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(Thou Shalt Not Kill)

Series 1, episode 01
Series 101
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Production number: 101
Last update: 03/18/04

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This synopsis is by Becky Rickert.

Lie, and how do you explain the scars? Tell the truth, and how do you avoid betrayal?


Television static clears as surveillance footage of transparent pods emerges. The hack is complete; we are now in. Welcome to the world of Spooks.

The camera pans out and the image colors as we get a look at "The Grid". It's just like you'd expect MI-5 headquarters to be--empty, save one ringing phone. A Scottish gentleman making a hurried entrance through the pods answers the phone. Spy talk commences and we learn that a woman named Osprey has a message for one Chris Patterson.

On a random street in London, a man we can only assume to be Chris Patterson, watches as a rather nervous looking Osprey approaches. Stealthy 'I'm ready to meet you now' actions include placing a newspaper in the trashcan and closing the blinds to the second floor window.

Extreme close-up on sleeping man spins to reveal that Matthew is not alone. A beeper interrupts morning after hellos.

Woman: What is that?
Matthew: You knew what it was last night.

Eww--no need for such images.

Switch to Kitty Butler reaching for her beeping pager. A knock on the door from the skeevy landlord reveals that he thinks he's sexy. Kitty's real name is Zoe and sadly, the spook has nothing but a chair to use as a door lock.

In the nest of love, the Cutest Small Child Ever interrupts as Matthew is getting dressed.

Woman: Maisie, what are you doing up?
CSCE scurries into the room and plops her small, blond self on her mother's bed. This seems to be a ritual of sorts as none of the parties involved seem all that uncomfortable. Mom and Matthew continue to talk:
Woman: What computer goes wrong at this hour? Matthew: Almost all of them
Word dude, word! Still, I smell cover story--

At the safe house, Chris Patterson talks with the chain-smoking Osprey, making it clear that what she has to say better be good. Oh it is. Twenty explosives and detonators arrived in Liverpool this morning and whatever group it is she's snitching on isn't the one planning to use them.

Allerton, Liverpool

A sanitation worker drops a trash bag on the curb and continues on his way. A creepy looking man and a creepy looking woman (hold on, sidebar: the driver is *so* on the wrong side. No matter how many times I watch British people drive on my TV, I *never* get used to it.) watch, as a woman prepares to leave for work. Dad and two kids emerge. Daughter complains she wants to go with Mom as Dad checks out the car. Dad, don't check the car like that, it only means it's going to blow up soon. Mom starts the car--*phew*--no explosion. We're safe--for now. Creepy Woman (who should be driving but isn't) watches in the side view mirror as a sanitation worker moves out of the blast zone and the mother's car pulls out of the driveway. The daughter runs up to the car and waves as the sanitation worker lights a cigarette and Creepy Woman uses a cell phone to detonate the bomb.

We explode into the opening credits (only not, since no one is actually credited) and watch as, over the spliced together scenes from Series One, white lines vaguely spell out Spooks and then MI-5 appears as the title. Ok, so perhaps that only amuses me.

Thames House, London

MI-5 Central HQ

Enter on tour guide explaining to a group of journalists that the security service or MI-5 is sometimes simply referred to as five and that it's their job to protect Britain's national security. Matthew enters and is greeted as Tom. See, what did I tell you? Cover story! I never thought he looked much like a Matthew anyway--. Tom runs into Boss Man who complains that it's too beautiful a day to have to deal with terrorists. Tom's girlfriend gets a name: Ellie Simm and a profession: chef/restaurant owner.

Boss Man: Well, assuming she passes vetting, when might you be approaching the microscopic issue that your real name is Tom Quinn and you're a spy?
Bwah! Dude--it sucks to be a spook, though apparently Boss Man made out ok when he told his wife about his occupation, mere seconds after they were married.

Zoe joins the boys (and an eaves dropping woman) waiting for the elevator as a chorus of beepers rings out. Boss Man and Tom win.

"And we're walking, we're walking--and we're stopping" to watch as Zoe and Tom go to enter (with a swipe card) what the tour guide claims is the coffee room. Ah ha! Just as the nosy journalist suspected, it's not the coffee room; it's The Grid.

