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Season 1, episode 08
Series 108
1st release: 11/20/00
2nd release:
Production number: 110
Approximate shooting dates:
Last update: 02-06-01

SYNOPSIS 1 by Sally Dye
SYNOPSIS 2 by Loretta Miller

Gena Lee Nolin (Sheena)
Margo Moorer (Kali)
John Allen Nelson (Matt Cutter)
Kevin Quigley (Mendehlson)

Vicky Philips (cameo)

Written by Steven L. Sears
Directed by Corey Eubanks

Filmed on location in Orlando, FL and Africa.


Cutter races to find half-animal Sheena before a trophy hunter can add her to his collection.

Sheena is trapped in a half-animal state, and Cutter must find her before an obsessed trophy hunter gets to her first. ExciteTV


This synopsis is by Sally Dye .


In Kali's village a ceremony is taking place. They have roasted a pig and bring it out on a large bier. Kali gives a short speech and then begins to carve and serve the pig meat. Cutter is given some unidentifiable portion and regards it dubiously. Rashid explains that they are celebrating the Hayi Ama -- an honoring of the spirit of the Kaya. Suddenly the darak'na leaps into the circle of villagers, growling and knocking people down. Cutter says "Sheena?" just before Rashid and his men begin shooting at it. It grabs the roasted pig and drags it off into the jungle.

Act I

Everyone wants Cutter to take them into the jungle to get a look at the darak'na. After all, that's what he has based his business on. Mendelson tells an attractive woman at the bar that it will cost her $50,000 and that Cutter might not even be available. Mendelson is upset that Cutter is turning down all the lucrative offers to take people in search of the darak'na.

Cutter and Kali are talking. Kali says Sheena apparently was in the process of changing when something went terribly wrong. She says they have to find both Sheena and the animal she was using to transform before the authorities or someone else does. Cutter is exasperated and says the animal could be anywhere.

A man named Robert Morgan offers Cutter triple his highest offer to take him to the La Mistas. Cutter refuses. When Morgan asks why, Cutter says he is going after the darak'na himself. Morgan says for Cutter not to get in his way.

Professor Barrington and his students and guides are researching African mythology. When one of his students says they need to be wary of encountering the darak'na, the Professor scoffs and says there is no such thing -- it is just a myth.

Mendelson and Cutter go into the La Mistas. Mendelson says he's surprised Cutter didn't get his friend Sheena to help him find the darak'na. Cutter says she went up north to a convention. Mendelson says if their tranquilizer guns don't stop the darak'na, will they kill it? Cutter doesn't answer.

The Professor and his students set up camp. Sheena (as the darak'na) watches from the jungle. Later that night, the professor goes to wash his face in the stream. He sees Sheena's reflection in the water next to his. His guides and students scatter when they see Sheena. The professor sees that Sheena is wounded. She falls to the ground, unconscious. Professor Barrington is amazed that there really is a darak'na, and he has captured it.

Act II

The professor treats Sheena's wound. He tells her that he is going to collect a million dollar reward for providing conclusive proof that a darak'na really exists. Sheena seems to realize that he is not trying to hurt her, because she doesn't kill him.

Morgan tells his men to capture the darak'na alive if they can, but if not, to kill it. He says if they see Cutter, they definitely don't need to bring him back alive.

Kali is searching for Sheena. She sees a black panther and follows it.

Cutter and Mendelson find a camp, which is all torn apart. They find blood, but no bodies. Margan's men start shooting at them, and they take cover.

Sheena hears the shots and runs toward them, despite the Professor's pleas to stay away from hunters. She runs right into Cutter and claws his arm. He speaks to her, but she just growls. He pulls out his gun and points it at her.


Professor Barrington arrives and tells Cutter not to shoot. He gets Sheena to go away with him. Cutter hides in a tree while Morgan's men are searching for him and overhears their plans to trap the darak'na.

The Professor and Sheena find Mendelson. The Professor wants him to show them a way out of the jungle. Mendelson says they need to find Cutter first. They head back to where Cutter was.

