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Transcription by Dominique de Graaf.

EPISODE # 112 Emperor's Bride

Written by Julie Lacey
Directed by Stefan Scaini

First U.S. airdate: 02/07/2000


Tia Carrere Sydney Fox

Christien Anholt Nigel Bailey

Lindy Booth Claudia

John Schneider Dallas Carter

Thomas Kretschmann Kurt Reiner

Paryse Allen Conor

John Hempill Richard Fergusen

Henry Chan Doctor Chen

Catherine Hernandez Katie

David Blacker Duncan

* * * *

[VCR didn't record the beginning of the episode]

[inside Richard Fergusen's office]

Reiner takes off his glasses and helmet.

Reiner: [missing] ...together again.

Dallas: Hey! Line forms right behind me, amigo.

Reiner walks up to Dallas.

Reiner: Does that outfit come...uh...with a whip?

Nigel chuckles. He stops after a look from Dallas.

Dallas: I don't need no whip, pal.

Reiner: Who are you?

Dallas: I'm the guy she stood you up for in Marrakech.

Reiner: The media monkey.

Sydney: This is exactly why I've sworn off men like them.

Reiner turns to Fergusen.

Reiner: Whatever they offered, I'll double it.

Dallas: I'll triple it.

Sydney: We're out of here.

Sydney grabs Nigel's arm and shoves him out the door in front of her.

[outside of Fergusen's office]

Sydney sighs, obviously relieved to be rid of them.

Nigel: Where are we going?

Sydney: To find our information elsewhere.

Nigel: Now, I know about Reiner, of course, but this Dallas...um...he was another...

Sydney: A different time, a different place. My needs and desires have changed since

then, I assure you. All right, we're going to need some supplies. Why don't you

stock us up? I'm going to go talk to some of the locals. The shopkeeper might have

heard about the artifact too. Why don't you see what you can find out?

Nigel: Okay.

[inside Moose B4 Outfitters]

Nigel enters and walks up to the counter.

Nigel: Excuse me.

The shopkeeper, Conor, puts down something heavy an turns. Nigel starts. She is a formidable woman, obviously born to mountain life. She gives him an blatantly appraising look.

Conor: What do you need?

Nigel: Um...Camping equipment.

Conor: Mm. Where are you headed?

Nigel: Well, I was...I was hoping you could tell me. I was looking for that local
trapper(?). The one who found the jade artifact.

Conor: Duncan.

Nigel: Is that his last name?

Conor: As far as I know, he doesn't have a last name.

Nigel: So...um...Do you know this Duncan?

Conor: Oh, he comes into town once or twice here to buy supplies.

She looks around.

Conor: Last week, he came in with that chunk of jade.

Nigel wants to go into that, but she changes the subject abruptly.

Conor: You know what, the days here aren't so bad, but at night it gets really cold.

She's making Nigel uneasy and knows it.

Conor: You're going to need something to keep you warm.

Nigel is speechless, expecting the worst.

Conor: Got long-johns?

He sighs, relieved.

Nigel: No...Actually, I haven't.

She steps from behind the counter.

Nigel: Do you happen to know where I can find...uh...this Duncan?

Conor: You sure you want to? He's a bush(?) and around these parts that means he's as

nutty as a meatmore(?).

She rummages through clothes.

Conor: Twelve months in the woods. No one to talk to and no one to talk back.

She holds up bright red long-johns in front of Nigel.

Conor: These should be big enough. You can try them on over here.

She draws aside the curtain and holds it open.

Conor: I'll try not to look.

Nigel enters the changing booth. She closes the curtain.

Nigel: Do you have a map? Maybe you could...uh...show me where Duncan lives?

Conor: Maybe. You got a woman?

Nigel: Uh. Not exactly.

Conor suddenly draws aside the curtain. Nigel clutches his shirt in front of him.

Conor: Want one?

Nigel: Not exactly.

Conor closes the curtain again.

Conor: Oh. One of those.

Nigel: No.

Nigel draws aside the curtain.

Nigel: Can I be frank with you?

Conor nods.

Nigel: I'm uh...I'm a priest.

Nigel closes the curtain.

Conor: I didn't see a collar.

Nigel whisks the curtain aside once more.

Nigel: I'm undercover.

He closes the curtain, but Conor draws it open again, quite forcelly. She obviously doesn't buy a word of it.

Conor: An undercover priest?

Nigel: Oh yes, of course. People see the collar and uh...they...they stop sinning...

uh...temporarily. And then as soon as you're gone they're at it all over again.

