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Season 2, episode 10
Series 210
1st release: 02-02-02
2nd release: 03-09-02
Production number: 201
Last update: 02-11-02

SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Gena Lee Nolin (Sheena)
Margo Moorer (Kali)
John Allen Nelson (Matt Cutter)
Kevin Quigley (Mendehlson)

K. Danor Gerald (Syma)
John Hostetter (Col Quentin Massey)
Michelle Howard (Sarah Peterman)
Jim Helsinger (Omar Bendix)
Margo Peace (Ethel Ugama)
Raleigh Stewart (Malti)
Robert Carruth (Guard)
Lucious Conway (Ahmos)
James Zelly (Strohm)
Denise Loden (Sheena stunt double)

Story by Harold Apter
Teleplay by Tony Blake & Paul Jackson
Directed by Terri Ingram

Filmed on location in Orlando, FL and Africa.


Something has been taking cattle and people. Villagers have been turning up with a strange sickness. Syma reports that it is the people from the sky. Sheena doesn't believe in little green men. Cutter does, at least where there is a profit concerned. Logline.


This synopsis is by Sally Dye .


A young farmer named Malti and his uncle are taking care of their cattle. Malti goes to get water and sees something strange. He calls his uncle, who looks with a shocked expression at whatever it is........

Kali is treating a strange illness that is affecting many villagers. She doesn't recognize the illness, and nothing she does seems to help the sufferers. The afflicted people say they saw "strange lights" in the sky over the LaMistas before they got sick......

Malti comes to get Kali. He says his uncle has need of a shaman because one of their cows has vanished under strange circumstances. Meanwhile, the uncle is searching the bush. He sees something that frightens him and tries to run away. He trips and falls, and something drags him away into the bush......

Malti shows Sheena, Cutter and Kali a large scorched place in the pasture where their cow disappeared. There are no tracks of any predator or signs of the cow being dragged away. A young man comes out of the bush and says that's because "the space people" took the cow. Everyone just looks at him in bemusement.

Act I

Cutter thinks the outer space angle will be great for business. He pictures tourists lined up for miles to experience "Cutter's Alien Encounter". Mendelson is skeptical. The young man, Syma, describes the aliens he's seen and they make a poster for advertisement.......

Sheena is checking out the area where Malti's uncle disappeared. Cutter pulls up in his truck and says, "Take me to your leader!" Sheena is not amused. Syma gets out of the truck, too, and describes the sight of the spaceship and a blue light descending and eating the cow before floating away. Cutter and Sheena go off to search further, but Syma says he's not feeling well, so he will stay with the truck.......

Cutter tells Sheena of a time when he was assigned to guard a top secret shipment. He tried to look in the box, but was caught before he could. He later realized that the box was being delivered to Area 51, where the government was rumored to be hiding alien bodies. Sheena says she can see why he never told her this story before.....

Syma is getting sicker, and a rash breaks out on his skin. Night falls and he is suddenly surrounded by bright lights. He gets out of the truck and begins to run. Cutter and Sheena hear him shouting and run to meet him. He gasps out that he lied before, but now he really has seen "them". He collapses and Cutter carries him back to the truck. Sheena stops to pick something up off the ground........

Mendelson is coming to look for Cutter. His golf cart stalls, and when he gets out to work on the engine, a bright light shines in his face.

Act II

Cutter and Sheena take Syma to Kali. She says they must find out what is causing the illnesses. Now reports are coming in that men are disappearing from the villages. Sheena shows Cutter the device she found. He recognizes it as a "sniffer", used by the military to locate people in remote areas. Sheena says this proves that humans are involved and that Cutter's science fiction stories couldn't possible be true. Cutter: "This from a woman who can turn into an animal?" Kali says that Sheena has always been skeptical of that which she cannot see herself.......

Cutter and Sheena drive out into the bush and come upon Mendelson's abandoned golf cart. There are tracks of other vehicles. They find where Mendelson marked "E.T." on the fender of the cart........

Mendelson is taken to a military style camp where many natives are working, overseen by men in camouflage dress. The leader, Col. Massey, tells his partner, Sarah, that he has found a new mechanic. Sarah says that things are not working out like Massey said they would. She thought after they killed the cow, people would be too afraid to explore further. She's afraid they will not be able to meet their deadline. Massey says not to worry -- he worked for five years in Area 51 and knows what he's doing.........

