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Season 2, episode 09
Series 209
1st release: 01-26-02
2nd release: 03-02-02
Production number: 209
Last update: 03-03-02

SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye
SYNOPSIS 2 by Loretta Miller

Gena Lee Nolin (Sheena)
Margo Moorer (Kali)
John Allen Nelson (Matt Cutter)
Kevin Quigley (Mendehlson)

Rick Worthy (Mako Zabodi)
Jim Coleman (N'Gama)
Veryl Jones (Rashid)
Chet Johnson (Bantee)
Kelvin J. Payton (Aide)
Myles Thoroughgood (Rafika)
Vicki Phillips (Sheena stunt double)

Written by Babs Greyhosky
Directed by Goran Gajic

Filmed on location in Orlando, FL and Africa.


A man from Sheena's past returns to the LaMistas to force change in N'Gama's educational system and free minds. At the same time, he forces Cutter to consider Sheena in a different light. Logline.


This synopsis is by Sally Dye .


Kali, Sheena, Mendelson and Cutter are playing Kopewa, a gambling game involving different kinds of knotted leather strips instead of cards. Cutter is exasperated because he cannot tell the difference in the knots. Sheena wins. They are all distracted from the game when a televised newsconference shows N'Gama welcoming a tall, good-looking man named Mako Zabodi, who plans to reform education in Maltaka. Sheena and Kali smile, and Sheena jumps up from the table. Cutter wants to know if they recognized the guy, and Kali says yes, he was Sheena's first love. Mendelson, eying Cutter's expression: "Hmm. A tough act to follow."

Act I

Kali tells how Mako came to live in her village when Sheena was a child because of political unrest in his own village. Cutter asks if Sheena had a crush on him. Kali says that they were inseparable and implies that it was more than a crush. Cutter is disbelieving because Sheena always seems above "that whole emotional thing." He asks if Sheena's feelings were serious, and Kali replies that they might have been, but Mako was required to return to his own tribe.

A wealthy plantation owner, Bantee, is not happy about Mako's arrival. He knows it will be hard to keep an educated populace enslaved. N'Gama knows this, too. He plans to pit Bantee and Mako against each other and be rid of them both.

Sheena finds Mako, who is meditating by the river, and they share a happy reunion. Nearby, Cutter and Mendelson are guiding a group of tourists through the bush. Cutter uses his binoculars to find a group of zebras for the tourists to look at. While he is scanning the area, he sees Sheena and Mako talking on the riverbank. He leaves the tourists with Mendelson and heads in their direction. When he gets closer, he sees another man, who is also watching Sheena and Mako. The man is aiming a rifle at Mako, but Cutter can't see what he is doing. He tries to get closer and falls down the steep bank. The man is startled and leaves. Sheena is upset with Cutter for spying on them. Cutter tells them about the other guy, and she goes to check it out. She finds footprints near the tree. When she returns, Mako has left to meet with N'Gama. She says Mako had plenty of time to get to his meeting, and Cutter "discovers" that his watch must be fast. Sheena is exasperated, knowing that someone is after Mako and he could be in danger.

Mako is ambushed by the man, but Sheena leaps out and knocks the man down just in time. They fight, and Sheena snaps the man's neck. Mako is surprised at Sheena's ferocity. Sheena starts to apologize, but he stops her and thanks her for saving his life.

Act II

Rashid is summoned. He recognizes the man as a vagrant whom he has seen in town. Cutter wonders where a vagrant could have gotten a high powered rifle. Sheena says Mako should come to her cave home to hide from whoever it is who wants to kill him. Cutter jumps in to say that Mako is welcome to stay at his house as well. Mako refuses, though. He does not want to hide.

Bantee is furious when he learns that Mako is still alive. N'Gama is also upset, but he is upset because killing Mako would turn him into a martyr.

Kali is preparing to honor Mako with a party at her village. Sheena says she must be more alert than she was that morning to protect Mako. She grumbles that Cutter was quick to point out her distraction. Kali says that's because Cutter resents the source of the distraction. Sheena wonders why Cutter would care, and Kali reminds her how she felt on meeting Cutter's ex-wife. Sheena says she is over those feelings.