This way it's easier to catch them in the act.

It takes Conor a moment to swallow this. Nigel puts his pants on. She sighs in disgust and closes the curtain again.

Nigel: So, uh...how about that map?

Conor: That Duncan's a nasty piece of work. After his wife passed...

Nigel emerges from the booth in red longjohns, carrying his clothes.

Conor: ...he went in and shot the whole town and didn't care much who got in his way.

Nigel: Well...uh...I really do need to speak to him.

Conor gives him a map.

Conor: That jade must be worth a lot of money.

[outside of Moose B4 Outfitters].

Conor watches as Nigel puts the gear in the car and closes the hood. Conor waves and he steps in the car next to Sydney, who is behind wheel. They drive off.

[road in forest]

They follow the road until they come across a parked car and motorbike.

Sydney: There's Dallas's car.

They get out and investigate.

Nigel: And there's Reiner's motorbike.

Sydney takes a map from the car.

Sydney: All right. We're here.

She gives Nigel a pointed look.

Sydney: Your mountain woman said Duncan's cabin is about three and a half mile hike that

way. Now the river that they found the piece of jade in, is in this area. At least

a day beyond that.

Nigel: Okay.

Nigel gets the gear from the trunk of the car.


Sydney is walking in front of Nigel, who carries the backpack. They come across animal skeletons suspended from the trees.

Nigel: Cute.

Sydney: Luongos.

Nigel: Sorry?

Sydney: Like voodoo. They have to scare us away.

Nigel: Funny, it works for me.

The sound of a trap springing is followed by a gunshot.

Dallas: Hey!

Nigel: What was that?

Dallas: Hey!

Sydney: Sounded like somebody set up a trap.

Nigel: And the screams?

Dallas: Hey!

Sydney: Dallas.

Sydney runs off. Nigel needs a second to process the implications.

Nigel: You...recognize his...screams?

Nigel follows Sydney but passes her by when she slows down. She pulls him back.

Nigel: What's the matter?

Sydney throws a piece of wood into the trunk of the tree they had to pass. Wooden spikes spring


[outside of Duncan's cabin]

Sydney: Not very inviting.

Nigel: Why does the Unabomber suddenly spring to mind?

Dallas: You are really starting to aggravate me. Come on, stop pulling on that. It hurts.

Sydney and Nigel round the cabin. Reiner and Dallas are chained up and seated against a tree.

Reiner: Syd! Thank God.

Nigel takes off the camping gear.

Reiner: He is mad. Come on, before he gets back!

Nigel: There it is.

Nigel points to the piece of jade.

Sydney: I wonder what it's doing just laying out like that.

Sydney suddenly spots the trap and runs forward to stop Nigel, but she's too late, he sets off

the trigger.

Sydney: Nigel, no!

A wooden net traps Sydney and Nigel. They are suspended in mid-air.

Dallas: Nice work, Nige.

Duncan appears. He laughs and picks up the piece of jade.

Duncan: Why is this worth so much to all of you?

No one answers. Duncan pulls out a knife.

Dallas: Uh...That's...uh...That's really kind of hard to say.

Duncan throws his knife into the tree, right above Reiner and Dallas.

Reiner: It's a necklace. Worth millions.

Sydney: You're such an idiot, Reiner.

Reiner: I got a buyer. I'll make you my partner.

Dallas: Hey, I...I got a better proposition for you. Team up with me. Not only will you be

rich, but you'll be famous. Do you have any idea what being Dallas Carter's partner

could do for you, huh?

Duncan smiles. He walks up to them.

Dallas: He's smarter than he looks.

Duncan tightens the chains. Now Reiner laughs as Duncan walks away.

Sydney: We have to get to that sarcophagus before Sasquatch does. Nigel, my knife. Can

you reach my boot?

Nigel: I think so. Yeah. Yeah. I got it.

Nigel manages to drop the knife. It falls on the ground, out of their reach.

Sydney: Great!

Nigel: I'm sorry!

Sydney: Great! Okay. Okay.

Sydney starts rocking the net. Nigel clues in on what she's doing.

Nigel: Wow...what are you doing? Oh, wait. No, Sydney, this is not a good idea. I...I...I

can very easily get carsick and...Syd!

Sydney continues to swing the net, getting closer to the knife Duncan planted into the tree

every time.

Sydney: What did I ever see in you two?

Reiner: Syd...

Sydney: You...egotistical, pig-headed...

