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Season 1, episode 12
Series 112
1st release: 01/29/01
2nd release: 07/23/01
Production number: 113
Approximate shooting dates:
Last update: 02-06-01

SYNOPSIS 1 by Sally Dye
SYNOPSIS 2 by Loretta Miller
COMMENTARY 1 by Loretta Miller

Gena Lee Nolin (Sheena)
Margo Moorer (Kali)
John Allen Nelson (Matt Cutter)
Kevin Quigley (Mendehlson)

Waren "Philadelphia" Plowden (Marcus)
Amy Weber (Ruby)
Dyan Handeland (Pearl)
Tiffany Phillips (Jade)

Teleplay by Jonathan Latt
Story by Kevin Beggs and Jonathan Latt
Directed by Scott Paulin

Filmed on location in Orlando, FL and Africa.


Cutter's dream job escorting supermodels on a jungle photo shoot turns into a nightmare. ClickTV

Cutter guides supermodels through the jungle for a photo shoot which turns into a rescue operation. ExciteTV


2nd RELEASE: 07/23/01
An AA average of 1.3
Competition from Syndicated Action Hours:
The X-Files 2.8
Stargate: SG1 (2.7/2.8, no change)
Andromeda (2.3)
Xena (2.2/2.3, -19)
BeastMaster (2.1/2.2, no change)
VIP (2.1/2.2, -13)
Earth: Final Conflict (2.0, - 5)
Maximum Exposure (2.0)
Profiler 2.0
The Invisible Man (1.9/2.0, +6)
The Lost World (1.7, no change)
Baywatch Hawaii (1.6, -33)
Early Edition 1.5
Relic Hunter (1.5, no change)
The Outer Limits (1.5, -12)
Sheena (1.3/1.4)
Queen of Swords (1.1)


This synopsis is by Sally Dye .


Oxen draw a cart containing wooden coffins into a walled compound. It is a prison. The commandant visits one of the prisoners and tells him that he has just one day to live. The man says he will be free in a day, then.

A man is chasing Cutter through the jungle, shooting at him. Cutter is struggling to put his pants on. Suddenly Sheena appears and uses a sling to knock the man's rifle down. She disarms him, and he runs into the jungle. Cutter is glad to see Sheena. She says she is impressed that he would take on an elephant poacher in his underwear. The man calls back that no one sleeps with his wife and gets away with it. Sheena is disgusted. Cutter says McShain and his wife are separated, so it doesn't count. Sheena says he always has a loophole and it's always about whatever makes Matt Cutter happy. Cutter protests that his recent jobs have been very altruistic -- guiding botanists and war historians.

They go to Cutter's house, where Mendelson introduces Cutter's new clients -- three scantily dressed models named Ruby, Pearl and Jade. Sheena: "So, more war historians?"

Act I

The models and their photographer, Marcus, admire Sheena's outfit. They ask if it's Prada, but Sheena says no, it's gazelle. Mendelson says they want Cutter to take them deep into the jungle so they can be photographed in bikinis against a savage backdrop. They describe the ideal location -- waving grasses, waterfall, etc. Sheena says there is a place out by the army prison that would be good.

Sheena spies on Marcus, who takes a small packet from a man dressed as a prison guard and hides it in his shirt. Later, soldiers shove Marcus into an alley and start beating him up. Sheena jumps down and beats up the soldiers.

The next morning, as they are driving to the chosen location, they see a boa constrictor. This reminds Pearl of a purse she once carried in a fashion show. She hopes it wasn't made of one of the snake's relatives because that would be bad karma. Just then they have a flat tire. Marcus says he is going to walk over to the nearby tower and see if they can help. Cutter warns that it is a watchtower for the prison, but Marcus goes anyway. Jade, Pearl and Ruby decide to go for a walk. Cutter hears screams and runs to find that the three models have fallen into quicksand.

Act II

Sheena hangs down from a tree and uses a vine to help snag the girls. She pulls them out just in time.

The models wash off in a stream, marvelling at Sheena's strength. They speculate that it must be pilates.

Sheena wonders why Cutter enjoys looking at the women bathing. She asks if it doesn't make him nervous, since he always seems to be nervous when he sees her bathing in the lagoon. He says that he knows her and doesn't really know them, though it really isn't much different than looking at them in a magazine. He says to keep in mind that these women make big bucks having people look at them. Sheena says, by the way, Marcus isn't here to take pictures. She tells Cutter what happened the night before.