Kali finds several dead men. She also finds a dead panther. She touches it and has a vision of Sheena (in human form) finding the panther, who was only wounded at the time. Sheena attacks the man who shot the panther. Sheena knows he is not alone and also that she must draw the others away somehow, so she uses the panther's manta to change. She is interrupted before she changes completely and kills the other hunters. When she goes back to the panther, it is dead.

Morgan's men are driving the darak'na into a trap. The Professor and Mendelson try to stop her, but she runs into Morgan and he shoots her with his tranquilizer darts. She falls unconscious at his feet.

Act IV

They cage Sheena and tie the Professor up. Mendelson escaped before they saw him.

Kali finds Cutter and binds up the wound that Sheena gave him. Kali explains what happened and says that if Sheena's mind is gone, she will become a rogue. Cutter won't let her finish when she says what must be done if that is the case. They find Morgan's camp. Kali says she has some of the panther's blood and must get it into Sheena somehow so she can complete the transformation. Cutter sneaks into the camp. The Professor sees him and distracts Morgan so Cutter can get the tranquilizer gun. They see Mendelson and motion for him to get in the truck. Cutter puts the panther's blood into the dart. He is weak from his wound and misses his aim, the dart sticking into the side of the truck bed. Sheena breaks out of the cage, but as she does, the Professor gets the dart and sticks it in her leg. Cutter and Sheena manage to take out Morgan and all his men. Then Sheena turns completely into a panther and runs off into the jungle. Kali smiles and says she will be back later. Cutter tells the Professor to forget what he has seen.


Professor Barrington is exhilarated about his experience. He says he felt that the darak'na was more human than animal. Cutter and Kali just smile. The Professor says he is sorry he ever thought to profit from exposing the darak'na. He turns around and is surprised to see Sheena standing there, once more in human form. Cutter introduces them. The Professor asks if they haven't met before, and Sheena says that she meets everyone who comes to the La Mistas. The Professor says goodbye and takes his leave. Sheena says she wanted to meet him because he was what made her hold on to herself. She apologizes to Cutter, too. He says a few stitches, some heavy sedation and a little therapy and he will be fine. Sheena just smiles. Mendelson then serves some more of the unidentifiable meat from the celebration. Cutter still looks doubtful, but Sheena digs right in.


This synopsis is by Loretta Miller .

We start out at a festival of the Hayi Ama of the Ukiah Village and Kali tells the villagers that it is not a time to mourn but to pay tribute of those you love and loved. Kali serves up the freshly cooked up wild boar and offers Cutter a section that is recognized as the "part that jumps over the river last."

Suddenly a creature (half human, half-animal) attacks them and grabs the boar meat. The creature slashes Cutter who won't fight back calling out, "Sheena?" She gives no response but runs off in a hail of gunfire courtesy of Ingama soliders but none connect.

A woman asks Mendelson if she could see the Drak'na as she was on a spiritual quest. Mendelson tells her that they can bond if she can come up with 25,000 dollars at least. "With the Drak'na on the rampage can I make it worth your while?" "Buy a plane," he tells her.

Meanwhile, Kali and Cutter talk about the "creature" that they both suspect was Sheena. Cutter doesn't understand how she could be "stuck" halfway. He knows that she just looks at an animal and "poof" she becomes that animal. Kali sternly explains that she must "connect" with the animal through the eyes to get its manta. Kali explains that something happened to stop the completion of the transformation. She has to find the animal that Sheena had connected with and Cutter has to find Sheena as the Drak'na is now being hunted.

Robert Morgan approaches Cutter and says that he wants to hire him ("the best") to go after the Drak'na willing to pay double or triple any other offer he may have already received as he has heard that Cutter is an "authority". Cutter steadfastly refuses all offers to find the Drak'na as he reveals that he's going after her himself. Morgan is angered by Cutter's refusal to assist and advises him that he didn't want to compete with him, as he isn't a good sport. Cutter takes that as a threat as Cutter advises him that "lots of things happen in the La Mistas." Morgan takes those words as an equal threat.