Sydney grabs the knife.

Reiner: Syd...Syd, who squeezed water into your mouth when you've been too weak to swallow?


Sydney: I can't remember. I was delirious.

Dallas: Syd. Paris. On our balcony. Do you remember what you said? Huh?

Sydney climbs out. Nigel falls out, very clumsily.

Sydney: Sorry. Can't remember. Must be having an attack of temporary amnesia.

Dallas: Sydney.

Sydney: It's been nice hanging with you all. Don't go anywhere.

Nigel waves at them. They leave.

Reiner: I will not allow you to walk out on me!

Dallas: Sydney, come on, baby! You don't want it to end like this.

Sydney plants Duncan's knife into the cabin.

Reiner: Syd!

Dallas: I know you don't!

Reiner: You're going to regret this!

Dallas: You are going to regret it, Sydney! Sydney?


Sydney: It's not much further.

Nigel: Oh, this thing is killing me.

Sydney: Alaska looks good on you, Nigel. You got some grime under your nails.

Nigel checks his nails.

Nigel: Definitely grime.

Sydney: Women like grime.

Nigel: They do?

Sydney: Yes. Uh...It's manly.

Nigel: Really?

Sydney: We should camp up ahead.


Sydney and Nigel are sitting by the fire, holding cups. Itís late in the evening.

Sydney: I can't help thinking about the Emperor. Never able to rest while his wife has

been adrift.

Nigel: Do you believe in the legend?

Sydney: As funny as it sounds, I think I do. Do you?

Nigel: I...I didn't think I did. But...uh...lately I...I'm not sure.

Sydney tosses away the contents of her cup.

Sydney: I think I'll turn in.

She turns on a light in the cabin. Nigel watches her shadow as she undresses. He doesn't

want to watch but he can't help himself. Mesmerized, he even continues staring as the rain

pours down in a sudden thunderstorm. He's soaked.

Sydney: Nigel, are you crazy? Get in here.

Nigel enters the tent and zips it up. He's still uncomfortable and stands at the entrance, not immediately sure what to do with himself. Sydney notices and looks up at him.

Sydney: Are you going to get undressed?

He nods and takes off his jack, shirt and T-shirt. He's wearing the long-johns underneath. He

massages his shoulder.

Sydney: Shoulder?

Nigel: Uh-huh.

Sydney: Shiatsu.

Nigel: Excuse me?

Sydney: Sit.

Nigel sits down. Sydney pulls his long-johns off his shoulders. She puts her arm around his neck and plants her elbow on his shoulder. Nigel instantly relaxes, to the point of falling asleep.

Sydney: The Japanese picked shiatsu up from ancient China about...twenty-five hundred years

ago. It opens up the blocked channels so that chi energy can flow through the tense


Nigel: Yes...

Sydney stops, hearing something. Nigel looks up.

Nigel: Are we done?

Sydney: Shh.

The tent is zipped open from the outside. Dallas bursts in, with Reiner behind him.

Dallas: You really shouldn't have...

He sees Sydney and Nigel and gets the wrong idea. Reiner looks upset.

Dallas: Addaboy, Nigel.

Dallas tries to enter the tent but Sydney holds a knife up to his throat.

Sydney: Where do you think you're going?

Dallas: Hey, you can't expect me to sleep out in the rain, now can you?

Sydney: You move and I'll pin your...

She looks down purposefully. Reiner pulls the tent open.

Reiner: Sydney, remember the blizzard in the Andes? You and me in the ice cave? You're

telling me you forgot those five sweet days?

Nigel: How do you survive five days in an igloo?

Sydney: Never mind.

Reiner: You owe me.

Sydney: All right! You, take that sleeping bag.

Dallas: You won't regret this, Sydney.

Sydney, still holding the knife, now points it at Dallas.

Sydney: So can you.

Dallas: Okay.

Reiner comes in. Nigel smiles, feeling proud that he can share the sleeping bag with Sydney.

Sydney: I'll take this one.

Nigel: Goodnight.

Sydney: How did the two of you get out, anyway?

Reiner: By working together.

Reiner smiles.

Sydney: That could be dangerous.

[inside tent]

It's early morning, everything is still dark. Reiner and Dallas are sharing a sleeping bag, so are Sydney and Nigel. Sydney, who is awake, leans over Nigel. She grabs his arm. Nigel wakes.

Sydney: Now's our chance, Nigel.

Nigel gets the wrong idea. Sydney, equally oblivious, doesn't realize what Nigel's thinking.

