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Season 1, episode 19
Series 119
1st release: 04/30/01
2nd release: 07/09/01
Production number: 120
Approximate shooting dates:
Last update: 08-19-01

SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye
SYNOPSIS 2 by Loretta Miller
COMMENTARY 1 by Loretta Miller

Gena Lee Nolin (Sheena)
Margo Moorer (Kali)
John Allen Nelson (Matt Cutter)
Kevin Quigley (Mendehlson)

Written by Bill Taub
Directed by Carl Weathers

Filmed on location in Orlando, FL and Africa.


Tyler returns to lead a mission to assassinate the terrorist responsible for a bombing that killed Sheena's young friend. ClickTV


This synopsis is by Sally Dye .


Sheena and Cutter accompany a young friend, Dalia, to the Ministry of Education, where she is going to apply for a grant to go to college in Germany. Dalia is having second thoughts about leaving her family and her tribe, but Sheena convinces her that she can learn much and come back to be a great help to her tribe. Cutter and Dalia go inside. Just as Cutter comes back out, the building explodes into flames.

Act I

President Engama tells his aide Mumbato that the terrorist Algonquin is responsible for the bombing. He says that, even though Algonquin is being protected by General Konga in the nearby country of Defari, the CIA will help the Maltakans to get him.

Cutter finds Sheena mourning for Dalia by the river. Sheena blames herself for sending Dalia into the building. She throws two flowers into the river -- one for who Dalia was and one for who she could have become. She keeps a third flower to remember her by. She vows to avenge Dalia's death by killing whoever was responsible for the bombing.

Cutter returns home to find CIA agent Tyler waiting for him. Tyler wants Cutter to help him assassinate Algonquin. Sheena comes in just in time to hear that the CIA was expecting a terrorist attack, and she grabs Tyler and pins him to the wall. Cutter convinces her that Tyler is there to help, but Cutter wants no part of being a sniper again. Sheena, however, says she will help if it means Algonquin will be eliminated.

Tyler, Sheena and Tyler's protege, Jericho, are surprised when Cutter turns up to join them after all. Tyler introduces the local insertion team -- Mumbato and a team of Engama's special forces.

Act II

Sheena leads the group into the jungle.

General Konga comes to the terrorist camp to protest the bombing. He says that the U.S. is involved now, and he wants Algonquin out of his country. As he leaves, Algonquin laughs and says, "Have a good trip."

Sheena moves ahead to scout, and Cutter and Tyler talk. Cutter can't believe Tyler "gave away" his code name, Jericho, to someone else. Tyler just laughs and says he wasn't using it. Sheena returns to warn that they are approaching an open plain and that they should wait til nightfall to cross it. Mumbato and his men push ahead anyway, and Sheena and the others follow.

President Engama meets with General Konga, who presents a letter of apology for the bombing. Engama brushes it aside, and they sit down to talk.

The team is ambushed as they get into the open plain. They are pinned down, and Cutter says that when night falls, the terrorists will come after them.


Engama and Konga negotiate. Konga says that he will eliminate Algonquin in exchange for an unspecified concession from Engama.

Cutter says if he only had some light he could pick off their attackers. Sheena tells him to distract the others. When he does so, she slips away from the group. She blows up one of the terrorists' trucks, the fire providing the light Cutter needs so he can use his sniper abilities. When the attackers are all taken care of, Cutter notices that Tyler is gone. A radio message from Engama tells Mumbato to abort the mission. Cutter realizes that Engama has received a better offer, probably from Konga. Mumbato says he has no choice but to leave, but he hopes that Cutter kills Algonquin anyway because one of his men died in the bombing.

Tyler ambushes a guard in the terrorist camp and gets into Algonquin's tent. He's upset because Algonquin was supposed to kill the Maltakans and take Tyler and the others captive. Algonquin says that they didn't count on Cutter being such a good shot. Tyler says to stick to the plan but to leave Cutter out of it.

Act IV

Sheena returns to tell Cutter and Jericho that she followed Tyler to Algonquin's camp and that they are in league together. Jericho doesn't believe it, and Cutter doesn't want to believe it but knows that Sheena wouldn't lie. Sheena leaves to take care of Algonquin herself, and Cutter and Jericho argue. Tyler shows up and Jericho tells him what Sheena said. Tyler scoffs and says he was just casing the camp. He says they have to stop Sheena or she'll "screw everything up."

Algonquin captures Mumbato and says he will be part of his plan.

