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Season 1, episode 10
Series 110
1st release: 01/15/01
2nd release:
Production number: 106
Approximate shooting dates:
Last update: 04-21-01

SYNOPSIS 1 by Sally Dye
SYNOPSIS 2 by Loretta Miller
COMMENTARY by Loretta Miller

Gena Lee Nolin (Sheena)
Margo Moorer (Kali)
John Allen Nelson (Matt Cutter)
Kevin Quigley (Mendehlson)

Written by Tony Blake and Paul Jackson
Directed by Scott Paulin

Filmed on location in Orlando, FL and Africa.


While Sheena plans revenge against an enemy, she uncovers a bizarre experiment. ExciteTV

While plotting revenge against an enemy, Sheena finds an old friend in trouble and discovers a bizarre experiment. ClickTV


This synopsis is by Sally Dye .


Sheena is dressing in western clothes. She puzzles over the lacy bra, trying to get it snapped, and finally just ties it in a knot.

When she emerges, dressed in khaki shorts and a white shirt with the tails tied, Cutter is waiting. Sheena wants to know why women wear the uncomfortable underwear. Cutter says it is mainly to frustrate men. Sheena: "Well, if it's uncomfortable for women and frustrating for men, why does anybody bother with it?" Cutter says it is one of life's ironies. Sheena says that Kali suggested that she learn more about civilization in order to grow. The first thing she wants to learn is why Cutter's culture is so unkind to women. Cutter says if she wants really cruel she should try high heels. Sheena is just exasperated with him.

Sheena senses something amiss but can't figure out what it is. Just then one of Cutter's customers, a man named Armstrong, calls out to him and says that he will be late tomorrow. Cutter waves, and when the man waves back, Sheena sees two scars on his arm. She grabs Cutter's knife and runs after Armstrong. Cutter stops her and says she can't run around killing people -- she's not in the jungle now. Sheena just stabs the knife into a post and stalks off.

Act I

Cutter finds Kali, who is meditating and not too happy to be disturbed. Cutter asks what is going on with Sheena and why she would try to kill a guy she didn't even know. Kali knows but says Sheena must tell him and she has gone to a village called Mapolo. Cutter sets off, after Kali tells him that Armstrong is responsible for Sheena becoming a warrior.

Cutter finds Sheena at a deserted village. She tells him that ten years ago Armstrong had killed the adults of the village and kidnapped the children. Sheena was a young girl at the time and was out walking with her pet lion, Shebetha. She had come upon the village and met a young boy named Nakili and wrapped his injured hand. Just then tha village was attacked by Armstrong and his men. They threw Nakili into a truck and tried to grab Sheena, too, but Shebetha attacked Armstrong, scarring his arm. Armstrong shot Shebetha but Sheena was able to escape. Sheena says that Cutter's civilization became her enemy that day. She tells Cutter she wants to go with him when he picks Armstrong up. Cutter says no way, that he can't let her commit murder. He says he will question Armstrong and if it turns out Sheena is right, he will take him to Rashid himself.

Cutter and Armstrong are loading his boat when Sheena arrives and pretends that Cutter had agreed to take her along to "study animal behavior". Cutter tries to say she can't go, but Armstrong says he doesn't mind sharing the boat. They set out for the north LaMistas. Sheena asks Armstrong where he got the scar and he says a tractor overturned with him.

Somewhere in the jungle a young man with an electric shocker is seemingly searching for something. A creature of some sort attacks him and kills him.

Cutter, Sheena and Armstrong arrive at an isolated dock. Armstrong is met by another man and they drive off in a jeep. Sheena says that Armstrong is definitely the man she remembers, but she is willing to give civilization's justice a chance. She wants Cutter to help her, but he says he'll pass, until Sheena shows him the bolts she has removed from his boat's propeller.

Sheena and Cutter go into the jungle and soon realize they are being stalked by something. Sheena senses animal and human. Suddenly a creature leaps down from a tree and throws Cutter against a tree. Armstrong pulls up in his jeep and pulls out a rifle.

Act II

Armstrong and his friend help Cutter up and get him into the jeep. Sheena tells Armstrong that they were attacked by some unidentified creature, but he doesn't seem surprised.

They are taken to a large plantation home in the middle of the jungle. A Dr. Miller is there who treats Cutter's concussion. Sheena tells him they were attacked and wonders what the creatures were. Dr. Miller says he has heard strange howling at night.

