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Series 3, episode 07
Series 307
1st release (U.K.): 11/22/04
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Last update: 02/24/05

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BBC-1, Mondays 9pm


This synopsis is by Han.

This week on Spooks: I got to watch it early, so what can I say but ner ner ner ner ner? Yes, I know some of you may have too. Also: I consider changing my OTP. Good Lord, what is the world coming to?

We open on.something blurry. Oh, someone typing stuff. It looks dangerous. Then we're in a playschool and some blonde woman is totally incapable of controlling kids, then some brunette comes and relieves her.

`They know just when to strike. Sometimes I think it's not lice we should be looking for but three little sixes.'

Blonde goes off and take some tablets - without water - how do you even do that? (this is a serious question, I'm crap with tablets) She goes back to the kids and slumps to the floor and then we have jerking and spitting blood ew! Blonde is taken to the hospital and somehow I don't think she'll survive.

Tom's still in the titles, you know. Expect interruptions from our sodding stupid digibox. Not from anyone/thing else, because my dad and sister are asleep and it's 9.30 on a Saturday evening. No, really. Lightweights.

Danny comes down the stairs of his magic ever expanding flat. Have we ever seen the stairs before? No we have not. Well, they only look little, like 3 or so. He takes out some camomile tea, and we get the first (and amazingly, ONLY) interruption from our stupid didgbox. Those of you with freeview may be nodding in understanding here. Those of you with Sky, I hate you. Ah, the Monday ep shows me that. he looks all haunted at the box then a pic of him and Zoe (in which they look squashed).

He goes onto the grid and sees Zoe's empty desk. Sam and Ruth see him from the other side of the grid, and Ruth goes over but Adam calls them to a meeting.

Group meeting. Aspirin is being tampered with. EW. Someone makes a reference to the tampered ones being like drinking acid. Great! Sam feels the need to interject with

`I've already thrown out all my pills and it's not the best time of the month for me do that I can tell you that much.'

And of course all the men look uncomfortable/horrified. Ruth reads/translates some Arabic document. She's looking rather lush. Probably because her hair is down. Ruth/Harry ahh.

There's all working as a team in this meeting :)

`UM, this saying, as the walls crumble down so the hawks will feast on the carcasses of the infidel.'
`What about it?'
`Well, it sounds more like a calling card than a statement after the fact. They're not finished.'
`We should be so lucky.'

Ruth explains that Al-whatsit are a group they've never heard of before and Adam says they need to find out if anyone has a grudge against the drug company or whatever.

`We're sticking with the official line.'
`And let their share price be damned.'

Dude, they're so in sync :)

Ooh, Guy Facer on the phone for H. Dunno who Guy Facer is, but something about the name amuses me. Security and Intelligence co- ordinator.

`When will the government learn we don't need to replicate every mindless position the Americans and the Tories create.'

Ruth asks Danny how he is. Stupid question, I know, but he did it to Tom on occasion. He's a total bitch to her.

`Danny. Look, I know it's hard. I miss her too. We all do. I just want you to know I'm here, if you ever need to - you know, to talk.'

He is even more of a bitch in reponse.

`I think the less aid around this place the better. Ou never know when something could come back and bite you in the arse.'

Harry having a top secret walking by Lambeth Pier meeting. Um, not really following this tonight, I'll add to it Monday. Something to do with Harry not wanting to say the aspirin thing is terrorism before they're sure it is. Once again, complicated explanations come in, my brains goes *out*. There's talk about hoe this will affect votes, and, um, yeah.

Sam hands out info about some groups that are pissed off about, um, drug prices? My dad kept snoring over it. Oh, right, AIDS drug prices. None of them fit the spec, and they don't have anyone coming up on the searches.

This is the first time that the group's name has been mentioned in GCHQ or MI5, so no info on them. Al-something, means thunderbolt. Er, she's found something referring back to the crusades, though. This al-whatsit (I quite like that) group were devious and really good fighters.

`Maybe it's a typo, maybe they mean Thunderbirds. Perhaps one of the Tracy boys has gone bad.'

Danny's rolling his eyes and stuff. Adam asks him if he wants to talk. Danny is once again, a total bitch. There are some good quotes this ep, which will be here by the time you read this.

