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Season 2, episode 201
Series 201
1st release: 10-06-01
2nd release: 12-01-01
Production number: 212
Last update: 10-21-01

SYNOPSIS 1 by Sally Dye
SYNOPSIS 2 by Loretta Miller
COMMENTARY 1 by Sally Dye
COMMENTARY 2 by Loretta Miller

Gena Lee Nolin (Sheena)
Margo Moorer (Kali)
John Allen Nelson (Matt Cutter)
Kevin Quigley (Mendehlson)

Peter Reckell (Cody)

Written by Tony Blake & Paul Jackson
Directed by Chuck Bowman

Filmed on location in Orlando, FL and Africa.


Sheena must get an undercover drug agent through the jungle and out of Maltaka in 48 hours. But the agent is more than attractive to her. Logline

Sheena's efforts to save an Interpol agent from a ruthless drug lord spark a romance. ExciteTV

Romance ignites as Sheena guides an Interpol agent with a drug cartel after him through the jungle to safety; meanwhile the drug lord's men capture Cutter. ClickTV


This synopsis is by Sally Dye .


A man pulls up to a dock in his speedboat. He is to meet another man and seems to be in a hurry. The other man, Cody, is headed toward the dock in a jeep. Cody tells the other man to relax, but just then gunfire erupts, killing the driver of the jeep and the man at the dock and sending Cody running into the jungle. He falls into a gully and hurts his ankle. Sheena drops to the ground nearby and asks what all the gunfire is about. Cody says that the men chasing him are drug runners and he is going to "blow the lid" off their operation. Suddenly a man grabs Sheena from behind and they fight. Sheena kills the man. Cody thanks her, but as they start to leave, he tries to knock her out from behind. She throws him down, and he hits his head on a rock.

Act I

Cody wakes up the next morning, tied hand and foot. Sheena tells him the first man's partner attcked during the night, and she killed him, too. She asks why Cody attacked her, and he says he didn't know if he could trust her. Sheena wants to know who the men were. Cody tells her that they worked for a man named Nicodemus. Nicodemus is a drug lord who hired Cody to teach him martial arts, but Cody saw something he wasn't supposed to, and now they are trying to kill him. Sheena is skeptical of this story, so Cody reveals that he was really an undercover agent for Interpol. He now needs to get to Dafari and only has 36 hours before his contact will leave without him. Sheena says she will take him to the border, but no games. Cody agrees.

Mendelson wakes Cutter, who had fallen asleep on the couch. He had expected Sheena to come by the night before, but she didn't show up. Mendelson is amazed that Cutter had planned dinner using real plates and candlelight. Cutter says Sheena had asked him to teach her to play poker. Mendelson: "Poker, right. You're a man, she's a woman, both in the jungle. That's how the Bible starts. Only they left out the part about the poker and the bubble gum cologne." Cutter is embarrassed but says he is going to Sheena's place to check on her.

Cody is limping along, trying to keep up with Sheena. She says she knows a guy like him. Cody asks if he's a boyfriend. Sheena says they just need to keep moving.

Cutter comes upon Rashid and his men, who tell him that an Interpol team has been ambushed and one of their agents is missing. Two of the dead men are men who worked for Eric Nicodemus. Cutter finds some blond hair in one of the men's hand and knows Sheena was involved. He wishes Rashid good luck.

A man in camouflage fatigues, Steele, reports to Nicodemus that the man they are chasing will be dead before nightfall.

Act II

Sheena and Cody come to a stream. Cody is worried about crocodiles, but Sheena says he's read too many adventure comics. Cody secures a ring he is wearing and tells Sheena it was his wife's and that she died three years ago.

Cutter discovers that Nicodemus has hired a team of South African ex-police to track down the missing agent. He and Mendelson set out to find Sheena.

Sheena and Cody hide when Sheena senses someone appraoching. It is the mercenaries hired by Nicodemus. Sheena knows they haven't been leaving tracks, so how are they being tracked? Cody realizes a transmitter must have been planted on him. He finds it in the seam of his pants and discards it.

Cutter and Mendelson get to Nicodemus' compound, and Cutter sneaks inside. He taps a phone line and learns that Steele and his men are searching the highlands. A guard discovers him before Mendelson can warn him.

