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Season 1, episode 11
Series 111
1st release: 01/22/01
2nd release:
Production number: 115
Approximate shooting dates:
Last update: 05-02-01

SYNOPSIS 1 by Sally Dye
SYNOPSIS 2 by Loretta Miller
COMMENTARY 1 by Loretta Miller

Gena Lee Nolin (Sheena)
Margo Moorer (Kali)
John Allen Nelson (Matt Cutter)
Kevin Quigley (Mendehlson)

Written by Jeff Vlaming
Directed by Scott Paulin

Filmed on location in Orlando, FL and Africa.


Sheena and Cutter go after illegal game hunters and find themselves pursued as prey. ClickTV

Sheena enlists Cutter's help to stop the illegal rare game hunt and finds that animals aren't the only ones being pursued. ExciteTV


1st RELEASE: 01/22/01
An AA average of 2.0
Competition from Action Hours:

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Xena 3.3/3.5 
Stargate SG-1 3.0/3.2
VIP 2.7/2.9
BeastMaster 2.4/2.6 
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(canceled) Baywatch Hawaii 2.1/2.2 
Sheena 2.0/2.1
The Lost World 1.9/2.0 
The Invisible Man 1.7 
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Back2Back Action 1.6
Maximum Exposure hit a series low 1.5/1.6 
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Battle Dome 1.0/1.1 
Thunderbox 1.0


This synopsis is by Sally Dye .


A man with a rifle is fantasizing about killing a condor as a plane taxies up to him. The pilot gets out and loads a crate holding a serval (a small jungle cat) into the plane. As the man starts to board, they hear a noise, but see nothing. The plane takes off, and the serval is seen running into the jungle. As they fly along the man goes back into the cargo area and is attacked by the darak'na. In the fight, he shoots a hole in the plane. The pilot panics and parachutes from the plane. The plane crashes. Sheena, who had morphed into a hawk and escaped the crash, follows the pilot to the ground. She disarms him and asks him about the serval. He says he just delivers animals. She asks what he knows about Consuela Davenport. He says he never heard of her. Sheena tells him to get out of her jungle. He tries to shoot her with another gun, but she throws a knife into his chest. As he's dying, he tells her that she is "just what Rule's looking for."

Act I

Cutter is guiding a group of tourists in the jungle. They hear a leopard growling. Cutter says, "Perfect", but the tourists don't think so and jump into their vehicles and take off. Sheena comes out of the jungle. Cutter is exasperated, knowing she scared off the tourists on purpose. She says she needs his help, but he gets in his jeep to go after the tourists. Sheena calls out, "Reward!", and the jeep screeches to a halt.

Sheena tells Cutter that endangered animals are being trapped so that hunters can hunt them. Also, a naturalist named Consuela Davenport, who studies endangered species, is missing. There is a reward for finding her. She suggests that Cutter take the identity of Jeff Davis, the man who died in the plane crash.

A man named Carlton Rule has assembled a group of hunters at his ranch. They are waiting for Jeff Davis to join them. Cutter drives up in a truck with a serval in a crate in back. Rule lets the serval out, and it runs off into the jungle. Rule says the game has begun. Once the serval reaches the jungle, it morphs into Sheena.

Rule reveals that he has researched each of the men, since what they are doing is very illegal. The hunt will be a contest, with a fantastic prize going to the winner. He also tells them about the electrified fence that surrounds the compound.

Sheena comes to the fence and determines that it is charged but the barbed wire at the top is not. She jumps up and stands on the strand of barbed wire just as she hears guards approaching.

Act II

The guards come to check the fence. Sheena jumps down and runs into the compound before they see her.

Inside, Rule tells the men that they will be timed and judged and there will be only one winner. They retire to their rooms. Sheena surprises Cutter in his room. She says she hasn't found any sign of Davenport yet. Cutter tells her that the men will go out to hunt one at a time, and they begin tomorrow. Sheena slips out.

Rule comes to Cutter's room, points a gun at him, and tells him he knows Davis is dead. Cutter tells him that Davis swindled him out of a great deal of money, so he engineered the plane crash that killed Davis. He says he found Davis' invitation and decided to cut himself in on the contest. He shows Rule Davis' wallet, which Sheena had given him. Rule believes his story.

The first hunter goes out the next morning to hunt a leopard. Rule makes him take his boots and socks off to "even the playing field". The man is reluctant, but complies.