`Why is everyone so interested in my wellbeing all of a sudden?'
`I don't know, would it have something to do with the fact that you've been acting like a prat all week?'

Danny's father was an accountant, by the way.

`Look, forget the pep talk. Let's just drop that and focus on the task at hand.'
`Fine by me.'

Adam and Danny in white boiler suits (nice) at some pharmaceuticals factory. Bloke is explaining something about everything being computer controlled, and Adam calls in Colin. See, every time an episode is good (and dammit, I'm including 305 because I like it, even if no-one else did), it's directly proportional to the involvement of the minor characters, though I'm not sure Ruth counts anymore as she gets lots of screentime. Frankly, yay!

Ruth tries to tell Adam something but he doesn't want to hear. Stupid man. Hasn't he learned by now that she solves everything? Oh, there have just been two more deaths. Colin talks about, um, computer stuff. Not following any of it right this minute. Hackers. Colin gets to be all smug because he's the one with the knowledge. If Colin and Ruth got together they could have super-intelligent babies that would take over the world.

`How stupid is that, don't they have any firewalls on their system?'
`They do. Sadly, their servers are a rather popular model of router which is still set to it's default password.'
[stunned looks]
`You mean - password?'

`It's not about using medicine as a weapon.'
`No, it's about turning every computer in the country into a potential killing machine.'

Danny goes back to flat and Hustler's there. He says Zoe gave him keys, but there's also an alarm, so er, we'll presume Danny didn't set it. Or the writers forgot, despite the fact that it was all of four episodes ago it was used. Hustler (with beard) wants Danny to tell him where Zoe is, but he keeps saying he can't. He's figured out that she was Agent X, not that it was hard. Danny eventually admits that it was her. He slams Hustler up against the wall, and they have an argument. Hustler threatens to go to the police. Danny lets it slip that she's not in prison, but says he can't tell him any more than that.

`Speak to them, Danny. Tell them they've got till tomorrow night to let me know where she is, otherwise this thing hits the headlines.'

Back to the someone typing. Someone with not particularly Arabic looking hands. Apologies if that makes no sense, I know what I'm trying to say. CCTV ooh, hang on. A load of bank accounts are being cleared. Bugger. Sam's at a cashpoint (for National Municipal Bank, by the way) trying to withdraw some money, but she can't.

Adam's at home, looking scruffy, phoning his kid's school, and Fiona's looking immaculate, packing. OMG, I've just noticed that he holds one of her shirts up against him! He so wears her clothes! Damn, she's skinny. I'm not 100% convinced she's even human. Their child is called Wes? Wes? Adam appears to be worried about their kid asking why they're never around, and them never being around. He's nearly 8. The kid, not Adam. That would just be silly. I think I preferred Adam when he was all shiny and not all riddled with doubt.

`I just like the idea of being there for him, in the flesh.' He asks her if she's ever thought about them living together like a real family. Apparently almost no-one outside of Damascus knows her real name (including her son).

Sam tells Ruth about the money, and she passes her a piece of paper explaining about the accounts. Group meeting. Sam explains something about the FTSE, and as usual my brain switches off. Occasionally I try to understand shares and finances and stuff. It doesn't go well.

"Take away that which the infidels hold dearest and watch as they turn on each other like rabid dogs.' They've got such a lovely turn of phrase, don't you think?"

"Colin, tell me something uplifting."
"Well, it's turning out to be the driest Autumn on record."
"Do you want to be taken out and shot?"

Danny asks for a minute and he's explaining to Harry about Hustler. Outside the office, Ruth tags Adam.

`Is he - um?'
`I don't know.'

Harry tells him to tell Hustler where to go, essentially, and it's all for Zoe's own good.

Ruth sees someone called Andrew. He's from GCHQ and is a BIG OLD CLUNKY PLOT DEVICE. And I'm sorry if that's a spoiler, if you haven't seen it, but a) you were warned, and b) it was so funking obvious from the start, even I, the woman who failed to see the twist in The Others, saw it. From the second he appeared on screen. This will obviously be significant, but for now it just makes Harry seem a bit jealous as he shepherds them off, especially as Ruth's all smiley.

