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Season 1, episode 16
Series 116
1st release: 04/09/01
2nd release:
Production number: 119
Approximate shooting dates:
Last update: 10-13-01

SYNOPSIS 1 by Sally Dye
SYNOPSIS 2 by Loretta Miller
COMMENTARY 1 by Loretta Miller

Gena Lee Nolin (Sheena)
Margo Moorer (Kali)
John Allen Nelson (Matt Cutter)
Kevin Quigley (Mendehlson)

Teleplay by Steven L. Sears
Story by Steven L. Sears and Jon Valenti
Directed by Chuck Bowman

Filmed on location in Orlando, FL and Africa.


Sheena steals Cutter's prized signed footballs to coerce him into helping her find the Kamada tribe's sacred jewel. Logline


This synopsis is by Sally Dye .


Cutter is getting ready to watch an FSU football game -- assembling popcorn, beer, his two autographed footballs, etc. Sheena comes in to remind him that he is to take her to the airfield to meet a man named Natumi, who is bringing a rare gem back to his tribe. Cutter says no way, he has to watch this game. Sheena picks up one of the footballs and asks what it is. Cutter gasps in horror and says he will hunt her down if she hurts it. Sheena: "Hurt it? It's a living thing?" Cutter gets the ball and carefully places it back in its case.

Cut to the airplane, where a fight is going on between Natumi and another man over a briefcase holding a huge diamond. The pilot has been knocked unconscious, and the plane is wobbling all over the sky. The man and the briefcase fall out of the plane into the jungle below. Natumi, though badly wounded, gets to the copilot's seat and manages to land the plane. Sheena is there as Natumi gets out of the plane and falls to the ground dead.

Act I

At Natumi's funeral, Sheena learns that Natumi had only recently recovered the diamond, which is considered the birthright of his tribe, the Kamada. The diamond had long ago been taken from the tribe and displayed in a museum, but Natumi had studied the law and won the right to return it to his tribe. Sheena promises that she will recover the gem, but she knows she will need Cutter's help.

On a tourist beach, a well-dressed woman approaches two men -- Taylor and Spencer -- to hire them to get the diamond. She confesses that an earlier attempt to steal it failed, and now the gem is apparently lost somewhere in the LaMistas. Taylor and Spencer say that it will cost $300,000, and if they have to kill anyone, it will be extra. The woman agrees and tells them that a man named Matt Cutter was supposed to meet the flight the gem was on.

Cutter gets up in the night when he hears a prowler. He finds no one, but is enraged when he sees that his two autographed footballs are missing and a piece of leopardskin has been left in their place. He immediately goes to Sheena's cave home to demand an explanation. Sheena says his balls are safe, but she needs his help, and she knew he'd say no if there was no added incentive.

Cutter grudgingly agrees to help and digs out his pilot's maps to figure out the route the plane took. Sheena rewards him by returning one of the footballs, but says he has to go with her to get the other one back. Cutter says when this is over, Sheena will be out of his life for good. Sheena says fine.

At dawn, Cutter and Sheena set out in his truck. Mendelson is visited by Taylor and Spencer, who want to know Cutter's whereabouts. They force Mendelson to give them Cutter's map and then leave, taking Mendelson with them.

As Cutter drives along, he gets drowsy and almost falls asleep. A blast of loud music from the radio awakens him, and he and Sheena see that the truck is in the middle of an old battlefield, which is still full of live mines.

Act II

Cutter and Sheena set out on foot across the minefield, throwing rocks to locate the mines and traveling over the craters left by the explosions.

A helicopter sets Taylor, Spencer and Mendelson down in a clearing. They tell the two men in the helicopter to go see if they can find Cutter and kill him.

Sheena and Cutter are arguing about football. Cutter is trying to explain the game to Sheena, but she thinks it's the most ridiculous game she's heard of. They hear the helicopter, and when it gets close enough, the men in it start shooting at them.


Cutter distracts the men in the helicopter while Sheena climbs a tree and throws a rope that catches in the chopper's rotor, causing it to crash. Cutter is furious that he was once again almost killed -- something that has happened quite often since he met Sheena.

Cutter and Sheena come upon the body of the man who fell out of the plane. Amazingly, the jewel is not far away, lodged in the fork of a tree. Just as they retrieve it, they hear someone approaching and hide. It's Taylor, Spencer and Mendelson. Taylor sees Cutter's pack and knows he must be nearby. They call out to Cutter to come out. When he doesn't, Taylor turns and shoots Mendelson, who slumps to the ground.

