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Season 2, episode 11
Series 211
1st release: 02-09-02
2nd release: 03-16-02
Production number: 204
Last update: 02-11-01

SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Gena Lee Nolin (Sheena)
Margo Moorer (Kali)
John Allen Nelson (Matt Cutter)
Kevin Quigley (Mendehlson)

Gary Graham (Glenn Pollett)
Ryan Fafarnte (Bettindorf)
Brett Rice (Shanahan)
Elena Wohl (Rochelle)
Mark Daniel (Lieutenant)
Mark Lainer (Kelstrom)
Willie E. Teacher (Khumalo)
Denise Loden (Sheena stunt double)

Written by Carla Wagner
Directed by Carl Weathers

Filmed on location in Orlando, FL and Africa.


A group of thrill seekers parachute into the jungle of an adjoining country in their version of Survivor. Whoever gets out first gets five million dollars. Unfortunately a civil war erupts at the same time, trapping them. Add to that that Sheena soon discovers one of them is a murderer. Logline


This synopsis is by Sally Dye .


Cutter and Sheena arrive at an airfield where Cutter is supposed to meet a group of contestants in a "Survivor"-type competition. Sheena is there to pick up a shipment of books. Cutter asks if she is going to read all of them, and Sheena answers with a touch of sarcasm: "That's what I usually do. Oh, sorry, there are no pictures for you to color." Before Cutter can respond to that, a van pulls up. Sheena slips away but stays to watch the arrivals. Four men and a woman alight from the van. They were expecting to meet a Mr. Livingstone there, but Cutter explains that he was busy and sent Cutter to meet them. Cutter is to drop them into uncharted territory near the Tonkora border, and the first one to make it back to the Maltaka office gets $5 million. They all get into Cutter's plane and take off.......

Sheena returns to her cave home and pulls a book from the shelf. It is signed by the author, Glenn Pollett. Sheena has recognized the author as one of the survivalists, and she verifies this by the picture on the cover. She remembers getting the signature as a little girl from a younger Glenn Pollett. She takes the book back to show Mendelson. While they are discussing it, the radio announces that the Tonkoran president has been assassinated and the borders are closed, including air space. They realize Cutter may be in danger of being shot down.

Act I

Cutter takes the five contestants to the arranged drop point and they parachute down. As he is leaving the area, his plane comes under fire, and he is forced to parachute out, too, just before the plane blows up. He hits some trees on the way down and is knocked out, but Sheena, flying in as a hawk, morphs back into human form just in time to save him from hitting the ground.......

When Cutter comes to, Sheena tells him about the military coup and says they need to find the survivalists before the rebel soldiers do. She explains that she met Glenn Pollett as a little girl and hopes he can tell her something about her parents......

The Tonkoran rebels assume the parachutists to be commandos and set out to find and eliminate them........

Cutter and Sheena find one of the survivalists -- a computer games designer named Kelstrom -- dead from a knife wound in the back. Sheena knows it wasn't done by a tribal spear, so they deduce that another of the contestants killed him.

Act II

Cutter and Sheena bury Kelstrom. Cutter shows Sheena a GPS device that he found near the body. Whoever had the device would have an advantage over the other contestants........

The woman survivalist -- Rochelle -- is chased by something and falls into quicksand. While she is struggling there, another contestant -- Shanahan -- comes along. She calls to him for help, but he asks why he should do that when $5 million is at stake. He picks up a branch and raises it overhead, but Sheena leaps out and tackles him to the ground. Cutter comes running up and uses the branch to help Rochelle out of the quicksand. Shanahan says that's what he was going to do with the branch, too. Cutter recognizes Shanahan as a former football star and asks if he would sign a football for him later. While they are talking, Sheena slips away and comes back dragging the fourth contestant -- Bettindorf -- who was apparently sneaking up on them. She tells Cutter to head for the border with these three, and she will go look for Pollett........

Pollett finds Kelstrom's grave, but some Tonkoran soldiers start shooting at him. They chase him into the jungle. Sheena arrives just as they catch up to him. Pollett watches in awe as she defeats half a dozen armed commandos. He takes out his pocket recorder: "Note -- guardian angels do exist. And mine wears leather."


Sheena explains to Pollett that they met years ago. She wants to know if he possibly remembers anything about the meeting or who her parents were. Pollett remembers touring for the book he wrote and says their meeting probably took place at a university in the states, but beyond that he has no memory of meeting Sheena as a little girl.........

Cutter and the others make camp. Cutter asks Shanahan what it was like playing in the Super Bowl. Shanahan basically tells him it's not all it's cracked up to be. Sheena and Pollett arrive and Sheena tells them to get some sleep -- they will be heading out at dawn..........

The next morning they set out, being careful to avoid rebel patrols. One group almost finds them, but Sheena and Cutter manage to take them out before a shot is fired. As they move on, Pollett slips a pistol out of the holster of one of the unconscious soldiers..........

Pollett tells Sheena that he remembers talking to a husband and wife archeology team at the University of Chicago Sheena can't be sure if she and her parents would have been there. She asks why Pollett is playing this game, and he says -- besides the $5 million -- he hopes to get a best seller out of it..........

The group stops to rest, and Sheena notices that Bettindorf's canteen is almost full of water but everyone else's is empty. She asks Cutter if he found Kelstrom's canteen. Cutter says no, but it looks like someone else did. Bettindorf sees them looking at him. He grabs Pollett's pistol, fires it into the air, and runs off with Sheena in pursuit. She catches him and knocks him out. When she gets back to where the others were, they are gone. She picks up Pollett's pocket recorder and hears soldiers capture the others........

Act IV

Cutter and the others are locked in cages in the rebel camp. Cutter asks why they all were playing this game in the first place, since they all are already wealthy and don't really need money. Rochelle says she's doing it because someone told her she couldn't. Shanahan says he's doing it to try and top his glory days in the NFL........

Sheena ties Bettindorf up. He tells her that killing Kelstrom was an accident, that they fought over the GPS device. Sheena says his guilt is for others to decide. She sets off toward the rebel camp. Bettindorf finally works his way free and follows her..........

The rebel lieutenant gives the order to execute Cutter and the others. Hoods are placed on their heads and they are forced to their knees. Suddenly loud voices are heard arguing. Pollett recognizes it as his recorder. The rebels think they are under attack. In the resulting chaos, the darak'na leaps into the camp and fights several soldiers. Cutter gets free of his bonds and releases the others. He and Shanahan get to the rebels' grenades and start lobbing them into the soldiers. They make it to a truck and take off. The darak'na sees that they are safe and runs into the jungle. Bettindorf stumbles into a group of the soldiers and is shot.........


Shanahan autographs a football for Cutter. Pollett tells Sheena he will go home and go through his notes to see if he can find anything that will jog his memory about her parents. Sheena thanks him sadly and says it was just a long shot. As he is getting on the plane, however, Pollett looks at his watch and remembers handing the book to a little girl who had admired the watch. He shouts back to Sheena that he remembers her being intrigued with the watch because it's a Hamilton. Sheena was intrigued by it because that was her name, too. Cutter turns to Sheena and says, "It's nice to meet you....Cheryl Hamilton." Sheena's eyes fill with tears and they embrace.


08-20-01. Gary Graham starred in TV's Alien Nation.

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