Ruth comes over to the techy corner to ask something about the hackers,

"Any luck tracing our hackers?"
"This node here - look at the time delay. It's too close to be just - yes. See that? That's also a West star downlink, which could be - stop the presses. He's routing through the same CMT as the one from the second bank."
"I'll come back later."

*so cute*

They've traced the hackers - ish. He explains to Adam and Danny. Oh, and a tv crew have turned up outside.the somewhere the hacker is.oh, a Mosque where the hacker's computer supposedly is. Harry tells them to stand down.

`Get me Guy Facer, now!'

This is still amusing.

Adam ignores him. They go in anyway. Er. ooh, lots of armed police in the mosque and they're holding people and we finally get to a computer room.

Danny throws some guy who wouldn't get off the computer against the wall and then punches him. Temper, temper boy!! On the other hand, there are obvious government people and armed police (note, ARMED POLICE) telling you to get off your computer. Do you

a) get off the computer, or
b) keep typing and glare at them?

Adam argues with his boyfriend.

`I tell you what Adam, I'll come in tomorrow, and the next day, but as soon as this thing is over, I am out.'
`Fine by me. But as long as we're doing this, I need to know I can count on you.'
`You don't have to worry about that, Adam.'

I'm not making this up, I swear. Also, he's doing a bit of a Tom.

Er, then he's outside and some woman drops her baby's bottle so he hands it to her, and then he sees some guy driving towards him (who I originally thought was Hustler but is just some guy), and then OMG the car gets hit. Big crunchy crush. Oh, the traffic lights are funked up. The TV crew are still there. Danny goes over to help him, or rather check if he's dead, and when he tries to get put through to 999 he ends up on a phone sex line. Sky news man explains that this has happened all over London. Now, are Kudos using Sky News Guy because of something to do with the BBC, or because he's the obvious choice after informing the public to remove the head or destroy the brain?**

Whoever is doing all this stuff has finally decided to let them know what he wants - 100 million.

`It isn't even political, it's just good old fashioned greed.'

I recognise one of the hi-tech crime guys, the one Ruth doesn't know. I might remember who he is on Monday. Or wait for someone else to tell me as per usual :)

Colin explains about internet security things. An algorithm? Oooh. *over my head* This is all complicated. It's strange that I like this show so much, really, seeing as every time they go into detail about whatever danger is on the programme, my brain goes *phut* and starts playing music in my head. Oh, RIGHT. Whoever is doing this has cracked this code!! I seeeeeee. The rest of the episode makes sense now.

Harry talking to Guy again.

`This is not about islamic terrorism.'
`You know that, I know that, but we don't need to let everyone else know our little secret just yet do we?'

The government are prepared to pay the money but they want the complicated computer key thing in return.

Ruth, Danny and Adam on the grid. She's explaining the problems with the messages - the person is just copying Arabic from a book.

`What, you think I'm wasting my time?'
`Well, we know he's faking it, so -`
`Have you ever read Flaubert?'
`God is in the details. The answer's right there in front of us. It always is. We just have to keep looking until we see it.'
`If you say so, Ruth.'

`Tell me something. When was the last time you went to a bookshop?'
`Humour me.'
`Well, I browse through one almost every day.'
`Really? Which one?'
`Biggest one in the world, online of course.'
`Take me to your lair.'

They go to look up stuff on the web, and they're bathed in that random blue light the grid occasionally throws up.

`I'm impressed.'
`Well, you spend a few years sitting at a computer with no-one to distract you with the trivial things in life, you'd be surprised at what you can do.'
`Trivial things?'
`Friendship, family, open spaces, sunny skies. you know, all the things we never have time for. What about you? How's life been treating you since GCHQ?'
`Ah, I suppose I have my health.'
`Oh, that good, huh? Oh, come on, look around you. Can you possibly conceive of a better, fuller way to live one's life?'
`Oh yes.'
`So what's stopping you?'
`Probably the same thing that's stopping you. Fear of change, habit, my cat.'

Oh, Ruth. (that is all)

Ruth and Danny on the grid later. He tells her to go home and she says she'll be fine. I may end up quoting every Ruth line this ep. Also, I'm sure she works late a lot of the time, as does Harry. I'm just saying.