Zoe briefs Tom on the explosion caused by Non-Driving Creepy Woman which spawns inter-office gossip on the details of said explosion. Chris Patterson, whose real name is Danny, fills Tom in on the info he gathered from Osprey as he places all evidence of Chris Patterson in a small brown box labeled, you guessed it, "Chris Patterson".

Tom informs Boss Man that the device used by NDCW was indeed one of the twenty smuggled into Liverpool. Boss Man tells Tom to "do the usual." Cut to Tom in a moving car. He's talking on a cell phone; planting a cover story for the terrorist activity.

St. Mary's Hospital, Liverpool

Tom is shown a newspaper: "WWII Bomb Horror Local doctor critically injured in blast" and then heads into a hospital room where Dad is watching over daughter. We learn that both Mom and Dad are family planning doctors and are all but used to getting death threats. Mom died an hour ago and daughter is in critical condition.

Back at The Grid, Tom briefs his men and, well, Zoe. They bounce ideas off each other and determine that a new Pro-Life terror network must be in the making. Danny suggests surveillance. Tom gives the op to Zoe. Danny looks bummed.

Time passes and Jed (Scottish phone answering guy got himself a name) informs Zoe someone called about an apartment. Although it took me a few tries to figure that out--Brit speak with the Scottish accent and all. Maybe this time her door will have a lock. Seems both Danny and Zoe are rather green. It's like ER with the med students fighting over who gets what procedure.

Zoe: You might be a boy wonder with these things but the last time I managed surveillance on this scale was in training. Five years ago. With a pencil.
You can do surveillance with a pencil? Danny gives up the advice Zoe was fishing for and they share a 'you're not half bad' smile.

Liverpool, City Centre

Surveilling (it may not be a word, but I like it) Osprey leads to some guy they call Falco. Several different spies of all shapes and sizes watch and chatter spy talk over secure frequencies as Falco gets into a taxi already containing NDCW. Point taken, spooks are *everywhere*.

Having returned to The Grid, Danny and Zoe look through stacks of photos from the op in City Centre.

Zoe: Have you ever made anyone pregnant?
Danny: What's that got to do with you?
First of all: anyone? Odds are it would have been a girl, Zoe. Second, Danny appears extra uncomfortable with that line of questioning. My conclusion, either he has, or he's gay.
Zoe: Didn't think so.
Oh, so she thinks he's gay too. Helen approaches and Zoe asks her to make copies of NDCW's best side. Helen mutters "Hmmm--her."

NDCW gets a name: Mary Kane. She shall hence forth be known as Creepy!Mary. Tom berates Tessa for not alerting him that Creepy!Mary, a known terrorist, entered the country under a pseudonym.

Tessa: I'm not Mystic Meg, Tom
Tom: No Tessa, you're something else.
Oohh--tension. Tom turns and leaves, as Tessa imagines herself flipping him the bird.

Willaston, Wirral

An innocent looking house is revealed to be Creepy!Mary's head quarters. Children are scattered off and the adults get down to business. Creepy!Mary spouts manipulative crap in an evenly toned Southern accent about the horrors of the abortion doctor. The others look on with growing certainty. My--Creepy!Mary certainly is living up to her name. *shiver*

The love nest: Tom slips into bed with Ellie.

Ellie: How was your day.
Tom: Fine.
Oh if she only knew--

Cut to American news footage of attacks on abortion clinics executed by a Florida based Pro-Life terror group called "Defenders of the Innocent". Creepy!Mary and Mr. Creepy!Mary are apparently high profile members of this group. She has been convicted of a bombing and he awaits execution for the murder of a family planning doctor.

At The Grid, Tom runs a meeting of the spooks. All sorts of information is exchanged in a rapid fire manner, but I miss most of it because I'm all hung up on Tom's use of the phrases "cock up" and "bigger cock up". Apparently, I'm twelve and obviously not British. Basically, we find out that Creepy!Mary is pissed and wants revenge and that the spooks have three days to infiltrate and disband the network of terror she's trying to create in Britain. At that time her husband will be executed and she'll blow someone to bits in loving commemoration of his death. Zoe's mission: bug her house and induce "happy, chatty verbal diarrhea". Hopefully, she'll get something more to do it with than luncheon vouchers.