That night Sheena hears the creatures outside the plantation. She thinks Armstrong is hiding some knowledge about the creatures and thinks they should stay around to find out what is going on. Cutter says they have no reason to stay since his concussion is better, so Sheena slugs him in the leg. They tell Dr. Miller that Cutter fell and sprained his knee.

At dinner, Dr. Miller explains that he has been granted a small stipend by president N'Gama to do research on hybrid grains, hoping to create a new food source. Armstrong says this is why he was so secretive about where he was going. Dr. Miller begins telling them about the Kaya, who could change into animals. He thinks it was just a legend, though.

Armstrong leaves to close up the compound. Sheena excuses herself, too, telling Cutter, who wants to accompany her, that she wouldn't want him to hurt his other leg.

Armstrong and another guard go down to a basement area where several animals -- a lion, a chimpanzee and others -- are being kept in cages. They wonder how they will explain Jimmy's absence. They say that "the kid" killed him. Sheena follows them and sees the caged animals. She investigates and sees that some of the cages have humans in them. She approaches one cage and recognizes Nakili, the boy she had met long ago. She speaks to him and he turns his head. His face is half human, half animal.


Nakili growls at Sheena. She realizes the others in the cages are from the village of Mapolo, too. She opens Nakili's cage, and he attacks her.

Cutter and Dr. Miller hear glass breaking. Dr, Miller goes to investigate, locking Cutter in the dining room. Cutter picks the lock and follows him.

Nakili is about to kill Sheena, but she looks into the lion's eyes and morphs into one. Just then Armstrong arrives and shoots her with a tranquilizer dart. Miller comes in and wants to know where another lion came from. A guard drags Cutter in just as Sheena morphs back into human form, still unconscious. Miller is delighted that a real Kaya has apparently just dropped into his lap after he has spent years trying to recreate them.

Armstrong puts a strong food scent on Cutter's clothes and tells him he'll give him a head start before he releases the hybrids. Cutter takes off into the jungle with the hybrid humans, including Nakili, right behind him.

Sheena wakes up in a cage. Miller tells her that he's going to map her DNA. Sheena communicates with the lion, who breaks out of his cage and attacks Miller. Sheena grabs Miller through the bars and gets the keys from him. She locks Miller in the cage and takes off after Cutter.

Act IV

Cutter pulls of his shirt and leaves it for the hybrids. He manages to knock one of them out. A guard from the plantation has followed him and tries to shoot him, but Cutter gets the drop on him and knocks him out, too. The other two hybrids attack, and Cutter hits one with the butt of the guard's rifle. Nakili is about to kill Cutter, though, until Sheena arrives. She tries to talk to Nakili, reminding him that they were friends once, and finally gets through to him. He remembers her, and they embrace. Just then Armstrong arrives and tells Sheena to get away from Nakili. Sheena attacks Armstrong and they fight. Finally Sheena stabs Armstrong and says "Shebetha" as he falls over dead. Cutter says now they have Miller to deal with.

Miller gets one of the chimpanzees to bring him the keys and gets out of the cage. But some of the food scent has splashed onto his clothing, and the lion attacks and kills him. Sheena, Nakili and Cutter find the bloody remains when they return to the plantation.


Without Miller's DNA injections, Nakili and the others revert to their human selves. Sheena and Kali take them back to their now deserted village. They decide there is too much pain for them there. Nakili thanks Sheena and says he will return someday. They walk off.

Kali asks if the weight from Sheena's heart has been lifted now that Armstrong is dead. Sheena says she learned something. If she had killed Armstrong when she first saw him, she never would have found Nakili, and Miller would still be out there. She says that maybe civilization can be an enemy and a friend. She walks over to Cutter and says thank you -- for interfering, for being nosy, for being civilized. Cutter is bemused as he watches her walk off into the jungle.


This synopsis is by Loretta Miller .

At Kali's suggestion for Sheena to learn more about civilization in order for her to grow, she dons regular clothes (shirt and shorts) including a bra. Unable to fasten it, she winds up tying the ends together in an uncomfortable knot. She cannot understand why "civilized" people would want to be so uncomfortable. Cutter hearing her complaint offers his knife and motions that with one cut of the blade, the knot would be history and a way of "setting her free". She dismisses the idea, wanting to better understand.