Cody gets tangled in a vine, and Sheena attempts to free him, but they both tumble down a slope. Cody lands on top of Sheena. He apologizes, but says he's not really sorry. Sheena says she wishes she could get a message to Cutter.

Cutter is beaten by the guards, but won't tell them anything. He is tied with chain to the bars of the windows. Mendelson sneaks up and ties a rope around the bars behind him. Nicodemus orders the guards to start using an acetyline torch to heat the metal of the chain binding Cutter's hands.


Mendelson runs back to the truck and pulls the whole side of the building away with Cutter still tied to it. Nicodemus' men runs out shooting at them, but they get away. Cutter tells Mendelson they need to get to the river to intercept Sheena as she comes through the LaMistas.

Cody tells Sheena that his wife had been a heroin addict and that he gave up everything to help her overcome the addiction, but she had died of an overdose. He had vowed to fight the drug traffikers. The conversation is interrupted when the mercenaries find them and open fire. Sheena realizes that the mercenaries are using thermoscopes -- their body heat gives away their location. They start covering themselves with mud, and the mercenaries lose them. Steele sends two of his men to get a boat and meet them at the LaMistas River.

Act IV

Sheena and Cody find an abandoned hut and wash the mud off each other. This quickly becomes very sensual, and they begin kissing. Cody has somehow managed to bring a condom along with him and asks if Sheena knows what it is. Sheena: "I read a lot." They share the bed.

Later, they watch the stars together. Cody confesses that this was the first time he had been with someone since his wife died. Sheena says feelings are strange things and at least he can admit to his. Cody knows that she is talking about someone else. Sheena says they should get started.

When they arrive at the river, Sheena tells Cody to go on across. She will stay there. He kisses her good-bye. Suddenly, the mercenaries arrive and start shooting at them. They are pinned down. Cody tells Sheena he is going to surrender -- he wants her to escape. He goes out into the clearing with his hands on his head. Steele says Nicodemus wants him dead, but he's worth more alive, since he plans to blackmail Nicodemus. Sheena leaps from a tree, and she and Steele fight. Cody is wounded, but fights the other mercenaries. The mercenaries from the river arrive and pin Sheena and Cody down again. Cutter and Mendelson pull up in their boat with a gatling gun and drive the mercenaries back. Sheena tells Cody to get to their boat and practically pushes him into the water. He swims to the boat and Cutter takes off. Sheena jumps Steele as he tries to fire after them and kills him.


Cutter says he will think twice about playing poker with Sheena again since she cleaned him out of chips. He notices that she seems to be distracted and knows she's thinking about Cody, who has been placed in a witness protection program. Sheena is looking at the sky, and Cutter asks if she's waiting for something. Sheena says she's waiting for the stars to come out. She asks Cutter if he ever wonders if someone else is looking at the stars at the same time. He says no, it's more important who he's watching them with. Sheena says yes, that's important, too. She and Cutter smile at each other.


This synopsis is by Loretta Miller .

Cody, an agent for Interpol radios his men that he is on the way to the rendevous point in Defari and is confident they are home free just as gunfire erupts all around them. Both his driver and the man in the boat are killed as Cody scrambles for cover. A lone gunman follows Cody as he tumbles down a hill and injures an ankle. Sheena jumps from a tree in between them and asks Cody why they are shooting at him and if they have a good reason to kill him. Cody quickly explains that the man is a drug runner and that he’s there to blow the lid off the operation. The gunman appears and Sheena fights him and kills him with her knife. Cody is mystified and awed by her and asks who she is and she tells him, "a friend". She helps Cody to his feet only to have him attack her. She handily throws him backward, his head striking a rock: he’s out cold.

Cody awakens, his hands and feet tied together and he warns Sheena to watch for the gunman’s partner. Sheena advises him that she had already killed him while he was unconscious and tells him that she doesn’t like surprises. He had attacked her because he didn’t know if he could trust her. The gunman’s boss is Nicodemus, he tells her and reveals that his men are to meet him in Defari and they have 36 hours to get there before they leave. She tells him that it’s a day and a half walk.