Act IV

Cutter and Sheena are relieved when they see that Mendelson is not dead, only wounded in the leg. Taylor calls out that the next shot will be to the head. Cutter and Sheena come out and Spencer takes the gem. They have Sheena climb a tree to find a route out of the area. Mendelson wants to know why Cutter is so exasperated with Sheena. Cutter says that ever since he met her he has felt compelled to "get involved in things" and he doesn't know why. Mendelson says maybe it's because of Sheena's freedom of conviction, or a desire to be part of a solution rather than part of a problem, or "maybe it's just the hooters."

Sheena points the way to a stream that may lead to civilization, so they set out. At nightfall, they make camp. Taylor says that either he or Spencer will be watching them every moment. Sheena sits with her back to Taylor and starts using mud to transform into the darak'na. She tells Cutter she only needs a second to change completely. He says he will give a signal the moment Taylor drops his eyes. When Taylor glances at his gun, Sheena disappears into the darkness of the jungle. Taylor and Spencer leap up and start shooting into the jungle, but can't see where Sheena went. Suddenly she leaps out, attacking Spencer, while Cutter fights Taylor. The two mercenaries are taken out, and Cutter gets the gem from Spencer's pocket.


Cutter tells Sheena that Mendelson is getting treatment and will be okay, and that he is taking the gem back to the Kamadans tomorrow. Sheena apologizes for getting Cutter and Mendelson involved, and Cutter realizes that he didn't mean it when he said he never wanted to see her again. Sheena says she would like to know more about football, but Cutter says first he needs to know where his other football is. Sheena says it's in the back seat of his truck, and the truck . . .is still in the middle of the minefield.


This synopsis is by Loretta Miller .

Cutter excitedly prepares himself to veg on the couch for many hours watching a pile of freshly delivered videotape of his favorite Florida State University football team in action. Even warm beer cannot dampen his spirits as he carefully places his two official signed footballs on the table beside him. Heís barely seated when he sees Sheena standing there. Sheena had expected him to take her to the airfield. He clarifies it by telling her that he would have accompanied her only if he wasnít busy and with the arrival of the tapes, he plans on being very busy. Besides, he tells her, itís a short flight what could possibly go wrong?

However, on the plane something is horribly wrong. The pilot is unconscious and bleeding while a vicious fight ensues behind him. A man armed with a knife fights another handcuffed to a briefcase. The armed man knocks the man (Natumi ) out and takes a key from his suit and unlocks a briefcase where a large jewel is inside. Natumi comes to and the fight resumes. The briefcase slides out the open cargo door and the knife wielding man falls out of the plane as he makes a grab for it. Natumi manages to land the plane in one piece to the waiting Sheena only to fall to the ground at her feet: dead.

Sheena watches as Natumiís body burns in a funeral pyre. Sheena speaks with a woman from the Kamada tribe, whose ancestors had mined gems for King Solomon, in the north region. The gem Natumi was returning is their birthright. Man came from the west, robbed them of the jewel placed it into a museum and Natumi had gone to the world court and won the gem back. Sheena offers to find the missing jewel. It was on the flight when it took off and was missing when it landed so, it had to be somewhere in between. She knows the person who can help determine the flight path: Cutter.

Meanwhile, a woman seeks out and hires two men (Mr. Taylor and Mr. Spencer) who will get the jewel for $300,000. She tells them she wants the jewel returned to the museum and agrees on the price. They tell her that if they have to kill anyone, itíll cost extra.

Cutter has heard a noise and comes downstairs armed with a baseball bat to check it out. He finds nothing and returns up the stairs and stops dead: his prized footballs are missing and a strip of leopard skin is draped over one of the cases. Only one person could do that as he yells, "SHEENA!" Cutter goes to her cave, livid, and demanding the footballs returned. She tells them that they are safe and that she needs his help. "No way in hell," he spits back in reply. She tells him that the man she was to meet is dead and the very important item he was transporting back to his tribe is lost and they need to find it. Sheena knew heíd say no when asked to help so she took his "balls". She assures him that they are in a safe place but he knows he wonít be able to get them back unless he helps.

Cutter looks over the pilotís maps and weather maps and discovers the flight path they would have taken across Dufari, their "peace loving neighbors to the north". Cutter asks for his footballs back and she gives him only one back, which he carefully examines. Sheena wonít turn the second one over and Cutter tells her pointedly, "when this is over, I want you out of my life." Mendehlson examines a poster for Cutter Unlimited that shows Cutter but he doesnít appear anywhere on it. The man explains that heís "behind the jeep". Mendehlson looks over the work more closely as Spencer and Taylor enter and close the door. He welcomes the duo into Cutter Unlimited and lifts the poster beside his face. At one glance they know heís not the Cutter in the picture and Mendehlson looks and wonders if heís let himself go. He tells him that heís behind the jeep, and points to the picture, "you can see my feet." They want the Jewel of Kamada and they figure Cutter has it. They want him and the map. Mendehlson tells them the map is in the locked cabinet, which Spencer shoots up in order to open. They grab the map and take Mendehlson as they leave.

