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Season 1, episode 15
Series 115
1st release: 02/19/01
2nd release: 06/11/01
3rd release: 08/27/01
Production number: 117
Last update: 09-10-01

SYNOPSIS 1 by Sally Dye
SYNOPSIS 2 by Loretta Miller
COMMENTARY 1 by Loretta Miller

Gena Lee Nolin (Sheena)
Margo Moorer (Kali)
John Allen Nelson (Matt Cutter)
Kevin Quigley (Mendehlson)

James Bates Jr. (Meyer)

Written by Tony Blake and Paul Jackson Directed by Chuck Bowman

Filmed on location in Orlando, FL and Africa.


Refugees, marked for death by a warring tribe, hide in an animal sanctuary, then get help from Sheena and Cutter. ExciteTV

Refugees marked for death are trapped in an animal sanctuary. ClickTV


This synopsis is by Sally Dye .


Cutter drives through the jungle in his truck with Sheena riding in the back. They are looking for refugees from the nearby Camdeiran civil war. A handful of refugees approach but are fired on by some rebel soldiers. Cutter drives closer and exchanges gunfire with the rebels. Shena leaps out of the truck and fights some of them. The rebels retreat. Cutter and Sheena get the refugees into the truck.

Act I

A newscast shows some scenes of the Camdeiran war. The rebels are led by a man named Zenibu, who wants to take over and have the UN recognize his government.

One of the refugees tells Sheena that they had taken shelter at an animal sanctuary in Camdeira, but Zenibu and his rebel forces had vowed to destroy it because it was a national symbol of the Camdeiran people. She says that there are still people trapped there, plus some UN peacekeeping troops as well, who had parachuted in to protect the refugees.

Sheena says she is going to the sanctuary to get the people out. Cutter is reluctant, but goes with her. They go into Camdiera. Sheena asks Cutter why he agreed to come since no money was involved. Cutter says he has been in the military and that you fight because of your friends. He feels that the UN troops are his friends, in a way.

They find Zenibu and his troops. They have a UN soldier tied to a tree. Zenibu tells some of the men to stay and kill the soldier, and then he drives off in his jeep. Sheena fights the rebels off while Cutter frees the soldier. Before they can get away, more rebels approach.

Act II

A squad of UN troops arrives and fights the rebels. They and Cutter and Sheena get back to the sanctuary, but the captain, Striker, tells them it will be difficult to get across the clearing to it because Zenibu's rebels are preventing anyone from entering or leaving. They prepare to make a run for it across the clearing. Sheena goes off and morphs into a hawk. Cutter and the soldiers run across the clearing while Sheena attacks the rebels firing at them.

Once inside, Striker tells them that his orders are to hold the sanctuary, even though Zenibu has promised safe passage if they will lay down their arms. Sheena thinks there must be another reason for their presence there, and Striker finally admits that they were sent in to kidnap Zenibu, but something went wrong with the mission, and they ended up in the sanctuary.

Zenibu's men bring him a chained tiger that they captured from the sanctuary. Zenibu says that if the soldiers will not leave, he will go and take the sanctuary as the rightful leader of their country.

A Camdeiran woman named Fatouma asks Striker why the soldiers won't just leave. She knows that Zenibu has promised to spare the sanctuary and she believes him. Striker says he has his orders.

Sheena tells Cutter they need to get Zenibu's men out of a nearby clearing so that Striker can call in reinforcements, and they will have a place to land. Striker comes in and says he has received orders to take his troops out of the sanctuary. Sheena says this will leave the people unprotected.


Sheena tells Striker that the people are more important than his orders. Striker says he would rather call in the reinforcements and defeat Zenibu, but that the rebels have anti-aircraft weapons. Sheena asks him to give her til morning before he leaves. He agrees to stay til then.

Sheena becomes the darak'na and goes to the rebel camp. She takes the firing pins from all of the anti-aircraft weapons.

Back at the sanctuary, Sheena tells Cutter she doesn't like seeing the animals caged, but she knows that places like this one force people to look at her world. She says she hates Cutter's world for making it necessary to expose exploitation by exploiting the animals.

Fatouma goes to Zenibu to make a deal. If he will keep his promise and spare the refugees and the sanctuary, she will give him information. She tells him that the anti-aircraft guns have been disabled. Zenibu agrees to her deal, but after she leaves, he tells his men that they will destroy the helicopters and then attack the sanctuary and leave no trace that it ever existed.

Act IV

Sheena and Cutter and the soldiers go to meet the helicopters. Sheena notices large mounds covered by tarps that weren't there the night before. She tells Striker to hold off from giving the okay for the helicopters to land. Zenibu gets impatient and pulls off the tarps, revealing lots of hostages under them, including Fatouma. The helicopters radio that they are low on fuel and have to land or go. Sheena says to give her five minutes. Striker knows he should order the choppers in anyway, but decides to do the right thing and delays giving the order.

