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Season 3, episode 305
Series 305
1st release: 10/15/01
2nd release:
Production number: 306
Last update: 01-15-02

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Tia Carrere (Dr. Sydney Fox)
Christien Anholt (Nigel Bailey)
Tanja Reichert

Donny Burns .... Pirate
Desmond Campbell .... Pierre
Richard Denison .... Captain Flint
Barbara Mamabolo .... Samantha
Andre Mayers .... Donovan Jacobs
Dean McDermott .... Dash Palmerston
Tara Spencer-Nairn .... Jamie Palmerston

Written by Jurgen Wolff
Directed by John Bell

Filmed on location in Canada (Toronto), the UK, and Spain by Fireworks Entertainment Inc. and Gaumont Television.


Sydney's on the hunt for a Pirate's booty, …but will a traitor force her to walk the plank? Logline


Jamie, the widow of a rival relic hunter, hires Sydney to find a lost Pirate's treasure. She wants to donate it to charity to make up for her deceased husband's unscrupulous ways. Sydney and Nigel journey to Treasure Island where they encounter seedy characters who are also out to find the treasure. After Syd escapes a shark attack and rescues Jaime from kidnappers, she and Nigel find the pirate's stash. But when they finally dig it out, Jamie's "dead" husband shows up with a gun and escapes with the treasure and his wife. Furious at being duped, Sydney tracks them down, only to find a newly independent Jaime who has killed her husband. Syd has the final word when she overtakes Jamie, turns her into the authorities, and gives the treasure to the Royal Museum.


This commentary is by Beboman.

This was not a bad episode. It was a pretty good "light" episode with some really good comedic moments. It had pretty good writing and some solid acting.

We are beginning to see some chemistry developing between Sydney and Karen, which is good. We are also seeing more of an intermingling of Sydney's personal life with her Relic Hunter's life, which gives the character of Sydney a more rounded personality. This is not the Sydney we have seen previously whose life is mostly devoted to relic hunting. Yes, relic hunting is still the main focus of Sydney's life, but we get to see her personal side as well and that is good.

In this episode, Sydney tries to give the widow of a rival relic hunter a sense of life after being married to this man, as well as searching for the famous treasure from the book Treasure Island. This is a new angle to an old subject and is done very well with just enough comedy and intrigue to it.

Sydney truly believes that Jaime, Dash's widow, is genuinely interested in finding the treasure and donating it to make amends for her husband's deceitful tactics. But, to Sydney's surprise, Jaime uses Sydney to find the treasure for her still very much alive husband, and then, after the treasure is found, Jaime makes sure her allegedly dead husband stays dead. Very good plot twist.

Even though this is a "light" episode, we are able to see once again that Sydney's abilities as a fighter have improved a great deal and that she has developed a liking for her new weapon of choice, the knife. We also see that Sydney is a woman of many talents and has added scuba diving to those talents.

Nigel is still the comic relief of the show, but the relationship between he and Sydney is very well explained when they are buried up to their neck in sand, as Nigel tells Sydney he loves her, but not in a romantic way. This was a very funny scene and was very well performed.

Another scene that was very comedic was when Sam, the island girl who has a crush on Nigel, finds them. That whole interchange between Sam, Nigel and Sydney was very good.

Another point that is driven home in this episode is that Sydney feels very comfortable with who and what she is. She is not looking to show anyone anything. She is happy with her life and the choices she has made. That is interesting because it shows a strong woman, dedicated to her career and happy with the choices she has made in life. As Sydney said, those choices have not been without some sacrifice, but she is still secure in the fact that she made the right choices for her.

As I mentioned before, Sydney is getting better in her fight scenes. She is more bold about that fact that she is not afraid to face anyone, no matter what the size might be and that she will stand her ground, no matter the amount of intimidation shown.

This was a very entertaining, relaxing episode, which was very enjoyable and gave the treasure hunting premise a pretty good twist.

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