At the prison, a guard named Lassa, who seems to be sympathetic to the plight of the prisoners, tells the commandant that three of the men scheduled to be executed are already dead. The cammandant says to pick three more then. He says he is going to check on what is going on outside. Marcus and the others are at the gate wanting to take pictures there. A truck pulls up with an injured guard in the back. They say he was injured in a bar fight. Suddenly Marcus doesn't want to take pictures anymore.

That evening, while Mendelson and the models sing Kum Ba Ya around the campfire, Sheena and Cutter confront Marcus. Sheena tells him she saw him with the injured guard. Marcus tries to fight them, but Sheena throws him in a stream.


Marcus says he is really there to rescue his uncle Umbutu from the prison. He has discovered that his uncle is scheduled to be executed tomorrow. Sheena says they will help him rescue his uncle. Cutter is doubtful, but Sheena convinces the models to help by being a distraction. Cutter calls and arranges for a helicopter to come and pick them up the next day.

The next morning Sheena enters the prison as an ox. Once inside, she morphs back into human form. The girls dance outside the prison walls and distract the guards. Cutter pretends to photograph them. The commandant comes out and orders them to leave, but says Cutter will stay. The guards take Cutter inside. Marcus, dressed as a guard, comes in with them.

Act IV

Sheena disarms several guards and renders them unconscious.

The commandant beats Cutter up and demands that he tell him why he is there. Cutter says just to take pictures, and the commandant orders him executed with the others.

Marcus and Sheena find his uncle and hide him in one of the wooden coffins. Marcus takes him out in a cart, but Sheena says she won't leave without Cutter. She begins to turn into the darak'na.

Cutter is tied to a post to be executed. The guard Lassa is to be executed, too, for letting Umbutu escape. Sheena throws dynamite and disrupts the firing squad. Then she unties Cutter and takes out all of the guards. Cutter jumps into a truck and takes off. Sheena leaps onto the hood of the truck as he drives by. The guards give chase, but Sheena jumps from the truck into their jeep and kills them.

The commandant is about to shoot Lassa himself when one of the prisoners shoots the commandant and frees Lassa.

The helicopter arrives and Mendelson, the models, Marcus and his uncle get onto it. Cutter says he will wait for Sheena, and the helicopter flies away.


Cutter and Sheena discuss the magazine layout, which shows the three models and a silhouette of a fourth model -- the mysterious "diva of the jungle". Sheena asks if she will receive big bucks for this, and Cutter says no, because there's no cleavage. Then he has to explain what cleavage is. He and Sheena walk outside and see Ruby. She has come to thank them for the best experience of her life. She did something good and met "the most wonderful man." The man turns, and Cutter is amazed to see McShain, who protests that he is "separated, you know, Cutter." Cutter and Sheena just shake their heads.


This synopsis is by Loretta Miller .

Two wooden coffins are hauled in on an oxen-drawn flatbed trailer. In a rat infested jail cell, a prisoner lays on a layer of hay, seemingly barely conscious. The prison commandant and a guard enter the cell. The prisoner asks why the commandant had visited twice in two days. He tells him that he likes to see a prisoner on his last day as it invigorates him. The prisoner, Umbutu, tells him that he must be jealous for in one day he will be free. The commandant says that in one day he will be dead. Umbutu, in his weakened state, tells him that regardless, he'll be somewhere else. The commandant tells the guard to put rat waste in his food, as he wants him retching in his final hours telling Umbutu that "you won't run from death this time".

Elsewhere, a man armed with a rifle is chasing Cutter. Cutter runs as he desperately tries to climb into his pants he has in hand. The man, clearly intensely angry calls out to him wanting "just one clear shot". Sheena suddenly appears from above, uses a rock in a slingshot to hit the rifle out of the man's hands, and jumps down in between them. She swings the slingshot around the man's legs and forces him to fall backwards. He grabs the barrel of his gun and swings it at her as she jumps. She uses the slingshot to wrap around his head, manages to gag the man with it and she lifts him up off the ground from behind. She rams him into the nearest tree and he runs off.

She approaches Cutter, lying on the ground, only one leg in his pants, very grateful that Sheena showed up when she did.