Tyler turns on Cutter and Jericho and they realize Tyler has sold them out. Cutter deduces that the plan was for Algonquin to kill or capture them and embarrass U.S. intelligence. Tyler plans to kill Jericho and hopes that Cutter will take a share of the money Algonquin is going to pay him to keep quiet. Cutter jumps Tyler, who shoots Jericho in the leg. Cutter and Tyler fight.

Algonquin hears the shot and sends troops, but the darak'na stops them. She then goes into the camp and frees Mumbato and his men. Then she takes on Algonquin and kills him.

Tyler gets the drop on Cutter, but Cutter manages to get to his gun and shoots Tyler, who then dies in his arms.


Engama and Konga announce that they have worked together to rid the land of the terrorist Algonquin. Mumbato does not tell Engama the whole story of what happened -- just that Algonquin was attacked by an animal, but had an assassin's bullet in his head as well.

Sheena finds Cutter at the riverbank and brings him three flowers. Cutter says Jericho is going to report that Tyler made the hit and died in action. He takes the flowers and throws two of them into the water. After a pause, he crumples the third flower and leaves it on the bank. Sheena throws it into the water, too.


This synopsis is by Loretta Miller .

An explosion rocks the Ministry of Education only moments after Cutter escorted their friend, Dalia, inside to apply for a grant to continue her education. Sheena feels tremendous guilt and feels she is the one responsible for her death. Cutter tells her that the bombing was targeted for Ingama and she was an innocent in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Ingama surveys the damage and is sure it is the work of Algonquin who has declared war on any countries that have dealings with the west but he has gone too far this time and must be stopped. Mumbato, his right hand, asks how can this be accomplished as his base is well protected and he has safe passage through Defari, Ingama’s troublesome neighbor to the north.

He tells Mumbato that General Konga, the leader in the region has made many demands on him and will demand that Konga eject Algonquin from his territory. Ingama tells him that the CIA has offered to provide assistance against Algonquin and he’s going to take them up on the offer.

Cutter meets a very somber Sheena at the water’s edge, where she holds three white flowers. He hands her a beaded bracelet that had been Dalia’s. She vows to track down whoever did this and will kill them. Sheena ceremoniously tosses three white flowers, one at a time, into the water for her friend Dalia. The first to represent for who she was, the second for who she could have become and the third, she keeps for the part of herself that has died. She holds the flower to her nose and deeply inhales its beautiful scent as Cutter walks away.

Cutter hears the news account on the radio of the bombing while driving home and angrily exits his jeep, slamming the door behind him. As he enters his office, his old pal Tyler is inside. Tyler asks him "what did the truck ever do to you?" Cutter is surprised and guesses he’s here because of the terrorist attack. He tells Cutter that they know who bombed the building, because they have satellite photos. Cutter tells him not to waste any more time with him and go get him. Tyler, instead, steps over to the counter as Cutter opens the fridge and asks him if he has a "Yoo-Hoo" or something inside for him to drink. Tyler tosses him a bottle of root beer.

Tyler tells him that Algonquin caused the bombing. Cutter says that was his guess. The CIA had been monitoring him and they sent Tyler in because he has an inside man in Maltaka. Cutter tells him that he couldn’t be talking about him because Tyler says, "you’re now in the tour business".

Sheena bolts into the office, grabs the root beer bottle he just set down smashes it and takes the ragged neck to Tyler’s. Cutter jams himself between them as he gets Sheena to back off. Tyler wonders why he can’t get a simple "hello" out of these two. Cutter tells Sheena that Algonquin did the deed and with Cutter’s help they’ll nail him. The company wants the killing to be clearly an assassination and Cutter is the best sniper the company has ever had. Tyler shows them a rifle with a scope and tells Cutter that he has been reactivated. The words are unsettling for Cutter who heads off. Tyler isn’t surprised by his reaction as Sheena runs off to catch up to him.

Cutter angrily tells Sheena, "you know what happened. I killed an innocent."

Sheena counters with "is killing an innocent any different than not doing anything else at all?"

This doesn’t sway Cutter until Sheena tells Cutter that she is going to guide them in.

Into the jungle, Tyler introduces Sheena to another company man, code name: Jericho. Tyler tells him that she is their secret weapon. They are to meet their insertion team.

Cutter shows up, clad in camouflage and Tyler is surprised to see him. Tyler introduces him to Jericho. "That was my code name." Tyler smiles and tells him, "I knew that’d get you." Jericho is genuinely taken by meeting Cutter and calls him a legend.

