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Season 2, episode 04
Series 204
1st release: 10-27-01
2nd release: 12-22-01
Production number: 210
Last update: 11-08-01

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SYNOPSIS 1 by Sally Dye
SYNOPSIS 3 by Loretta Miller
COMMENTARY by Loretta Miller

Gena Lee Nolin (Sheena)
Margo Moorer (Kali)
John Allen Nelson (Matt Cutter)
Kevin Quigley (Mendehlson)

Karen Kim (Cassandra)
Christian Boeving (Devlin)
Veryl Jones (Rashid)
Andrew Stoddard (Hanson)
Avis-Marie Barnes (Doctor)
Michael Hartson (Carl Metters)
Vicki Phillips and Denise Loden (Sheena stunt doubles)

Written by Rick Husky
Directed by Chuck Bowman

Filmed on location in Orlando, FL and Africa.


An Assassin kills two men and wounds Rashid in the process. Sheena wants to bring her to justice. Cutter wants her to go free. Loglines


This synopsis is by Sally Dye .


Two men are arguing heatedly in a supply depot.

Sheena and Rashid are approaching the depot in a jeep, discussing the water supply in Kali's village. They are on the way to the depot to pick up some water purification tablets. Sheena is fuming that such a thing would even be necessary. As they pull up to the depot, Sheena senses something wrong and looks up into the jungle. Far up the slope, a sniper is focusing on the depot. The first shot knocks a case out of Rashid's hands, and he falls to the ground. The second shot targets a briefcase through the window of the depot. The depot blows up. The sniper runs and gets into a truck and takes off, pursued by Sheena. Sheena leaps onto the hood of the truck, and the driver swings the vehicle around wildly, trying to knock her off.

Act I

After a wild ride through the jungle, Sheena is thrown from the hood of the truck. She jumps up and continues the chase, though.

Cutter and Mendelson arrive at the scene of the explosion. Rashid is still alive, but is badly hurt. Mendelson says to smell the air -- the blast was caused by plastic explosives. Cutter searches the scene and finds a triggering device. He realizes this was a professional hit.

Sheena catches up to the truck by running through the trees. She leaps onto the truck again and clings to the driver's door. She punches the driver but gets thrown off again. The truck hits a tree, but the driver gets out and takes off. Sheena catches up to the driver and they both go in the river. The driver surfaces without her cap, and Sheena sees that it is a woman. The sniper draws her gun, but Sheena disappears under the water. She comes up behind the sniper, and they fight in the water.

Cutter tells Mendelson to go to the hospital with Rashid. Mendelson says he was going to clean out the septic tank, but okay.

Sheena and the sniper continue to fight. The sniper has had martial arts training, and she and Sheena are pretty evenly matched. They fight in the river and then out onto the bank. Sheena finally throws the sniper against a tree and knocks her out.

Two men, Devlin and Hanson, are waiting for the sniper to appear. When she doesn't, they decide they need someone from the area to help them find her. They find that Matt Cutter lives nearby. They recognize the name, and decide to consult him.

The doctor determines that Rashid has a concussion, so Mendelson is asked to sit with him and talk to him so he doesn't go back to sleep.

Cutter calls an old friend at the US consulate to ask if a CIA hit is going down in Maltaka. When he describes the method the sniper used, the guy says it has Cutter's signature all over it. When Cutter hangs up, Devlin and Hanson come in and say they are after the shooter who pulled off the hit that morning. They address Cutter as "Jericho" (his CIA code name) and offer him big money to find the shooter, Cassandra. They say she was one of theirs, but that she was pulling a job for the other side. They also say that the two men she killed were their operatives. Cutter says if she's a traitor, he's in.

Act II

Sheena ties Cassandra's hands and puts a rope around her neck. She tells her that her friend almost died in the shooting. Cassandra says she deliberately missed Rashid to warn him. She says "the company" ordered her to take those men out. Sheena knows she's referring to the CIA. Cassnadra asks how she knows that, and Sheena says Matt Cutter told her. Cassandra: "Get me to him. He'll confirm who I am." Sheena: "If I don't kill you first."

