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Season 2, episode 13
Series 213
1st release: 02-23-02
2nd release: 03-30-02
Production number: 208
Last update: 03-03-02

SYNOPSIS 1 by Sally Dye
COMMENTARY 1 by kszonew

Gena Lee Nolin (Sheena)
Margo Moorer (Kali)
John Allen Nelson (Matt Cutter)
Kevin Quigley (Mendehlson)

Stacy Meadows (Kwashee)
Kevin O'Neil (Vinson)
Birdsong (Pasmalo)
Jennifer Bergeron (Samantha)
Harold Briscoe (Sangree)
Ray Fuller (Babsola)
Rueben Shaw (Kono)
Paul Walton (Lontu)
Denise Loden (Sheena stunt double)

Written by Tom Blonquist
Directed by Jon Cassar

Filmed on location in Orlando, FL and Africa.


Cutter and Mendehlson are kidnapped by a tribe whose king has just been murdered. To hold them accountable? Not quite… Logline


This synopsis is by Sally Dye .

Sangree, king of the Seborro tribe, is dying. He accuses Lontu, his adviser, of poisoning him. Lontu says now he will be king, since Sangee's son, Kwashee, has left. Sangree says no one can be king without the sacred book. Lontu says he knows where it is, but when he looks, it is gone. He commands Sangree to tell him where it is, but Sangree is dead. The tribe sends men to find Kwashee, and Lontu sends his own men to make sure Kwashee doesn't make it back.
Cutter sees off his guest, a beautiful blonde who thanks him for the "tour around the world", and says maybe next time he can show her Africa. Mendehlson is opening a large crate, and Cutter goes to help him. Mendehlson says inside the crate is happiness. It turns out to be a vintage motorcycle with a sidecar. While they are admiring it, a native, who turns out to be Kwashee, approaches looking for "the Mendehlson." He gives Mendehlson a scrap of paper. Mendehlson reads the note -- it is in German, but he translates it: "War is finished and so I leave it." Kwashee is frightened by something and runs off into the village. Cutter sees several natives approaching with spears. He and Mendehlson run into the house, but the natives break in.
Kwashee runs into the jungle and right into Sheena, who asks him what the problem is. He tells her that "they" have taken the Mendehlson and another man and they will be killed.

Act I
Sheena identifies a spear left at Cutter's place as Seborro. She asks Kwashee why he was looking for Mendehlson, and Kwashee says it is because the Mendehlson can do anything -- he is a great and wise man. He shows her the paper and says only a king or the Mendehlson could read it. Sheena says they must get back to Kwashee's village.
Cutter comes to in the Seborro village, tied up. Mendehlson says he talked to the elders, but all they wanted to know was his name.
Kwashee tells Sheena that another Mendehlson came to the tribe long ago and left the book. When his father became ill, Kwashee hid the book and went to look for the Mendehlson. Suddenly they are attacked by Kono, one of Lontu's men. He says he wants Kwashee's royal pendant. Sheena shakes a branch and causes a viper to drop on the man and kill him. Kwashee says that if Lontu wants the pendant, his father must be dead.
In the Seborro village, Pasmalo, one of the tribal elders, proclaims, "He is the Mendehlson!" Several natives put Mendehlson on their shoulders and parade around the village.

Act II
Mendehlson is bathed by several native women. Cutter tries to approach, but the guards stop him. Mendehlson just tells him to chill. Cutter leaves and goes to talk to Pasmalo. Pasmalo is sitting in the sacred ground, among the sacred statues of their tribe, but Cutter is welcome because he is the Mendehlson's friend. Cutter asks if the tribe really believes that Mendehlson is a god. Pasmalo says that to them gods are those who dispense wisdom. And Mendehlson seems to be full of wisdom since he told them that "cleanliness is next to godliness" and "a rolling stone gathers no moss." Cutter says no, those are cliches. Pasmalo says he was just a child when the first Mendehlson came from the sky (in an airplane) and told the tribe to put down their arms and embrace peace.
Pasmalo takes Cutter to see the hut where the former Mendehlson stayed. It had no roof, so that the Mendehlson could see the sky. Cutter surmises that he was watching for other planes. Pasmalo says that Mendehlson died long ago, but the hut is still used for the coronation of their kings. He tells Cutter that their king has just died suddenly. Cutter thinks that sounds kind of suspicious.
Mendehlson is carried up to them on a litter. He stands and is dressed in tribal garments. Cutter tells him about the king dying suddenly. He thinks perhaps Kwashee, as the heir, might be in danger, too. Mendehlson: "You've been watching Walker, Texas Ranger on satellite again, haven't you?"
Lontu approaches and says they must move from this place because it is cursed. He says Sangree read it to him from the book before he died. Cutter wants to see the book, but they tell him that Kwashee took it. Mendehlson says he will take care of the curse. He waves his hand and says it is done. Lontu is not pleased, but he can't argue openly with the Mendehlson. Cutter warns Mendehlson that none of this will last, but as they leave the hut a group of natives converge on them chanting Mendehlson's name. Mendehlson: "It's good to be king."
Sheena and Kwashee come upon a camp of armed white men. Kwashee sees Lontu among them and tells Sheena that his father would never have countenanced such a thing on Seborro land. Sheena climbs a tree and morphs into a baboon to get close enough to hear Lontu and the leader of the group negotiating for the sacred statues. The boss man says Lontu has until tomorrow to get the tribe out of the area or he will come in and take the statues by force. Kwashee tries to sneak closer to the camp and is caught by one of the guards.

