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Season 2, episode 07
Series 207
1st release: 11-17-01
2nd release: 01-12-01
Production number: 213
Last update: 12-02-01

SYNOPSIS 1 by Sally Dye
SYNOPSIS 2 by Loretta Miller
COMMENTARY 1 by Mao693
COMMENTARY 2 by Loretta Miller

Gena Lee Nolin (Sheena)
Margo Moorer (Kali)
John Allen Nelson (Matt Cutter)
Kevin Quigley (Mendehlson)

Patricia Tallman (Caroline Dula)
Veryl Jones (Rashid)
John K. Brown (Timani)
Dennis Neal (Gumani)
Simon Needham (Milahn)
Humberto Recio (Gavin)
Vicki Phillips (Sheena stunt double)

Written by Steven L. Sears
Directed by Terri Ingram

Filmed on location in Orlando, FL and Africa.


A mythic rogue beast is enlisted in an effort to steal a large government payroll.

A strange creature hunts down humans. Called the Darkness, it is believed only a shaman can call it up. Kali is accused of the crimes. In the midst of this, Sheena decides to ask Cutter on a "date". Logline


This synopsis is by Sally Dye .


It's night. Two men -- a Maltakan official, Gumani, and a man named Gavin -- are arguing about a shipment of goods. Gavin is worried about the taxes, and Gumani says something can be worked out. Gumani leaves the room to file some papers, and Gavin searches his desk. He finds the information he's looking for and moves away from the desk just as Gumani returns. Gavin leaves the building and gets in his truck. Something is watching (we don't see it -- we only see what it sees), and after Gavin drives away, it rushes toward the building. It gets inside and kills Gumani.

Kali and Sheena are on their way to see Gumani. He has proposed a use for Kaya land that Kali is not in agreement with. Sheena seems preoccupied. She tells Kali that Cutter called her a "good buddy", and she doesn't like it. She says she's been reading about dating, and she wonders if Cutter has realized she's a woman. Kali: "I'd say he has figured that out." Kali suggests she be playful "in a feminine way." Sheena ponders this.

They arrive at Gumani's office. Kali knocks at the door, but Sheena finds some blood on nearby plants and sees some on the window sill. They break open the window and are appalled at what they see.

Act I

Rashid says Gumani's death is like that of a provost colonel. They cannot identify the animal that killed either of those two men. Kali points out that the office was locked from the inside. Rashid says the natives believe it is a return of the Darkness, but Kali says the Darkness is just a legend. Cutter and Mendelson arrive and wonder what's going on. Rashid fills them in. Cutter says they should be hunting down the animal instead of gearing up to protect Ngama's payroll shipment. Rashid is upset that Cutter knows about the shipment, but Cutter says he doesn't know the details of route or time. Rashid asks if Cutter has ever heard of the Darkness. Cutter says it's a legend of a force called up by a shaman for revenge. Rashid wants Cutter to take Kali back to her village. The townspeople know she is a shamaness and may think she called up the Darkness.

A man in the crowd sees Cutter pick up a baton lying in the weeds and seems upset. When Cutter puts the baton in his truck, the man starts forward but is stopped by the guards.

Gavin arrives at a remote compound where many animals are kept in cages. He tells the woman in charge -- Caroline Dula -- that Ngama's payroll will be kept at Malabo. She pays him. He asks why all the animals seem to be acting strangely. She says that some animals are different, more vicious than others -- they seem to enjoy killing. Gavin seems interested, and Caroline watches him leave with a speculative expression on her face.

Sheena tells Cutter she doesn't know what kind of animal left the trail away from the village. She says to be careful, and Cutter starts off. Sheena calls him back and says, "Ask me on a date." Cutter is bewildered, but gets no help from Mendelson or Kali, so he asks what she's doing tonight. Sheena: "I'm going to lay in wait near the waterhole for food." Kali shakes her head at that, so Sheena changes her answer to "Nothing. Nothing at all." Cutter says, "Okay, come by my place after dark. Wear something slinky."

