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Season 1, episode 07
Series 107
1st release: 11/13/00
2nd release:
Production number: 111
Approximate shooting dates:
Last update: 05-02-01

SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye
SYNOPSIS 2 by Loretta Miller
COMMENTARY 1 by Loretta Miller

Gena Lee Nolin (Sheena)
Margo Moorer (Kali)
John Allen Nelson (Matt Cutter)
Kevin Quigley (Mendehlson)

Jim R. Coleman (Ngama)

Written by Tony Blake and Paul Jackson
Directed by Nelson McCormick

Filmed on location in Orlando, FL and Africa.


Sheena helps the peaceful Souman tribe fight a corporation that is after their land at any cost.

When an evil corporation tries to steal the land of the peaceful Souman tribe, Sheena helps them fight back. Sheentv.com


1st RELEASE: 11/13/00
An AA average of 2.0
Competition from Action Hours:

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Andromeda 3.7/3.9 
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The Invisible Man (1.4) 
The Immortal (0.8) 


This synopsis is by Sally Dye .


A crew is surveying an area in the jungle, preparing to build a road so they can transport some heavy equipment. The native workers don't think this is a good idea, because there are sacred markers everywhere, and this is supposed to be government protected land. The head engineer says he has an agreement with President Engama and insists that they go ahead. From a distance, Cutter and a photojournalist named Peter Reynolds are watching and taking pictures. Reynolds has hired Cutter to bring him out to the site. Cutter mentions that he has a grudge against the man whose company is building the road -- Philip Coulter -- and wants to throw a wrench in the works if he can. As they watch, fireballs begin landing in the work area. The crew runs for cover, jumping in their vehicles and driving away. Cutter says they need to get out of there. They see one of the crew's jeeps and run for it. They take off, dodging fireballs, but go out of control and almost go over a cliff. They are teetering on the edge of a precipice and need a counterbalance to hold the jeep in place while they climb out. Suddenly Sheena leaps onto the hood of the jeep and gets them out just as the jeep pitches over the edge and crashes.

Act I

Kali patches Reynolds' wounds. Sheena tells them that the area is a sacred burial ground of the Somaan, and that's the reason for the attack. Sheena wants Reynolds to get the word out that Coulter's company, Agmes, is destroying sacred sites. She tells Cutter he has to come and help, too.

A representative of Mr. Coulter's, a Ms. Stanton, comes to talk to Engama's security people about the problems with the petroleum project. She is promised that the problem is a local one and will be taken care of -- permanently.

Sheena examines the jeep that crashed and finds a map showing the plans for Agmes' petroleum project. They realize that Engama must be going ahead with an environmentally unsafe petroleum exploration despite an earlier injunction against it. Reynolds says he needs to know who attacked the crew to write a convincing story. Sheena says whoever it is needs their help.

Reynolds keeps trying to take Sheena's picture. Cutter tells him to back off, and finally Sheena throws mud on his camera lens. She says that's the only warning she's going to give him. Reynolds asks Cutter if Sheena is taken or available. Cutter says neither.

They find the Agmes crew and take pictures of it. Sheena says she is going to look around. Cutter: "Darak'na?" Sheena: "No, not yet." Reynolds is curious about this, but Cutter says they are just speaking in code, "like pillow talk".

Before the crew can move their equipment back into the jungle, more firebombs are launched into their midst. Sheena gets back to Cutter, but Reynolds is missing. They find his camera, but he's apparently been taken by the ones bombing the camp.

Act II

Sheena doesn't believe that the Somaans would take hostages. She says they have always been peaceful. But they see Reynolds in a cage in the Somaan village. Cutter wonders how they can get to him. Sheena looks around and sees a booby trap and trips it. They are both caught in a net and end up in cages, too. Cutter says this is not quite what he had in mind. One of the Somaans recognizes Sheena as Kali's child. Sheena tells him they have come to help, but they can't help unless they are set free. The Somaan says it will be up to the Banqui -- their leader -- to decide. He takes Sheena to the Banqui's hut, but Sheena cannot go in. The Banqui sends word out that all three of them will be executed unless the crews leave Somaan land. Sheena challenges the Banqui's bodyguard. They fight and Sheena wins. The Banqui comes out of the hut -- he is a young white man in a military uniform.


Engama instructs his soldiers to "pacify the discontent in the region." He is not pleased when Ms. Stanton insists on going with them, but he allows it when she threatens to withdraw all of Agmes' projects in his country.

Cutter recognizes the Banqui as David Wellman, a former military cadet who disappeared after driving a tank through his administration building. Cutter is more worried about what is happening to Sheena, though, because he hasn't seen her since her fight with the bodyguard.

Sheena is getting a massage and trying to convince the Somaans that the Banqui is really just a child. But they say that he is the only one to give them hope of defending their land.

Sheena tries to convince David that a war with Emgama's forces is hopeless. He says that he also is an orphan, and that he is now defending his homeland. He says he will execute one of the hostages and let the other go -- Sheena has to choose which. She says that she is going to get the crews to leave their land, and when she does, he must let all of them go. David says he will keep one hostage. Sheena has until the next day to do this or the hostage that is left will be executed. Sheena and Cutter leave the village. Sheena has a plan.