Mendelson is keeping Rashid awake with stories of automotive repair. Rashid is less than grateful for his help.

Devlin wonders where Cutter is taking them. Cutter says that a friend of his probably already has Cassandra, and she will find them sooner or later. Devlin and Hanson are skeptical.

Sheena asks why Cassandra does what she does. Cassandra: "Well, you don't seem like the Susie Homemaker type yourself." She says she's good with a gun. Sheena says that Cassabndra kills innocent people with her methods. Cassandra shrugs: "Collateral damage." Sheena hears something, and when she turns her back, Cassandra tries to knock her out. They fight some more, but Sheena gets the upper hand. They see Cutter approaching, and Cassandra recognizes the two men with him as her bosses.

When Devlin and Hanson see Sheena and Cassandra, Devlin pulls out his gun. Cutter knocks it aside, saying they might hit Sheena. Hanson says taking out the shooter is more important than collateral damage. They scuffle, and Cutter takes off with the two men shooting after him. When Cutter reaches Sheena and Cassandra, Cassandra says to cut her loose, that they're shooting because she's tied up. Cutter says no, they're trying to kill her. Cassandra breaks free and runs toward the men. Sheena runs after her and tackles her to the ground, but hurts her knee in the process. Cutter says they need to get out of there, and Sheena tells him to cut Cassandra loose so she can help. They escape into the jungle. Devlin and Hanson decide they'd better call in some help.


Cutter and Cassandra compare stories and decide Devlin and Hanson must be part of a rogue operation. Cassandra knows that if the CIA wants her dead, she's dead. Cutter says he knows a man in Rome they can trust, if they can just get out of the jungle. Finally Cutter realizes why Cassandra looks familiar to him -- he had taught a training course about 10 years before and she was in the class. Cassandra says she never forgot him. Sheena looks at Cutter and seems upset at his expression. She says there's a village about 8 miles away where thay can find transportation, but they should camp for the night.

Devlin and Hanson call in reinforcements. Their conversation makes it clear that the CIA does not know what they're doing in Maltaka.

Sheena finds a cave, and Cutter goes to get firewood. Cassandra: "So, are you and Cutter involved?" Sheena is puzzled: "Involved with what?" Cassandra says never mind, that she's always had a crush on Cutter, but Sheena doesn't recognize the term. Cutter returns, and Sheena leaves to get some plants to treat her knee.

Cassandra tells Cutter he is the reason she became a sniper -- to be like him. But now she's beginning to realize why Cutter left the company. Cutter tells her the story of how killing an innocent man by mistake made him realize he couldn't live that life anymore. Cassandra kisses Cutter, and he kisses her back.

Rashid tells Mendelson that he will clean Mendelson's septic tank himself if Mendelson will just stop telling stories and go away.

Sheena returns to the cave to find Cutter and Cassandra sitting by the fire. Cutter has his arm around Cassandra. Sheena asks if she's interrupting, and they break apart. Sheena says it's almost dawn, and they need to get moving. When she leaves the cave, Cassandra asks Cutter if he's sure they aren't involved. Cutter: "Well,....."

They reach an abandoned ranger station just as the reinforcements arrive and start shooting at them. They barely make it inside.

Act IV

Devlin shouts that if Cassandra comes out, Cutter and Sheena will not be harmed. Cutter says they will all be killed whatever Cassandra does. Cassandra says she might as well go out, then, and Cutter and Sheena might have time to slip away. Sheena says no, she will go out and try to discover their attack plan. Cassandra tries to stop her, but Cutter says that Sheena is in her element here and will be alright. Sheena climbs to the roof and jumps off. She sees a monkey and morphs into one. Then she follows Devlin and Hanson and listens to their plans to distract Cutter while some of the men sneak around behind the station.

Sheena gets back into the station and tells Cutter the plan just as Devlin calls out that he and Hanson are coming out to talk. Cassandra and Cutter go to the back of the station and take out the men sneaking up there. Sheena fights some of the men who get into the station.

Hanson and Devlin break in the front door, expecting to find Cassandra and Cutter dead. Cutter takes out Devlin, and Sheena stabs Hanson with her knife. They look around and call for Cassandra, but she is gone.


