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Season 1, episode 14
Series 114
1st release: 02/12/01
2nd release:
Production number: 116
Approximate shooting dates:
Last update: 05-02-01

SYNOPSIS 1 by Sally Dye
SYNOPSIS 2 by Loretta Miller
COMMENTARY 1 by Loretta Miller

Gena Lee Nolin (Sheena)
Margo Moorer (Kali)
John Allen Nelson (Matt Cutter)
Kevin Quigley (Mendehlson)

Nick Meaney (Monty Wylde)
Joe Candelora (Mr. Donald)
Sophia Crawford (Camille)

Written by Bill Taub
Directed by Gary Jones

Filmed on location in Orlando, FL and Africa.


A TV icon captures footage of the Darak'Na for his show which sparks a tribal war and Sheena must keep the peace. ExciteTV

A TV star's footage of the Darak'Na sparks a tribal war and may expose Sheena's secret. ClickTV


This synopsis is by Sally Dye .


A Steve Irwin wannabe, complete with Australian accent, is shown cooing at snakes, crocodiles and other assorted African fauna. Monty Wylde, star of "Wylde's Animals", has come to Multaka in search of the mythical beast, the darak'na. He points out Kali as the woman who brokered a peace between two warring tribes seven years ago. Today, in Kali's village, they are celebrating that peace. The chief of the tribe tells Kali that Monty Wylde said he was a close friend of hers and that's why Monty is there filming the celebration. Kali is angry and confronts Cutter, who is the one who brought Wylde to the village. She asks if Cutter remembers asking her once if she shrunk heads. When Cutter says yes, she replies, "Well, I'm learning" and stalks off. Monty runs up and asks Cutter if he can interview Kali, and Cutter says no, she's busy. Then Cutter tells the story of how the darak'na fought both tribes before they declared peace. Now neither tribe sets foot in the LaMistas, which is a buffer zone between their territories.

Suddenly the darak'na leaps into the village and onto the roof of a hut. Monty is ecstatic and drags his cameraman over to film the darak'na, who growls and then jumps down and runs into the jungle. Cutter and Kali are puzzled and wonder what Sheena is up to. Cutter follows her into the jungle. When he tries to ask her what is going on, she knocks him unconscious.

Act I

Monty runs the tape of the darak'na. He is perturbed that the focus is not quite right. He tells Kali that he will show the world the clip of the darak'na. He calls his boss, Mr. Donald, to tell him he has the darak'na on tape. Donald says he hopes this is the real thing. When he hangs up, Donald tells his bodyguard about how he is using the show to funnel money to Columbian drug lords.

Cutter stumbles into camp. Monty gets him on tape telling Kali about the darak'na punching him out, until Cutter puts his hand over the camera lens.

Cutter goes to Sheena's cave home. She is taking a bath. He asks why she sucker punched him, but Sheena says she doesn't know what he is talking about. She gets out of the bath. Cutter says for once he is not going to be distracted by her walking around naked, but is distracted anyway. Sheena denies having been to the village. They wonder who the "darak'na" really was.

Monty radios the fake darak'na, whom he had hired to play the part. He has decided it would be a great story if she were to kidnap Kali. The woman playing the darak'na says she wants 25 grand to do that, and Monty agrees.

Act II

Cutter, Sheena and Kali discuss the fake darak'na. Kali says the tribes are uneasy because of the darak'na's appearance. Sheena says that maybe that's why it is here -- to start the war again.

Monty meets Mr. Donald, who has come to check out what's happening. He tells Monty that the show is just a front, but he wants the darak'na to be real so the show will make more money.

A native is walking through the jungle and is attacked by the fake darak'na. Sheena and others hear the struggle and find the wounded native after the fake darak'na leaves. Sheena realizes that this was a diversion and runs back toward the village.