Outside, Cutter tells her that civilized man must obey laws, and Sheena asks him why do they need policemen? Before Cutter can reply Sheena sees a man (Armstrong) that she recognizes from her past. He waves at Cutter. Cutter obviously knows him, too. Sheena sees two long scars on the man's arm and she grabs Cutter's knife and goes after him.

She looks all over, as though an animal hunting prey, only to have Cutter stop her from tracking him. Angrily, she sticks the knife that would was meant for Armstrong, into a nearby pole. Cutter is mystified by Sheena's actions. He tells her that this isn't the jungle and she can't just kill whomever you like.

Later, Cutter approaches Kali while she is meditating and asks where Sheena may be. She points off away from her and tells him that she's in the village of Malopo, an hours walk from there. Kali and Cutter talk about the encounter with Armstrong and her rage for the man. Kali explains that he was responsible for turning Sheena into the warrior she is. Armstrong had killed Sheena's lion friend, Shebetha. It forced her to grow up.

In a flashback, we see a younger Sheena befriending a boy, Nakili and her playing with her lion and best friend, Shebetha. Suddenly an explosion rocks the area. Soldiers in jeep grab up many of the children, Nakili among them, and leave. Protectively, Shebetha attacks Armstrong who shoots and kills the animal as Sheena watches nearby.

On that day, Sheena had found an enemy: civilization.

Sheena tells Cutter that she is certain that Armstrong is the same man from her childhood and demands Cutter tell her how he knows him. Cutter has a hard time believing that Sheena can so easily identify a man from so many years ago. He's a client, he tells her, a paying one. They are the best kind. He meets with him monthly, he makes pick ups and drop offs. He never asked questions as to what the cargo was. Cutter says he's going to meet him that day and Sheena insists on joining him. Instead, Cutter suggests that Sheena allow him time to "poke around a little" and ask questions. He'll take him to Rashid, the local authority, if need be.

But, shows up at the boat docks anyway. Her arrival startles Cutter who tells her privately that he could take care of this himself. Sheena cajoles her way on board by telling Armstrong that she is doing research on why certain mammals kill other mammals for no reason whatsoever. Armstrong tells her that he's intrigued by the idea and she begins to pepper him with questions. Later, we find out that Sheena has asked him everything but the color of his underwear. Armstrong even admits that Sheena and Cutter know more about him than his own mother. But, Armstrong doesn't seem to mind the questions from the beautiful researcher.

As Armstrong reaches up to mop sweat from his forehead and replaces the hat he's wearing atop his head, Sheena clearly sees the scars that Shebetha had given him years earlier. Intent to prove to Cutter that Armstrong is the same man from years ago, she says the scars look they're from a "big cat". Nope, he tells them, from a tractor accident instead. Sheena asks him if he's a farmer and he denies it. Seeing Sheena's puzzled expression, he adds that while Cutter flies, he wouldn't necessarily call Cutter a pilot.

Armstrong apologizes for being so secretive but his "Boss" values his privacy and he prides himself on keeping secrets. Sheena tells him that she prides herself in discovering secrets.

A man (Jimmy) hunts for an animal with a long stick, we later find out is filled with a DNA substance, and chains. The animal he stalks attacks and downs the man killing him.

Meanwhile, Armstrong loads his truck with Sheena and Cutter's help. He tells Cutter he'll see him next month and a "see you later" to them both has Sheena reply, "I can't wait." Armstrong is surprised by the comment. "Really?" Armstrong leaves.

Sheena tells Cutter that she's certain that Armstrong is the man because she just spent half the day staring into the face of the man she swore she'd never forget. Still she's willing to give laws "a chance" but when Cutter pulls the rope to start the boat motor and the propeller goes flying, he knows they'll be there awhile. He looks up to see Sheena holding the pins that hold the propeller onto the motor. She tosses them into the drink.

Cutter stomps after Sheena in the tall weeds away from the lake as she tells him that Mendelson had told her which pins to pull. Cutter reminds himself to have a talk with him and remind him what the word "partnership" means when a blur races past them.

They both stop startled by the very quick movement. Sheena senses both animal and human. Cutter tells her to check her sniffer because humans don't run that fast.

They enter a densely treed section of the jungle and are immediately surrounded these "animals" and Cutter is quickly downed by one. A rapidly approaching jeep scatters the "animals" as it comes to a stop. Its occupant, Armstrong, with gun drawn, finds Sheena and Cutter still in his midst. Sheena helps Cutter over to the jeep. Sheena tells the men that they were attacked by some sort of creatures.