Nigel: Yes.

Sydney: We don't have much time.

Nigel: Right. In front of them?

Sydney: They'll sleep through anything. We just have to be very quiet.

Nigel: Right.

Sydney: You up for it?

Nigel: I...I...I...I think I am. I mean...Yes, I do think I am.

He rubs his thumb over Sydney's hand. She becomes suspicious.

Sydney: Nigel?

Nigel: Yes?

Sydney: What's wrong?

Nigel: I'm...I'm nervous.

Sydney: Just follow my lead.

Nigel turns on his back and puts his hands behind his head, waiting. Sydney throws his pants

directly in his face.

Sydney: Get dressed! Quietly.

[tent, outside]

Sydney zips open the tent and exists. She takes the backpack from Nigel, who exists and zips

up the tent. He takes the backpack and follows.

[tent, inside]

It's day. Dallas, thinking there's a woman lying next to him instead of Reiner, pats his head.

Reiner grabs his hand, recognizes it and slaps down his arm hard. He looks up and sees Sydney and Nigel are gone.

Reiner: Houston, we've got a problem. Houston!

Dallas wakes up. He puts his arm around Reiner, who turns red as he furiously shakes it off.

Dallas: Oh no. It's Dallas, baby. What is it?

Reiner: They are gone!

Dallas' hat falls off. He sees it's Reiner lying next to him and jerks away.

Dallas: What the hell...What? Oh no!

Both men hurry and open the tent. There's no sign of Sydney or Nigel. Reiner winces.

Reiner: How many times have I gone to sleep with Sydney and woke up alone?

Dallas: How many times have I gone to sleep alone and woke up with Sydney?

Reiner looks up at Dallas, who cocks his eyebrows.

Dallas: She must owe you money.

Reiner ducks back into the tent to pack his gear. Dallas follows suit.

Dallas: You are so preoccupied with money. Why is that, Reiner?

Reiner: And you are so obsessed with publicity. Why is that?

Dallas: Hey, there's nothing wrong with a little self-promotion, now come on.

Reiner: You've never actually found anything, have you?

Dallas: That's ridiculous.

Reiner: Is it?

Dallas: I don't have to go justifying myself to you, pal.

Reiner laughs.

Reiner: You are a fraud, Dallas. You are a drugstore relic hunter.

Dallas: You're broke, aren't you? Huh? Dead flat broke, huh?

Now itís Dallas who laughs.

Reiner: Ridiculous.

Dallas: Is it?

Reiner: I'm having a little dry patch, that's it.

Dallas: All right. Uh...look, finding the sarcophagus before Sydney - if there is any

sarcophagus - is going to be difficult, right?

Reiner: Only because she has a head start.

Dallas: And because she's the best.

Reiner: That too.

Dallas: Now, you need the necklace. I need the necklace.

Reiner: What do you propose?

Dallas: Do you remember how concerned Sydney was when you and I worked together?


Sydney: About a size eighteen. Gotta be our Bigfoot.

Nigel: This whole area was once ocean floor. It's...it's mostly sedimentary rock with some

volcanic from the earth's core.

Sydney: Washed down from up there.


They come across Fergusen's body, suspended from a tree.

Sydney: Fergusen.


Sydney and Nigel lay Fergusen's body on the ground.

Nigel: What was he doing out here?

Sydney: Following up on the story, maybe.

Nigel: Who's going to write the newspaper's obituary?

Sydney: Who's going to bury the undertaker? This Duncan's more dangerous than we thought.

[entrance of cave]

Sydney: This is where Duncan's footprints end. He must have crawled through there.

Sydney and Nigel take out their flashlights and turn them on.

Sydney: Come one.


Sydney's hair gets stuck behind branches. She stops to untangle it and Nigel stumbles against


Nigel: Sorry, Syd. This whole place was once submerged. An underwater cavern.

[shipwreck site]

Nigel: The lost ship of Empress Xia.

Sydney: You get a little rough weather and look where you wind up.

Sydney and Nigel investigate. They see a hole in the ship.

Nigel: What happened there?

Sydney: Looks recent. Be careful, Duncan could be anywhere. This was probably his doing.

Nigel: Buried for centuries, yet, amazingly preserved.

Sydney: And unearthed now.

Nigel: Yeah, by changing temperature, the rock has split.

Sydney: Like a glass filled with hot water.

Nigel: Precisely. Who knows what climatic forces impacted on the Pacific current from

Asia to North America three thousand years ago?