Kali is standing just outside the village when the fake darak'na appears. She says she knows it is not really the darak'na and wants to know what it wants with her people. The fake darak'na attacks Kali and knocks her down. Sheena and tha warriors return and fight the fake darak'na. Monty drives up with Donald and calls to his cameraman to start filming. He has second thoughts, though, when he sees the fake darak'na really hurting people. The fake darak'na fights off all the others and runs away.

The chief says that the darak'na must have become evil and is now their enemy. They plan to search for the darak'na, even though entering the LaMistas may mean war with the Magala. Sheena says she will not let the war happen and leaves. Monty tells Donald that he doesn't want any part of a war, but Donald grabs him in a choke hold and tells him that it will be even better than a monster.

Monty tries to radio the fake darak'na, but can't get her to answer. He turns to see Sheena holding the other radio. Sheena says they need to talk.


Sheena sits Monty down and gets the whole story from him. He admits to Cutter and Sheena that he hired a woman kickboxer named Camille to pretend to be the darak'na. Cutter recognizes Donald's name as a mobster whom the feds have been after for a long time.

Sheena goes to stop the tribe's warriors from crossing the river into the LaMistas. She slips into the river and overturns their canoes.

Monty tells Cutter he will film the explanation of what has really happened. Donald interrupts them to say he figured out that Monty hired Camille, and that the last episode of the show would show Monty's tragic death as he tries to stop the darak'na.

Act IV

Donald and his bodyguard take Cutter and Monty out into the jungle. Donald tells Monty to set up the camera to film his death scene. Monty sets the camera on a rock. The darak'na leaps down into the clearing. Donald thinks it is Camille. He is bragging about what he has done and doesn't see Sheena turn on the camera to film his confession. Camille, as the fake darak'na, arrives and wants to know who she is supposed to kill. The two darak'nas fight. Cutter and Monty take out Donald and the bodyguard. Sheena finally defeats the fake darak'na. Monty has been filming the fight and is amazed. Cutter: "You want to see the real darak'na? There she goes."


Monty says he's had several offers for new TV series. He says all the film he got seems to have been of the fake darak'na, and he doesn't think that the world needs to know any more about the real darak'na. He says he might do an episode on how Kali once again stopped a war. Kali says that the darak'na did all the work. Sheena goes over to a shelf and takes down a camera that has been filming their conversation. Monty stutters that he had thought it would make a great episode: "Bonzai Babe in the Jungle". Sheena says nice try and throws the camera against the wall.


This synopsis is by Loretta Miller .

Monty Wylde, star of "Wylde's Animals" has arrived with his cameraman (Felix) in Maltaka in search of the legendary and mythological Darak'na. But, on his arrival he says into the camera that they have found "War" and "danger" and two tribes that hate each other but work to live together. He tells this all the while there is a festive-like dance going on behind him. Monty tells his viewers of Kali who stands behind him in the distance. She is the "brave" one that brokered the peace between the Cambina's and the Magala's.

Kali speaks with a tribal leader as they watch the festive dance with pride. They speak of their celebration of seven years of peace and all the thanks goes to the Darak'na.

They watch as Monty is being filmed as he nears the very sharp daggered tribal spears. He warns Kali to tell her "friend" (Monty) that he's too close to the spears as we hear Monty explain that he the spears are the tribe's "manhood". Kali questions, "friend"?" The tribal leader tells her that Cutter had told him that Monty was a friend of hers and it had been her wish to allow him to watch the ceremony.

Kali approaches Cutter as he boasts of Wylde's presence. "Nothing like world coverage to ensure peace." Cutter tells him that while he didn't call Monty her "old friend", he knew that when she saw him in person and could see the benefits he could offer the tribe, she would have no ill will toward the idea. Kali is unimpressed and starts away on to turn back and tell Cutter, "remember when we met and you asked me if I knew how to shrink heads." Cutter nods at the vivid memory and she tells him pointedly, "I'm learning."