The men, previously being brainwashed by Creepy!Mary, carry duffle bags of explosives to some hidden location, as Tom nervously checks to see if his hairline has receded. As it turns out Matthew' is off to meet Ellie's family and friends. Good luck, man. I think you're going to need it.

Tom recites his legend like a pro. The abortion theme comes to the surface as Ellie discusses her initial fears at being a single mother. Maisie (CSCE) and Tom bond a bit--dude's in deep.

Creepy Man and Creepy!Mary exit DeathForLife HQ and drive off (on the wrong side of the road). Zoe and her team move in.

Zoe knocks on the neighbor's door and an elderly woman answers:

Zoe: Gas board, Madam. We've had a report of a minor gas leak in the area.
She says this as the guy behind her sprays something into the air.
Old Woman: Gas--yes, I can smell it.
Dodgy little buggers those spooks are. (Hmmm--perhaps I should leave the Brit speak to the experts.) Meanwhile, next door, one of Zoe's team members successfully picks the lock but lets the cat out in the process. Zoe suggests he look in the kitchen cupboards. Mr. I didn't know there would be a cat' stares at her blankly: cat food, dumb ass, cat food. Zoe's been looking around for the cat and talking with another team member when Cat Man returns:
Cat Man: That's dry kibble there, and I found some old tuna flakes in the bin, so I've sprinkled them on with a bit of olive oil cause sometimes they like it a bit moist.
Clueless Dude: What the bloody hell's going on?
Cat Man hands Zoe the plate of cat food and she dismisses them in frustration. Can this get any worse? In answer, thunder rolls as it begins to rain.

Tom's lovely lying fest is interrupted by his beeper. He runs off to make a phone call amid jokes of alleged bigamy.

In front of Grid computers, Danny and Jed discuss something about ISPs and an American Pro-Life terror site called "A Call to Justice". I think they just want to make sure we know they're working.

Tom's been patched through to a sopping wet Zoe.

Zoe: I've lost the bloody cat.
Poor girl. I'll help you find the cat! Tom does his best to reassure Zoe before he's cut off. He turns to face CSCE and her mother, claiming problems with a project. Dude, tell them! You know you hate lying to them. Get things out in the open before CSCE asks her mother who Zoe is.

Back at the op from hell, Cat Man appears holding a wet furry mass that sort of resembles a cat.

Zoe: Will you marry me?

Well, I wouldn't go that far. Off they go to find a hair dryer and perhaps actually complete the task of bugging the house. Uber cool sequence of latex gloved hands using gadgets, gizmos and hair dryers ensues. The team packs up and heads off as the Creepy People return and the cat plots his next escape and subsequent spa treatment.

The dinner of interrogation is finally over and Tom and Ellie make kissy face for a while before Ellie puts all her cards on the table.

Ellie: I love you.--So there.
Tom just stares at her. Ellie's getting uncomfortable and tries to back pedal. In an effort to change the topic, Ellie fusses over CSCE who's brushing her teeth in the bathroom. Tom stops her and plays the emotionally closed off card, followed by the baggage card. Ellie tosses her own baggage card on to the table but it's not enough to take the trick. Desperate, Ellie throws the honesty card and Tom's protective farce goes out the window.
Tom: Whatever you think it is, it's not. Okay? You are the best thing that's ever happened to me, Ellie. Do you understand?
She makes a crack, they kiss and Tom turns to leave as CSCE sings "Zoe, Zoe, Zoe, Zoe--" Tick, Tick, Tick--.

Tom prefers work to his empty apartment. At The Grid, he places Matthew Archer into his regulation small brown box.

In the surveillance truck, Zoe and a guy we'll call Radio Boy listen in as the Creepy People get it on. Radio Boy sits back and smiles.

Zoe: Enjoying yourself?
Radio Boy: She is. You?
Radio Boy is rewarded with a Zoe patented death glare.