Sheena changes into the darak'na and follows the hunter. She jumps him just as he's about to shoot the leopard and kills him.


A truck drives up with the dead hunter in the back. The next hunter's handicap is wearing a scent of beef and honey on his clothes. Rule tells him if he can bring back the leopard and a lion, he will be the contest winner.

Sheena intercepts the lion and warns it away. She then ambushes the hunter. While they are fighting, the leopard comes up behind the hunter and attacks, killing him.

The third hunter is reluctant to go into the jungle after the second is brought back dead. Rule makes him and Cutter draw straws, and the other guy draws the short straw.

Sheena, still as the darak'na, slips into the compound while the fences are deactivated. A guard discovers her and they fight. He throws her into a water trough and nearly drowns her, as well as removing the darak'na disguise, but she manages to kick him into the newly activated electric fence, killing him. Then she collapses.

Act IV

Cutter sees the third hunter slipping out of the compound and follows him to the dock, where he gets into a boat. The man sees Cutter and tells him he should come with him because Rule is crazy. Cutter says he will stick around. As the man drives away from the dock, the boat explodes. Rule comes up and tells Cutter that the guy reneged on their agreement. He says it is time for Cutter's hunt. He has the guards hold Cutter and put drops in his eyes so he won't be able to see well. Then he tells Cutter that he won't be the hunter, he will be the prey. He gives him a five minute head start.

Sheena regains consciousness and goes into Rule's house, where she finds, instead of animal heads on the wall, human heads, including Consuela Davenport's. She runs back out.

Rule is hunting Cutter, who is stumbling through the brush, unable to see where he is going. Just as Rule is about to take aim at Cutter, he hears a strange growling noise and misses. One of the guards gets to Cutter, and they fight. Rule comes close and aims his rifle at Cutter, but Sheena leaps from a tree and knocks him and several of the guards to the ground. She takes out all the guards and then turns to see Rule holding a pistol to Cutter's head. Sheena says if he kills Cutter, she kills him, and he becomes the ultimate prey. She asks which of their heads would look best on his wall. Rule just looks at her and says, "Mine", and turns the pistol and shoots himself.


Cutter finds Sheena and tells her that Rule's operation has been shut down. He also tells her that he wants to confess something -- that he used to take men out on safaris to hunt. Sheena says that Kali tells her that to judge everyone by the actions of a few is wrong. She says that it doesn't surprise her that he did it, but it does surprise her that it bothers him so much. She thanks him for proving Kali right, and moves off into the jungle.


This synopsis is by Loretta Miller .

Jeff Davis lands his cargo plane and moment's later men unload a caged animal (a serval_a rare, small leopard-like animal) out of a pick-up truck into the aging craft. They are done and the man overseeing this transfer starts to board when he hears a growl. He asks Davis about the sound. Davis, not having heard the sound himself, takes it to be "stuff shifting" inside the plane.

They take off and during the flight, Davis complains about the plane as it is beginning to "look and smell like a zoo". Davis is well paid not to know anything about the animals and their transfer but he tells the man that he can put two and two together.

Suddenly the man, who has stepped out of the cockpit, is attacked and killed by the Darak'na. The man's gun goes off, the bullet causing damage to the plane and the cockpit begins to fill with smoke. Davis abandons the controls, dons a parachute and jumps. The Darak'na stands at the open doorway, makes eye contact with a bird and jumps morphing into a bird. The plane continues on and a plume of jet-black smoke marks its final resting-place.

Davis lands in a tree, his parachute snarled in the branches. He's alive and conscious. The bird changes to Sheena as she lands on a tree branch above him. Davis has his knife out and is going to cut himself loose when Sheena makes herself known.

Her shaking the branch he's attached to makes him drop his knife. He grabs for his gun. Sheena gives him a stern warning, "you shoot, I let you fall." She questions Davis as to where he was taking the serval. He won't say and she lets him drop a few feet. She won't give him any other warnings. The man confesses that he's merely the pilot being paid to bring hunters in from all around the world for a hunt for rare species, like a big sports event. The head man: Carleton Rule. He tells her that he only flies the men in, he's never met him. She asks him about Consuela Davenport. It's a name he's not familiar with. Again he tells he he's "just the pilot". She releases his parachute. He takes out his gun and tries to shoot her. She grabs a knife from her boot and buries it in his chest. As the man lay dying he smiles telling Sheena, "you go find Rule, you're just what he's looking for." The man dies.