Cutter runs into the crew's camp, shouting that "It's coming!" The men are confused. A huge lion leaps into the camp, knocks down the head engineer, and then leaves. The men scatter, driving off in their jeeps. The lion morphs back into Sheena. Cutter: "You back to normal yet?" Sheena says she should be and then growls: "Maybe not."

They return to the Somaan village. Sheena says she kept her end of the deal, now they should let Reynolds go. David tells Reynolds to write the story, but not to mention him. Just as Reynolds gets out of his cage, it is blown up. Emgama's soldiers are attacking the village. The Somaans run, but some are caught by the soldiers.

Act IV

Cutter, Reynolds, Sheena and David try to plan how to rescue the Somaan villagers who were captured. Sheena suggests that they use a Zulu technique called the Horns of the Bull. They decide to try it.

As they get into position to rescue the Somaans, Sheena tells Cutter she is going to change and slips off into the jungle. David goes to get his warriors into place. The battle begins, and the soldiers are being overwhelmed by the Somaans. Cutter goes into the camp and runs into Ms. Stanton. She says she is a red cross nurse who has come to help the villagers. She asks Cutter's name and he gives it to her and tells her to get into the jungle so she'll be safe.

The darak'na takes out several of the soldiers. Finally they are routed and flee. Reynolds is taking pictures of the battle and sees the darak'na as it runs off into the jungle. He wonders what it was. The Somaans say the darak'na is their protector.


Reynolds thanks Sheena for saving his life. He promises that the threat of his expose will make Coulter and Engama back off and drives away. David Wellman also thanks Sheena and says he will stay on as a member of the Somaan tribe, but not as Banqui.

Reynolds drives to a landing strip and meets Ms. Stanton. He tells her that he's cancelling the project but is not pulling out completely. He tells her to find out everything she can about "her". She replies, "Yes, Mr. Coulter."


This synopsis is by Loretta Miller .

Several employees of AGMES busily survey the area realizing that the geological map they have isn't entirely reliable. Cutter brings a Peter Reynolds up to the men, hidden by brush, to observe in the distance. Cutter tells him that he has an axe to grind with them, as they owe him a plane, for instance. Reynolds wonders if he should confront these men, Cutter says the man he needs to talk to is Phillip Colter, President, and CEO of AGMES. Peter, armed with a camera, has told Cutter that he is a reporter and after a "story".

Suddenly firebombs explode all around them. The surveyors scurry for cover, into their vehicles and they race away. Cutter recognizes the attack as "bracketing pyrotechnics" military style. He tells Reynolds that they have their range and they are waiting for them: the only ones left behind. They race to a nearby jeep as Cutter figures the keys have to be in the ignition, "we're in a good neighborhood". But, no keys forces Cutter to quickly hot wire the engine and get going.

They race down this road and lose control, the rear end of their jeep teetering over the edge precariously. Reynolds moves his arm to better stabilize the camera around his neck only to have the jeep dangerously rock. Cutter says aloud that they need a counter-balance only to have Sheena suddenly fill the bill nicely by jumping onto the hood providing the needed weight. She tells them to keep low and crawl forward up onto the hood. She grabs their wrists and all in one-motion yanks them clear only to watch the jeep take a hellacious plunge into the cavern below.

Reynolds meets Sheena and review what had just happened to them. Sheena tells them that they were in the Somaan territory and their burial grounds and markers. They were a peaceful people but Cutter tells them that the attack was "military textbook". Sheena knows the power of the press through reading books and wants Reynolds to write an article to ultimately get AGMES out of the La Mistas. Reynolds knew that the company was forced to leave the Philippines due to world opinion. Cutter thinks of his client (Reynolds) as he had paid half of his fee already but Reynolds tells him in order to get the story he'd double the fee.

Colter's aide, a woman chides the surveyors that had been run off. She tells them that Colter wants to know where the money is going. The INGAMA'S call it a regional problem and they are assembling a research team and the woman wants the problem fixed permanently.

Sheena finds their jeep; the wheels are still spinning. Cutter and Reynolds watch from a nearby hill. Reynolds tells Cutter that he thinks Sheena is amazing. Reynolds lines up to take a photo of Sheena only to be stopped by Cutter. Protective? No, he is merely saving himself from Sheena's inevitable wrath.

A moment later, while following Sheena, he tries again only to have mud splayed across his lens from his intended target with a terse, "you're only warned once." Reynolds expresses interest in her and asks Cutter if she's taken or available? "Neither". Sheena returns to their sides as Reynolds takes a covert photo of petroleum barrels. "Drak'na?" Cutter asks her. "Not yet." As Sheena runs ahead, Reynolds asks if they talk in code and Cutter says coyly, ""yeah, like pillow talk."