Sydney: I wonder how long this boat was adrift.

Sydney and Nigel climb inside the wreck. Sydney sees a skeleton with a dart in its neck.

Sydney: Nigel.

Nigel: Yeah?

Sydney: Every tomb has its story. What's his?

Nigel: Uh...

Sydney: What do you make of this? Duncan could have dragged the sarcophagus out?

Nigel: Well, he's a strong man.

Sydney: It sat here for an eternity and now we're a few hours too late.

Nigel: Well, which way did he take it? I mean, we didn't pass him on the way in.

Sydney: There's got to be another way out of the cave.

They exit the wreck and are photographed. Dallas holds the camera, Reiner holds the gun.

Reiner: Nothing like a photograph to establish a relic's provinence. When my partner here

and I sell the necklace it'll prove this is the real thing.

Sydney: Partner?

Dallas: Why don't you two get out of the way? I need a clear shot of the prow.

Nigel: Yeah, well, the necklace is gone. It looks like Duncan has dragged the sarcophagus

and the Empress away.

Sydney: Guys, do the right thing for once. Help us catch Duncan and return everything to

the Chinese.

Dallas: Hey, anything you want is fine, you keep it. The necklace belongs to us.

Sydney: You two would sell something that has inspired an entire civilization for


Reiner: In a heartbeat.

Dallas: Yeah.

Sydney: Stop pointing that thing at me. You're not going to shoot me, Kurt.

Dallas: Sit down. Sit down.

Sydney and Nigel sit down. Dallas ties them up.

Sydney: You know, you really should know better. Reiner's not to be trusted.

Dallas: Oh, and you are?

Sydney: Come on, Dallas. Don't tell me youíve forgotten about Bali? That night on the

beach? How could two people be more in synch?

Dallas: Actually, I think of it more as a neurotic attachment. Come on, Reiner,

let's go get our necklace.

He takes the knife out of Sydney's boot.

Dallas: You didn't think I'd forget this, did you?

Dallas and Reiner leave.

Nigel: God, he knows how to tie a knot, doesn't he?

Sydney: Yeah, I remember.

Sydney realizes she's let slip a little too much information. Nigel looks up at her.


Duncan tries to pry the sarcophagus open with his knife. Reiner and Dallas enter. Duncan holds up the knife at them.

Duncan: Hold it right there.

Reiner: Hey, you don't want to do that.

Duncan: Oh, no. It's my claim. I staked it. And I'll kill anyone who says different.

Duncan continues to stab at the sarcophagus.

Dallas: Yeah...But, but...You really...Heck, you don't want to do that.

Duncan chips off a piece. The sarcophagus rumbles. Duncan rounds it and touches it. A hole opens and an arrow flies out, hitting him in the neck. Duncan turns and laughs. He stumbles and falls down, dead.


Dallas: The Emperor protects his bride still.

Dallas and Reiner look at the sarcophagus.

Reiner: I didn't come this far to walk away without the necklace.

Dallas: Hey, go ahead. Open it. Be my guest.


Nigel: Syd, I've been thinking. I'm picking up on...uh...Claudia has this crazy notion

that, well...You said something yesterday and then, then, then, then there was the

tent and...

Sydney: What are you trying to say, Nigel?

Nigel: Well, this is awkward. Um. Okay. Here goes. I--

Sydney: Shh!

Sydney hears something. They look up. Reiner and Dallas enter.

Dallas: All right, the good news is that Duncan won't bother us anymore.

Sydney: And the bad news?

Reiner: We need your help. You're going to open the sarcophagus for us.

Sydney: Is that right?

Reiner: Listen, Syd, here's the deal. You get to return the ship, the sarcophagus, the

Empress to the Chinese.

Dallas: You'll be a big hero, they'll name the Dim Sun after you.

Sydney: And the necklace?

Reiner: If it exists, which no one is sure it does, we'll keep it.

Sydney: The only reason why you're passing on the rest of this, is because it's too big to

smuggle in your suitcase through Customs.

Dallas: Do we have a deal?

Reiner points his gun at Nigel.

Reiner: Because if we don't, I'll be forced to shoot your assistant here.


Sydney examines the lock. Reiner and Dallas stand next to her. Reiner's got his gun pressed against Nigel's neck.

Reiner: Well?

Sydney: Nigel, do you have the saying from Doctor Chen's book?

Nigel: Yeah. The well will bring you to water and happiness.