Cutter is conducting a tour with several people. He talks about the rain with one woman. He tells her they are merely "sun showers" and you can set your watch by them. He tells them about the monsoons and how it can rain every day for months on end. Suddenly they hear a roar. While they are scared, Cutter tells them, "terrific, just what you wanted, right?" Another ferocious roar sends them racing to their jeep and they take off.

Sheena appears no surprise to Cutter. He's angry she scared them off and she tells him that she needed to talk to him, alone. He tells her that it's a fine way of going about it and that his group thought they were going to be leopard chow. Cutter climbs into his pick up truck in an attempt to "salvage the remainder of his excursion". He just begins to head out when Sheena calls out, "Reward!" That got his attention. He backs the truck up, stops and gets out.

Sheena tells him that someone is trapping animals to be hunted. Cutter, still annoyed, calls them "hunters" and that Sheena had done some of that herself. Sheena tells him that they are hunting rare animals.

She also tells him that she has been looking for Consuela Davenport, an expert in rare species, that has been missing. She hasn't been able to find her but she tells Cutter that she has found what Davenport had been investigating.

Cutter pins Sheena down about the "reward" part.

There's a reward for Davenport's return and the return of any endangered animals and more money if you find the one responsible: Carleton Rule.

Cutter responds as he hears the name, he knows him. He's an ex-mercenary that has killed many men in other countries of Africa. He knows Rule won't take kindly to a stranger poking around. Sheena offers Cutter Davis' wallet and while implying he assume his identity, tells him, "Then don't be a stranger."

The other hunters already assembled talk about hunting and getting past the restrictions placed upon them. Rule arrives agreeing about the restrictions on men and its predators. They have to wait for one more to arrive.

Cutter arrives identifying himself as Jeff Davis. Rule and he talk briefly and says the other hunters were "getting to know one another." A caged cat, housed in the bed of the pick-up he arrived in, is released, allowed to run away. Rule tells Cutter that "the game has begun".

Down the lane, alone, the cat morphs into Sheena.

Cutter asks Rule about the animals getting out, going "native", he had noticed some fences. Rule tells him that the fences are electrified. While a red flashing light indicates that the fence is fully armed, a yellow flashing light indicates a one-minute warning before it becomes armed. Rule tells them that they are not in a protected environment and that the animals are wild and will protect themselves.

Rules wants to discuss the nature of "man and beast". Rule has thoroughly studied all the hunters present and knows them all to be proven hunters, and to be brave. He operates "outside the law" and the research was necessary. Cutter listens intently as Rule knows their bravery but what about their fears. A true test of a predator is overcoming fear.

The fence is armed as Sheena approaches. Cautiously she touches the fence with a branch only to be showered with sparks. The barbed wire, above the fence, however, is not electrified. Guards approach, their focus on the ground as "animals will dig under the fence". Sheena, unseen, balances herself up atop the barbed wire as they pass. Once clear, Sheena jumps down and runs off.

At sunset, they draw straws to find out who will have the first hunt at dawn. The hunter will be timed and judged and Rule tells them that there will be only one winner.

Cutter goes to his room, puts his bag on the bed and flops down in exhaustion only to be jarred by Sheena coming out from behind a partition in his room. He's instantly on his feet and she calls him "jumpy". Sheena tells him that she overheard the last part of Rule's words. Cutter tells her that each man is to hunt a designated animal. He asks Sheena if she had any luck locating Davenport or the animals. Sheena tells him she had no success and needs more time. Cutter tells her to hurry because the hunt begins at dawn. Sheena tells him that she'll have to do "double duty". Cutter begins to ask her "you want me to sit tight here?" only to find that she has vanished.

Rule, meanwhile, checks the Interpol Database on his computer. He sighs, picks up his pistol, loads it and leaves.

He shows up at Cutter's room. He tells him he wants a word with him only to have him punch him in the jaw sending him reeling backwards into a dresser.

Cutter grabs the first thing handy, a ceramic elephant, as his weapon while Rule has him at gunpoint. Rule has found out that Davis died in a plane crash just 200 meters from their very location and wants to know who Cutter is. Cutter I.D.'s himself calling Jeff Davis "scum" and that he screwed him over for 200,000. He tells Rule that he delivered the "goods" but wouldn't tell Rule what they were. He then hunted Davis and killed him. He tells him that the plane crash was merely a cover. Rule isn't a believer. Cutter tells him that he had heard about the hunt and wanted to "cut himself into the game". When Rule asks Cutter why he should believe him, Cutter produces Davis' wallet and asks Rule if he didn't kill Davis, how did he get it. Rule is intrigued by the fact that Cutter hunted Davis. Rule gives in, and tells him that he'll remain "Mr. Davis" as if the word were to spread it'd "spook the other guests". Cutter readily agrees.