Cutter advises Monty that Kali is much "too busy" to be interviewed. Felix asks Cutter if they're going to see "big foot" and Cutter reiterates that it's the Darak'na and no, there was no guarantee that they'd see it. He then tells them on camera how the Darak'na fought both tribes seven years ago in the La Mistas and Kali brokered a peace treaty between the two tribes and neither can set foot in the La Mistas. He then grabs the opportunity for self-promotion as he tells him that they could have a tour of the La Mistas courtesy of Cutter Unlimited. Monty tells Felix to stop filming and walks off, disinterested.

The cameraman follows Monty and sets up further down the road as Monty tells his viewers about the Darak'na. Is it myth, is it legend or is it real? As if on cue, behind them, the Darak'na appears racing into the village as the villagers scream and scatter in all directions.

The Darak'na has taken to the roof of a hut while Kali and Cutter are in disbelief. Monty races toward it, the cameraman following in hot pursuit as the Darak'na stays put above them and out of reach.

Cutter smiles for a moment as he believes that Sheena is there to make a show for Monty as the Darak'na disappears. Monty regales the account for the camera.

Kali with her arms crossed in disgust at the "show" and asks Cutter why Sheena is here. Cutter is just as surprised as she was and said he didn't put her up to it. They both know she doesn't change into the Darak'na unless there's trouble and Kali wants Cutter to check into it. Cutter agrees knowing that he would likely to get involved somehow anyway.

Cutter goes into the jungle calling out to Sheena and there is no response. Finally the "Darak'na" drops from a neighboring tree and confronts Cutter. No words are spoken she just goes into an attack stance.

Cutter remains relaxed, and curious. "Hey, what's with you." She looks different. "You've changed your get up." With that she attacks, smashing him in the face, knocking him down. A kick to the head effectively knocks him out.

Back at the village, Monty is back in front of the camera. "What is it? Where did it come from? That's what we are going to find out."

Monty and Felix view the "sighting" from the camera and Monty is pleased that they were able to capture the Darak'na on film. Felix tells him that it's only one photo, all the rest are "soft" (out of focus) and thereby unusable.

Kali is watching nearby, still troubled by the goings on, as Monty approaches. He tells her that he's studied photographs of the Darak'na and that was what he had expected it to look. He had read people's accounts of their encounters with the beast and he thinks that perhaps he's stumbled onto the "missing link." He grabs a prep radio/phone and asks for an operator to dial a number in the United States. After all, the world must know what he has witnessed and better yet it may yield the show a 25 share.

Kali, still with arms crossed, shakes her head. He is calling Mr. Donald.

While it's mid-afternoon in Maltaka, it's three in the morning on the West Coast of America but, Mr. Donald is not only awake, but just climbing out of his car. For Monty, it's time to celebrate, but his phone call to Donald is met with much less enthusiasm_heck, he didn't even know Monty by his first name.

He finds out that Monty has the Darak'na on tape, something that Donald has been waiting for for three years and while Monty is looking at shares, Donald's only thought is about how the show has been used to "balance" other "deals". His cable network wanted that Fox show "when animals piss off other animals" and Donald went with Wylde's show. While the other animal show when sky-high in the ratings, Wylde's show had gone into the toilet. He wanted to make sure Wylde was on the level and Monty assured him that he was. He hangs up telling Wylde that he has an appointment with his accountant.

"How stupid can this guy be?" he asks his assistant. While Donald is using his show to peddle money to the Colombia drug cartels, Monty is talking about ratings. He doesn't trust him. He's going to have to go to Maltaka himself. He snaps his fingers and his assistant produces a slap-jack which Donald takes in hand.

Donald steps around the car and approaches a man who is bound and bloody, a piece of duct tape across his mouth. Two men stand behind him, one armed with a baseball bat. Clearly Donald is going to be beating this man into more of a pulpy mess. This man is his accountant and there is a matter of money that they have to discuss. The man can only produce muffled screams as he comes close.