Sheena gets into the camp and fights with Zenibu, while Cutter frees the refugees, and they run away. Zenibu falls near the chained tiger, and it attacks and kills him. Striker orders the choppers in, and the rebels surrender.


Striker says that with Zenibu dead, his men are deserting all over the place. He tells Sheena he owes her a great deal and doesn't know how he can repay her. She says he already did when he stopped caring about orders and started caring about the people.

Cutter tells Sheena that when he was in a situation like this before, he didn't have her to be his conscience. Sheena says that he made a real difference this time.


This synopsis is by Loretta Miller .

Sheena has talked Cutter into a ride into the jungle as she wants to check for refugees that may be running from the civil war and in need of help. Cutter stops short when they get into thick brush and starts to back up. Sheena jumps out as Cutter explains he is doesnít want to do another axle job on his jeep. She races ahead on foot when she spots five refugees up ahead, in hiding. Suddenly rebel soldiers shoot at the refugees. Cutter forces his jeep forward to protect them with his jeep and jumps out shooting back at them. Sheena attacks the rebel group from the rear. She kicks, stomps and in short order the small group are downed. Cutter questions that the thought the civil war was done two years ago. Sheena tells him that the war isnít over until everyoneís dead. I.N.N News reporter reports of the warlord Zenibuís actions and how his forces have misplaced thousands of refugees. The U.N. is debating a declaration against him.

A woman walks with Sheena and Cutter and tells them that she worked as a nurse at the "the sanctuary" which Cutter takes as a refuge and is surprised she left. Sheena tells him that the sanctuary is for exotic animals. She tells them that there are a handful of refugees and U.N. soldiers there. Cutter is stunned by the news. U.N. soldiers are in the sanctuary? She tells them that they had parachuted in two days earlier. Cutter is angered by the news and calls them a "tripwire" and "sacrificial goats" as far as the government is concerned. Sheena tells Cutter to relay to Kali that sheís going to the sanctuary. Cutter puzzles Sheena by telling her that he agrees to help her because it means so much to her. She hadnít asked for his help. He goes on telling her that once he gets there heíll decide what heíll do further based on how he feels.

Sheena rides along with Cutter into Camdera. Sheena questions Cutter at this point. Why would he want to become involved? Money isnít in the picture and he never does anything unless money is involved. Cutter tells her that men salute the flag because of their countries but fight to the death for their friends. Perhaps he misses the military. Sheena likens it to "Farewell To Arms", and tells him that sheís read the book. He, too, read the book but he lived it. Zenibu rallies his troops. He tells them that itís been far too long that an outsider has come in and changed their ways and the time is right for a new leader. Nearby they have a U.N. soldier tied to a tree. Heís about to be lunch for a waiting crocodile who is obviously very hungry. Sheena and Cutter watch from hiding. Cutter asks if Sheena can communicate with the crocís and she tells him that they pretty much do what they want when they want and at that moment they wanted to eat.

Zenibu talks to a soldier of his plans as he reminds him that the U.N. considers him a war criminal. Zenibu relishes the idea that the U.N. may respond to him. If they do, simply their response to him would elevate him in the worldís eye and if there is no response, heíll kill the soldiers anyway. Sheena and Cutter enter the area and Cutter quickly cuts down the soldier. The two men run one direction and Sheena diverts another. A moment later the men realize that Sheena isnít with them. Sheena is busy attacking the soldiers, whacking them with their own weapons. In quick fashion she manages to stack three soldiers high, all unconscious or nearly so and she jumps off a tree onto the top of them as the men groan and pass out.

The two men return telling Sheena that she may have needed the help. Suddenly the U.N. soldier with them is shot and falls to the ground with an arm injury. In the brush ahead, Sheena and Cutter see four approach. Theyíll each take two. Suddenly U.N. soldiers, all dressed as the first, hit the rebels. The Captain asks the soldier what has happened. He tells him that the patrol had been captured and there were two dead. The Captain orders them to move out. Sheena tells him that if they choose this spot to leave by, theyíll cross in the open. He tells her that the jungle is out of the question as the rebel troops have it fairly well covered. He tells her that they wonít shoot into the compound and that the rebels had mounted mortars in the trees. He uses a mirror to signal his troops, they are ready to head out. He orders his men not help any wounded as they go.

Sheena spots a falcon and morphs into the magnificent bird and flies overhead. The Captain questions Cutterís knowledge and discovers heís ex-military and Cutter tells him that he knows how to proceed, "zigzag, keep low and take cover wherever you can find it."

As they race on foot, the mortars explode all around them. Nearby, rebel soldiers are attacked by the falcon that slashes them and keep them occupied. The men make it into the compound. Just after the men, Sheena arrives back in her human form.