To a house, a Doctor Miller examines Cutter. Cutter is diagnosed with a concussion and told to get a day's rest. The Doctor tells them that Ketsaya will fix their boat in the morning. Sheena asks about the creatures. He tells them that he's never seen them but has only heard howling at night. Sheena has no description, which the Doctor says is unfortunate. He thinks he may have been able to determine the species if given a description. The doctor asks Sheena to dine with him that night and Cutter invites himself, too. The Doctor confesses that he is happy they encountered boat trouble, as he'll have company for dinner_even if Cutter must join them.

In the bedroom, Sheena listens to an animal outside. Sheena asks Cutter if he saw Armstrong's reaction when he found them earlier. It wasn't surprise; it was anger on his face. He had thought they had left and now they were intruding.

Sheena wants to stay but Cutter tells her that his concussion is minor and if he says if he makes like it's worse, the Doc will know he is lying. Sheena approaches Cutter and asks him coyly where doesn't it hurt. He points to his cheek, his lips, a single spot on his chest, and right leg. She double checks that his right leg doesn't hurt and he nods only to see her double up her fist and drill him hard right on the leg.

The next morning, Cutter comes down the stairs quite slowly, very obviously limping. Sheena helps him as they meet up with the Doctor who is surprised by his new wound. Sheena calls it a "bad sprain" and reports that they'll be needing to stay another day or two.

Doctor Miller has them join him for dinner that night telling his chimp companion, Greta, that she won't be dining with them. Armstrong joins them. The Doctor tells them that he receives a stipend from N'gama to do research on a hybrid grain to help feed his people.

Armstrong admits to them that that is why he had to be so secretive. Cutter thought it was odd to have a plantation in the middle of nowhere.

The Doctor then tells them of an "incredible tribe" called Kaya. He asks if either one of them had ever heard of it. They both shake their heads, no. He passionately tells them of this tribe, which has since been lost to legend, where its people could transform into animals. Sheena and Cutter remain tight- lipped. The Doctor says that the legend has been left to poets and storytellers.

An Aide comes in and tells something to Armstrong and he leaves without a word. Sheena, curious as to where he went off to, excuses herself. Cutter knows what she's doing and jokingly mentions her need for the bathroom and says that he'll go with her. Sheena, giving her pal a stern look, stands and leaves on her own after warning him that he wouldn't want his other leg hurt.

Armstrong checks on animals in the cages in the basement of the house. The Aide tells him quickly that the supplement given to them last put them into some sort of frenzy but they were calm now. Armstrong tells the Aide that if the Doctor asks anything, he'll do all the talking. The Aide tells him that he has to explain Jimmy's disappearance. He knows what happened, he says, "the kid killed him."

Sheena has followed them and overheard their conversation. She jumps down from a lofty spot above and sees all the animals in the cages. Chimps in diapers, leopards, and a lion are among them. Sheena spots a young man curled up in a cage. She approaches slowly and realizes that he is Nakili, her friend from long ago. She comes closer still and he lashes out with a claw. He is trapped as half man, half-animal. He angrily growls at her.

Sheena tries to jog his memory while we see others are trapped half-way as well. They are all the children from her village.

She pries open Nakili's cage. She implores that she will not hurt him but he attacks and he angrily flings Sheena about the room.

Upstairs, Cutter talks to the Doctor and spots a photo of him with N'gama at his inauguration. They hear a fight beneath them and the Doctor tells him that he'll check it out and Cutter is to remain there. The Doctor leaves, locking Cutter inside. Cutter, undaunted, quickly pulls a pick from his pocket and unlocks the lock.

Sheena still continues to fight Nakili then morphs into a lion as Armstrong shoots her with a tranquilizer. She is quickly downed by the dart. The hybrids, we discover, isn't grain but are the animals. The Doctor shows up, sees the lion on the floor out of its cage and yells at Armstrong. "You let the first ones escape" and now he's allowing animals in. He angrily asks what is he paying him for. Cutter is brought in by the same Aide we saw earlier and the Doctor, not surprised whatsoever, says he should hire Cutter for his security. Just then they are all witness to the lion suddenly morphing back to Sheena and she's still unconscious.

The Doctor is exuberant at his "find". He quickly explains that he's been trying for years to recreate the ability of the Kaya_it's DNA manipulation "it's where the money's at". Cutter is taken away.