Meanwhile, Mendehlson tosses several books at a slumbering Cutter which startles him awake as Mendehlson goes further into the office to discover that Cutter had set up a dinner for Sheena and himself the night before but she never showed. Cutter was to teach her how to play poker, a game she had read about in a book and found interest in. The many candles that were now nubs, still aglow, were the dead give-away of romance in the air. He tells Mendehlson to clean up the place as he’s going to check on Sheena.

Sheena and Cody are walking in the jungle. Sheena tells him that he reminds her of Cutter but won’t call him her "boyfriend". He suggests that she travel to NYC sometime and he’d be her tour guide. She smiles but won’t commit saying, "maybe."

Cutter approaches an apparent crime scene, with Rashid overseeing. Rashid tells Cutter that an Interpol team had been ambushed and the operative that they were to transport has disappeared. As they talk and Cutter walks slowly around the scene, he spots long blond in the hand of one of the dead men. He pockets the blond hair and excuses himself so that they can continue to do their work. He’s concerned, he knows that Sheena had been there.

Nicodemnus meets with his henchmen in camouflage and is livid that Cody has a good 12 hour start on them. Steele, the leader, tells Nicodemus that they need to get to the Melina Highlands through the Avendo Nature Preserve. He plans to chopper his team him and figures that by noon he’ll be dead.

At the river they need to cross, Cody stops short. He knows the rivers are infested with crocodiles. Sheena tells him that he needs to take off all his clothes and run so that they won’t attack him. Cody isn’t sure if she’s playing with him or not. He carefully places a ring on his pinkie finger and explains that it was his wife’s and doesn’t want to lose it. He tells her that she had died three years earlier and Sheena empathizes as she tells him that she lost her parents when she was a child.

Cutter, back at his office, is off the phone after talking to a buddy after getting info from his connection in Rome, Interpol thinks that he is still alive and trying to get to Defari on foot with Sheena. Mendehlson asks, "then what’s the problem?" Cutter explains that Steele is the leader of a group of ex-South African Secret Police. Cutter knows she is in deep doo-doo and says, "let’s go". Mendehlson balks at the presumption that he’d want to go. Cutter sighs, rips a bill, likely a large one, in half and hands it to him telling he’ll get the other half when the job is done. Mendehlson coyly tells Cutter, "don’t complain if I do a half-assed job".

Cody and Sheena, still walking in the jungle, as Cody looks about and says that the jungle all looks the same and wonders about the vixen he’s walking with. "I’m not alone," she tells him, "I have friends." She tells him that romance, to her, doesn’t make sense. Cody calls the heat of passion between two people as "monkey love" and she says that monkeys are very smart and when they’re hungry they eat, thirsty they drink and when in heat they mate. Suddenly Sheena hears something that Cody doesn’t and tells him to run. Instinctively he follows her at break neck speed: someone is following them. They’re not leaving tracks, she tells him, when it dawns on him that he likely has a tracking device planted on him somewhere. They both check his clothing only to have him find a small device on the hem of his pants. He unzips both legs at the knees and pitches them.

Cutter and Mendehlson pull their jeep to a stop outside Nicodemus’ two-story compound and are surprised how rustic it looks. Mendehlson will watch Cutter’s back as he checks it out. Mendehlson is to honk if he spots trouble. Cutter enters a small room off the house and opens the telephone box inside, and quickly hooks alligator clips to a telephone that repair men use and makes a connection to get Nicodemus’ phone to ring. He disguises his voice and identifies himself as Steele and gets information where the men are but he’s caught. Mendehlson had seen the guard enter but hit the horn but it didn’t make a sound. The battery wasn’t on. Mendehlson frantically pressed the wheel, finally saying aloud, "Honk", "Honk".

Sheena and Cody continue walking as Cody’s clothing gets snagged on some brush. They tumble downhill and he lands on top of her, his face buried in her chest. "Sorry," he says as Sheena asks, "really?" "No," he says back with a smile, "I lied." They get to their feet and there seems to be obvious chemistry between them that Sheena won’t allow herself to admit. Sheena, quick to change the subject, wishes that she could get a message to Cutter. She tells Cody that Cutter is ex-CIA and knows the men that they are dealing with. Cody soberly tells her that Cutter is very lucky not to be involved with this.

