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Season 3, episode 22
Series 322
1st release: 05/20/02
2nd release:
Production number: ?
Last update: 06-06-02

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Tia Carrere (Dr. Sydney Fox)
Christien Anholt (Nigel Bailey)
Tanja Reichert (Karen)

Jack Langedijk .... Fabrice De Viega

Filmed on location in Canada (Toronto), the UK, and Spain by Fireworks Entertainment Inc. and Gaumont Television.


This commentary is by Beboman.

This was a super great episode. It was very well written, directed, and acted. It had good action and intrigue and it kept the tension throughout the episode. This is one of the best episodes this season. The show has had some good episodes this season, but this one was just awesome.

I just loved the introduction to the episode. It started like it normally does, by giving us a bit of the historical information related to the relic to be found. This time, however, it got mixed with one of Sydney's dreams, better said a nightmare, in which she sees De Viega, her greatest archenemy.

There was one thing that really bothered me about this episode. I have a question for the hair and make-up department. Why did they let Nigel go out with his hair looking like he just got up? That type of hairstyle really is not appealing to Nigel. Please, next time let him comb his hair.

Another thing that bothered me was how come Sydney did not know who she was going to meet? I mean, by this time in her travels and hunting for relics, it seems to me that she might know most of those important people who are part of the antique/relic gathering world.

So when Karen tells Sydney who her next appointment is and then she meets with this young guy who claims to be the person she is to meet, shouldn't she have been a bit suspicious? This would be especially true since they met in the street. Come on, Sydney has better sense than that.

It was good to see that Sydney and Nigel are taking Karen with them on their trips as their temporary office administrator and researcher. She has become quite indispensable to the team.

I really loved Nigel's expression when he opened the silver briefcase to take a look at the relic and he finds a bomb. That was just great, but I thought his expression was even better when he found out there was no map to the druid worship ground and that the knife was really the map.

Then Sydney goes on to explain how she learned to build explosives and trys to figure out how to disarm the bomb. So Sydney is a woman of many skills.

It was great to see Sydney's expression when she found out that Andrew was De Viega's son. That really was a good twist in the plot.

De Viega is still alive and now he is sporting a nice half facemask to cover the burns he suffered when he was allegedly blown up in "Hunting with the Enemy".

Now De Viega's son is fighting against the same organization Sydney and Nigel are fighting against.

So, once Sydney and Nigel put Andrew and De Viega together, they just follow Andrew straight into De Viega's house to find the other part of the missing puzzle, the sheath for the knife, which is the map to the ancient druid worship grounds at Stonehenge.

De Viega surprises them and then they are surprised by members of the Gural Nataz, who are after the same relic that Sydney, Nigel and Andrew are after. Andrew becomes a decoy while Sydney and Nigel go after the relic. At the same time, De Viega tries to save his son from the Gural Nataz by offering a deal, the druid's knife and sheath for his son's life.

It was so strange to see Sydney trying to help De Viega. That shows the integrity and concern Sydney has for the lives of others.

One other thing that amazed me in this episode was the fact that gun-toting goons make for good relic hunters.

For all of Nigel's shortcomings, I have to say that Nigel knows how to come through for Sydney in a pinch. He leaped to her defense when she was about to be shot by the goon. It was great to see him take such aggressive action.

At the end of the episode, Sydney and Nigel get the relic, Andrew's life is saved by his father, and somehow De Viega manages to stay alive.

Excellent, superior episode.


05/25/02. Some sweeps highlights. In "So Shall it Be", Syd and Nigel take on their old nemesis Fabrice DaVeiga, while racing the Gural Nataz to a druid relic.

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