In the morning, Armstrong takes a handcuffed Cutter outside to about a dozen half-man half-animal creatures, armed with the supplement. He takes off Cutter's handcuffs as he then uncorks the bottle of the supplement telling him that the stuff puts the creatures into a feeding frenzy. Cutter tries to talk a deal, businessman to businessman, that the secret will remain just that: a secret. Armstrong coldly tells Cutter that "this is the deal". Due to Cutter's injured leg, he'll give him a ten-second head start. He sprays Cutter with the supplement and Cutter is allowed to run off. Only a couple seconds later, however, the animals are allowed to give chase.

Miller tells Sheena, now caged, that the animals have to have a dosage of his DNA mixture daily or they'll start to revert back to their human selves. Sheena tells him that he "doesn't get it". That it isn't genetic, it's spiritual.

A lion attacks the Doctor and Sheena overpowers him, grabs his keys only to hear from the doctor that Cutter is likely already a meal for the hybrids by now.

She unlocks her cage and leaves.

But, Cutter is still alive. He ditches his shirt in the grass as a hybrid creature finds it and Cutter manages to knock him out. Okay, one down. Cutter hears the Aide approach and pulls the female creature over top of him. His moans of faked ecstasy distracts the Aide for a valuable second and Cutter kicks the Aide sending him flying backwards. Cutter fights with the Aide only to have him manage to get his gun and stop Cutter at gunpoint. Cutter grabs the barrel of the gun and jams it into the ground, the gun going off and backfiring, sending the Aide flying.

Nakili attacks Cutter but something keeps him from killing him just as Sheena does a flying somersault over Cutter, grabbing Nakili. A fight between them ensues. Sheena tries to talk to Nakili. Sheena gets Nakili to remember her in his past just as Armstrong, standing strong with his gun, shows up.

Sheena kicks a rock which hits Armstrong in the head. He loses his gun but pulls a knife and lunges after Sheena. Sheena makes many flips in this fight as she finally grabs Armstrong's wrist and manages to slam his wrist down hard enough to release the blade. It falls blade up against a rock. Sheena grabs Armstrong by the arm and handily flips him in a cartwheel-like fashion and he lands directly on the blade of the knife.

But, he's not dead. He lifts himself up, the blade sticking out from his ribcage under his arm.

"Shebetha," Sheena says, and it's the final word Armstrong hears as he falls over in death. Sheena returns to Nakili in an embrace and tells him that he is safe now.

A caged Doctor Miller, tries to get his chimp friend, Greta, to get up on the table where his keys are. He repeatedly calls to her to get his keys and bring them to him. She heads for the keys but picks up a bottle of the DNA supplement and manages to drop it on the floor splashing the contents all over the floor and some onto Miller's pants. The Doctor continues to cajole Greta into getting the keys and she does so, and she hands him the keys. He unlocks the cage he's in only to be attacked by an uncaged lion.

Sheena, Cutter return to the house with Nakili only to find a wide swath of blood coming from inside the house. The trail leads off the porch and they can only assume_

All return to a now empty parcel of land. Nakili slowly walks it, remembering. But, it's all gone: His village, his family. He tells of remembering a blond girl, and that it kept him alive. But there is nothing left for him there, only pain. He hugs Sheena and tells her that he'll return one day.

Kali asks Sheena if she has changed. Sheena explains to her that if she had given in to killing Armstrong when she first saw him that she would have never found Nakili and Doctor Miller would still be out there. Kali tells her that she tempered herself. Sheena tells her that she has found civilization both an enemy and a friend.

Sheena goes to see Cutter and he asks her if everything is once again "kosher." "Yeah, kosher," she tells him with a smile. She thanks him for interfering, being nosy and "civilized".

They both smile.


This synopsis is by Loretta Miller .

Well, this episode gives us more insight into the mysterious Kaya tribe. That their transformation from human to animal isn't a genetic change but a spiritual one.

Armstrong, we discover, is the cause of the upheaval, that changed Sheena into a warrior. She manages to avenge Shebetha's death and save members of her tribe long thought to be lost. But with time comes change and Nakili is saddened to see that there is nothing left for him on his return.

Having a Doctor Miller (ahem, thank God, no relation J) working with DNA...attempting to discover how they transform, "as that's where the money is." I was hoping to find out what he wanted to do with that information once he got it. What would he do? Maybe to set up a zoo? Or is it merely so man will have another thing to "monkey" with?

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