Sheena is impressed that Cutter tried to take on an elephant poacher in his underwear. From a distance, the man yells to Cutter that it isn't over, that he can't sleep with his wife and get away with it. Sheena is stunned, turns and walks off. Cutter races to catch up with her to explain that the couple had separated. Still angered, Sheena tells him that "life is just a set of loopholes for you, isn't it? Always an excuse. You never take responsibilities_it's whatever makes Matt Cutter happy." He quickly tells her of the last few jobs he's taken: touring with botanists and a group of war historians wanting to retrace a war. Those jobs didn't make him happy.

They enter Cutter's office to meet his three new clients. Mendehlson introduces Ruby, Jade and Pearl to them. They are very attractive women. Sheena asks "so, more war historians?" Cutter smiles, apparently very happy.

The girls are models with Marcus Cane, a photographer for "Stuff Magazine", a flaming gay guy with a high shrilly voice. He absolutely swoons over Sheena's "outfit" and guesses it to be made by "Prada?" Sheena says, "No, Gazelle." One model asks, "Who's Gazelle?"

Mendehlson tells Cutter that they are looking for a savage backdrop to photograph the models in their bikinis. Cutter says he could do that. Marcus continues to tell them what he's looking for, including a waterfall. Sheena says that what he's describing sounds like a pasture that she knows of near a prison. "With handcuffs and chains? Could it get any better?"

Umbutu is asked by another prisoner in an adjacent cell what tomorrow's date would be. Umbutu answers, "October 11." On that date, the prisoner says, will be the date he dies. The date chosen by N'Gama on a "whim". The prisoner doesn't want to die on a whim. Umbutu tells the man not to dwell on why we die but to dwell on why we live.

Cutter checks a map and Sheena tells him that if he takes "that route", it'll get them in the vicinity. Vicinity? Mendehlson tells him that that means the distance of a three day run for a marathoner. Cane has to get outside for his creative juices are drying up and are like "month-old jello_hard and no bounce."

Mendehlson and Cutter watch him leave. Mendehlson tells him that he hates those kinds of people. Cutter tells him not to be judgmental. Mendehlson says that he used to be punished for ending sentences with prepositions.

Marcus steps outside and his gay persona vanishes as he steps through the threshold of the doorway and into the street. Sheena watches him from above. She watches him go over and knock on a door, and receive a small package from a man. He hides the package inside his jacket as he leaves. Sheena adjusts her position to continue her surveillance as he walks off.

Mendehlson and Cutter continue to consult the map with Cutter complaining that regardless of their route, there is still quite a bit of walking. One model, overhearing this, tells them that she can do a forty-foot runway, seventeen times in "Minolta's". Mendehlson winces and says, "that's hard on the arches".

The other two models come in, one quickly showing Cutter her magazine layout. She is upset that they didn't airbrush her tan lines. Cutter looks at the layout and asks Mendehlson if he thinks if Marcus has his "creative juices back yet?"

Sheena has watched Marcus into the night. Marcus reappears, back into his gay persona, encounters several soldiers in an alley where he is beaten. Sheena jumps in to assist. Soldiers fight with Sheena and they finally scatter. She turns to see that Marcus has left.

Marcus, later, seated in the bed of Cutter's pick up, compares this trip to the "shoot" in the Sahara. He yells as he spots a boa constrictor on a large tree limb. One model says that this reminds her of a Versace show they had done in March. Wonders if the snakeskin they had on articles of clothing were one of his relatives. Another says that they don't need bad karma just as Cutter's tire blows.

Marcus eyes the prison they've stopped near.

The same model wonders if what she had said brought about the mishap. While Cutter and Mendehlson see about the tire, the models grow quickly bored and go for a walk.

Cutter and Mendehlson talk about the models privately. "How can something so gorgeous grate like gravel under the eyelids?"

Marcus spots the prison tower and tells Cutter that he's going to go over there for help. Cutter tells him that they probably wouldn't help, it's a prison. "Prison, really?" He wants to check it out. Marcus walks off as Cutter tells Mendehlson the rim is bent while Mendehlson says that Marcus is "light in the loafers".

Sudden screams have Cutter racing off only to find all three models are up to their necks in quicksand. A boa slithers onto the sand, panicking them all the more.

Sheena appears suddenly from above, hanging by her knees from a limb directly above. Sheena calls out to Cutter for him to get her a vine. With this vine, she manages to pull the girls up and out of the goo but not before the second and third girl completely submerge.