The next morning reveals trouble in paradise. Seems Creepy Man (who at some point in time got the name Steve, but Creepy Man is *so* much better) isn't quite as gung-ho about the whole thing as Creepy!Mary. No worries, she'll just find someone else to carry out her evil deeds. Basically a classic manipulation, she's got Creepy Man eating out of her hand.

At The Grid, Helen briefs Tom on the results of Creepy!Mary's rubbish search as he carefully watches Tessa converse with a woman we haven't seen before. Tom and said woman exchange a look that could be interpreted as either Die. Now please.' or God, you're hot.' Helen notes that item number sixteen is of particular interest. Tom shows the print out to Danny who expresses his opinion that Creepy!Mary knows they're onto her. Boss Man saunters by and gets a look at the print out for himself.

Boss Man: Fascinating what people throw away, hmmm?
Come on. You're killing me here! What is it? Just tell us already! Tom and Boss Man (who still doesn't have a name, by the way) move to get some fresh air and converse on the Americans' intense need to take Creepy!Mary down. They may have to turn her over before they can find out what exactly she's up to. Boss Man mentions Tom's "friendly" connection to the CIA London liaison Christine Dale. Tom, however, would rather bite her head off than schmooze her; even if it is in the best interests of national security. Hmmm--sexual tension much?.

Seems Tom didn't bother with the schoomzing and the home office wants Creepy!Mary ASAP. Boss Man and Danny are prepared to admit defeat, but Tom would rather go out with a blaze of glory. She's not on the plane yet.

Hillview Avenue, Liverpool

More surveilling of Creepy!Mary. She brushes off Creepy Man and then notices she's being watched. Creepy!Mary turns and enters a church. Random Spook follows, finding her praying at the altar. The woman at the front of the church who Random Spook thinks is Creepy!Mary turns around to reveal herself as merely some random woman who just happens to look a lot like Creepy!Mary. Curses, foiled again. Plan B: borrowing Keith Burns' kid.

Hylands Park, Liverpool

Zoe plays mommy to Keith Burns' kid and takes him to the park. She accidentally on purpose sits down at a picnic table across from one of Creepy!Mary's minions. Minion may be too harsh a word since the woman seems the most uncertain about the whole blowing people up thing. Zoe had just happened to pick up the wrong coffee to go' cup and offers it to Coffee Girl. (The hazelnut blend just happens to be her favorite.) This gets them talking and Zoe makes sure to show off the Urban Alliance (Pro-Life group) sticker on her bag. Coffee Girl takes this as a sign and subtlety suggests that she might enjoy hanging out with "like minded people". Zoe's obviously slightly uncomfortable with that thought but is saved by the ringing of her cell. Answering it, she learns a "friend", who is eight months pregnant, has been taken to the hospital due to "complications". Zoe asks if Coffee Girl has a car and off to the hospital they go.

At the hospital, Coffee Girl insists on coming in with her new found friend. Zoe thanks her and tries to convince her not to bother. She doesn't try all that hard though, since that's exactly what they want Coffee Girl to do. They are led to a room but before they can go in, they must give the orderly their cell phones. Come on Coffee Girl, you balked at the fact that Zoe's friend wasn't in Casualty, but not that some random guy is asking for your cell? You know they're going to bug it, because they know the first thing you're going to do when you leave the place is call Creepy!Mary. Anyway, Coffee Girl enters the room to find the battered body of the young girl they blew up. Tom enters and does a pretty good job of guilt tripping and freaking Coffee Girl out with his bluffs. He demands information from her, but Coffee Girl claims she doesn't know anything. She leaves, gets her phone back and just as predicted, makes a call with her newly bugged cell before even pulling away from the curb. So, apparently I'm not completely psychic since Coffee Girl calls Rob, her husband. However, she is kind enough to let Radio Boy know that Creepy!Mary is headed to London to blow up Sullivan. Thank you, Coffee Girl. Danny does a quick search and determines that Creepy!Mary's target is one Dr. Diane Sullivan. Tom orders protection for her.