Sheena and Cutter discuss why Cassandra left. Cutter speculates that she might have been afraid Devlin and Hanson had more crooked operatives in the CIA, or that she might have decided to just get out and start over like he had. Sheena: "Or maybe her old teacher taught her something new. Something about life." Then Sheena senses something. Cutter: "Danger?" Sheena: "Worse." They see Mendelson hauling loads of sewage from his septic tank. Rashid is riding in the sled. Rashid: "You should have let me die."


This synopsis is by Mao.

YAY!!!!! This was a really good episode. I enjoyed it very much. (Not as much as last season's aphrodisiac cranberry episode, but I'm a romantic at heart.)

It starts off with Sheena and Rashid going to a supply depot for some tablets to clean up the water supply at Kali's village. This plot point is quickly abandoned and never mentioned again after a sniper first shoots Rashid's clipboard out of his hand -- thereby causing him to stop his forward motion into the Depot -- and then shoots a briefcase full of plastic explosives, killing the two people in the Depot and badly injuring Rashid. Sheena goes after the sniper, and shortly after that we have Cutter and Mendelson at Rashid's side checking on him.

No mention is made as to how Mendelson gets there before Cutter, nor what happened to his transportation since he ends up going to the hospital with Rashid while Cutter goes back to the office to call the CIA friend of his in Rome to see if there's a mission going on. Sheena, meanwhile, finally gets the sniper to crash the pickup truck she's been holding on to, jumping back on to, attempting to crash etc. to actually finally stop. Upon whence we are then treated to an extended fight scene between two women -- two very wet women since Sheena starts the fight by throwing the sniper into the river. Somehow I think the male viewers will be happy.

Cutter gets word that there is no official action sanctioned in Maltaka (sp?) just in time to be hired by a couple of CIA operatives who want to find the traitor who just killed a couple of good guys. Why is it Cutter never asks for id? Anyhow, he takes their word for who they are and takes them on a hike -- he's got someone looking for the traitor and all they need to do is wander around the jungle and said someone (Sheena, of course) will find them. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to the two operatives, but it works. At which point they take out the guns and start shooting at the traitor -- endangering Sheena which Cutter doesn't like but she's considered "collateral damage" to the two gun-happy fellows he just brought to this point. Needless to say, that doesn't sit too well with him and he quickly joins the two girls and they all run away, to live to fight another day.

Which they do, after the two CIA goons call in reinforcements -- after reassuring said reinforcements that "don't worry, the CIA doesn't know a thing about this." So, 'Cassandra' is the one wronged here and was following orders from baddies who now want her dead to cover their tracks. Even once Cutter and Sheena realize this, Sheena still wants to take Cassandra in to the authorities, but they have to make it out of the jungle alive first.

There's a little smooching between Cassandra (that's her code name; her "real" name is mentioned but I didn't catch it) and Cutter, which Sheena misses since she's out looking for a plant to help the swelling on her knee she got saving Cassandra's life from the two goons. There's a big firefight with the three of them against about 13 guys with guns -- well, the two snipers (Cassandra became a sniper 'cause she thought Cutter, who taught a class a decade ago in which she was a student, was just *the* best teacher a gal could ever have) fire back while Sheena just fights in her own inimitable way. Sheena even morphs, prior to the gunfight, into a chimp/monkey/not sure exactly what in order to get more information. No Darak'na, however. Ultimately, the baddies are all dead and Cassandra is gone, presumably into hiding from other bad guys in the CIA or -- Cutter's hope -- to start a new life away from all the violence of the CIA.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, poor Rashid's got a concussion and has had to listen to Mendelson's recitation of the various automobile "work" he's done over the years. Finally, Rashid can't take any more and promises to do the cleaning of the septic tank that Mendelson's been putting off by hospital sitting if he can just be left ALONE! The final scene has Mendelson driving through the streets with Rashid at the back of a trailer filled with septic tank refuse, with Rashid grumbling that "you should have just let me die."

Things I didn't like:

No Kali.

Um....... that's about it. No Kali.

