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Vacances Romaines

Season 2, episode 08
Series 208
1st release: 11/06/00
2nd release:
Production number: 210
Approximate shooting dates:
Last update: 04-07-01


Tia Carrere (Dr. Sydney Fox)
Christien Anholt (Nigel Bailey)
Lindy Booth (Claudia)

Michael Caruana (Nico)
Jan Filips (Count Raphael Onofore)
Domenico Fiore (Julius Caesar [as Dom Fiore])
Plato Fountidakis (Leader)
Allegra Fulton (Airport Desk Agent)
Alex Karzis (Johnny Piaccia)
William Pappas (Dean Wormer)
Guy Sanvido (Alchemist)
Jason Cadieux (Gianni)
Ari Cohen (Professor Roger Penrose)

Written by Jurgen Wolff
Directed by Milan Cheylov

Filmed on location in Toronto, Canada and Paris, France by Fireworks Entertainment Inc. and Gaumont Television.


Sydney and Nigel try to save a novice Relic Hunter from losing her head while searching for the mythical Caesar's breastplate. ClickTV

Sydney battles a baddie who has stolen a magical breastplate that belonged to Julius Caesar and was meant to render him invincible. Toronto Sun

Syd and Nigel rush to save the novice Claudia. ExciteTV

Lorsqu'un masque antique en bronze défigure un mannequin lors d'une séance photo, Sydney et Niguel savent presque immédiatement de quoi il retourne. Pendant la révolution française, un bourreau, né complètement défiguré, aurait jeté un sort au masque qu'il portait. Tant que le masque ne sera pas prÍt de son propriétaire, il défigurera toute personne qui le portera.


A colleague of Sydney's, Professor Penrose, has a lead on Caesar's breastplate, believed to render the wearer invincible, and is off to Rome to have an ancient text translated. Claudia rushes to the airport to deliver pages he left behind, and takes it upon herself to follow a stranger carrying the professor's document tube - all the way to Italy. Syd and Nigel race to catch her, believing the novice Relic Hunter is in over her head - and in mortal danger.


1st RELEASE: 11/06/00

X-Files 4.1/4.1 
Andromeda (3.7/3.9)
Xena (3.4/3.6) 
Stargate SG-1 (3.3/3.5) 
VIP (2.7/2.9) 
Earth: Final Conflict (2.3/2.4)
Beastmaster (2.1/2.3) 
Baywatch Hawaii (2.0/2.1) 
Maximum Exposure and The Lost World (2.0 each) 
Back2Back Action and Sheena (1.9 each) 
The Outer Limits (1.8/1.9) 
The Invisible and Queen of Swords (1.7/1.8 each)
Relic Hunter (1.5)
Battle Dome (1.4) 
The Immortal (0.7) 


This commentary is by Beboman.

In this episode Sydney and Nigel's job is not to find a lost relic, but to find a lost person, Claudia. Claudia has disappeared and might have the key to who might have killed Roger, another archaeologist, who was after the missing breastplate that belonged to Caesar.

The opening of this episode was really good. Sydney and Nigel are trying to stay alive and Roger and Claudia keep calling Sydney on her cell phone and are trying to talk to her. Yes Sydney, modern technology can get in the way sometimes.

But once again Sydney shows how well she can think on her feet and uses the ringing cell phone as a means to distract her opponents as she and Nigel get away.

In addition to that interesting beginning, we have quite a funny moment with Claudia at the airport and the airline ground attendant. I think that if it had been me I would have lost my patience with Claudia quite a while sooner. But I loved the attendant's face when she said that the only seat available was in first class and Claudia pulled out her dad's credit card. Good Claudia moment.

So, for Sydney and Nigel to find Claudia, Sydney had to pass herself off as a gladiator. I have to do a side bar here: the gladiator costume Sydney had at this time reminded me of a similar outfit worn by a mythical Greek Warrior Princess. Another thing that I found super interesting was how fast Sydney was able to get a female gladiator outfit on such short notice. (Maybe there was a Xena convention in town )

The fight scenes in this episode were very good. They also show how talented Sydney is when it comes to self-defense techniques. But Sydney's parting phrase to the Italian man who was wearing Caesar's breastplate was so true; he could not be killed by any man alive, but he could be killed by a dead man.

You have to give Sydney the thumbs up, for this is a woman who really knows how to make an entrance into an office and keeps the person interested and at bay.

Another thing that I noticed in this episode was how drastically Sydney has changed her methods of interviewing. I guess when you are running out of time almost anything goes, especially when the life of a friend is in danger. No matter what, Sydney still got the information she needed.

One of the best moments in this episode was when Sydney found Claudia. The hug between them was so genuine and so true it touched me. It shows that no matter what their differences, Claudia is a very important part of Sydney's team. She is someone Sydney is not willing to lose under any circumstances.

During this episode, Sydney's only worry was to find Claudia and find her alive. She did not care about the possibility of finding Caesar's breastplate, a legendary and mystical relic, and that is a lot to say for a Relic Hunter of Sydney's reputation and importance.

The ending of this episode was just too funny; Nigel is forced by Sydney to tell Claudia how he feels about her, how he feels that she is like his little sister. At the same time, they get presented with the possibility of going back to Rome to authenticate a sword believed to belong to Hera. In reality, however, this sword was made by a good fake relic maker who helped Sydney in Rome.

This was an excellent episode that combined lively action with some intrigue and kept the audience interested. It fulfilled its job to entertain. The acting was very solid as was the script. All in all, an excellent outing.


01-09-00. From Ryan Kuhn. When Sid and Nigel go to Rome and Sid fights a gladiator, she wins and is suposed to kill him, then the "crowd" is asked for a thumbs up or down. They say down which the writer of the show think means death, when really thumbs down meant life and thumbs up meant death.

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