We meet a Professor with his workers and guide in the jungle. He has been in the jungle four separate times with his African Mythology studies. They had hoped to have made it to the tribal medicine hut of the Kaya but are forced to make camp in the jungle as darkness quickly falls. Cutter and Mendelson are into the La Mistas searching for the Drak'na themselves and Mendelson wonders aloud why Sheena isn't along to help. Cutter says that she's off at a seminar somewhere while he explains the dart guns they have will be enough to down the creature but not kill it. Mendelson asks what they will do when they actually capture the beast and the dart guns don't work. He asks Cutter if they will have to kill it?

The jungle guide insists that the Drak'na is not myth, it is fact. The Professor doubts it as there is not enough evidence and cynics never get eaten. The Professor mutters to himself that he has taught for thirty-three years and feels he's trapped in his university job as he cools his face off in a pool of water "in the heart of nowhere". As he does this he sees the creature's reflection as she stands directly behind him.

He scampers into the brush for safety as the Drak'na attacks his workers. The Drak'na is injured in the fight and the Professor sees it is bleeding as the Drak'na passes out. The Professor stands over it and proudly boasts that he captured it.

The Professor helps the Drak'na, covers the wound and applies liquor to clean it only after taking a healthy swig for himself. The Drak'na reacts to the sharp stinging as the Professor tries to talk to the beast and tell her/it that the liquor is to help disinfect the wound. He cannot wait to receive the one million dollar bounty that the "Inquistor" (a magazine) is offering for conclusive proof of the Drak'na's existence. He knows that the beast is his "meal ticket" out of the University system. The Drak'na grabs him by his leg and pulls him. He manages to break free of its grasp when it pushes a gauze pad toward him, as a gift? The Professor soaks in the creature's behavior as he watches.

Morgan dispatches dart guns to his men telling them that if two darts don't "do it", "kill it", Morgan and his right hand man take regular rifles with full intention of hunting down Cutter and killing him_their only competition.

Kali tracks the Drak'na into the night, finds blood and an injured panther nearby. She questions aloud if the panther is looking for its companion. Cutter and Mendelson finds the professor's campsite when they see laser beams on themselves. They duck just in time to avoid being shot by Morgan while the Professor follows the Drak'na into the woods telling her "that's where the hunters are." From the brush, Morgan reminds Cutter of his own words, "lots of things can happen in the jungle." Pinned down by Morgan, Cutter tells Mendelson to head for the water as he makes a run for the trees. He can run faster than Mendelson but Mendelson doesn't like the idea of getting wet and asks, "and I can swim faster?" Cutter hopes so. Mendelson makes it to the river and jumps in as Cutter encounters the Drak'na and it slices Cutter on the arm. He won't fight her but he does pull his gun on her. The Professor calls her off and she goes with him. Morgan's men think that Cutter got the Drak'n! a by the tracks at the campsite. Morgan tells them to reload their weapons. The Drak'na comes up on to Mendelson as the Professor tells him quickly that she won't attack unless he orders her to. The Professor asks for his help as he doesn't know where he's at and Mendelson advises that Cutter is the only one that could get them out of there. The Professor asks him where Cutter is and then offers to split the million-dollar bounty in half, giving half to Mendelson if they can get out of the jungle. Mendelson then tells him that Cutter is behind them a bit, getting shot at.

Morgan finds a map at the campsite that shows a "thermal area" between them and the river where they can trap the Drak'na and with only one way out of that area, they will set up and wait for her there. Cutter is directly above them, his cut arm bleeding onto the map as Morgan closes it, unnoticed. Cutter wonders aloud if his business would be okay without the Drak'na.

Kali finds the injured or dead men and blood on an adjacent leaf. Through the blood Kali sees Sheena come across an injured panther and tries to "connect" with it as three men approach that were hunting it. She knows they are outnumbered and she must even the odds for them both. She is in the middle of the transition when the hunters discover them and she must fight them in this half animal, half human state. She returns to the animal only to find that in the interim it had died making the completion of the transition impossible.

The next day, Cutter, still hurting, hears pots and pans being banged. Mendelson says that they are "herding" the Drak'na. The Professor tells the Drak'na that he intends on selling her to a good zoo. Men come from under brush that had them concealed and two darts take the Drak'na down. Morgan has her and the professor. The men arrive in a truck and place the Drak'na in a cage.