Things I did like:

Sheena and Cutter together. No real romance, but some food for thought in that arena. Cassandra wants to know if those two are "together" -- but Sheena doesn't understand the reference. Cassandra mentions that she had (has?) a crush on Cutter -- but Sheena doesn't understand what a 'crush' is. Right.

I admit, in this episode, I enjoyed Mendelson. Normally I complain that he's a complainer and, based on his complaints, would never choose to stay in the jungle for any reason. This episode, he was funny. His stories, reasons for staying with Rashid, comments to various people, all were amusing yet didn't make me sit there and wonder "why does he stay someplace he hates so much?" So that was much better than normal.

Rashid was there, but not a whole lot. However, except for the getting hurt part, he was convincing -- the reason for being with Sheena at the beginning, his reactions to Mendelson, etc. were all well within the characterization we've seen of that character.

But my favorite part(s) was the dialogue and actions of Cutter and Sheena. Cutter tells the guys that his person will get the traitor -- he has perfect confidence in Sheena. He tells Cassandra to stay inside the shelter at the beginning of the firefight, yet also has no problem with Sheena going out -- he tells Cassandra that "this is her element." He goes out to get the firewood, even though Sheena wants to do that, because she has hurt her knee. But, he also has no problem letting her go out to look for a plant to help her knee since he recognizes that she's right when she says he wouldn't know what to look for. Very nice, very ADULT interaction between the two -- she's not a bimbo he has to protect, nor is he an idiot that she has to make sure doesn't make things worse. They trust each other to do what they know the other does best. Finally! Plus, no physical (or mental) coercion to get the other one to do something they don't want to do. All in all, I thought that they treated each other with respect and affection and I really enjoyed that.


This synopsis is by Loretta Miller.

Rashid with Sheena stops outside a building for water purification tablets. As Rashid steps out of his vehicle with his briefcase, a sniper’s bullet hits his briefcase and sends him flying. A second shot hits inside the house with an instantaneous explosion. A Mercedes leaves as we find Rashid lying on the ground injured…not from the bullet but from the burns from the explosion. A figure races to a pick-up truck nearby and Sheena gives chase. Sheena jumps on the hood of the fleeing vehicle. Sheena hangs on as the truck weaves quickly back and forth trying to throw her off. Sheena looses her grip and is thrown. She races to the trees.

Mendehlson is with Rashid as Cutter arrives. Mendehlson tells Cutter the person used plastic explosives as he could "smell it in the air". Medics finally arrive as Mendehlson tells them if Rashid’s burns get infected they may have to amputate. Cutter finds the triggering device and figures that all it took was one bullet shot from high ground. Mendehlson tells Cutter that Sheena had been with Rashid and was seen running into the jungle. Cutter is confident that Sheena is tracking down whoever did this.

Sheena intercepts the pick up truck again and jumps onto it from an overhanging tree limb. She hangs onto the running board, as in a sequence of very tricky stunt work, the driver makes quick maneuvers to throw her off, but her grip remains strong. The pick-up hits a downed tree and the driver makes a run for it. Sheena is right on the driver’s tail as Sheena makes a grab for him and they both plummet into the nearby river. The driver’s cap falls off and long hair cascades out. It’s not a man, but a woman.

They fight throwing karate-like punches and kicks at each other when suddenly the woman pulls a gun and Sheena disappears. The woman takes several shots in the water but Sheena comes up from behind and the fight is on again. Meanwhile, Mendehlson and Cutter talk. On Mendehlson’s "to do" list that day had him doing the nasty job of cleaning out the septic tank. While he’s not thrilled at the prospect, when Cutter suggests that he ride with Rashid, Mendehlson figures someone is gunning for him and would prefer not to be with him. Cutter doubts that, his assumption is that the shot was meant to scare him off, the bullet actually saved him. Mendehlson jumps into the ambulance as it heads away and begins to regale them on his owning a similar ambulance and how he made a dragster out of it.

Back in the river, Sheena and the woman are still fighting. Sheena hits the woman into a tree, finally, and knocks her out.