But, he is. Chained to a barred window at the outermost room of the compound, Nicodemus questions Cutter and Cutter refuses to cooperate. A henchman puts a bunson burner, flame lit, to the chains. The chains will soon glow red, he tells Cutter, how much can your flesh take? Unseen, Mendehlson ties a rope to the base of the window, right behind Cutter, the other end tied to the jeep and with fairly little effort, drives off and pulls Cutter and wall away and out of the compound. Nicodemus and his henchmen shoot at the jeep only to turn to see the entire front of the compound shift forward and collapse into a pile of rubble.

Home free, Mendehlson stops the jeep and unchains Cutter but not before grabbing the other half of the bill that Cutter owed him. Cutter breathlessly tells Mendehlson that they need to get his boat as they are headed to Defari through the highlands as they are going to meet them there. Mendehlson doesn’t hesitate to question, "is ‘we’ the plural of?…." Cutter is exasperated as he slips in behind the driver’s seat. "Does everything have to be about money with you? They’re trying to kill her." Mendehlson concedes and offers Cutter a "freebie".

It’s nightfall and Steele and the ex-secret police are tracking Sheena and Cody. They are using heat sensors, Sheena reasons, and tells Cody to cover himself in mud. She follows suit. Steele is stymied that they are no longer in sight, as if they vanished. The mud works. Steele strategizes that they need to meet at the La Mistas River and several men with use a boat, with the others will go in on foot and pin them in between.

Cody and Sheena have washed off the mud and are toweling themselves dry but on each, splotches of mud remain. They slowly and seductively remove the mud and begin to kiss. They make love under the stars. Afterwards, they talk about the stars and realize that they both made up stories about the stars and who lived up there. Sheena tells him that the Kaya believe that the stars are a gift from the Great Protector. While Cody can admit to his feelings, Sheena tells him that "feelings are a strange thing, at least you can admit to yours." Cody suspects that she’s talking about Cutter but she won’t say.

It’s daylight and they’re at the river. "You can cross here," Sheena tells Cody. Cody realizes she won’t go with him and she wouldn’t be happy in his world as gunfire erupts. A boat approaches carrying the ex-secret police. Cody gives himself up as Sheena makes a run for it.

Steele won’t shoot Cody and will use him to blackmail Nicodemus. Sheena jumps from a tree and hits gunman. They fight as others join in the melee. Cody is shot and falls as ex-secret police approaches him. Suddenly Cody springs up, even though injured, and fights him and others. Cody and Sheena run and jump over a large downed tree and he covers her. Cutter approaches from the river doing virtually a strafing run with a machine gun mounted to the bow. Mendehlson is steering from the rear and ducking rounds. Sheena tells Cody that he has to get to the boat now and reluctantly he dives in and makes a swim for it. He is pulled on board as he quickly grabs his side and looks to shore.

Cutter comes out of his place toward Sheena, his ego having been badly bruised by Sheena after playing some poker together. She calls it a simple game and he tells her that he should have given up his chips up front and thus save a bit of dignity. Sheena seems elsewhere as they talk and Cutter knows she is thinking of Cody. Cutter tells her that he’s gone into hiding and she won’t see him again, as he is a relocated witness. He has a new identity and he’d only reappear in her life if the people that are protecting him screwed up. Cutter sees that he meant a lot to her but that makes him uncomfortable. Yet, he tells her that he’s sorry that she won’t see him again as he apparently meant a lot to her. Sheena tells him that while he had a lot of pain, he had a lot of hope and that he reminds her a lot of him. He tells her that he’ll try to take that as a compliment. Still, Sheena seems mentally elsewhere and Cutter asks her if she’s waiting for something. She tells him that she’s waiting for the stars to come out and asks him if he ever looked at the stars and wondered if someone was looking at the stars the same time you were. Cutter says, "no" he hadn’t. He always thought it was more important who he was watching the stars with. Sheena smiles, and says, "That’s important." Her eyes meets his gaze as she adds, "very important."


This commentary is by Sally Dye .