The Captain tells them that this situation is like the Alamo. The platoon of men are cut off. They are there as the U.N. front guard and are to hold their position until Zenibu and the U.N. come to an agreement. Zenibu had promised the soldiers safe passage out of the area if they gave the compound up in 48 hours. He isnít about to go against orders, so they stay put. Zenibuís forces had destroyed the airport so reinforcements couldnít fly in. Sheena tells them of a open field nearby that could be used as a landing zone. The only down side is that Zenibuís forces have the field for their own use and they are heavily armed. He also had brought in anti-aircraft missiles.

When Sheena demands the Captain tell her just why the troops were there in the first place, he confesses that the U.N. ordered them to kidnap Zenibu but their plan got screwed up. The men may be acting as a "tripwire" now but that is the only thing protecting them.

Zenibu, in his camp, is given a tiger as a gift from his soldiers. Itís a tiger from the sanctuary and not accustomed to being chained. He gets word that the U.N. has taken his deadline under advisement. He tells his soldier that if the troops leave "we take the Sanctuary. If not, I take it as the rightful leader." Either way he wins.

The nurse from the sanctuary walks with the Captain and tells him emphatically that Zenibu had no interest in the sanctuary prior to his arrival. Myers, the Captainís communications officer, approaches with a communiquť. He tells Myers to assemble the men not on guard.

Sheena approaches Cutter who is waist deep in a trench that heís dug looking for water. They discuss the politics of both sides. The Captain tells everyone that the memo from headquarters tells them to evacuate, leaving behind all aggressive equipment. Sheena is upset that this means that they will leave them unprotected, deserted and likely to be slaughtered. He tells her that without reinforcements they cannot kill them all. Six helicopters await from a nearby aircraft carrier but their location is at the very end of their fuel range. Sheena begs him to stand by until the next morning. She has a plan. Cutter asks him to listen to her. The Captain calls Myers over and indicates that due to the manís arm in a sling, the message may have been written incorrectly and without confirmation on the message, he will have everyone hold tight. He whispers to Sheena that he can only give her until morning.

The next day, Myers gives the Captain firing pins from Sheena and Cutter. The pins came from the missiles. The strike force had been given a prearranged signal. The battle is about to begin and Cutter feels undergunned. The Captain hands him an aging M-14. Cutter erases any doubt if he knows anything about the weapon when he tells him quickly that the weapon is air-cooled and it has a 28 foot muzzle velocity per second. There will be one warning pass and then the shooting begins. Cutter tells Sheena this as she looks at the animals locked up in cages. She understands that the people are doing what they think is right. She knows that knowledge of the animals is exploitation but it also makes people aware and the awareness is what helps save the animals. She hates to see the animals in cages though and she hates Cutterís people every time she sees it, but sheís coming to understand why they do. They want to make a difference. When she sees the Camderian people, it gives Sheena hope.

The nurse from the sanctuary talks with Zenibu in his tent, privately. She wants him to keep his promise. She tells him that the anti-aircraft missiles have been disarmed and tells him that additional soldiers have been called to land. Zenibu tells her that with the information she has saved her sanctuary. He wonders aloud how the firing pins had been removed. The woman leaves and Zenibu tells his soldier to get ready for the helicopters and shoot them down. Then attack the sanctuary and level it. He wants it utterly destroyed. The helicopters are enroute.

The U.N. soldiers with Cutter and Sheena go through the jungle. The brush is moving and Sheena suspects somethingís wrong. At the open field, meant to be a landing zone for the reinforcements, there are large tarps covering something. Sheena wants to know whatís underneath. The Captain radios to the helicopters and tells them that the landing zone is "in flux". They tell him that they have a "fuel situation". The tarps are removed to expose the refugees, now hostages, and hidden underneath.

The nurse is among the refugees. Zenibu knows that the U.N. wonít shoot with them there. Now the fuel for the choppers is critical. Sheena has an idea and needs a distraction. She races off as Cutter tells the Captain to stop thinking like military and start thinking about whatís right.

Soldiers shoot at the helicopters as Sheena attacks two rebels at the camp. Slowly, Sheena makes her way toward Zenibu. Zenibu tells his men that they are victorious and tells them to attack the sanctuary which is now undefended. The men leave and a moment later Sheena attacks Zenibu physically and downs him. He tells his men that he can handle her. The fight between them is on. A soldier attacks Cutter and they fight. Cutter grabs a bottle and smashes it into his face.

Sheena jumps onto Zenibu and the chained tiger grabs him. Soldiers watch as the tiger attacks and kills their leader. They put down their weapons. Later, Cutter helps feed the refugees. The Captain tells them that the remaining Zenibu troops have deserted Camdera. He owes Sheena a lot. She tells him that she began to like him when he stopped caring about orders and more about people.

Cutter tells Sheena as they leave the compound that he lived something similar before but Sheena wasnít around to act as their conscience. Ultimately they had fought for their friends in battle, regardless of the powers they were in battle against. Sheena tells him that he cared enough to come there to help and that he made a difference.

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