Cutter with Sheena asleep on his jeepís top is riding through the open country. Cutter, too, falls victim to the big-band music that is acting like a tranquilizer for both of them. Suddenly the music shifts to trumpets blaring and it awakens them both. They realize they have just entered a minefield. Without a map to guide them, Sheena tosses out a fire extinguisher out ahead only to see it explode as it hits the ground, triggering a mine. Theyíre trapped. Cutter is bitter that heís become embroiled in another dilemma that heíd rather do without and Sheena wonders why heís mad at her. After all, he was driving and was supposed to know where they were going. He "did" know, the area started just beyond the line of trees ahead but the minefield has them stopped. They cautiously make their way from the jeep on foot throwing stones out ahead of them and ducking whenever a mine explodes. Cutter doesnít want to leave his jeep behind but Sheena asks him whoís going to take it. Once safely on the other side of the field, Cutter relies on his GPS to give them direction as Sheena beats him to it by intuitively knowing. Of course, he finds out a moment later that her course matches the GPS perfectly.

Overhead a military gunship with Mendehlson hanging on the outside appears. He is standing on a skid, is lowered down to the ground immediately after Spencer and Taylor rappel down like pros. They immediately grab Mendehlson and lift him to his feet and ask him to point out where Cutter would most likely be. He points to an area that Spencer says is mined and only a fool would go through there. Mendehlson shrugs and tells him that they know as much about him as he does.

Taylor radios to the helicopter still overhead and tells Diego and Jimmy to double back to the Dufari border and look for Cutter. If they spot him, kill him. Spencer is immediately upset that theyíll have to split the percentage with them if they do. The helicopter heads off. Cutter and Sheena walk through the dense forest and talk about football. Sheena doesnít understand his interest as he tells her itís the second most exciting thing on the planet. He tries to explain the rules and she doesnít understand "downs", why arenít they just called "attempts". Besides he tells her, the thing they want to do is pass it. Sheena tells him, "besides being sick, I donít think itís physically possible." "Not that kind of pass," he tells her.

They enter a clearing just as they hear the helicopter approach. The man on the outside skid motions the pilot to go down low and he races along Cutter and Sheena who are now running for their lives as he lets go with machine gun fire in their direction, nearly level with them in the open field. They duck under a large downed limb and the bullets come close but miss. As they scamper into the safety of the thickly treed area, the helicopter is forced up and the gunman continues to take potshots at them as they run. Cutter draws his own gun as they stop to catch their breath, the helicopter hovers directly overhead. They separate with Cutter running out into the open field to draw fire away from Sheena who quickly gathers vines, climbs and tree and throws the vines over the nearby rotor. The helicopter spins out of control and crashes just beyond the line of trees they are on.

Cutter meets up with Sheena and instead of being grateful, heís enraged. He canít be with her for five minutes before a helicopter wants to kill him, terrorists want to shoot him, or a mad gazelle wants to mash his brains out. Sheena wants to know when the last one happened and he says, "any time now." And whatís worse he cannot feel good about helping because he was blackmailed into it in the first place all done for a jewel that he could care less about. "When this is done, I donít ever want to see you again. Do I make myself clear?" Sheena tells him, "Absolutely" and stomps off, equally enraged. Taylor busily radios his helicopter, "Zebra, this is Groundhog, come in." Mendehlson notes the plume of heavy black smoke in the distance. "Looks like they already came in, at a forty-five degree angle."

Taylor reminds Spencer that Cutter was "special forces" but Spencer wants to believe it was "pilot error" that brought the craft down. They know Cutter has to be nearby and they head that direction.

Cutter calls it a long shot anyway and for they knew the man could have parachuted down to a waiting truck. Sheena looks up and sees a body draped over a high tree limb, dead. Nope, no parachute.

"How do you know this is the fella weíre looking for?" "Do you see anybody else hanging from trees?"

Sheena climbs up to examine the body and doesnít find the jewel but as she pivots around something catches her eye and itís the jewel, caught up in the bough of a tree nearby.