Later the girls clean up in a lake and they talk of Sheena's rescuing them and that her strength is unbelievable. They figure has to be "pilates" that gave her that strength and they all plan on taking classes in it when they return to the States. Maybe they could then rescue people from quicksand, too.

Sheena approaches Cutter who watches them from the shore. She cautions him that his eyes may bug out of his head. He tells her that he owes her one for helping out. Sheena says that it looks as though he's enjoying looking at them. He not just looking at them, he's watching over them, for crocodiles and sharks. Why isn't he nervous? Sheena says, "You're nervous when you watch me bathe in the lagoon." He gets nervous because he knows her. "And you don't know them?" Sheena asks. He notes that they don't know he's watching. She asks if he's spying. No, that's different, he tells her, it's no different than looking at them in those magazines they pose for. Sheena asks him if she could get money for posing and he tells her "big bucks, huge bucks". Becoming nervous, he suggests that they round up Marcus as this is a photo opportunity that shouldn't be lost. She tells Cutter that he's not there for pictures and leaves. Cutter runs off after her saying, "where did that comment come! from?

Sheena tells him that she followed Marcus and after he received a package from a man dressed like a soldier, he went to a bar. When he left, he was beaten in an alley by N'Gama soldiers. Cutter isn't surprised as it's common practice for them and "it's not like he doesn't call attention to himself."

Cutter tells Sheena that Marcus went to check out the prison. He asks her if her sudden arrival at the quicksand was coincidence. She runs off and he calls out after her, "I didn't think so."

A guard approaches the prison Commandant. The guard tells him that of those that are to be executed that day, there were already dead. He tells him to arbitrarily pick three more to take their place. The guard balks and suggests that a decision of such magnitude should not be left to a "lowly guard". The Commandant tells him that he will start a list that afternoon but tells him that all the prisoners are to die eventually.

Outside, the models begin to dance with Cutter madly photographing them, Mendehlson playing the harmonica. The Commandant tells the guard to check on "this nonsense". The guard steps outside and tells them to leave. Marcus, once again using his flaming gay persona, pleads their case with the three beauties.

A jeep arrives, Bakra, a soldier, is lying in its bed. He is unconscious and bleeding from the abdomen from a stab wound. The men say that the injuries came from some sort of bar fight. Sheena watches from nearby.

A guard approaches the models telling them, "no photo's". The models surround him and dancing all about, the guard relents and gives them "one hour" for their photo shoot. Marcus, using his shrilly voice suddenly claims, "I've lost the light". They will have to come back tomorrow. Sheena is wary.

Mendehlson sits at a campfire, harmonica in hand, with the three girls. He provides the music accompaniment to their rousing chorus of "Kum-ba-yah" as Cutter approaches. Mendehlson asks if he has found Sheena. No. Cutter notices Marcus missing as well. "Where is Marcus? Off finding his creative juices again?" Mendehlson says, "no, he's eliminating them."

For Marcus, however, that isn't the task at hand. With a torch to light the dark jungle night, he finds plane wreckage. He just begins to look inside when he is startled by Sheena who comes up from behind. She is holding a small box of explosives. Sheena asks him if he's looking for that box. Marcus, with his gay persona once more firmly in place, tries to give her a story that Sheena doesn't believe. She tells him that she saw him with the soldier that had been knifed. Marcus turns and runs. Sheena races after him and manages to trip him. Cane, devoid of his gay persona tells Sheena that "it'll all be over by tomorrow night."

"I don't think so," Sheena tells them as a fight between them ensues. Cutter arrives just as Sheena flings Marcus into a nearby swamp. Cutter confesses, "What I wouldn't give for a boring war story."

Marcus pulls himself out of the water telling them "that wasn't necessary". Cutter asks him if he is a photographer at all. Yes, he tells him, he's a photographer but also the son of Joseph Magwambe. Sheena asks him if he's related to Umbutu Magwambe and he nods, yes. That is his uncle. Marcus tells the story that his father and uncle were entrepreneurs and they made quite a bit of money. They in turn invested the money on their people. Sheena tells him that Kali had told her that N'Gama had made up false charges and had them arrested. They are "all there on trumped up charges", Marcus tells them. His father made escaped but it was his father's obsession and his dying wish for his brother to be freed. Marcus had tried two years prior without success. He knows his Uncle is still alive but tomorrow, he tells them, he is to be killed. The explosives (dynamite), Sheena had found, was less than one-third that he had initially paid for. Bakra, the soldier with the stab wound, was! his inside man. Sheena tells him he cannot rescue him on his own as they both would wind up dead. While Cutter has the position of resignation, that it's likely impossible, Sheena volunteers them both to assist.