Boss Man is running a meeting of the spooks back at The Grid. They're hurriedly gathering info on Dr. Sullivan and trying to fish out Creepy!Mary's exact plans. Helen enters hoping to get in on the action, but Boss Man dismisses her. She pipes up that she's only there to inform the group that Sullivan is safely tucked away. She's clearly hoping the information will gain her access to the cool clique'. No go, even though Zoe does thank her. Helen returns to inform Tom that CIA Chick (Christine Dale) is calling on him. Boss Man tells him with a facial expression to stall as they all get up and file out of the room. A spook, who's cute only because he's dorky and is named Malcolm, stops Zoe and nervously exclaims:

Malcolm: I have a camp bed.
Zoe: Blank stare. Looks to Danny for support.
Malcolm: I heard you were looking for somewhere to sleep in town.
Zoe: Oh yeah. To rent, yes. A room, preferably, Malcolm.
Malcolm: Oh. Well, I have a camp bed.
Poor guy swallows the large ball of bile in his throat and runs off. Danny teases Zoe and I relive my very own Malcolm moment. Ok, moments.

CIA Chick is in the lobby looking pissed off. Tom runs down the stairs, coat in hand.

Tom: What the h*** are you doing here?
CIA Chick: I didn't want to use the phone.
Ooh--cryptic--and sexy.

Upstairs, Tessa asks Boss Man for Creepy!Mary's extradition papers. Seems Creepy!Mary is being sent off to Florida so she can fry along side her husband. Boss Man does his own stalling and Tessa leaves with a huff.

Tom and CIA Chick talk outside Thames House:

CIA Chick: Get the extradition signature, Tom, or we're both going to look like assholes. This is non-negotiable.
Tom: Meaning?
CIA Chick: You know the score these days. We're waging a war. No stone unturned. No excuses. No delays. America wants Mary back. And America's going to get her. We want our Kodak moment.
Tom: I thought we were equal partners.
CIA Chick: We are. Which means, you don't get to stand around and mean well, Tom. You actually have to get off your butt sometimes and do exactly what we tell you.
Bwah! I heart you CIA Chick.

A p***** off Tom heads back up to The Grid and catches Tessa on her way out.

Tessa: What was your girlfriend doing in the lobby?
Tom: She asked for a favor. But she didn't say please.
Tessa: What's that supposed to mean?
Tom: None of your business. And by the way--she's not my girlfriend.
Tessa and I smile knowingly.

Boss Man, Tom, Danny and Zoe discuss the US and Britian's "special relationship" and how holding off on Creepy!Mary's extradition any longer could be damaging. Tom asks Harry, (yes, Boss Man finally gets a name) what he thinks. Boss Man (Come on, I've called him that this long. Do you really think I'm going to change that just because someone *finally* called Boss Man something other than Sir'?) replies that he "thinks all kinds of things."

Slow motion scene of the dead doctor's daughter coding, Dad looks on in agony.

Danny and Zoe locate the British version of Creepy!Mary's website. They find Diane Sullivan's name and information along with Karen Lynott's. Her name is crossed off though, being that she's dead and all. Helen drops by to warn them of a "creature of the night" as Boss Man enters The Grid along with a vampire from the foreign office. Danny warns them to get out their garlic. Amidst the joking, a pale looking Tom hangs up the phone. Sarah Lynott's dead.

Before joining Mr. Vampire and Boss Man (for what one can guess will be a pleasant' meeting) Tom stops in the restroom to splash water on his face. I think it's supposed to be dramatic, but I'm just wondering if Tom might really be the one who's the vampire because I can't figure out if we're looking at him, or his reflection.

Mr. Vampire asks Boss Man if he's familiar with a particular oral contraceptive. Boss Man deadpans that he's a bit out of touch with such things. Mr. Vampire continues as if Boss Man had said nothing. Come to find out, the Yanks won't let the Brits sell this new drug in the states unless they're given Creepy!Mary. Boss Man is ordered to sign the extradition papers and then sit on his hands. Tom interjects here and there, but is basically ignored. Boss Man signs the papers and Mr. Vampire asks where Creepy!Mary is. Boss Man takes great joy in telling him they have no idea.