The man in the crowd -- Milahn -- reports to Caroline that he was unable to retrieve the stick, and that Matt Cutter has it. Caroline says the Darkness will strike again tonight. Milahn says people believe that Kali called up the Darkness. Caroline says she always wanted to meet Kali because she supposedly can control the killer animals. Milahn doesn't believe it. Caroline kneels down at one cage and tells the growling occupant that it won't be long.

Act II

Cutter puts on music to prepare for Sheena's arrival. He doesn't really think that she will show up, but she arrives, draped in a python. Sheena: "I wasn't sure what you meant about slinky." She wants to know everything about dating, including where the snake fits in. Cutter says to let him run on about his business. They sit on the couch. Cutter: "You're here. I'm here. This is a date." Sheena nods: "Do we have sex now?"

Gavin is drunk and stumbling along a road near the village marketplace. Something leaps out and attacks him.

Cutter tells Sheena they mustn't rush it. Sheena protests that this is not like the books she's read. Cutter has her sit back, and he puts his arm around her. Sheena: "That's a move?" Cutter: "It's a start." He tells her this is what is known as "first base." They kiss, and the lights go out. Cutter is not complaining, but Sheena senses that something is in there with them. Something comes down the stairs toward them. Sheena pushes Cutter out of the way. Whatever it is knocks her down. Cutter gets his rifle and fires, but the animal escapes out the door. Cutter discovers that the main power switch was pulled. He also finds that the baton he picked up is missing. When he describes it to Sheena, she realizes it was a rogue stick, which can be used to cause a rogue to kill on command.


Milahn returns to Caroline with the rogue stick and the money she had given Gavin. Caroline says the Darkness must rest so she will be ready when the payroll shipment arrives. They are packing, and Milahn asks if they are taking the animals, but Caroline says she hasn't decided.

Kali says the rogues were once so powerful that no one could go near the LaMistas, so the rogue sticks were fashioned. The rogues were controlled by blowing through the stick, like a dog whistle. Sheena thinks the creature came for the stick, but Kali says the rogues don't have that kind of intelligence.

Sheena tells Cutter she can't explain why this animal is different than most rogues. Cutter asks if it is on the tip of her tongue. Sheena sticks her tongue out to examine it. Cutter says it's just an expression. Sheena wants to know why Cutter never gets her jokes -- she's just trying to be playful. She feels that they are still on their date, since they haven't had sex yet and Cutter hasn't made an excuse to leave.

Cutter and Sheena find Caroline's compound, and Sheena identifies it as a former animal sanctuary. She senses many animals, as if they have come across "a nest of rogues". Cutter surmises that it's some sort of training area. Sheena sneaks off to get a closer look.

The rogues in the cages become restless, and Caroline blows into the rogue stick. The inaudible sound hurts Sheena's ears. The rogues calm down.

Mendelson radios Cutter that some angry villagers have set off to get Kali because they think she's responsible for the Darkness.

Sheena knocks a guard to the ground. Cutter runs up and tells her that Kali is in trouble. They run to the truck and take off.

Caroline and Milahn are concerned about the guard's story that a blond woman attacked him. Caroline tells Milahn to assemble all the men to receive their payment.

Rashid tries to reason with the mob threatening Kali, but they don't listen until the darak'na leaps down and drives them away. Rashid tells Kali she should come and stay at the ranger station.

Sheena and Cutter talk Rashid into coming with them to the sanctuary. They find many dead men and animals. Milahn is barely alive, but he is able to tell them that Caroline has gone for Ngama's payroll money. Rashid makes the connection between the deaths of Gumani and the provost. Between them they knew when the money was coming and where it would be kept -- at Rashid's office. They realize Kali is there and that Caroline and the Darkness are on their way there.