Monty returns to Felix telling him that Donald is thrilled at the prospect of having the tape and he's very supportive. Felix looks up to see Cutter stumbling into the village. He is disoriented from his attack with the "Darak'na". Felix grabs his camera and follows Monty as they run toward him.

A tribesman meets up with Cutter first as Kali sees him simultaneously and races over. Suddenly he's on camera as Kali examines his wounds. He starts to say, "She_" then sees the camera and stops. He tells her that the Darak'na attacked him and caused him the wounds. It takes a moment to sink in and he lunges for the camera, his hand covering the lens telling Felix to shut the thing off.

Cutter goes to Sheena's "home" in a cave and she's not thrilled at the prospect of having an unannounced guest_she's in the midst of a bath.

"I don't like being sucker punched when I'm just trying to find out what's wrong," a still smarting Cutter tells Sheena. She doesn't know what he's talking about.

He tells her of the attack and she tells him that she's been at her home all morning. Then he questions aloud who was that, then.

On a large tree limb we see the Darak'na claws and hear a radio crackle in the background. The woman still wearing the claws grabs the radio. Monty tells her that the staged Darak'na sighting was "great". She tells Monty that she wants her fifteen grand for the gig and a plane ticket out of there. He tells her that he's not finished yet and suggests that she kidnap Kali. For that, she tells Monty, it'll be 25 grand and he agrees.

Sheena and Cutter talk with Kali. They are concerned because the villagers think this may mean a resurgence of war. The La Mistas had been a buffer zone between them and the last time they had see the Darak'na was in war. They question Monty's motives and Cutter doesn't believe the man is capable of being an "agitator" as he's famous, has fan clubs.

Mr. Donald arrives and meets Monty. He came to protect his investment. He slugs Monty to make sure he's got his attention. He tells him that his show is a front. A network that pumps money to Colombia to finance certain "ventures": drugs.

An occasional civil war helps but they want the money to continue to flow. He knows that if he has the Darak'na on tape his show will be a hit. He tells him that he can show the beast in action.

A tribesman walks through the jungle and the "Darak'na" watches. A growl makes him stop and then he is viciously attacked and downed by the "Darak'na".

In the village the tribesmen quickly gather their weapons and head into the jungle in retaliation. Cutter and Sheena race after them certain the "Darak'na" has attacked. They find the tribesman and determine that he might have broken ribs. Sheena realizes that she attacks and runs away, and that means something. "She used us as a diversion." The village!

Sheena races back.

Kali senses someone approaching from behind as she stands alone.

She turns to face the "Darak'na" and tells her that she's not the legendary beast. In Kali's defense, the tribesmen attack the imposter. Felix sees this as Donald and Monty pull up on the action in a jeep. Felix goes for the camera but returns to film but has no tape.

Donald is impressed by the attack.

Kali is drug off.

Sheena attacks the fake "Darak'na" as the fight is now caught on tape.

An article of clothing comes off the fake "Darak'na" while Sheena fights with her. Sheena manages to grab a spear as the "Darak'na" launches it in Kali's direction before running off.

Monty is thunderstruck. Sheena tells everyone that "she's good and she's gonna pay for this." The villagers fears that the "Darak'na" has become evil, their enemy. They would track it down and kill it. Kali says that that will mean "war" and the tribal leader doesn't care, for all he knows the Darak'na is their enemy the Magala.

Cutter helps Kali to her hut as Monty approaches Sheena and confirms that they had mentioned "war". Sheena fears it will be a bloody one, too. She vows to stop it before it gets started.

Mr. Donald tells Monty that he wants the war. He tells Monty that a war has higher ratings potential than any monster could give them and that means more money funneled into Colombia.

When Monty protests and tells Mr. Donald that he's an animal expert not a war correspondent, he grabs Monty in a choke hold. He tells him that he will follow Sheena and film her as she tries to stop the war. That way they'll get the war and maybe get the monster, too.

Monty and Felix walk off as Mr. Donald sets his sights on the Darak'na.

