she ends up being an Interpol Agent. who is after an international arms dealer. Then there is the old man with the briefcase who looks very suspicious and ends up being a writer who has been studying this indigenous tribe and wants to tell the world how these revolutionaries and this arms dealer are trying to eliminate this particular tribe. We also have the arms dealer, who comes across as a very nervous guy with a very short fuse. Then, the lost indigenous tribe wants their relic back and there is a bunch of very useless, badly trained revolutionaries who want the money the arms dealer has stolen from them. Finally, there is the handsome, debonair pilot who, in reality, is hooked up with Sydney's competitor.

All these characters make for a very good mixture and gives this episode some good moments of excitement and even fun. Then we have Sydney and Nigel in the middle of all of them trying to stay alive and, at the same time, trying to figure out who is who and save the relic they are after.

This episode allows Sydney to show her deductive abilities, while also displaying her survival skills. It also shows that Nigel is not only the comic relief of the show, but he also has some initiatives of his own.

What surprised me about this episode was that Sydney, with all her worldly knowledge and adventures, was not able to hot wire the getaway truck. It was left to Kate, the Interpol Agent, to do the job. Of course, this was after Kate lost her weapon very easily and quickly to the arms dealer guy.

The scene I really liked was at the end, when Nigel releases the spirit of the Warrior who was enclosed in the relic. This was not a bad special effect and it gave Sydney and her small group the opportunity to escape.

I found this episode amusing. It also fulfilled its main requirement: it entertained.


This commentary is by Elizabeth Daughterty.

I had some glaring problems with this episode. Nigel and Sydney are supposed to be highly educated professionals and this is not their first time on the Hunt. Yet, they make some of the dumbest choices for people so educated.

Nigel, although he sees the gun fall out of Cate’s bag, still appears to be buying her story that she’s a missionary despite the fact that she’s dressed rather immodestly for an Interpol agent much less a missionary.

Syd doesn’t trust Professor Lubek but has no problem with Capt. Clark who turns out to be in league with a rival relic hunter who sells the relics for money as opposed to acquiring them for educational pursuits. Sydney also appears to never know what to pack because while she left her common sense back at Trinity, she managed to pack her 90 proof, $100.00 an ounce perfume for Clark to use to start the carburetor of the truck they’re working on. I’m all for making do with what you have, but really!

Cate is supposed to be a highly trained Interpol agent, yet when Nigel questions her about a last name on the plane, she has to think one up. Then she lets her gun fall out of her bag and her whole demeanor suggests that she has something to hide. Later at the mining camp, she knows Nigel’s (finally) on to her story but does or says nothing to steer him in another direction. Lastly, she all but hands her gun over to Tobar when he comes up from behind her and snatches it away. Why he needed Cate’s gun in the first place to ditch her, Nigel and Professor Lubek and go off on his own into the jungle is beyond me, but now we know, Cate can’t seem to keep a hold of her gun. She doesn’t seem to be well trained in anything. While Sydney, who usually does all the butt-kicking anyway, is off with Clark, and the rebels kidnap them, one of them slaps Nigel upside his head knocking him to the ground and a Interpol trained Cate stands there and does nothing. Sydney would have had the guy on his back checking out the sky by this time. It’s just not what I expect of an Interpol agent. (Grant you, Cate later sits on his lap, kisses him and makes it all better later. Some women get all the luck.)

I also noticed that Nigel rarely bruises. The rebel guy belts him upside the optical socket, Nigel’s airborne then hits the dirt and he has maybe a scratch or two and some sweaty hair. But that’s it. I’m no ophthalmologist, but that eye should have been swollen for a week at best.

This episode was one of those that had so much promise in every single turn but turned out to be the Weakest Link. Goodbye.

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