Sheena approaches the models for their assistance as well. Marcus, Cutter and Mendehlson watch from nearby. Cutter is the most hopeful knowing that Sheena can be very persuasive.

The models balk, saying that they have no experience in such matters. Sheena tells him that Marcus' uncle will die if they don't use every resource at hand. Sheena tells them that all they have to do is what they had done before, posing and being a distraction. Besides, she tells them, "you'll be done before the real danger starts."

They trust her and agree. One model is happy to assist. Finally, she says, they aren't being used for their bodies. Another model corrects her and says that's precisely what they're being used for but this time they can help save a life.

The Commandant and guards walk to Umbutu's cell and enter. They find him unconscious. The guard kicks him but gets little response. The commandant tells him to chain him to the wall if he's unable to walk. Umbutu comes to enough to ask them if they're going to put him in a crown of thorns and mount him on a cross. Angered, the Commandant tells the guard to drag him to the wall.

The Commandant leave and the Guard asks him what had he done to earn that kind of anger? Umbutu tells him plainly that he didn't accept a bribe.

Cutter radios to "Rory" asking him for use of his helicopter. Rory tells him that he's unavailable unfortunately, when told that the passengers needing a lift are models and the posing in a magazine he has in his office is the ugliest of the three. He says he cannot do it but he'll try to find someone that can assist. Cutter tells him to do "whatever it takes."

At the Prison, an oxen pulls in a trailer as prisoners are moved out of their cells. The oxen, we see, is actually Sheena as she transforms, drops the yoke from around her neck and punches a Guard out.

Cutter, with Mendehlson once again providing appropriate harmonica music, is busy playing photographer as the three models prance around, getting everyone's attention.

Marcus, wearing a backpack, is seen lifting a pair of boots over a fence and entering a small corrugated tin hut.

The guards are distracted as the girls dance. Suddenly several other guards approach them and tell them they must leave. Cutter quickly tells them that they had permission for one hour and they had only been there five minutes. The permission, the guard tells them, was for the day before and they must leave. The guard asks Cutter where is the photographer that had been there yesterday. Cutter tells him that he is his assistant. "Get out of here before I execute all of you," he says as he grabs Cutter and is hauled off to be executed with the rest. Mendehlson takes photos of them as they leave.

They walk right past Marcus, clad in a guard's uniform, who is utterly ignored.

Models are off with Mendehlson, one of which impatiently awaits everyone's return. "It's a prison break," the one says. "Well, if you are five seconds late on the catwalk, your ass is grass." Mendehlson is much more patient telling them that the night is young.

Sheena approaches a guard inside the prison and a fight begins. She picks him up and flings him against a wall. She grabs his gun then his crotch and tosses him aside with him yowling loudly in pain.

The Commandant punches Cutter during an inquisition. He asks Cutter about his reason for being at the prison. Cutter holds to his story that he is there to photograph models and he tells him that the Commandant is the first person to ever find that objectionable. The Commandant punches him again. He tells the guards that he is to be executed along with the others.

The Prisoners are walked down a hall, all shackled together. Sheena hangs from pipes from above and shimmies along keeping up with them. She drops down behind the guard protecting the rear and attacks him. She flings him into a wall and he drops his gun. The second guard approaches as he takes aim at her. She grabs the gun barrel and pulls it from his grasp. She flings him headfirst into a wall. Sheena kicks him and grabs his keys. Marcus arrives armed with a rifle and she asks him which one of the prisoners there is his Uncle. He doesn't see him among the prisoners.

The prisoner seen earlier in the adjacent cell to Umbutu is among the prisoners in the hall. He tells Marcus what cell he is in. Sheena throws him the keys and tells him to release the others and remain there. Marcus and Sheena run off.

Cutter and a guard holding him follow the Commandant down the hall. The Commandant asks the guard, "where are the other guards?" "They are preparing for the execution, Commandant."

There is no one left to guard except Umbutu. They go to his cell and find it empty. Cutter tells the Commandant that "it's your lucky day, he apparently just evaporated." The Commandant angrily tells the guard to "find him."