Two men, elsewhere, await the woman’s return and know she’s overdue and likely dead. One man goes to the laptop computer they have and checks the local listings for help. Matt Cutter’s name and face appear on their computer. Although Cutter "walked away from it all", the leader suspects that he didn’t leave "clean". He might be interested in helping them.

Rashid is in the hospital, his burns covered in gauze and his wrapped due to a head injury. Mendehlson, however, is preoccupied with nailing a pesky insect that keeps buzzing around his head. A nurse comes into the room to inform Mendehlson that while Rashid’s burns weren’t as bad as first thought, the concussion would require someone to sit with him for the next twenty-four hours and keep him awake. Mendehlson takes the job. He asks for a copy of Psychology Today as the centerfold is a "hottie".

Cutter makes contact with an old football buddy in Rome working in the U.S. Consulate. Cutter tells him that the "hit" has agency written all over it. The man has no knowledge of it and tells him it sounds like Cutter’s own "signature". Cutter tells him that while that may have been true years ago, his signature has changed. He hangs up the phone as the two men seen earlier arrive and offer to pay him big bucks for his assistance. Cutter is leery but when he finds out that the woman, code name: Cassandra, was actually a traitor, he was in.

Sheena has tied up Cassandra and has her leading them out of the brush. Cassandra tells Sheena that the bullet actually saved her friend’s life but she’s still upset about the explosion and Rashid getting injured. Cassandra tells her that the "agency" ordered the hit. Sheena tells her that she has a friend that is ex-CIA and mentions Matt Cutter’s name. She knows him. He’ll confirm her identity.

Cutter drives the two men into the jungle confident that while he may not know where Cassandra is at the time, Sheena will. Sheena will find them. Mendehlson talks to Rashid as Rashid complains of hearing a tremendous sound, strange noises and endless stories of auto repair. Mendehlson tells him that he has to keep him awake and that he had been hearing Mendehlson talking endlessly. Rashid wants him to stop, begs him to stop. Mendehlson says he can’t do that as they have another 21 hours to go and they’re only up to 1965 T-bird. He tells him that he has enough stories for two concussions. This is too much for Rashid and he yells for his nurse!

The men, now on foot, look for Sheena and Cassandra. The men tell Cutter that Cassandra is a psycho. Cutter is much more confident that the men as he knows that if she’s like he was, he’d kill them and leave him alone. Cassandra tells Sheena that she joined the CIA because she was good with a gun and called it "a gift". Innocents injured or killed in an incident Cassandra tells Sheena are "collateral damage" and cannot be helped. Asked if she is a wife or mother, Cassandra tells her no to both. She never found the right guy. Cassandra wonders if that was Sheena’s story too and Sheena tells her that normally beat up the men she met.

Off-guard, Cassandra attacks Sheena and they fight once more. Sheena’s knee is injured and she pulls her knife and puts it to Cassandra’s throat and says while she may be good with a gun, Sheena is good with a knife and could put her knife through her heart at 30 paces.

The men spot Cassandra and are taken aback by Sheena’s beauty. Cassandra looks familiar to Cutter but he can’t immediately place her. The men take aim and tell Cutter that it is more important to take Cassandra out than consider the collateral damage. Cutter tells them that the collateral damage happens to be his friend.

Gunfire erupts and the men are trying to shoot Cassandra. Sheena chases down the fleeing Cassandra as Cassandra tells her that she’s the target and being together may get them both killed. Cutter joins them and unties Cassandra as Cutter holds them off.

The men leave. They will call in reinforcements.

Cassandra reveals that everything she was doing was a lie. The men had hired her to kill an operative from the agency that was selling names to the other side. Cutter called it a "rogue" operation…illegal. Cutter will call his Rome connection. He knows that Cassandra had been set up and Carl Metters, his pal in Rome, will help her. He suddenly remembers her and calls her "Barbara Lee". She had been his student in a class ten years earlier. She tells him that she never forgot him and was a sniper because of him. She admired his skill. That doesn’t sit too well with him. While they talk, Sheena becomes jealous and tells them there is a village 8 miles east and leaves. They hope the men don’t bring in reinforcements. But an airdrop for the next morning is planned to bring eleven "very expensive" men in to help.