At dawn, the next day, the first hunter (Mr. Raffio) is told that there is only one panther "out there" and the next hunter will be out in two hours, so "be out of the brush before then."

Mr. Waddles, another hunter and Mr. Raffio discuss strategies. Waddles suggest Raffio take along his scope. Rule joins them and asks what they were talking about. They tell him that they were "sharing ideas" and being "decent sportsmen". Rule tells them that while the men have all their "gear" to hunt with the animal only has their instincts. He tells Raffio, in an effort to level the playing field, he's to hunt barefoot.

Raffio strenuously objects but Rule tells them that they knew all the rules going in. Raffio begins his hunt, painfully walking through the woods. He stops every few feet to remove something else from the bottom of his feet.

Sheena is nearby, transforming into the Darak'na.

The Darak'na runs after Raffio, and growls. He sees the leopard, his designated animal and aims his weapon as he is attacked by the Darak'na. A fight ensues and the Darak'na slices at his throat and he dies.

Cutter looks around the house, the base of the hunt, and walks around a tractor and a large utility-type trailer. He picks up some fur that is on the floor of the trailer. Rule approaches questioning his motives for his "walk". Cutter tells him that he found fur on the trailer and quickly tells him that he thought that by doing "research" he could see which way the animals would run. Rule is impressed. They both return to the house.

Mr. Engelman drew the next largest straw: he's next. Cutter draws the short straw.

Their attention is suddenly drawn to two men as they bring a cot with Raffio's body in the back of the truck. He's dead.

They say that the leopard "got him".

It's Engelman's turn and Rule tells him that if he brings back the Atari lion (his designated animal) as well as the leopard, he'd be the winner by default. Engelman applies insect repellant liberally on his face and neck only to stop and smell the contents. The insect repellant had been altered. Rule tells him that this is "his handicap". The scent he now has on him is of beef and honey. While Engleman complains that the animal will smell him a mile off, Rule tells him simply the wind direction at dawn and to come in from the other direction. That way, he'll be able to bag both cats before lunch.

Engleman begins the hunt and complains aloud that he's "paid good money for this". An animal growls and he spots his lion. He jogs towards the growl. The Darak'na follows. The Darak'na lets out a shriek that has the lion turn tail and head away. The hunter continues to jog toward his prey.

Another growl is heard which stops Engleman. It isn't a lion's growl. The Darak'na attacks him from beneath a bed of grass that he's steps up to.

Engleman's body is brought in, covered in a white sheet, on board a litter. Waddles, the next hunter in line, yells, "this is absolute bull". Rule states matter-of-factly, that the game just got more interesting and passionately says, "This is LIFE!" He tells them that he's looking for the true predator. It IS the survival of the fittest. Waddles argues, "not with your handicaps". He tells them that the world has never seen a predator like man. The soft world has made man forget. He's looking for the men that can't forget.

The Darak'na growls as it approaches a leopard in a cage, the fence, she finds, is unarmed. She tests the fence cautiously, then opens the gate and enters as a guard approaches. The guard closes the gate and the yellow light begins to flash.

Undetected, the Darak'na attacks the guard as the yellow light turns off and the red light flashes. The Darak'na smashes the guards gun. The guard manages to fling the Darak'na into a water trough and as they fight the mud disappears. He shrieks at the transformation in front of his eyes from creature to woman.

She kicks him away as she stands. She throws the guard into the electrified fence where he is zapped and falls to the ground: dead.

At the house, Cutter is in the bedroom saying, "this is not good" only to hear a noise. He looks out the window and sees Waddles, bags in hand, leaving.

Sheena comes to lying on the muddy ground, half-naked and completely clean of mud. She lifts herself up and sees her reflection in the water trough. She reaches down to her boot for the top half of her outfit and puts it on.

Cutter follows Waddles to the lake where he's quickly climbing into a boat. Waddles, upon seeing Cutter, tells him that he's getting out of this "lunatic asylum" and wants him to come along. Waddles tells Cutter that he figures that he'll wind up dead if he stays. Cutter declines the invite and Waddles says, "well, it's your funeral." Cutter watches him pull away from the dock and he wonders aloud, "hope that's just an expression."

