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Season 3, episode 02
Series 302
1st release: 09/24/01
2nd release:
Production number: 302
Last update: 11-05-01


Tia Carrere (Dr. Sydney Fox)
Christien Anholt (Nigel Bailey)
Tanja Reichert

Louis Mandylor (Derek Lloyd)
Deborah O'Dell (Agent Kouri)
Ian Alden (Gray)
Grace Armas (Maid)
Mo Chow (Fishmonger)

Writer Kris Doblich
Director John Bell

Filmed on location in Toronto, Canada and Spain by Fireworks Entertainment Inc. and Gaumont Television.


A coveted Indonesian artifact is missing and Sydney Fox is on vacation with her Ex! Logline

Sidney plans a romantic getaway with her former flame and is coerced into searching for an Indonesian artifact. ClickTV

After recovering an artifact in Bali, Sydney meets an old friend, Gray, and decides to remain there on vacation with him while Nigel heads back to the states. Unfortunately, another old "friend", intrepid CIA agent Derek Lloyd, is in Bali seeking a relic: a bowl that will reveal the user's true love. He wants to recover it so the U.S. government can give it to the Indonesians to win political points, but the Chinese are also looking for it. Sydney is forced to step out on Gray repeatedly, unable to resist the urge to go looking for another relic. She and Derek manage to find it, but Gray has always been captured by the Chinese agent. Syd manages to beat up the agent and recover the bowel for the U.S. Gray appears to realize that hunting relics will always come first for her, but that's still no reason they can't be romantically involved. Extended logline


After escaping capture by Chinese hit men, Sydney and Nigel run smack into Gray Davidson, Sydney's former flame. Chemistry oozes as the ex-lovers coyly exchange hellos and good-byes. A nostalgic Sydney tracks Gray down in the men's sauna and they agree to vacation together in Bali, so long as Sydney promises to not relic hunt. Just as the reunited duo begin to relax, irritating CIA agent Derek Lloyd spots Sydney and tries to enlist her help in finding the missing Indonesian artifact, Parvati's Magical Bowl. The U.S. wants the relic to improve their relations with the nation, and Derek also needs to win brownie points with his boss, so despite Sydney's ardent refusals, Derek guilts her into assisting him by saying the Chinese government wants the statue for personal gain.

Knowing Gray would be unhappy with Sydney's decision, she pretends to take a bath, and sneaks out the window to meet with Derek. Through the closed door, Gray confesses his seriousness for a life with Sydney, but only an empty bathtub meets his words. In a close call, Syd sneaks back in and although she's not sure what he's talking about, she successfully covers up the fact that she has no response to his proposal.

The next day, Gray "somehow" comes down with food poisoning - thanks to a desperate and jealous Derek. With time on her hands and a bowl on her brain, Sydney lets her relic passion get the best of her and finds Derek. Together, they discover that Indonesian Princess Kuta was the last to see the magical bowl. While searching the Princess' tomb, they learn that the Princess was disowned by her family for loving a man beneath her class. They put the pieces together and figure out where the distraught Princess left the bowl - the Sakenan Temple. That night, Sydney sneaks out of her hotel room, and along with the pesky Derek, proceeds in searching out the lost relic. However, their plans of returning the bowl to the Indonesian government are thwarted when Gray is taken hostage by a sexy, blonde American, who is actually a Chinese-hired spy. After a shoot out, Syd punches out the foxy agent and saves Gray from her evil designs. Much to Syd's delight, Gray is not angry with her, and not only do the two continue their vacation, but they also continue dating when they get back to Singapore.


This commentary is by Beboman.

What can I say about this episode? Not a lot.

I'm still wondering what happened to Claudia and how Karen came to be part of the staff. I hope in the next few episodes we get a better look at the character of Karen and I hope she is not as man hungry as Claudia was. But we shall see.

I did understand that the writers were trying to make a lighthearted episode, but to me their attempt failed. I also understand that TPTB were trying to give us a bit more insight into Sydney the woman and not Sydney the Relic Hunter. But again, they failed. We have seen that before: Sydney the woman and Sydney the Relic Hunter are all in one.

Sydney is very much a woman in control when she is a Relic Hunter and extremely female and sexy without having to make a scene and try to present that fact.

So we are left with the idea that it is impossible for Sydney to leave the Relic Hunter behind and just enjoy a good vacation. I believe that to be an almost true assumption.

In this episode, Sydney tries to take a week off from relic hunting to be with her boyfriend, Gray Davidson. In my opinion, Gray is the most boring character I have ever seen on the show. I still do not understand how Sydney could have ended up with him. I have to agree with Nigel when he asked Sydney what she saw in him. I did not feel there was any chemistry between Gray and Sydney and their scenes together looked forced and phony.

On the other hand, the best moments were when Sydney and Dereck Lloyd were together. There was great chemistry between them and he had some of the best comedic moments in the show. I hope that, in the future, we get to see more of Dereck and we don't get to see a lot of Gray.

I missed the interaction between Sydney and Nigel in this show. I really hope they don't leave Nigel behind too often this season.

So, to conclude, if I was to rate this episode I would say it is one and a half relics out of four.

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