I found this episode somewhat jarring in terms of Sheena's character. For one thing, she's gotten a whole lot more sophisticated over the summer. After all, last season she didn't even know what a bra was, and now she's recognizes a condom? She must have done a LOT of reading in the interim. She has also gone from being extremely wary when it comes to outsiders, to swallowing Cody's story right from the start with apparently no reservations. I guess she's just a much better judge of character than I am -- I was very suspicious of Cody at first, and, even though he turns out to be just what he says he is (as far as we know, anyway), there was no evidence initially that he was telling the truth. In fact, his actions are very questionable when he first meets Sheena -- he tries to attack her the minute her back is turned.

I also find Cutter's actions a little off. He seems to feel no jealousy about Sheena's feelings for Cody, even though he seemed to spend a good part of last season agonizing over his feelings for her. If he really was jealous and is just hiding it out of consideration for her, then he hid it too well for the viewers to see it, either. Maybe I'm way off base, but it seemed to me that last season was leading up to providing a little sexual tension between Sheena and Cutter. If that was the case, this season opener has effectively derailed that -- for me, at least. As for Cutter's role in the rescue, why didn't he call Rashid to meet them at the river? There would have been more reinforcements and a better chance of rescuing Sheena and the missing agent.

Mendelson's actions are also kind of confusing. He has been portrayed before as a little reluctant to get into the action, but I didn't realize he was so mercenary that Cutter has to pay him to come along and help.

The mercenary, Steele, comes off looking not-so-smart in his hunt for Cody. (Maybe that was the idea?) If he really wanted to capture Cody alive, then shooting at him and Sheena every time they came into sight wasn't really very wise. I would have expected them at some point to set up some sort of ambush or trap, but it never happened.

Which brings us to Cody. You have to wonder how long he's been working for Interpol. Not long enough to know he probably shouldn't reveal every detail of his last assignment to the first good-looking blonde he meets, apparently. He did realize that a transmitter was planted on him at one point, but what did they do with the transmitter? I expected to see the mercenaries trailing one of Sheena's jungle animal friends off into the LaMistas, but that never happened either. Maybe that scene got cut for time? And in the scene at the river, Cody doesn't know that Steele doesn't intend to kill him, but he plans to surrender so Sheena can escape? Again, maybe he was able to judge Steele's intentions better than I was, but on the surface, that plan would buy Sheena maybe two seconds of escape time. I have an uneasy feeling that we might see Cody again, and I'm really not sure how I feel about that.

All in all, a pretty confusing episode to start off the new season with. I think we needed Kali to put things into perspective for us. The biggest disappointment of all was, there was no darak'na!


This synopsis is by Loretta Miller.

Sheena has changed her look slightly and it suits her. I am not aware of the comic book "look" that other viewers are and that may be what they are trying to capture. My problem with this episode was Sheena’s character and her leaping into the sack with Cody only hours after they met. Although until now we have virtually no knowledge of Sheena’s sexual appetite, I thought she would have more restraint than that. Sure, she can’t admit to her feelings and she tells us that several times in this piece, but we know that Cutter is the man for her and maybe it was the talk of "monkey love" that pressed her hot button. Who knows? I just thought it odd, too, that Cody hasn’t been "with" anyone since his wife died three years before and yet he has a condom at the ready? I’m not a guy, but, fellas, COULD this be reality?? I found it hard to swallow.

The funniest bit came from Mendehlson in this ep, but, for me, it nearly always does. God, is he funny. Taking the bill that had been just ripped in half and saying, "well, don’t complain if you get a half-assed job." J Pure Mendehlson. Great characterization and a "well done" to Kevin Quigley who hands us such an affable character to latch onto. He does care about Cutter and we got to see a bit of his resourcefulness to bail his buddy out. Now, I know the likely motivator was the money that remained in Cutter’s shirt, but, push come to shove…I’d bet we’d see Mendehlson helping Cutter for free sometime soon.

The use of mud to out smart the bad guys using heat sensors to track them at night…good thinking. But, I have a question…can heat sensors pick up the entire hair shaft or just the human head? I thought it odd that we were able to see the long locks of Sheena in green as she pranced through the nighttime jungle. Okay, I know sometimes realism has to take a step to the side in order to properly show the "star" and without the long tresses to differentiate, it’d be difficult for the viewer to know who was whom here.

Overall, not a bad season opener. I look forward to the rest.


08-20-01. Actor Peter Reckell plays "Bo" from the soap opera "Days of our Lives"

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