`It's late. You should go home. Tomorrow's going to be a long day.'
`I'll be fine.'
`.Kay. Look, um, I'm sorry. You know, um, about before, it's just I'm-'
`I know. Are you going to be alright?'
`The flat's so quiet.'
`She was going to be leaving soon anyway.'
`Yeah, I - I know. I suppose, her being there all this time was just delaying the inevitable.'
`She was in love, Danny, but what you and zoe shared, it doesn't just disappear because there's an ocean, or another man between you. You're lucky.'
`I don't feel lucky.'
`You should. Bond like that, now you can absolutely count on somewhere to be anywhere, anytime, to do the right thing. I envy that.'
`don't you ever wonder about this path that we've chosen?'
`Every night.'

(yeah, but I bet only since Tom went loopy) Oh, RUTH!! Also, go out with Harry! You're killing me here!

Danny leaves, and Andrew appears. He's a wrong'un. Mark my words.

`I think you need to brush up on a little concept called sleep.'
`Yeah, I think I vaguely recall the notion. Is it all it's cracked up to be?'
`It's actually mandatory. Check you user's manual.'

Ruth starts talking about the guy doing this, about how much he likes his history and stuff, and if it isn't Andrew, I'll eat raw peppers.*** He says she should look into it, but tomorrow. He asks her if she wants dinner and offers to cook. She looks interested, as in Ruth interested, and if nothing else gave us a hint then that would.

Danny in flat. Drinking. Lights are off. There's a noise and it's Hustler with his new beard again. Danny says he talked to them and there's no deal.

`Look, just forget about her. She's better off anyway, away from this insanity.'

Hustler gets all pissy with Danny, and my dad's snoring so I can't hear properly, and I forgot to get up at 5 to 10 and record Murder Prevention. Bollocks.

MI6 HQ, Adam's calling in to ask about Fiona. Ooh, he's in a bathrobe and it's open. Oh, it's only a short scene so we don't really get to see much. Bastards. He seems all twitchy and nervous, not like Adam at all.

Ruth and Andrew eating.

`I have to say - this house, perfect carbonara, how is it you're still unattached?' Because he's not attractive at all is the answer, but then she fancies Harry. (sorry Rose, please don't hurt me) And Karl from the other week, of course.

`I could ask you the same thing.' (laughing) `You haven't tried my pasta.'

Andrew says he's leaving the service.

`Something I've thought a lot about.'
`What are you going to do?'
`I don't know. See the world, find somewhere warm and slow, just enjoy my life for a change.'
`Sounds wonderful.'
`It's all about greed now, it's all about lies and corruption. I don't want to have to think about that anymore.'
`Ready am I to go, the sails of my eagerness await the wind.'
`And then I shall come to you, a boundless drop to a boundless ocean.'

They quote stuff at each other. Oh, Ruth, stop looking at other men. Oh, fuck, never mind, she's just realised something and started running away. H's caught her. AH!! Ruth in peril!!

`Why do you have to be so good at what you do?'

*scared meep*

Grid. Ruth isn't in. Sam explains that she's ill.

`She texted me, to say she was feeling horrible.'

`Well drag her in, I don't care if she's got pneumonia, I want everyone here.'

Oooh, webchat with Andrew. Well, kind of. He wants the 100m in uncut diamonds.

Harry uses his northern-accented version of bastard :) Colin traces the chat and runs through the grid, and Andrew was using Sam's computer as a slave.

Someone appears at Thames House with diamonds and does a Reservoir Dogs slow mo walk in. As you would.

`I feel very gollum-esque.'

Sam goes to where Harry and Malcolm have the diamonds, and she reaches out to touch, but Malcolm slaps her hand away. Wow, the diamonds have got some genetically modified cobra poison on them. Woo!

`Here's Mr. Frodo, and Sam.' Er, right, Malcolm. Sam keeps trying to tell them about Ruth but doesn't get a chance.

Andrew's given Adam a minute to get onto the roof, alone. He does. Ooooooh. He looks around, all confused. Back at A's house, Ruth's all tied up (also gagged at this point). The power goes down on the grid. Happens a lot for somewhere so instrumental to our national security, doesn't it?

A remote control helicopter is there to pick up the diamonds, ha ha ha ha ha :) Adam puts them on the hook as he's told. The minicopter flies away, lol.

Power comes back on the grid.