Mendelson is told to fix a water pump. Malti's uncle recognizes him and tells him they are working to bring some kind of ore out of the mines.....

Cutter and Sheena find the camp and watch through binoculars. They see flame throwers that could have caused the scorched area. A man pulls up in a jeep and Cutter recognizes him as a big-time terrorist named Bendix. They see the natives processing something down by the river and deduce that uranium is being mined, which would explain why everyone along the river is getting sick. Sheena goes over to the fence, and Massey's dog runs toward her, barking. She looks into its eyes and morphs into a dog just like him. Massey's dog touches the electrified fence and falls over, stunned. Col. Massey sees what he thinks is his dog outside the gate and lets "him" in. Sheena follows them and hears Bendix say he can outbid everyone else who wants the uranium. Then she hides in a truck and gets out of the camp. She gets back to Cutter and morphs back into human form, telling him what she learned. He suggests they call Rashid, but Sheena points out that he would tell N'Gama, who would probably decide to cash in on the situation. Sheena's plan is to bid on the uranium themselves........


Sheena and Cutter ambush a car carrying Ethel Ugama, the wealthy widow of a former dictator, who is headed for the camp to bid on the uranium. Kali dresses in her clothes and they continue on toward the camp. Kali says she knows it's a serious situation, but she is enjoying playing the role of Ethel Ugama, much like she enjoyed playing dress-up as a little girl. Sheena says they won't tell anyone. Cutter advises her to complain a lot: "Remember, royalty is always in a snit." Col. Massey and Sarah come to meet them, and Kali complains convincingly of the trip and demands some refreshment. They hasten to comply. Kali (to Cutter): "I could get used to being this". Cutter: "You're scaring me." Sheena sneaks out of the truck and slips into the shadows......

Cutter and Kali are taken to meet the other bidders -- Bendix and an arms dealer named Strohm. They ask to see her money and she sends Cutter to get it. He goes to the truck and is relieved to find a satchel full of bills. He returns to the hut, and the auction begins at $2 million. Bendix and Strohm bid back and forth to $3 million, at which point Kali chimes in: "$7 million." Just then, explosions are heard, and a truck crashes through the front gate. A gun battle erupts and the intruders overcome Massey's men. They enter the hut and Bendix pulls out a gun and points it at Massey: "I believe this is called a double cross". He motions for Massey to drop his weapons and then turns to Sarah. Massey says not to hurt her, but Sarah goes over to Bendix and kisses him. She tells Massey he should be worrying about himself........

Act IV

Bendix instructs his men to place explosives around the camp. They plan to take all the money and the uranium and blow everything and everyone else up......

Sheena slips into the building where Mendelson and the other natives are chained to the wall and begins freeing them. She tells Mendelson to find the explosives and start disarming them.......

Massey begs Sarah to at least let him get out alive, but she says then she might actually have to see his face again. He breaks free and lunges toward her, but she pulls out a gun and shoots him........

Sheena fights several of Bendix's men and gathers up some of the explosives. She takes them to Mendelson, who is working to disarm them.......

Bendix and Sarah get in a jeep and take off. Back in the hut, Cutter takes out the remaining guards and frees Kali and Strohm. Sheena stands in the center of the road as Bendix and Sarah approach in the jeep. They head right for her, intending to run her down. At the last minute, Sheena drops to the ground and attaches one of the explosives to the jeep as it roars over her. Seconds later, it explodes in a giant fireball. Epilogue

The afflicted villagers, including Syma, are to be taken to Nairobi, where they will be treated for radiation poisoning. Syma calls to Cutter as he is being carried on a stratcher to a waiting ambulance. He asks Cutter to tell his story so he won't have died in vain. He pretends to fall back dead, but Cutter is not fooled. Syma says this is how his book -- "Syma and the Terror from the Jungle Sky" -- will end. Cutter is indignant, saying most of the story wouldn't have happened if he hadn't gotten involved. Syma says he is feeling weak and must get to the hospital. Cutter turns and sees Sheena and Kali smiling at him. He warns them not to laugh, and they solemnly promise, but then give it up and run off laughing, leaving Cutter looking exasperatedly after them.

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