Meanwhile, Colter's aide relays the message that he wants his men back on schedule. While the trio see the men and Sheena tells them to stay put. Cutter tells him that it's always better to listen to Sheena only to have Reynolds bolt off to the "other side of the clearing". Firebombs explode all around, men are injured and ultimately several lit firebombs hit the petroleum barrels and ignite the whole area in a powerful explosion.

Sheena returns to Cutter only to ask where Reynolds is. They look about and find his camera, in pieces.

Tracking him, Sheena notes that he didn't struggle and figures that it was good rather than struggle.

Sheena is in disbelief that the Somaan would be waging war. Cutter says its guerilla warfare. She stops them in mid-stride as she spots a tension wire ankle high. She hits the wire and several sharpened sticks whip across their path and plunge into the nearest tree. It could have been them. Sheena calls it "strange" and Cutter says as Sheena walks off, "Miss Pot, meet Miss Kettle". They know they are outnumbered, Sheena spots another booby trap and they step toward it and are suddenly ensnared in a net and hoisted into the air.

Seated in adjacent cages, Cutter asks Sheena what they needed to be caught for and then we see Reynolds, in an adjacent cage equally unhappy. Sheena tells them that they are there to protect "the savages" that had captured them. A Warrior from the village comes up to Sheena and recognizes her as Kali's child and has heard of them both. He calls her "Shea-ee-na", her Kayan name but is asked to call her Sheena. It is up to the Banqui if they will be released. Their peaceful ways are now violent in order to protect in their land as their leader, Banqui, had taught them. As Ingama supports AGMES, trust in short supply. Sheena wants to see Banqui but the warrior tells him that it is not possible, although they stood just feet outside his tent. After checking inside very briefly, the warrior stepped up to Sheena, drew a line in the dirt and said that if she crosses the line she can and then orders a bulky warrior to make sure she doesn't. A fight ensues and Sheena handily takes c! are of the bodyguard. After a moment, a young man in a military uniform emerges from the tent clad in a blue beret. Cutter calls him "a kid".

Meanwhile, Colter's aide talks to Ingama who reaffirms that they are to pacify discontent in the region. Colter's aide knows that they now have a hostage situation. Motaka gives her permission for her to visit the region.

Cutter recognizes the "kid" as a cadet back in a Texas academy that fled the military was last seen on a cruise ship and everyone thought he had jumped. He was the one behind all the military tactics. Sheena was banged up pretty badly from the fight and while she is being heavily massaged to alleviate her pain, she complains that she would like to keep the arm attached to the shoulder. Kamani, the "bodyguard" had hit her all over.

Banqui, now called David, taught them to defend themselves by land, sea or air. The warrior isn't sure of "how to fight by air"; Banqui's message is "peace comes from strength." Banqui is American and recognizes Sheena is also American. Banqui quickly reveals his past to them. Sheena is told she must choose one of the captives and only one_as the other will be executed for the cause. She doesn't want to choose just one but must choose and Cutter is released. Sheena tells him that she'll find a way to get the men out of there and changes into a lion. Once she attacks the men and makes them scatter, they release Reynolds who vows to write an article but Banqui insists that he not be mentioned in the article.

Ingama military attacks the village and Banqui heads to the jungle as a Sonaam warrior is captured. Colter's aide arrives and is happy to see the devastation. Sheena mentions that she had read about the Zulu "Horn of the Bull" Attack which is attacking directly but having people attack from the sides at the same time, like the horns of a bull. While they plan their strategy, Colter's aide talks to warrior who looks over the area and says that they want to build an energy plant there. She wants to know where the hostage is.

Meanwhile, Cutter, Sheena and Reynolds gather the tribe together. Sheena tells Cutter that she has to "change" and Reynolds looks to Cutter for an explanation. Cutter tells him "it's an attitude thing".

Ingama wages war with the village as they shoot their weapons and the tribesmen shoot arrows in response. Many on both sides are hit and injured. Colter's aide think they are trapped when she meets Cutter. Cutter tells her that safety can be had in the jungle. The Drak'na appears and attacks and Peter snaps a photo in the direction of the Drak'na.

As the Drak'na disappears after the assault, the people proclaim her as protector of the La Mistas and now the Somaan.

Reynolds will write article. Banqui thanks Sheena as she tells him that it's important not only to be a leader of the head but by heart. Banqui would like to stay in Somaan but not as Banqui.

Reynolds, as he heads to his airplane, away from Sheena and Cutter, dons a suit coat and pulls his hair back into a ponytail. Reynolds is actually Colter and wants his aide to get everything she can about Sheena.


This synopsis is by Loretta Miller .

I liked this one. A nice twist at the end that made me say, "Ah, so that's why Reynolds went so willingly when he was captured." I thought it odd initially but it makes sense: why fight the people you're with? Sheena's continuing quest to be protector of the La Mistas she even employs military strategy of "Horn of the Bull" to attack. My, she is well read. The highlight was when Sheena tossed mud onto Reynolds's camera lens when he tries to take her photo and defining the "code" that Cutter and Sheena were talking between them as "pillow talk". The Lost Boy was the young military cadet who had bailed from the military and wound up in the Sonaam village and became its leader.

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