Cutter turns to head back to the house only to spot a detonating wire on the ground. He picks it up and spins around yelling to Waddles as the boat explodes!

Rule shows up with his two gunmen and hands him his short straw saying, "this is yours". Cutter shows him the wire and tells Rule that he assumes the wire is his. Rule tells him that Waddles was going to renege on the agreement that he had signed, that it was all there in black and white. Cutter tells them that he figures that "no one can leave without his permission." Rule says that that is not so. The hunt is spread by word of mouth and the "buzz" is what got the men there in the first place. He wants the word to remain positive. Rule tells Cutter that he has been declared winner, by default of course.

Cutter asks Rule what animal is he to hunt for and Rule tells him that he doesn't quite get it. The two gunmen grab Cutter and put a solution in his eyes to dilate the pupils, effectively blinding him in the daylight. He won't be the hunter; he's to be the hunted.

Rule kindly gives Cutter a five minute head start.

Sheena, meanwhile, arrives at the house, and enters to see the prized animal heads mounted to the wall. She walks in further still to see a trophy case full of human heads. Consuela Davenport's head is among them. Sheena, alarmed, races out.

Cutter is running blind, into saplings and falling. He takes a few steps and falls again.

Rule, with his two gunmen, are now after Cutter. One man points to his left: Cutter's location. They head that way. They silently watch him struggle through the trees and Rule takes careful aim with his high-powered rifle.

Sheena shrieks just as Cutter falls again. Rule fires the weapon simultaneously and misses Cutter by inches. Cutter scrambles to his feet as he encounters the first gun man and fights in a hand-to-hand combat. Cutter manages to down the man, his gun flies out of his hands. The guard desperately tries to grab for his gun, just out of reach. Cutter feels for the gun and just about has it when Rule kicks him.

Rule announces that he's proven who is the predator and who's prey. Sheena attacks Rule. "Who are you?" he asks Sheena.

"What are your fears?" Sheena asks Rule and tells him that one day he'll become the prey.

The second gun man comes up behind Sheena and she quickly spin kicks the guy into unconsciousness. She turns back to see Rule has a gun to Cutter's head. She pulls her knife. It's a standoff.

She won't put down the knife and Rule won't put down the gun.

Sheena admonishes Rule that while he wanted to be the greatest hunter, he's hunting men with handicaps. Rule tells her that "a real predator rises above the handicaps". Sheena accuses Rule of killing Davenport and he confesses, "she interfered."

The standoff remains. If he shoots Cutter, she'll kill him.

"Whose head will look better in the trophy case, yours or mine?" Sheena asks Rule.

Rule releases Cutter, stands and puts the gun under his chin and says, "Mine." A gun is heard going off.

Later in the jungle, Cutter is looking for Sheena. Kali had told him that she would be there. She suddenly appears and asks, "what did you need?" He tells her that Rule's entire operation has been shut down and taken over by the National Wildlife Relief and naming it in Davenport's honor. They talk about the irony of it. Cutter tells Sheena that before he lived in Maltaka that he lived further south and confesses that he was a hunter and led tours of men to hunt animals. That was all he wanted to tell her. He asks her if she feels angry, upset, betrayed? "All I know is what outsiders have done in the LaMistas. Kali has told me not to judge the world that way." Sheena is surprised that all of this in his past is bothering him so much. He tells her that he's not against hunters and that he won't be a vegetarian, well, we find out neither will Sheena. "Thanks," Sheena tells Cutter, for showing me that Kali was right.


This synopsis is by Loretta Miller .

This was about a sick man managing to entice proven "hunters" into a game of hunting endangered and rare animals. The downside for the players is that the last remaining hunter is suddenly the one to be hunted.

Insight to Cutter's past is revealed and we find out that he has a real pang of guilt being with these hunters. In his past he had led tours of men on hunts for animals. Upon his confession, he fears that Sheena would be angry, upset or feeling betrayed. Sheena, instead, is taken by his degree of angst about the whole issue. It didn't surprise her that he was a hunter, what surprised her was how much it bothered him.

And finally, while Cutter's attention can be had at the mention of "money", "paying client" or "reward", he still has a heart and is willing to put it all on the line for a good cause.

This was a nice one, very well done.

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