A group approaches and Sheena tells them to get down. They all instantly comply. The insertion team approaches, and it’s Mumbato and several others offered to them by Ingama with some persuasion from the CIA. Mumbato isn’t surprised that Cutter is working for the CIA and looks at Sheena and seems to recall her. Tyler tells him that Sheena is their guide, and that he hired her. Together they consult a map and Sheena suggests they go up along the river and enter the area around Algonquin’s camp through animal tracks.

As they head out, Cutter spots a radio on one of the soldiers and grabs it quickly taking the microphone off and sending it flying. Cutter tells them that their radios will be on "receive" only and the uniform patches have to go. Mumbato orders his men to comply and they do, begrudgingly.

In Algonquin’s camp, two men are fighting fiercely when Algonquin steps between them and orders one to "surprise him". He tells them that the mistake most men make is looking for weakness. The man attacks and Algonquin downs him.

Meanwhile General Konga arrives. Training continues without Algoquin as he meets with him. Konga tells him that the bombing went too far. Algonquin reminds him that he has been providing him protection. Algonquin tells him that when he’s done the great U.S.A. will be no longer "great". Konga is irate, as it was never their arrangement. Algonquin doesn’t care. Konga wants him out of Defari by the time he returns from meeting with Ingama.

Sheena guides the troops quickly through the brush with Tyler complaining. Cutter tells him that she has two speeds "fast" and "faster". Sheena climbs a tall tree to get a better vantagepoint as Tyler watches and enjoys the view. He asks Cutter if they’re okay and only then Cutter tells him that it is good seeing him again. "Now I get a sappy hello?" Cutter tells him that he isn’t happy about working together. Tyler is pretty jealous of his sniper skills. They talk about how "Jericho" has been doled out to someone else as Sheena returns.

She tells them that they have a wide-open field ahead. Cutter tells them that they’ll wait on nightfall to shield them before they go further. Mumbato, irritated at the delay, heads out with his men. The trio left behind are stunned but Tyler tells them that they need them and they are forced to head out.

Konga meets with Ingama in an isolated hut. Konga offers a letter of condolence which Ingama won’t accept telling him that there is no time for posturing. They must talk to each other, not around each other.

The troops make their way through the field with guns drawn. Sheena yells, "STOP!" She smells gasoline. Suddenly they are fired upon. It’s an ambush.

As bullets fly, the group are flat to the ground while Algonquin watches with binoculars from a truck. Jericho panics and wants to run when Tyler tells him to stay down. Cutter and Tyler joke about throwing their voices, as would a ventriloquist, and Jericho can’t believe their levity. Tyler tells him that the levity helps them keep their heads. "Rookies," Tyler says of Jericho in a disgusted mutter.

They are pinned down and know they’ll have to wait until nightfall before they can move. Cutter tells Sheena that will be the time the terrorists strike.

Mumbato chides Cutter for having removed the microphone from the radio as they could have used it to get help. Cutter tells him that Ingama won’t send in troops, as this mission never happened. Cutter tells Sheena that all he needs is a little light and he can make his shots, eliminating the soldiers that hold them there.

When it gets dark, Sheena slinks off asking Cutter to cover her. He yells out and he and the others start firing in the opposite direction.

Meanwhile Konga and Ingama talk. Konga finally tells Ingama that he’ll order a sweep of his country and have Algonquin removed in one week.

While they keep their shots close to the ground, Mumbato believes that Sheena has run off to save her own skin and doesn’t blame her. But, instead, she has come up onto the truck seen earlier undetected. Sheena pulls the gas line under the truck and gasoline starts to pour. The soldier, detecting the strong smell, looks under the truck and Sheena grabs him, and swiftly knocks him out. She grabs his lighter from his pocket and ignites the gasoline and makes a run for it.

It only takes a second before the night sky is lit up like the sun in a roaring explosion.

Tyler laughs as everyone sees the fireball. "You wanted light."

As Cutter slowly takes the rifle and sets his sights, Tyler says, "make me proud." Cutter begins to shoot. He hits one, another and another and two with one shot. They’re all down.

Mumbato is utterly amazed.

They know Algonquin knows where they are and they start to depart only to find Tyler missing and he had left his weapon behind. Mumbato is just telling Cutter that this mission is personal as Algonquin had killed several of his men when they hear the radio crackle from their pack and is irritated that they can’t respond. Cutter tells them to listen to the message which they hear: report back to base, abort mission. Mumbato wants to pack it in. Cutter is surprised, "I thought you said this was personal." But he tells him that the message came from "Lionhead" that’s a code name for Ingama, and he ordered the mission stopped himself.