War drums are banged fiercely as the tribesmen ready themselves and their weapons for battle as Sheena pleads with the head tribesman to give her one day to bring the monster in but her words fall on deaf ears. The head tribesman won't go along with her plan saying that he must do this to save his people. No matter what, the tribesmen will carry out his plan: war.

Cutter tends to Kali's wounds nearby as Monty once more faces the camera and sadly reports that it looks like war will occur as the Darak'na has attacked several people and seriously injured at least one.

Mr. Donald is off by himself in the jungle armed with a handgun calling out to the monster to show itself. Just as he gives up and turns to head back, he is suddenly within arms length of the creature_the "Darak'na". He rears back his fists in a defensive stance.

Meanwhile, Monty and Felix are at their jeep and Felix is busy with the camera. Monty is deep in thought and says aloud, under his breath, "I've got to find her." She is deeply concerned about his "Darak'na" double. Felix, not having quite heard him asks him what he said and he snaps back at him about changing the tape. Felix takes the camera and runs off leaving Monty alone. He picks up the small hand-held prep radio and calls out to his "friend".

There is no response but he hears something. He's hearing his own voice. He tests the radio by blowing into it a couple times and realizes that the sound is increasing. He looks up to see Sheena holding the other prep radio as she clicks the receiver and the resultant sounds "clicks" on his prep. "We have to talk," she tells him.

Cutter and Sheena interrogate Monty while Kali watches from nearby. He confesses that he hired a "bird", a woman named Camille, a martial arts-kick boxer, from one of Mr. Donald's parties. He's used her for appearances before and he never thought there would be any harm in it. He had no idea his actions would cause things to go so far out of control.

Cutter recognizes the Donald's name, as he is a man that the Feds have been after for years. He's in the mob. Sheena tells Cutter that they'll need a confession from him and Cutter agrees.

They tell Monty that if Donald catches on to what he's doing it'll be the last thing he does. Mr. Donald approaches, his shirt torn his arm in a sling. He tells them that he was attacked by the Darak'na. Sheena asks where she was in the jungle and he mentions a river, near a waterfall. Sheena recognizes the location and fears that the Cambia, tracking the "Darak'na" will cross that river and enter the La Mistas and war will begin.

Sheena tells Cutter to gather everyone and take them to his place and she starts off. Kali asks her where she is going and she tells them that she is going to stop a war.

Tribesmen are busy getting into their canoes and one raft as Sheena approaches the river. She enters the water quietly and submerges as she closes in on them.

Her hands emerge from the water and grab the front end of a canoe, which she rocks back and forth and manages to overturn. The warriors' frantically swim toward shore while the others look on.

Another canoe is up-ended and the warriors' are plunged into the water. The others are in disbelief; they cannot see Sheena from their point of view.

Sheena grabs a rope on the raft and yanks it tripping the six men on board. They all hit the water with a mighty splash.

At Cutter's place, Felix tells Monty that he's leaving. He's angry with him because Monty had lied to him, used him. His practical joke had gotten completely out of hand.

When Monty asks about the equipment, Felix says, "that's all you care about." He tells him to keep it, after all he bought it, or at least someone bought it.

Monty watches Felix stomp off and tells Cutter that everything: his dreams and everything he has stood for are gone.

Monty steps over to the camera that Felix left behind. He tells Cutter that the camera was what made him. He refers to it as to the monkey on his back. The monkey speaks to him, speaks to millions. He gets the brainstorm to tell everyone everything_how he created the Darak'na and that it would be his last show.

Mr. Donald overhears Monty's plans as he arrives and tells him that he doesn't think so. He tells Monty that he thought he was clever by hiring Camille for the role. He recognized her through her martial art skills. Donald's assistant takes Cutter's knife and his gun from him as Donald regales his "idea" of Monty's last episode: How he is tragically killed in a tribal war while relentlessly pursuing the legendary Darak'na. He gets close to him and asks Monty, "you would tune in, wouldn't you?"