Sheena climbs up to gather the jewel as Cutter is also in a tree and above the trio as they approach. They are both stunned to see Mendehlson is with them. Spencer spots tracks of two people. Cutter tells Sheena that itís her fault that Mendehlson has been drawn into this. Sheena asks what weapons did Cutter pack just as Spencer down below discovers his pack. To force Cutter out of hiding, they give him three seconds to materialize. When he doesnít, Taylor shoots Mendehlson!

Spencer has deliberately given Mendehslon a flesh wound to the thigh. They call out to Cutter that the next wound will be in his head to which Mendehlson says, "hard to get a flesh wound there." Spencer takes aim and Mendehlson squeezes his eyes shut knowing itís going to hurt just as the jewel falls to the ground nearby. Taylor inspects the "flawless gem" as Sheena tends to Mendehlsonís wound and Cutter stands nearby. They need a way out. Taylor orders Sheena to climb the tallest tree to help get their bearings through the jungle. Meanwhile, Cutter talks with Mendehlson. He asks him how his leg is and he reply is a curt, "shredded, howís yours?" Cutter tells Mendehlson that when all of this is over, theyíre done. Mendehlson is surprised and asks him why he was so ticked at her? During that chat, Cutter realizes that since meeting her he hasnít felt so alive, which scares him. Itís Mendehlson who accurately pins it down for Cutter by saying that heís finally able to be part of the solution not an addendum to the problem.

Sheena returns to say that there is a creek two miles west that would lead to a river and to civilization. Cutter suggests that the men go on without them, after all, they have what they were looking for. Taylor guesses that may be true but theyíre going to stay together overnight just to make sure. They only have one hour of daylight left.

Night falls and Mendehlson is lying near the campfire noticeably weak. He passes out and Cutter demands that they take him to the hospital immediately. Well, thatís not going to happen. They are pointedly told that they wonít take their eyes off of them. Cutter wants to become invisible and get the drop on them Sheena turns her back to them and begins to rub mud all over. Sheena tells Cutter that he had a great idea in wanting to become invisible. She spreads mud all over her front, covering her face and a lot of her hair. Cutter and Sheena talk briefly about Mendehlson and how he dragged him into more of his share of adventure. Sheena is surprised that he didnít blame that part on her as well. Spencer is none the wiser as she finishes. Sheena tells him that sheís counting on him. She awaits Cutterís signal, he drops his eyes to signal to her that Spencer has momentarily dropped his and she instantly pivots and she is no longer in view. She has disappeared into the darkness that is just behind them. Spencer is on his feet calling out to Taylor that they have trouble. They both stand in an instant, their guns drawn as they hear the Darakína growl in the distance. Cutter tells them calmly that that is the Darakína. They blindly shoot at the sound as the Darakína attacks. Cutter grabs Spencerís gun as Sheena as the Darakína takes on the other. She viciously downs the man and wildly slashes at him. Cutter, meanwhile, has his hands full with the other thug. As Taylor grabs his gun and takes aim at Cutter, the Darakína comes from behind and breaks his neck. Spencer, injured from his assault, falls unconscious. As the Darakína growls once more, Cutter retrieves the jewel from the manís pocket.

Cutter calls out to Sheena to tell her Mendehlson is all taken care of. Sheena appears as Cutter tells her that heíll be returning the jewel to the Kamadanís the next day. Sheena tells Cutter sheís sorry and Cutter looks around looking for the Candid Camera people. She apologizes for having getting him involved again. He explains his actions by telling her a story about how two football teams could get all fired up and destroy each other on the field and then after the game go out for a drink. He tells her that she shouldnít take him so seriously all the time and to equate what happens to being the opening cheer of the football game.

Sheena is glad that he doesnít truly want to call it quits between them and wants to learn more about the game. Cutter asks her where his other football is.

The football is in the backseat of his jeep, on the other end of the minefield. Cutter angrily tells her that the football should be back at his place and Sheena asks him if this is one of those times that she shouldnít take him so personally. No, he tells her, these are one of those moments where your life is in danger. She turns away and walks off leaving him to fend for himself. He takes a rock and throws it into the field, which explodes, on impact. He looks over his shoulder in her direction and sighs.


This synopsis is by Loretta Miller .

This is a good episode with a deepening relationship being seen between Cutter and Sheena. Mendehlson is roped into their adventure as two thugs come into the LaMistas after a jewel, met for a local tribe, had dropped from a plane. Sheena has to blackmail Cutter into the "game" by taking his two prized footballs but as angry as Cutter is about all this, he realizes that heís never felt so alive. They have to work together as a team to rescue Mendehlson who had been shot in the leg. I can only imagine how Mendehlson will use that to his advantage down the road.

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