The insertion team leaves Cutter and Jericho alone while Tyler hits a soldier outside Algonquin’s tent. He goes on inside and we quickly realize that Algonquin knows Tyler. The plan they had concocted hadn’t gone as scheduled. They weren’t counting on Cutter’s ability. Tyler wants his money and Algonquin can have his CIA victory.

Tyler is quick to make sure that while Algonquin can do anything he wants to the others, "leave Jericho and Cutter to him, that’s the agreement."

Sheena approaches Cutter and tells him that Tyler is working with Algonquin. He can’t believe it. She spotted him in camp and Jericho quickly defends him as probably "recon" work. He thinks that she wants to kill Algonquin and take all the glory for himself. He goes to shoot her and Cutter kicks the gun out of his hand. Tyler returns telling him that he was "scoping the area". Cutter tells him her beliefs and he tells Cutter that Sheena will screw everything up making everything a tinder box.

Algonquin captures Mumbato. They realize this but Cutter cannot get a clear shot as he may hit Mumbato. Tyler suddenly kicks the sniper rifle out of Cutters hands and draws down on him. He orders Jericho to retrieve the rifle as Cutter realizes fully that Tyler had sold them out. The cost? 25 Million, Tyler tells them and that’s with a discount. Cutter sees Tyler’s plan. Algonquin is to set CIA into a tailspin. USA gets all the bad press and Tyler tells them the arrangement is to leave Cutter and Jericho alone. But, things change and Tyler tells him that he’ll need a body to parade in front of the press and he elects Jericho.

Cutter calls Tyler a former USA flag waver but Tyler tells him that he got fed up. Another hit, another fight for twenty years and has nothing to show for it. The company had ordered him to bring Cutter along. He offers to split the money with him and both of them disappear. Cutter tells him that he gave up on the company, gave up on the country but he never betrayed it.

Cutter charges him and his gun goes off and the bullet hits Jericho. Meanwhile, the Darak’na hits one of Algonquin’s men and kills him. Another, she breaks his neck. Mumbato is freed as the Darak’na slices the ropes tha t hold him. Algonquin radios his men but has no contact. Tyler can’t reach his gun as Cutter fights him and Tyler discovers that Cutter traded his full clip with an empty one.

The Darak’na kills another soldier and comes up on Algonquin. He fires at her as she races away. A moment later, the Darak’na drops from the tree above and kills him. She dives into a nearby lake.

Tyler takes aim on Cutter, "end game Amigo". Cutter takes a gamble and thinks he can’t kill him. Jerico reaches for his gun and Tyler is going to shoot him…Cutter aims and hits Tyler in the left chest to stop him. Tyler is held by Cutter as Sheena, wet, appears. Tyler dies.

Ingama with Konga are at a press conference. They announce that they can work together even thought they have differences. Ingama is told by Mumbato as the conference ends that Algonquin’s body was ravished but he had an bullet in the back of the head. Ingama leaves with Mumbato giving him a salute.

At the water’s edge Sheena joins Cutter and gives him three white flowers.

Cutter tells Sheena that he talked to Jericho and the official statement is that Tyler made the hit and was killed in action. Why? Payback for all the good he did do. He tells her that Jericho reminds him of himself. Sheena tells him that if she could touch him and take his pain, she would. This was about Dalia, and Tyler made his own choices. He tells her that it’ll be strange knowing he’s gone. She offers the flowers. He tosses one, then the next and crushes the third in his hand and tosses it aside. Sheena opens the flower and tosses it gently into the water for Cutter.


This synopsis is by Loretta Miller .

Good episode. Lots of twists and turns and an unexpected betrayal by Tyler, a friend of Cutter’s. We see Sheena’s guilt of what she had done that killed her friend and Cutter’s reason for leaving the Company years earlier. He had killed an innocent and the guilt made him walk. He has an amazing ability to shoot and this ability saves their necks at a crucial moment. The pivotal moment, though, was when Cutter has to shoot Tyler and kills him.

Ingama seems to be becoming more of a human being. Earlier in the season we saw him with a passel of wives enslaved to his ways and now we see him being more the diplomat. Perhaps he’s better with affairs of state than he is with affairs on his home turf.

Interesting: Mumbato and his soldiers ripping off those patches off their uniforms. Thank God for velcro, eh? Easy on, easy off.

My favorite scene was the one when Sheena comes in, plasters Tyler up against the wall and threatens him with the broken bottle. Good moment.

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