Act IV

Inside Rashid's office, Kali hears growling. Something is trying to get in. She gets into one of the cells. A rogue chimpanzee climbs in the window, unlocks Kali's cell and opens the outer door. Something rushes in and kills a guard. Kali gets out of the cell and climbs out a window. She hurts her leg jumping down to the ground and limps away into the jungle. She comes face to face with Caroline, who smiles and blows into the rogue stick. The Darkness follows Kali, while Caroline goes back and gets the payroll shipment.

Kali turns to face the Darkness, which turns out to be a large, light-colored tiger. As it stalks toward Kali, the darak'na leaps down between them, and the tiger attacks. Cutter arrives, but Kali tells him not to shoot -- he'll hit the darak'na. The fight is long and furous, but finally the darak'na breaks the tiger's neck. Cutter starts to go to the darak'na, who appears badly wounded, but Kali stops him. The darak'na stumbles into the jungle. Rashid and his men arrive and see the dead tiger.

Caroline is stopped at a road block, and the rogue chimp jumps into her jeep. Rashid steps up and says she is under arrest for murder. The chimp grabs the rogue stick and breaks it in half.


Kali is caring for Sheena's wounds. Sheena is reading "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" but is bored. They discuss Caroline and speculate that she trained the tiger from a cub to be a killer. Sheena hadn't recognized its scent because tigers aren't native to Africa. Cutter arrives, and asks how the patient is. Kali: "IMpatient." Kali says she will leave now but will be back later -- much later -- to check on Sheena. Cutter says they never finished their date. He asks Sheena, "How about some wine?" Sheena makes whining noises. Cutter: "You're being playful. This time I get it." Sheena: "Get what?" She laughs, and they toast each other.


This synopsis is by Loretta Miller .

Gumani meets with a man in his office where they discuss taxes and an upcoming shipment. The man leaves and is eyed by "something" that enters the office, attacks and kills Gumani. The animal leaves behind a bloodbath. The next morning, Kali and Sheena head toward Gumani’s office, as Kali needs to tell him her opposition to his plan to seed Kaya land for his personal use. Kali notices that Sheena is preoccupied and confesses that Cutter called her a "good buddy" and wonders if Cutter had even noticed her up ‘til now. Kali is certain that he’s noticed her, she tells her that he’s never seen her in a playful, feminine way before. They get to Gumani’s as Kali goes to the door, Sheena notices blood on a nearby plant and more blood on the outside of louvered shutters on a window. Sheena busts open the wooden shutters and finds the gruesome scene.

Rashid and his rangers are on scene, the rangers busily take what would be bagged up body parts and place them in the back of their vehicle. Rashid tells them that the provost had been murdered in a similar fashion one week ago and the animal that did the attack hadn’t yet been identified. Kali tells him that the office had been locked from the inside. Rashid tells her that the villagers feel that the Darkness has returned. Kali scoffs, calling it only a legend…the Darkness never existed.

Cutter and Mendehlson pull up and as Mendehlson gets supplies, Cutter goes to talk to Rashid. Rashid tells Cutter that he feels it’s the same animal that attacked the provost. Manpower is stretched too thin, however, to form a posse and go after it. The manpower has to protect Ingama’s payroll shipment. While Cutter knows about the regular shipment time period the route and amount remains a secret. Cutter knows of the legend and says that he had heard a shaman had conjured up an animal for revenge. Kali was at odds with Gumani, Rashid tells him and Cutter is quick to defend Kali. Rashid doubts it too and asks Cutter to escort Kali back to her village, which he’s happy to do. While Cutter returns to his jeep, he notices a brightly colored hollow baton-like stick along the brush, picks it up and tosses it into the bed of his truck as a man in the crowd watches intently. The rangers won’t let him close and he can’t retrieve it. This same man enters an animal compound and approaches a woman later identified as Caroline Dula and he confirms that the payroll will be at the ranger’s station in Malabo. The man watches the animals and notes that they are "different". Dula seems proud of them, she controls them.

