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General News, Rumors, and Info about SHEENA

Here is the general news, rumors, and info about what to expect.

As the news and rumors come and go, I will just add a line on top so that the most current is always on top. I will keep the old ones as long as I can just so the history buffs can have fun tracing history!

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Last update: 02-11-02

News and Rumors
02-11-02 Where to Write The Show


02-11-02. Le Morte d'Sheena. Jauary 29, 2002, Steve Sears, executive porducer of SHEENA, posted on the SOony Website the following:

I'm not one for drawn-out announcements. There was a valiant battle fought for the show, but I'm afraid the weight of the economic market was too much to bear. Without an official announcement, I regret to say that it appears that no more episodes of SHEENA will be produced. I hope to be able to speak on this more later, but for now, that appears to be the case.
Take care.


08-20-01. Season Two preview! At this time only 13 episodes have been produced, however it is anticipated that production for the rest of the season (9 episodes) will begin in either January or February 2002. And what a 13! In terms of guest stars there will be Laila Ali (Muhammad Ali's daughter), Ron "Tarzan" Ely, Mira "Babylon 5" Furlan, Gary "Alien Nation" Graham, Peter "Days of Our Lives" Reckell, Patricia "Babylon 5" Tallman, and Alexandra "Xena" Tydings.

Carl Weathers (who played Apollo Creed in ROCKY), Chuck "A-Team" Bowman, Walter "Swamp Thing" Von Huene, Jon "Forever Knight" Cassar, Goran "Babylon 5" Gajic, and Terry "Relic Hunter" Ingram will all be directing. Tony "Charmed" Blake, Paul "Charmed" Jackson, Christopher "ER" Mack, Melissa "Xena" Good, Rick "Charlie's Angels" Husky, Steven "Xena" Sears, Babs "Xena" Greyhosky, Harold "Earth: Final Conflict" Apter, Carla (TV movie writer) Wagner, and Tom Blonquist will do the writing duties.

Now to plotlines! Sheena discovers a feral teenager living deep in the jungle (can you say Tarzan homage?), a shaman arises to challenge Kali, Sheena has only 48 hours to get an undercover drug agent safely out of harm's way, an assassin comes into the jungle and kills some of the locals (which not surprisingly annoys Sheena), a high stakes boxing tournament happens on Sheena's turf, a valuable relic that was to be sold for a needy village is stolen by thieves, Kali is accused of some local crimes, an international hostage situation arises in Maltaka, an outsider comes in to reform the social and educational systems of the villages, and two major homages: an X-Files one where villagers begin to suspect alien abductions, and a Survivor one, where a Survivor-like TV show is interrupted by a civil war.

10-04-00. Be sure to check out your local area at clicktv.com or tvguide.com and do a search for SHEENA. The show is not being promoted as aggressively in some areas as others. Just because you have not seen an ad or a TV spot does not mean it is not airing in your area!


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