Cutter arrives at the village to deliver some crates to Kali. They hold a gift from Mako -- ceremonial cups, enough for everyone in the village. Sheena says Mako probably carved the designs on the cups himself. Kali invites Cutter to stay for the party and he accepts.

The party lasts into the night. Kali finds Cutter, who is drinking but not participating in the dancing, only watching Sheena and Mako dance. Kali says Cutter is drunk enough that she can tell him a few things. She says that things are different here and that Sheena is not an innocent child -- she's a woman, and a woman responds to a man who is honest with himself. She tells Cutter to look in the mirror and ask himself if he is that kind of man.

The two teachers who are arriving to teach in Mako's school are waylaid by men who drag them out of their vehicle at gunpoint.


The next morning, Cutter emerges from a hut with a tremendous hangover. Sheena tells him he missed a great party. Mako receives word that the two teachers never arrived at the school. He is determined to get to the Education Center. Cutter offers to drive him, and Kali says that is a good idea -- Cutter is a trained military man and can get him there safely. Cutter gags and runs off to throw up, and Kali explains that "compliments make him lightheaded."

Sheena and Mako get in the back of Cutter's truck and they set out. When they near the Education Center, Sheena tells Cutter to stop. She says she is going to look for a serval so she can change. She needs the serval's heightened hearing ability. She runs into the jungle, finds a serval, and morphs into one herself.

Mako tells Cutter he is impressed that Sheena told him of her secret ability. Cutter: "Impressed, or annoyed?" Mako is amused. Cutter asks why, and Mako replies that they are both so protective of Sheena, and she is capable of easily slaying either of them.

Sheena hears the teachers calling for help. They have been buried in an underground pit. She morphs back into human form, gets Cutter and Mako, and they dig the teachers out. They are shaken, but okay. Mako says he is sure that this is Bantee's work. Bantee is the son of Mako's father's greatest rival in their tribe. Sheena says they need proof. Cutter finds the teachers' video camera in the pit and says they may just have it.

Mako goes to the Education Center and announces that the teachers have been found alive. He and Rafika, his liasion to N'Gama, go in to call N'Gama to tell him the good news. Sheena watches from the jungle.

In town, Cutter watches the video. He recognizes Rafika as one of the men who abducted the teachers.

Act IV

Cutter heads for the Education Center and radios Rashid that he may need backup.

At the Center, Mako and Rafika are talking about how lucky it was that the teachers were found, when Bantee enters. Bantee says he knows Mako is bluffing and that he doesn't really know where the teachers are. Mako describes the pit where he found them, and Bantee thinks that Rafika must have told him their plot. Mako is stunned that Rafika is involved. Rafika says that N'Gama has no use for education -- he pulls out a gun and points it at Mako -- or for overly ambitious plantation owners -- he pulls out another gun and points it at Bantee. Sheena is listening at the window.

Rafika reveals that he plans to make it look like Mako and Bantee killed each other. They hear a growling noise and the darak'na crashes through the window. It attacks Bantee and Rafika while Mako escapes out the window. Cutter pulls up just then, and Mako says that a creature like nothing he's ever seen is in the building. Cutter realizes immediately that it is the darak'na. Mako says he thought the darak'na was just a legend.

Sheena washes off the darak'na disguise and approaches the Center. Mako asks why she is all wet, and she says she fell in the pond. Cutter says he guesses he's not the only klutz, then. He gives Mako the tape proving that N'Gama was involved in the kidnapping so Mako can use it as leverage.


Cutter and Sheena watch on TV as Mako announces the opening of the new school. President N'Gama reluctantly cuts the ribbon. Sheena thanks Cutter for letting her watch and starts to leave, but Cutter stops her. He says that Mako knew about her ability to change, but didn't know about her being the darak'na, and still doesn't. Sheena just smiles at him and says no, he doesn't. She leaves, with Cutter looking after her with a big smile on his face.

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