Cutter and Mendehlson are transporting Kali back to the village when they spot Sheena. She tells them that she had found blood and tracks but lost them by the brush. She can’t get a manta on it. While it’s familiar to her she can’t sense the animal and tells them to be careful. "Okay, good buddy," Cutter replies and they pull away. Sheena looks hurt, puzzled and calls out for him to stop. He chomps on the brakes. She steps up to the jeep and asks him to ask her out on a date. She had read about dates but wants to know more about them. Cutter looks to Mendehlson and then Kali but gets no support…he asks if she’s busy tonight. She says that she’ll be busy down by the waterhole looking for food. Kali quickly clears her throat…wrong answer. Sheena quick on the up take realizes her mistake and says that she’s free. Cutter asks her to come over to his place just after dark and to wear something slinky. Slinky. Sheena doesn’t ask but we’re certain that she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Cutter drives off wondering aloud what the heck just happened. Neither Kali nor Mendehlson are willing to reply.

Dula is told by the same man seen earlier that Cutter now has the "stick" and she needs it back "tonight, when the darkness strikes". The man tells Dula that the villagers think Kali is behind this and she tells him she always wanted to meet her. She goes to the cage where the Darkness is held and tells "it" that it won’t be long now.

Cutter puts on soft music while Mendehlson plays with the "stick". He tells Cutter that while he has been classically conditioned, Sheena is wild and free and they aren’t compatible. Cutter figures she will likely not show anyway, closes the curtain then reopens it a moment later when he hears a noise to find Sheena wearing her normal outfit with a large snake around her neck. She wasn’t exactly sure what he meant by slinky. She tells Cutter that she wants to learn everything, what she’s supposed to do, and how the snake fits in. Cutter suggests that the snake has already served his purpose and she puts him down on the floor in his office. (Hope it can find the door) He directs her to the couch and to sit beside him and they do and he calls this "a date", they are together. Sheena turns to him and asks, "Do we have sex now?"

The man given the money by Gumani in the first scene is walking outside in the night. He pulls out the envelope still full of money as he is "eyed" by the Darkness.

Back on the date, Cutter methodically tells Sheena that sex will happen eventually but it happens gradually and that a date is more than merely sex. He tells her about how guy’s make their moves and slowly he does just that. He puts his arm around her shoulders and puts his hand on her knee telling her this is "first base" then they kiss. "Now do we have sex?" she asks. Suddenly the lights go out. Cutter doesn’t complain but knows it’s strange and Sheena suspects "something" is in there with them. (Wonder if the snake got out…?)

Suddenly the Darkness attacks Sheena as Cutter gets his rifle and fires a shot. A moment later, the lights are back on and Sheena’s mouth is bleeding a bit as they take in the damage and see the heavy door that the animal had knocked down. Someone or something had pulled the main power switch and they find the "stick" is gone. He describes it to Sheena and she recognizes it as a "rogue stick" to control animals or make them kill on command.

Mendehlson walks through an open-air market the next day and finds a bloody bill on the ground. He picks it up and within a few steps finds the dead man.

Dula’s aide returns the "stick" to Dula as she tells him to let the Darkness rest, she’ll need her at her best later on. They will be leaving and she doesn’t plan on taking all the animals. The aide wants his men paid. She assures him that his men will be taken care of.

Kali tells Cutter and Sheena that once, long ago, rogues were in the La Mistas and people couldn’t enter. A man fashioned a hollow stick and used it to disorient and confuse the rogues. Cutter asks if they were beat over the head with it. No, it’s like a dog whistle that only they can hear. Rogues don’t have the intelligence and Cutter thinks that maybe this one does. "It’s not something we would want to face," Kali tells them.

Sheena and Cutter talk while they walk in the jungle. Sheena explains that she can sense an animal’s manta, rogues (former human beings) don’t have that. Their manta is different and the word doesn’t come to her. "On the tip of your tongue?" Cutter asks and Sheena sticks her tongue out to check. "It’s an expression," Cutter says quickly. She knew that, she was just trying to be playful. She also figures that because they haven’t had sex yet and haven’t made excuses to leave they’re still on their date.