Into the jungle, Donald has Monty set the camera up in the area where he had his "encounter". Cutter is held nearby by his assistant, his hands tied behind his back. Monty places it on a nearby rock and leaves the remote next to it. Cutter asks Donald how he thinks he can get away with this, which he finds amusing. "You should be on TV, you know that?" Monty sets up the camera and returns to Donald saying that they have a ratings blockbuster without the need to have him killed.

The real Darak'na clicks on the remote and starts up the camera. Donald unknowingly confesses that he has millions running through Colombia, all of it caught on tape.

From behind them a moment later, the Darak'na drops out of the tree. Cutter sees her and allows a slight smile of recognition to cross his face. A moment later Camille, in her Darak'na get-up appears and asks, "who do you want dead first?"

The Darak'na's fight it out with Sheena kicking the gun out of Donald's hand as Cutter takes on his assistant. The two mud covered Darak'na's slash and crash as they fight viciously. Cutter, his arms still tied behind his back, manages to take out the assistant with a neat leg to the neck. As Donald clamors for his gun and sits up, Monty is there and two-hand's the camera up side his head knocking him out. Cutter tells Monty to be careful with the camera as his confession has been recorded.

Meanwhile, the Darak'na's are still fighting. Into the trees, they climb vines and fight. Monty has the camera in hand and tapes it as the two women fall to the ground. Cutter is concerned about Sheena and fears for a moment that she may be hurt. She appears a moment later in the trees and growls. He smiles as he tells Monty, "you want to see the real Darak'na? There she is." The Darak'na growls once more, turns and disappears.

Kali, Sheena and Monty are at Cutter's. They drink a toast "to ratings". Monty tells them that he has already had five offers, one of them from the capturing of Donald. They want him to be the next Geraldo. Cutter says that the evidence on that tape will put Donald away for a very long time. He figures that it'll take awhile for Camille to recover from her beating she's liable to think that she is the Darak'na. Monty figures that he outsmarted himself as all of his photos are of the fake Darak'na. The real one is still out there. Sheena tells him that there's only one Darak'na and he says that the world doesn't really need to hear much more about the Darak'na for the moment.

They ask Monty what's next for him and he enthusiastically announces that he plans a special on how a tribal war was averted by a very special lady (he looks to Kali). "I only brought them to the peace table" _ she still maintains the Darak'na did all the work. He then tells of an episode he plans about a jaded and cynical filmmaker that needs a good kick up the bum to teach him that ratings shouldn't rule anyone's life. Sheena spots a camera on a shelf across the room pointed her direction and goes for it.

Monty, on to her find, says that he thought it'd be a great "episode six" calling it "Bonzai Babe In The Jungle. "Nice try", she tells him and sends the camera crashing into the wall and it splinters into many small pieces. She wipes her hands clean and gives us a smile of accomplishment; her job is done.


This synopsis is by Loretta Miller .

Monty Wylde is a perfect carbon copy of Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter. An enthusiastic old chap with a "down under" accent that revels in his find of rhino "poo" and then being chased by the beast and his cradling of an alligator only to fall backwards from the weight of the thing.

Monty has several hard lessons to learn as he realizes that it was the camera that "made him" what he was and finally has the common sense to come clean and use the camera for good. Calling himself jaded and cynical, he learns that ratings shouldn't rule anyone's life. Good point. Some of the best TV has wound up being cancelled because "no one watched" or were panned by the critics.

Overall a decent episode and a good stab at humor. I'm sure Steve Irwin would be flattered by the characterization.

On another note, what's growing troublesome for me is Kali's lack of involvement in the show overall. I guess I was expecting her to have a much more active role on the show and up until now, she hasn't done much. We know she has the ability to change into an animal and she shows compassion for Sheena, however, she does little more than stand around. I realize that she is meant to be Sheena's rudder, her mentor in a crisis, but I would just like to see more of her_emotionally, and physically.

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