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Season 1, episode 20
Series 120
1st release: 05/07/01
2nd release: 07/16/01
Production number:
Approximate shooting dates:
Last update: 08-19-01

SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Gena Lee Nolin (Sheena)
Margo Moorer (Kali)
John Allen Nelson (Matt Cutter)
Kevin Quigley (Mendehlson)

Written by Steven L. Sears
Directed by Carl Weathers

Filmed on location in Orlando, FL and Africa.


Kali is kidnapped during an attack on a village.


2nd RELEASE: 07/16/01
An AA average of
Competition from Syndicated Action Hours:
Stargate: SG1 (2.7, - 4), (62R New Ground)
Andromeda (2.5), (16R The Sum of Its Parts)
Xena (2.3/2.5, -26), (126R Path of Vengeance)
VIP (2.3/2.4, -21),
Earth: Final Conflict (2.0/2.1, - 5), (22R The Joining)
Maximum Exposure (2.0/2.1),
The Invisible Man (2.0, +25), (32 Den of Thieves)
The Lost World (2.0, + 5), (35R The Guardian)
BeastMaster (2.0, - 9), (38R Fifth Element)
Baywatch Hawaii (1.9/2.1, -14),
Sheena (1.9), (20R Unsafe Passage)
Relic Hunter (1.7, - 6), (40R Midnight Flight)
The Outer Limits (1.4, -13),
Thunderbox (1.3),
Queen of Swords (1.1) (10R 112 The Serpent)


This synopsis is by Sally Dye .


Armed men rush into Kali's village, wreaking havok. Some distance away, Sheena hears gunfire and runs toward the village. One of the men enters Kali's hut and says, "I have found the witch." When Sheena arrives, she learns that Kali has been taken away by the men.

Act I

Cutter and Mendelson are looking for whoever stole some of Cutter's boats. They come upon Sheena on the riverbank by the stolen boats. Cutter assumes she took the boats, but Sheena knocks him to the ground and wants to know who he rented the boats to. She tells him Kali has been kidnapped. She and Cutter set out to track the kidnappers, and Mendelson stays behind to repair the boats.

The kidnappers lock Kali in a cell. They tell her they plan to sell her to men in the east who will pay a great price for a real shamaness.

Cutter and Sheena find the slavers' camp. They attack the guards and take most of them out, but Kali is not there. One of the slaves they free tells them they were split into two groups. He says his pregnant wife is in the other group, too.

Some of the slavers who got away get to one of the head slavers -- Daniko -- and tell him their slaves were freed by a savage blond woman. Daniko and his partner, Olsen, think they could get a good price for a blond jungle woman, so they hope she comes after them, too. They load Kali and many other slaves onto a large ship.

Act II

Rashid tells Sheena and Cutter that there are too many ways out of the country. He compiles a list of all the unguarded exit points. But he thinks the Minister of Commerce has probably been bribed to look the other way, which will make finding the slavers more difficult. Sheena gets the list from him and disappears.

Kali and the other slaves are locked in the ship's hold. Kali tries to comfort a young pregnant woman. She demands to see Daniko and asks that he let the pregnant woman go. Daniko seems to consider it, but Olsen says so what if one of the slaves dies and sends Kali back to the hold. As Kali leaves, she says something to Daniko in a native tongue. After she leaves, Daniko and Olsen argue about Daniko's intention to retire after this shipment.

Cutter is worried about Sheena, but doesn't know where she could have gone. He and Mendelson check the stolen boats and find a counterfeit commerce sticker. They set out for the Maltaka Port Authority.

Sheena finds the slavers. Cutter and Mendelson also find the ship and spy on it. They hope to find a way to delay its castoff until Rashid can get there. They see Sheena board the ship and get caught in a net trap. Before they can help her, some guards see them and they have to fight their way out. They get away in Cutter's jeep.


Cutter and Mendelson report to Rashid, who is upset that they interfered. Cutter and Mendelson are upset that Rashid is not doing anything. Cutter tells Rashid that the freighter holding the slaves is a Victory Ship, which was used by the Allies in World War II. He finds it ironic that it is now a slave ship.

Daniko asks Kali how she knew he was of the Duma tribe. He tells her he was raised by his grandmother, who taught him the language of her tribe. Kali points out that the Duma were a tribe of peace that was wiped out by slavers. Daniko doesn't know whether to believe her or not.

Sheena is chained in the hold. Olsen tells her that she will be sold to a prince in the east who will break her. When he leaves, Sheena sees a rat, but can't make eye contact with it. So she breaks her chains, finds the rat, and morphs into one.

Cutter calls an old friend and calls in a favor -- he wants an assault team to lead against the slavers.

Daniko and Kali discuss his grandmother and her philosophies. Daniko decides he will get Kali off the ship. He argues with Olsen, who refuses to let Kali go.

Sheena -- as a rat -- gnaws through the anchor winch, and the anchor falls back into the ocean. Then she changes back into human form and attacks Daniko. He tells her he is trying to help the slaves, but she doesn't believe him.

Act IV

Kali calls out to Sheena, and she and Daniko free Kali from her chains. Daniko says he will get them off the boat, but Sheena and Kali refuse to leave without the other slaves. Sheena goes to create a distraction. Meanwhile, Cutter's assault team arrives and begins to baord the ship. Sheena uses oil to change into the darak'na.

Kali and Daniko lead the slaves out of the hold. Olsen stops them and is about to kill Kali when Daniko jumps in front of her and is shot. The darak'na leaps down and kills Olsen as Daniko dies in Kali's arms.


Cutter says Rashid found a manifest on the ship that will lead to all who were involved in the slave ring. Sheena wonders why Kali feels sad over Daniko since he was a slaver. Kali says he made bad choices -- who knows what he would have become if he had made the right ones. She tells Sheena that her choices have made her who she is. She says that you must appreciate who you are and your lot in life -- that is true freedom.

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