They come across Maltaka Refuge #6, an animal sanctuary that they had thought had been closed years earlier. They suspect that they are raising a nest of rogues beyond the walls and Sheena goes to check. Meanwhile, Cutter gets a radio call from Mendehlson that the villagers are going after Kali as they hold her responsible for the attacks.

Sheena just attacks one guard as Cutter intercepts them, helps her down him and tells her quickly that Kali is in trouble. They beat feet back to the jeep and race back.

The aide tells Dula that a blond woman had attacked the guard and Dula suspects that if she has run off she’s going to get the rangers ultimately leaving the payroll unprotected. She tells him to bring his men there for their payment.

Rashid confronts the villagers as Kali sits nearby and he reiterates that the Darkness is merely a legend and nothing more. Over 100 years before, 300 people had been killed by the Darkness and now that Kali and Gumani are at odds, this makes sense to them. Suddenly the Darak’na appears between the villagers and Kali and attacks the growing mob. The rangers take aim and Kali pleads that they don’t shoot her. Darak’na runs off after scaring them away and tells Rashid not to go after her as she did not come to kill. Rashid wants Kali to stay at the Ranger’s station, her only safe haven.

Sheena, meanwhile, washes off as Cutter waits nearby. They decide to return to the sanctuary, this time with Rashid. Rashid tells them he’ll give them only two hours. His records indicate a Caroline Dula had run the sanctuary. When they get to the sanctuary, they find all the remaining animals and all the men but one dead. The act had been done by the Darkness. The man, Dula’s aide, tells them that she had betrayed them and that she is the one who controls the Darkness. She had gone for the payroll and they know Kali is there and that is where the Darkness is headed.

Kali sees the doorknob on the outside of the ranger’s station door being moved...someone is trying to open the door. Outside, she knows the rangers are being kept busy by the growing mob. She races to a cell and locks herself in just as a chimp opens the door and enters. Kali understands why the manta is familiar but different. He grabs the keys and unlocks the cell forcing Kali to make a run for it as the Darkness enters. The animal attacks a ranger as Kali jumps out a back window and to the ground and while limping, makes a run for it. Dula sees Kali nearby and uses the rogue stick. Kali bolts in the other direction. Ranger’s are still outside with the crowd while Dula is now inside the station getting the payroll.

Cutter and Rashid arrive and Rashid orders everyone back and they immediately comply. Inside they find the chimp while outside Kali is cornered by a tiger (the Darkness). The Darak’na suddenly jumps between them and fights the tiger. Cutter arrives just as the Darak’na is slashed on the shoulder. Cutter wants to shoot the tiger but Kali tells him not to as he’ll likely shoot the Darak’na. They see she’s injured but Kali tells him that she’s fine just tiring out the animal when she breaks its neck. Rashid arrives just after the Darak’na races off and takes a look at the curse of the Darkness. Kali tells them that they will be dealing with the Darkness until Dula is captured. At the Defari/Multaka border Dula hands her passport directly over to Rashid who places her under arrest for murder, theft and abuse of animals. Mocha, her chimp shows up with the rogue stick and Rashid tells her that Mocha had led them to her. Later, Sheena is resting in a cave with Kali in attendance. She is healing from her wounds and she is bandaged on her back and has a broken arm. She is bored reading books as they talk about how the tiger, not native to Africa likely came with Dula as a cub. Cutter arrives with a picnic basket saying that they never truly finished their date. Kali makes a hasty departure telling Sheena she’ll check on her very much later.

"How about some wine?" he asks and Sheena complies by making some whining sounds. He laughs and calls it her being playful. She makes like she doesn’t get it but smiles as they clink their wine glasses together.


This synopsis is by Mao693 .

Something evil is in the jungle, and it ultimately goes after Kali. Not before killing a few other people first, of course.

I mostly enjoyed this episode -- some parts much more than others (and I'm not referring to the blood and death parts, so draw your own conclusions -- or check the likes section below.)