Cutter goes through the jungle and finds Kali. Kali tells him that she is responding like an animal now and she tells him of her find. If she's "gone", she's a rogue but Cutter cuts her off. He doesn't want to be reminded that she may have to be killed.

Morgan boasts that he is ridding Maltaka of a known menace and holds onto the Professor as he may come in "handy" or if not, he can always be another victim of the Drak'na. The Professor sees her caged up and feels true remorse at the situation. A cage is still a cage, regardless of where it is. He apologizes to her for his capturing her in the first place.

Cutter spots the men and knows he is outnumbered and knows that Kali has to reach Sheena/Drak'na. Kali had retrieved some of the blood from the panther that will help Sheena get the required "manta" to complete the transformation. The Professor spots Cutter in the adjacent woods and distracts Morgan's men to buy Cutter time. Cutter sees Mendelson and has to get him in his rifle sights before he will get behind the wheel of a nearby truck and drive away, drawing gunfire away from them. The rounds flatten his tires and Mendelson gets into an accident and is knocked unconscious by a hit to his nose on the steering wheel.

Cutter realizes he has only one shot at getting that vile of blood into Sheena but with his right arm injured, and the weapon's sights off, it makes accurate aiming nearly impossible. He shoots the gun but the vile hits into the wood planks alongside the Professor who immediately yanks it out as the Drak'na, now riled, breaks down the cage. He plunges the needle into the Drak'na's thigh as she passes. The Drak'na attacks the men as the Professor takes a badly needed swig of liquor. The beast slices Morgan up as she leaps from the bed of the truck and transforms into a panther. While Cutter and Kali are pleased to see it, Cutter advises the Professor he's better off not remembering what he just saw. The Professor sums it up as "quite an adventure". He tells his workers that he had a near miss with the Drak'na but as he doesn't specialize in exotic zoology, he speculates that the monster is more human than animal. He chides himself that he wanted to profit from it, which make! s him more animal than human. Kali tells him that we all have greed's and desires but those we chose to rise above, define us.

Sheena appears in her human state and greets the Professor who thinks he's seen her somewhere before. "I meet everyone that comes to the La Mistas". He regards her outfit and likes the "fashion statement". The guide from earlier rejoins the Professor who had thought that the Drak'na had killed him. He tells him that the Drak'na remains a myth as he has no direct evidence that it exists at all.

Sheena wanted to publicly thank him for keeping her in touch with her human side throughout the ordeal and Kali tells him that he was a man in a cage until he met her. Sheena turns her attentions to Cutter and offers an apology for the injured arm. He says with a laugh, that it'll take a few stitches, heavy sedation and therapy to recover. Mendelson serves them up wild boar as at the beginning of the episode. Sheena offers to "take one", while Cutter asks, "take it all would you?"


02-11-01. On Feb 8, 2001, Executive Producer Steven L. Sears posted on the sheena@yahoogroups.com mailing list the following:

I was just reading some of the synopsis at Whoosh (nice job!) and I saw something in the WILD THING section that I thought I'd clear up. There was a "blip" in the audio at the beginning over Kali's dialogue. A lot of people have speculated that it was because Kali had said something objectionable and that was why it was deleted. Not true. In actualiy, what happened had to do with the credit that appeared onscreen as she was speaking. When I viewed the tape before it was sent out to the stations, I noticed that there was an error in the credit. So I had my postproduction correct it before it was sent out. In the process, it affected the audio track and that was the bleep that you saw. The dialogue that was in that spot was "He doesn't even know it is sheena and he is lining up tours to kill her!"

Now, another point of interest, though, is who the woman at the bar was. She was the one asking Mendehslon what it would take for Cutter to take her to see the Darak'Na for her "bonding" experience. That was Vicki Phillips. And that, my friends, is what the Darak'Na looks like without all the mud and make-up. Yep, that's Gena's stunt double.


02-06-01. From James Ott. In the Episode "Wild Thing", Matt Cutter was debating whether he should make some tourism money or turn in the Durak'na for a million dollar reward to Kali. It appears she used some objectional language as her dialogue reponse was blipped out for some reason. Did this happen in other areas of the U.S.? I was suprised at this edit.

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