Kwashee is brought to the boss man's tent and confronts Lontu. Meanwhile, the darak'na enters the camp and starts taking out the armed men. She throws a torch into the petrol supply and a huge explosion tosses her up into a tree. She falls onto a branch, unconscious. Kwashee gets away and runs into the jungle but is caught by Lontu's men. Lontu comes up and wants to know where Kono is. The men hold up a bloody sack containing all that's left of him -- apparently the animals got to him. Kwashee says the gods are angry with Lontu, but Lontu just takes Kwashee's royal pendant and leaves.
Cutter tells Pasmalo about his theory that Lontu killed Sangree. Pasmalo is skeptical. He goes back to the village, leaving Cutter in the sacred area. Lontu sneaks up on Cutter and knocks him out.
Mendehlson is entertaining the tribe by reciting proverbs. Lontu interrupts and accuses Mendehlson of being a fake. He throws down the bloody sack and says it's the remains of Kwashee and that Mendehlson killed him. Cutter stumbles in and Lontu orders him searched. Kwashee's royal pendant is found in his pocket.
The mercenaries gather their arms and prepare to make an assault on the village and take the sacred statues. In the tree, the darak'na still lies unconscious.

Act IV
Pasmalo comes to tell Cutter and Mendehlson that the elders' decision is to leave them tied up in one of the huts while the tribe moves on.
As the mercenaries move out of their camp, the darak'na falls from the tree into one of the trucks.
Cutter, Mendehlson and Kwashee are tied up in one of the huts. Lontu brings in a sack with something wriggling inside it and drops it on the floor. Just then gunfire is heard. The mercenaries come roaring into the village. Lontu runs out and tries to stop them, but they shoot at him, and he runs out of the village.
Mendehlson breaks a piece of pottery with his head, and Cutter uses it to cut the ropes holding them. Mendehlson looks out and sees one of the mercenaries. He calls to him and then ducks back into the hut. The man follows him, and they put the sack over his head. Whatever is in the sack kills the man. Kwashee slips off into the jungle and finds Pasmalo and the others. He fills them in on everything that's happened.
The mercenaries are digging up the statues when Cutter and Mendehlson roar up on the motorcycle, guns blazing. The darak'na finally wakes up and joins in the battle. Kwashee leads his warriors back to the sacred area and they attack, also. Lontu tries to run away, but one of the sacred statues falls on him, crushing him. The mercenaries are defeated.

Kwashee retrieves the sacred book from its hiding place. He shows it to Cutter and Mendehlson and they realize it is the logbook of a German pilot. The kings, who can't read German, have been making up what they read. They decide not to reveal this.
Kwashee tells Sheena privately that he looked at the book and couldn't read it. Sheena says the book is just an inspiration for the people -- something to believe in. She says true inspiration comes from the heart, and Kwashee has that.
Pasmalo presents Mendehlson with the leadership spear. He and Cutter get onto the motorcycle and Cutter takes off as Mendehlson is trying to give his farewell speech: "It ain't over til the fat lady sings." Sheena tells Kwashee she thinks the fat lady already did.


This synopsis is by kszonew .

All Hail The Mendelsohn! Though the final Sheena episode was a little more Sheenalite than previous episodes, and I assume wasn't ment to be the grand finale, it was a good way to go out. A little bit of everything, except for Kali and Rashid. However, considering this wasn't written as a Series Finale (and correct me if I'm wrong about that, anybody), that aspect didn't really bother me. We got, in 42 packed minutes: Sheena, Cutter, Mendelsohn, The Darakna (sp?), an African tribe, morphing, band of evil traders, some great lines, nice storyline, nice scenery, and some good fast-paced action scenes. As well as a nice explosion.

Gotta give a big thumbs up to the performance of Kevin Quigley in this one. He's always giving a good performance as Mendelsohn, but he really shines in this episode as "King for a Day" and it seemed everyone was having fun making this episode. The words of wisdom, itches during bathing, and confidant strut were Mendelsohn all the way. I got a chuckle out of the "bat bike" that Cutter and Mendelsohn rode on toward the end of the episode. Clever use of the spear btw.

John Allen Nelson plays Cutter wonderfully. He was rather concerned for Mendelsohn' s safety, and rightful so considering his suspicion of the last King's untimley death. Nelson and Quigley have developed a good chemistry between their characters, and work well off each other.

Longtu had a good cunning plan going: use the beliefs in the Gods to dethrone the current King with a "natrual death" caused by poison drink while none of the elders suspected foul play. And murder Quashee, the rightful King, then become King and move the tribe so Vinson and his men could steal the tribal artifacts and he could complete his lil ole bargain with Vinson. Vinson and his band btw were okay background villians, and got there's in the end, as well as Longtu.

Gena Lee Nolon goes out with a good performance. Not much for Sheena to do this week, however the scenes between Quashee and Sheena were nice, and loved hearing Sheena's response to Quashee telling her about The Mendelsohn being a wiseman. I liked the way all the various aspects of the story came together in the end to make one true point: Rule from the Heart, where true inspriation always comes from, no matter where you find it.

Some Notable Mentions

1) What was in the bag Longtu put in the King's hut? The snake, or something else? I'm surprised it didn't come out onscreen.

2) Mendelsohn has a girlfriend! Wonder if she would have shown up again had the series continued, or would The Mendelsohn had never brought up her, and or the episode again.

That's about all I gotta say. Hopefully soon I'll post my thoughts on the entire season overall. TWATM gets 5 out of 5 stars, and ends the series in a memorable fashion, although makes you really want more. What did everyone else think? And if Mr Sears is reading, will you soon be able to post "the intended order" of Season 2, and some other trivia, perhaps?

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