We start out with a rough-and-tumble gentleman with plenty of tattoos discussing taxes and other fun paperwork stuff with a bureaucrat. He finally gets the government guy to go to another room to file his paperwork -- why does it need to be done with him there? -- and takes the opportunity to search the desk for information he soon finds. Evidently, this is what he wanted all along.

Tattoo guy leaves, and we're treated to a view of the office from some funky, multicolored and out-of-focus viewpoint. Next thing you know, government guy is looking all around, scared out of his mind, just before we move outside to see blood dripping down the shutters and hear lots of screams and growls.

The next day, Kali and Sheena are walking to some meeting that Kali wants to get over with before the heat of the day sets in. I figure they're off to see the government guy and I'm correct in my assumption. First, however, Kali notices that Sheena is not paying much attention to what is going on and asks why. Sheena wants to know, basically, why Cutter isn't interested in dating her - he calls her "good buddy" and, while she doesn't know much about dating, she can figure out that this is not really an 'intimate' type of endearment. Kali suggests that Sheena needs to be more "playful" and "feminine."

So, our gals discover the body and call in the troops. Cutter and Mendelson arrive on the scene, and Cutters suggests that Mendelson get the supplies while he talks to Rashid. Cutter discovers that a) the guy is dead, b) the villagers are convinced that "The Darkness" killed him, c) someone else had been killed in a similar manner a week earlier, and d) people are starting to think that Kali is behind it. So Cutter takes Kali back to her village in his truck, but he first picks up a wooden stick that's been carved and decorated, and tosses it into the back.

Sheena stops them on the way to the village to let them know that she's not been able to track the animal down. She's managed to follow it a part of the way, but it's basically lost her. She's not giving up, just letting them know where she stands at this point in time, and then asks Cutter to ask her on a date. Which promptly blows all the logic circuits in the brains of both men in the truck; something Mendelson has no problem with admitting. After a bit of verbal fumbling, Cutter manages to invite Sheena to come to his place later that night and to "wear something slinky."

Sometime around in here, tattoo guy shows up at a small animal enclave presided over by a woman wearing black and lots of shells. Weird. She gives him his money and he leaves. Later, another man shows up asking about the animals and 'if they're taking them' and letting her know that 'the men want to be sure they'll get paid.' I must confess that the date between Sheena and Cutter was occupying most of my attention and I didn't much care, by this time, too much about the "main story" going on here.

Anyhow, Cutter's putting on soft music and tidying up the place, while Mendelson looks on laughing. He's also playing with the carved stick, until Cutter tells him to put it down. Finally, Sheena shows up, wearing a nice snake around her neck - "not sure what you meant by slinky." Ok. Cutter recovers, and invites her to sit down.

I've no desire to try and recreate this conversation between the two of them - suffice to say that Sheena has been reading romance novels and thinks she knows what makes a "date." I'd suggest that our Hollyweird friends are having quite a bit of fun with this whole thing, because her idea of a date seems to be "meet the guy, maybe kiss, have sex." As mentioned (last week?) before, Cutter has changed quite a bit since the first season - just jumping into the sack immediately and having sex would be "no fun." [See dislikes section, below, for more commentary on this.]

Ultimately, they do progress to the kissing stage when the lights go out - something that Cutter is quite willing to accept until Sheena hears an animal upstairs. This is not right, since Cutter locked all the windows and such upstairs earlier. We're treated to a couple of minutes of Sheena trying to fight something that seems to be invisible, then the door is knocked out of the frame and it's gone. Cutter discovers that the main power switch was thrown, which doesn't sound like the work of an animal.

The next day, they're looking for clues. One thing that they do know is that the carved stick is missing - and Sheena thinks that it is a "Rogue stick," used to control the rogues (the humans from Kali's tribe mentioned in the first episode, and in others, who became animals and have a tendency to kill for fun.) I didn't catch who would have made such a stick, nor why. At some point in here we discover that Sheena thinks they're still on the date - they haven't had sex yet, nor has he made excuses to leave. Very strange woman.