Sydney: The well. The forty-eighth hexagram of the I-Ching. Six lines mark the


Nigel: Sydney, one wrong move and you'll be dead like Duncan. We should take this back to

the museum and have it x-rayed and open it under a controlled environment.

Sydney: Then Frick and Frack here would be denied of their little treasure.

Reiner: And you of your life.

Dallas: Just open it, Sydney. Come on.

Sydney rotates the lock. The sarcophagus pops, then the lock rises.

Sydney: Ah, that's great. There's another one. Nigel, what's the second part of that


Nigel: The well will bring you water and happiness, that's it.

Sydney: The abysmal(?)? The twenty-ninth hexagram of the I-Ching. Also representative of

Dallas: What? What's the matter, Sydney?

Sydney: The clue said water and happiness. There is no I-Ching for happiness. Now he

wouldn't written that without a reason. The water I-Ching has a connotation of


Conor walks in and cocks a gun at them.

Conor: Open up the box, lady. Hon, can you bring me...uh, Duncan's knife and the other

fellow's little hand-gun?

Sydney: You shot Fergusen.

Conor: Fergusen got greedy. Tried to doublecross me. Open it.

Sydney: The only thing I can think of is the eighth hexagram. The lake. Representative of

water. It could also be associated with joy. Happiness.

Nigel: You sure?

Sydney: This was written over three thousand years ago. There is no sure.

Sydney tries the combination. The sarcophagus unlocks.

Dallas: Come on, Reiner. One, two, three.

They all shove back the lid. The body of the Empress is revealed, donned in gauze. The golden necklace lies on her chest.

Reiner: The Fort Knox(?).

Sydney: Doctor Chen was right.

Reiner: It is beautiful.

Nigel: And shouldn't be disturbed.

Conor takes the necklace.

Conor: It's coming with me. Anyone follows, the professor here is as dead as the lady in

the box. Understand?

Reiner: Sure.


Conor weighs the necklace in her hand.

Conor: Not exactly me, is it? But I sure can believe that it's worth a fortune.

Sydney: It sure cost enough lives.

Sydney pushes the gun out of the way. She tries to strike Conor, but the other woman takes the punches without flinching. Sydney finally gets her by hitting her square in the face. They fight, tumbling down. Conor has the upper hand at first, but Sydney's martial arts technique gets her in the end. Dallas and Reiner come running down, with Nigel a little behind them.
They search Conor, but Sydney holds up the necklace.

Sydney: You looking for this?

Reiner: Well...yes.

Dallas: Definitely.

They both approach. Sydney swings up the rifle. They both halt in their tracks.

Sydney: It's going back to China. You got a problem with that?

Dallas smiles.

Reiner: No.

Sydney smiles.

[Sydney's office]

Katie: We wanted to show you something. Itís from the Beijing museum, announcing their

new exhibit. The Empress in her jade sarcophagus side by side with her husband.

Chen: They will rest together again for all eternity.

He gives her a box.

Chen: For you, professor Fox.

Sydney: Oh.

Katie: It's a charm of good fortune. (?)...find your soul-mate.

Nigel listens it at the door.

Sydney: I need all the help I can get in that department.

Chen: Perhaps you're searching too hard. Sometimes we overlook the obvious. By constantly

peering into distance, we do not see what is right in front of us.

Nigel looks at Sydney.

Sydney: You know, there is someone. I see him everyday. Interesting. I've never thought of

him like that before and he's right next door to me.

Nigel smiles.

Sydney: Paul.

Nigel frowns.

Sydney: You're a very wise man, Doctor Chen.

Nigel leaves. Claudia is reading the astrology book.

Nigel: I don't know why you bother with all this astrological nonsense. Scorpio and

I are like oil and water.

Claudia: It's not nonsense. I was just...reading it wrong. You're supposed to be with a


Nigel: Oh, great. Thanks for telling me now.

Nigel leaves. He walks through the corridor. Katie follows him.

Katie: Nigel? I almost forgot. This...this is for you.

Nigel: Oh, if this is another love charm, I sure could use one.

Nigel examines the cards.

Nigel: A Prozac concert, this Friday. Two tickets?

She looks at him expectantly. Nigel gets it.

Nigel: Oh! You and I?

Katie smiles.

Nigel: Waw, Katie, this is...um...this is quite a surprise. Um, I'd love to. A Prozac

concert. That'll be great.

They walk off.

Nigel: You know, I know this is going to sound cliché, but I've wondering, um, what's your




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