Andrew's telling Ruth something about the key thingy. Essentially, I think, it was all his work and the two American people (who I haven't mentioned before, sorry, it's that algorithm thing) nicked it and got a patent. He reckons he's going to release it. She tries to talk him out of it, appealing to his sense of duty, saying it will wreak havoc. I love the way Ruth says stuff like that. Sweet, darling, but somehow not going to work here. He's not touched the diamonds yet, bugger.

`What am I going to do with you, Ruth?'

`It could be days before someone finds the body. Weeks, even.'
`Well, as long as those days are nice and quiet, I don't care.'

They want to get rid of the key before the government-y people can get their hands on it.

Danny asks Harry where Ruth is.

`Sick, poor girl. She couldn't even call in.'
`What are you talking about?'
`She sent a text message.'
`A text, Ruth?
`Se sent a text message to Sam, what's so strange about that?'
`She doesn't even know how to change ringtones.'

Not Danny left about 10.30 and Ruth was still there. I have a theory she's a total insomniac. Danny reveals what H should have noticed, that Ruth doesn't text and never calls in sick. Aw, R/D*. Danny's going to figure it out! Sam has proper stuff to do! I love this ep!

They watch the security tapes of Ruth and then Andrew leaving, and he figures it out.

`It's Andrew. He's got Ruth.'

Danny and a load of armed people go round to Andrew's. Ruth still tied to banister. I hope I'm not going to have to switch OTPs. Aw, he picks her up and helps her out of the house.

`Are you ok?'
`I knew you'd find me, I just knew it.'
(Adam) `Are you ok?'
(Danny) `We're fine.'

Ahhhh. Adam phones into Harry.

`It's such a waste. He could have done so much, and he was just so - alone.' Danny keeps telling her it's alright, she's ok.

`Promise me, you promise me that we'll never end up as broken or as bitter.'
`I promise. I promise, Ruth.'

Adam's on the phone outside. Danny goes back into the house, and oh ha ha stuffs the laptop up his bulletproof vest (to get rid of the key). Why does that amuse me? He turns round and Adam's there.

Then he goes and drops the laptop in the Thames. Waste of a good computer. OMG then he calls Hustler!

Adam at home. Fiona wanders in, looking just as swish as she did when she walked out. I swear, she's not human. He's been to the Estate Agents and got some details of houses. Big houses, from the look of them. Um.not sure why, maybe all will be clear on Monday. Oh, because he wants them to be a proper family, I suppose.

D comes down the stairs in his flat and picks up the post. There's a postcard with his address on it (I want to know if he lives North or South of the river), which he opens to find - ahhhhh - a picture of Zoe and Hustler.

The timing must be a bit out here, because Fiona was supposed to be under for another 17 hours, but it must be at least a few days later when Danny gets the postcard.

Also, just one more thing about this ep. A quote from 202, the episode in which Ruth first appeared:

R: At GCHQ just before I left, we received a signal about an Algerian. I hacked into the [French secret service] -
H (stunned): You hacked into the French Security Service?

Can't change the ringtones on her phone? CONTINUITY, people.

And a note about R/D, because I imagine people will be there going oooookay, so you've spent seven weeks ranting on at us about Harry and Ruth, and then you have one episode with a few moments and you're switching? Well, yes and no. I've always had a soft spot for R/D, even if only in my head, because they're so cute. And she wouldn't let him get away with his jack-the-lad crap, and he'd drag her out of the office sometimes. Even if nothing would ever actually happen because Sam liked him first, and they're both still hung up on other people. But he did totally figure out where she was and who'd got her and then he and Adam went off to rescue her, yay!

Plus, Harry virtually failed to notice Ruth this week, and referred to her as a `poor girl', which seemed a bit off. Yes, I know, it's a script, and I have no life. This is not news. I am totally waiting in suspense for 310, when I predict something (probably a kiss/horrible situation) will happen and then the writers will let it hang until season 4 (if there is to be a season 4). This, of course, as I have said many times, is because Kudos and the BBC are bastards and they hate me.

Next week: the dreaded rock star ep (well, dreaded by me). Hey, did you know they show the credits on BBC3?

** If you haven't seen Shaun of The Dead, I apologise. This will make no sense. Just think: Zombies. And go see it, it's very good. Very funny.

*** Well, thank God that worked out.

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