So, Cutter and Sheena discover the animal refuge. Sheena can tell that there are animals, probably rogues, in there, but they're called away because Mendelson's heard that the villagers are going after Kali. So they go to help her. It's been discovered that tattoo man has been killed, and the villagers are out for blood - Kali's blood, to be exact. Rashid takes her to the Ranger station, where there are lots of rangers protecting N'Gama's payroll - a fact that Rashid thinks is a secret, but is evidently what the woman in black is ultimately after.

Meanwhile, the woman in black has promised the men their "payment." Next thing we know, there's a small monkey/chimpanzee in the ranger station with Kali unlocking doors and letting "the darkness" in with her. So she runs - out the window and through the jungle. Woman in black comes in and starts loading up the money. I have no idea how she leaves without all the rangers noticing.

Meanwhile, Cutter and Sheena have talked Rashid into accompanying them back to the animal refuge, where they find that the rogues as well as the men working for the woman have all been killed. One manages to gasp out the name of the woman in charge, as well as the fact that she's out to get the money, before he expires.

We finally discover that "the darkness" is a tiger, which the Darak'na fights and ultimately kills to protect Kali. This explains why Sheena couldn't really recognize it - she'd never been close to one before, as it's not native to Africa. Unfortunately, she's injured in the fight and must stay put for a while so a couple of small bones and the tiger's cuts can heal. Cutter comes to visit and is told by Kali that the "patient is not" and is rather "impatient" in fact. She then leaves and will come back "later - much later" to check on Sheena. We end with our couple drinking some wine (after a little 'whine' by Sheena - trying to be playful.)


I enjoyed the "date" - and am wondering when, or if, it ended.

I liked seeing all the characters, including Rashid, in the episode. Mendelson was funny, Rashid was officious but helpful, and Kali was wise and motherly. Cutter and Sheena were a lot of fun together. Again, I really appreciate the tone of the relationship moving to a more "adult" acceptance of each other's skills and strengths.

Kali and Sheena bonding together was good. Mendelson and Cutter bonding together was good. Cutter and Sheena together was very good.


I don't remember Steve (or JAN) telling us that the episode where Sheena had sex with the government agent was shown out of order - unless it was, her whole unfamiliarity with dating and sex was really weird. I just found the whole thing to be played more for comic relief than believability, which is ok for this show since it doesn't seem to be more than a comic book brought to the TV screen. Which disappoints me, but I'm getting used to it.

The extra sound effects of "swishes" when Sheena was fighting the tiger were unnecessary and distracting.

I really don't understand how the tiger was "the darkness" and could get in to the locked buildings so easily, even with the chimpanzee/monkey's help. Much less why Cutter and Sheena didn't glimpse it at all while it was fighting with Sheena in Cutter's living room.

All in all, I enjoyed the show. And am looking forward to the next episode, when Cutter's ex-wife shows up - are he and Sheena "still" on this first date?


This synopsis is by Loretta Miller .

The legend of the Darkness embodied in rogues is a good plot and the ever-evolving relationship between Cutter and Sheena continues unabated. Better use of Kali in this one but I was always hoping that she had some sort of knowledge on how to offset the rogues and the rogue stick once they discovered that was what they were dealing with.

Sheena’s interpretation of what a date is was hysterical. With Sheena no longer comfortable merely being a "good buddy" well, I think we’ll see the heat turned up a notch or two each episode here on out.

While we know that Sheena is the Darak’na now and capable of being injured, it’d sure help to know more about the Darak’na herself and why Kali calls her the Darak’na rather than Sheena when Kali and Cutter cannot be overheard.


06-14-01. On June 11, 2001, Steve Sears, the executive producer of Sheena, posted the following on the Whoosh mailing list: "Patricia Tallman has been signed to play the role of Caroline Dulah in the episode THE DARKNESS. She gets to be bad. Very bad." Patricia Tallman played a telepath on the television show Babylon 5.


08-20-01. Patricia Tallman played "Lyta" on Babylon 5.

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