The night is spent in a cave and Cutter volunteers to get firewood. Cutter insists he’ll get it. Cutter coyly tells Sheena that if he gets into trouble, he’ll let her rescue him. Cassandra asks her if she and Cutter are involved. "Involved with what?" is the reply. Cassandra reveals to Sheena that she’s had a long standing crush on Cutter. Cutter returns with wood and Sheena leaves to get a certain plant for its curative powers. Alone, Cutter tells Cassandra that Sheena appears moody only because she doesn’t want to be dependent on anyone.

While Cassandra and Cutter chat about his past and what made his get out of the CIA, Cassandra comes close to him and kisses him. "Why did you kiss me?" he asks. "Why did you let me?"

Back at the hospital, Mendehlson is still at it and Rashid’s at the breaking point. He tells him to "just leave". If he leaves, though, he’ll have to clean the septic tank. Rashid tells him that he’ll clean the septic tank, alone, if he leaves. Mendehlson leaves quickly, with a smile. His work is done.

Sheena returns from getting her medicine from the plants to find Cassandra cuddled up against Cutter. He tells her that Cassandra is sleeping but she sits up and tells him that she wasn’t sleeping. Sheena fears she’s interrupting something and suggests they get a move on as it’d be dawn soon. Cassandra asks Cutter if he’s certain nothing is going on between them. Cutter really doesn’t know how to reply.

Later, as they walk, they come across an old ranger’s station. Suddenly soldiers in camouflage surround them and race inside. Gunfire erupts as they take cover. One of the soldiers uses a PA to call them outside. Sheena goes outside, into her element, and changes into a monkey. Inside, Cutter only has his revolver. Cassandra looks around and finds an old but usable rifle.

From a nearby tree, Sheena (as the monkey) overhears the men’s plans. She returns and tells them that while they will be distracted in the front, the men will attack from the sides and the back. One by one, Cutter and Cassandra pick off the soldiers as they creep up on them. Sheena attacks one and another that manages to get inside the building. Sheena stabs another soldier and sneaks up on another and uses her knife to cut his throat. The two men originally involved with this enter the building. Cutter hits one, while Sheena stabs another. They look around to see Cassandra is gone.

Sheena found tracks by the river, she tells Cutter later that just disappeared. Cutter asks her if the tracks disappeared or if she just stopped looking. Sheena doesn’t respond as they wonder where she went. Cutter hopes she ran off to make a clean break. Sheena supposes that maybe her old teacher taught her something about life. Suddenly Sheena hears something.

Cutter and Sheena break out into wide smiles as they see Mendehlson, his nose plugged with a clothespin, driving a jeep pulling a trailer with the septic tank. Rashid, fully mended, is standing on the trailer alongside the smelly tank. Mendehlson tells him that in three more trips, the septic tank will be really clean. Rashid is clearly miserable, "You should’ve just let me die."


This synopsis is by Loretta Miller .

This was a very good show. A decent plot and great secondary story line, it allowed the actors to show some emotion and some depth. While I guessed the shooter was a woman right from the start, the only laughable sequence in this one was the seemingly endless battle between the women. When it was all over, Sheena wasn’t even winded. Now we’ve already seen her take out a small group of men without much trouble yet this woman seemed to be really difficult to lick. While I’m at it here, I’m wondering if Sheena gets more strength when she shifts into the Darak’na or does her strength remain the same in either case? Just wondering.

Barbara Lee, code name Cassandra, was a very good character. In short order we knew about her past and more importantly about her long standing crush on Cutter but c’mon now. When Cassandra asks Sheena is she and Cutter are involved and she asks, "involved with what?" I nearly laughed out loud. I thought Sheena to be a little more sophisticated than that. I know that she doesn’t really "understand" romance, but, with reading her novels…you’d think that she’s heard the term "involved" with someone before then.

The BEST was Mendehlson and Rashid. What great comic relief. A simple yet nasty, nasty, nasty task of having to clean out a septic tank and Rashid taking it on just to relieve himself of Mendehlson and his endless stories was priceless. Truly imaginative.

So far, Rendevous and this one have been my favorites. Good job.

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