Marcus and Sheena help the Uncle, with a nasty leg wound, down a flight of stairs. Sheena asks what happened to Cutter. Marcus tells her that while he photographed the models they took him away. Umbutu tells them that they must find him. They lay Umbutu into a pine coffin and secure the lid telling him that there is sufficient air to survive. While he didn't think he'd be lying in a coffin before he was dead, he knows that regardless, he is out of the prison.

Sheena goes back up the stairs; Marcus asks where she's going. She has to find Cutter. She won't leave without him.

Marcus, now wearing a native outfit, escorts an oxen out with the trailer containing the coffin, right past the guards and out of the prison.

Sheena, meanwhile, starts applying goo to her leg as she begins her transformation to the Darak'na. Cutter is led to the wall and positioned for his execution. The guard that has escorted Cutter, and accused of allowing Umbutu to escape is put on the wall as well.

The guard asks Cutter why he came there in the first place and he tells him, "I keep asking myself that."

Explosions distract the guards as the prisoners, now free of their shackles, fight the guards for their freedom.

Guards shoot several of the prisoners. The Darak'na approaches, attacks guards then frees Cutter from the wall. Cutter jumps into a nearby truck saying a prayer of thanks for looking at the "girlie magazines" long ago. The Darak'na jumps on the hood of the truck as they head out of the prison compound.

The Commandant yells, "don't let them escape". Cutter with Darak'na still on the hood as they smash through the gate. Guards give chase and follow closely behind in a jeep. The Darak'na climbs through the bed of the truck and jumps on to the jeep, immediately fighting and slicing the passenger. She grabs the driver by the neck and gives his head a quick twist breaking his neck. She then tosses him out leaving the jeep to go on unoccupied. It hits a bank of high weeds and stops.

At the prison, the guard is held at the wall. The Commandant orders him shot, accusing him of allowing Umbutu to escape. The prisoner seen earlier in the adjacent cell to Umbutu shoots the Commandant and frees the guard.

Marcus, largely unnoticed, clad in native wear, escorts an ox hauling an open bed trailer with the coffin occupying his Uncle, past the gate and to freedom.

A helicopter arrives in a large open area nearby. The models, Marcus and his Uncle all climb on board. Cutter arrives and Mendehlson chides him for being late. "You have no idea how late I nearly was," he tells him. Cutter won't, however, leave without Sheena. He instructs them to head off, that he'll be okay. The helicopter lifts off.

Later, Cutter and Sheena talk about a magazine lay-out that she says she had done. He calls it "her silhouettte". Sheena asks if she'll now get "big bucks"? Cutter tells her that it's not likely as she didn't show enough cleavage_the demarcation line of the breast, as the models had shown.

Ruby, one of the models, thanks Cutter for providing her with the best experience of her life and meeting McShane.

A man turns to face him, it's the same man that had been chasing him at the start of the episode. He was clearly interested in Ruby and it was mutual. He tells a shocked Cutter that he is "separated, after all."


This synopsis is by Loretta Miller .

There once were three models looking to do a mere photo-shoot with a "savage backdrop" only to wind up assisting in a prison break.

Marcus Cane, a man of several personas: 1) flaming gay photographer with an eye for fashion and 2) a man obsessed with fulfilling his father's dying wish: to rescue his uncle set to be executed in a local prison -- there on trumped up charges. Marcus was well portrayed and a well-rounded character. While his idea to get models in the area as a way of getting inside the prison, initially seemed a bit cheesy, it worked out well.

Cutter had his hands full in the entire episode. First of all, an irate man chases him with a rifle after being found sleeping with his wife. We later find out that the couple had separated and I guess, all bets are off in his opinion. Sheena, however, doesn't take kindly to this and tells him that he's one to avoid responsibilities and he's only out to do whatever makes himself happy. Then, at the prison break, while making like he's a photographer with the models, he's put against the wall and is about to be executed. Well, lucky for him he's rescued by Sheena a la Darak'na.

The underlying tone of the show was one of compassion. Compassion for the prisoners that were falsely imprisoned and executed whenever the Commandant wished. Marcus wanted to do right by his father and ultimately, in a team effort, they accomplished the goal and set all the prisoners free.

Sheena asks Cutter throughout this episode if she's good enough to pose for a magazine. At the end, however, I found it interesting that while the layout she had done showed only her silhouette and "no demarcation of her breast line_" Sheena, in her outfit, standing right before him, offered more cleavage than the models in the picture combined.

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