Helen and Tom are on the roof, dissecting Tom's psyche. He's been burned before and is reluctant to tell Ellie the truth.

Helen: So get over yourself. Tell her.
Me: Yeah, Tom! Get over yourself!
Helen: Come on, what have you go to lose?
Tom: Her.
Me: Ooh--yeah, I spose that does bite. Sorry, man.
By the way, Helen is *so* crushing on poor ol' Tom.

Creepy!Mary's followers are back for their duffle bags of explosives. Only this time, it's dark, so they have flashlights and are dressed all in black. Once the bad guys make their exit, we cut to Zoe holding a photograph of Diane Sullivan. She's now their target since Zoe will be spending the weekend posing as the doctor. Seeing as though Zoe might end up in a thousand pieces, the rest of the spooks try to reassure her. But really, there's no need. She's Fine! FINE!

After Danny expresses just how much he thinks of himself, Boss Man privately informs Tom that he feels Danny's a bit inexperienced to be handling the surveillance on such a big op. Tom tells him that Danny's a smart cookie and besides, Daddy!Tom will be watching every move he makes. Boss Man reminds Tom that they've been warned off Creepy!Mary and the two conclude that they don't really care.

Malcolm brings Zoe Diane Sullivan's little brown box. They're rather thorough with those things--all the way down to an organ donation card, you know, just in case. Zoe, in a very ugly brown wig and tan overcoat, is a perfect match for Dr. Sullivan. She can't seem to decide if that's a good thing, or a bad thing. Again with the reassuring, Danny details his surveillance plan:

Danny: Placements all over the shop. Back up vehicles, chopper support if we need it. Bomb disposal with a signal jammer for Mary's trademark remote control blasts. And Tom here's doing the catering. Mate, you are so covered.
Zoe still looks like she wants to cry.

Shoreditch B&B, London

Creepy!Mary kisses and then burns a photograph of Mr. Creepy!Mary while listening to the news reporting on his impending execution. She's crying. Seems Creepy!Mary has emotions after all.

Zoe's driving a car that's part of an entourage of support vehicles. She talks with Tom via high tech spy equipment:

Tom: What's George Smiley's favorite cocktail?
Zoe: Moscow mules, George, Moscow mules. Loud and clear, thank you.
Um--.glad you get it Zoe, cause this Yank is a bit lost. A quick Google search tells me George Smiley is a fictional British spy who stars in his own series of novels by John Le Carre. A Moscow mule consists of vodka, lime and ginger ale and should be served on ice in a copper mug. So yeah, still slightly confused, but at least we all learned something new. Anyway, seems things are going well, which basically means they won't be for long.
Zoe: Don't think much of Sullivan's weekends. When do I get to go shopping?
Well, honey, you're off to the market. I suppose that'll have to do. She makes a right hand turn and spy talk between various Alphas and Bravos reveals that there's no sign of the target. Creepy!Mary finally makes her move by pulling out in front of the motorcycle that's following Zoe. Game on.
Danny: Right, ladies and gents, your MC today will be DJ Spookman. Sign on?
Alphas one through four sign on and we watch as Zoe pulls into the market place and parks her car. Tom asks for a positive ID on Creepy!Mary and I rewind to watch the blond motorcyclist in black leather hop off her bike and take off her helmet--several times. A camera in her helmet gets a positive ID on Creepy!Mary and the operation (and my DVD player) moves forward. Creepy!Mary's carrying one of the explosive filled duffle bags and a cell phone. The spooks ready themselves and Zoe as they watch Creepy!Mary walk right by Dr. Sullivan' and toward Zoe's car. Tom and Danny discuss their next move: can they be sure she's using remote detonation? Either way, they have a problem. Army Spook seems to be having trouble with the jammer. There's only enough power for thirty seconds worth of signal distortion. Creepy!Mary plants her stash of explosives in front of Zoe's car and walks away, her hand in her pocket. Danny signals the start of the thirty second jam and he and Tom jump from the van to confront Creepy!Mary. She turns, only to find Zoe behind her. She's trapped. A voice over tells us they've got 15 seconds remaining. Creepy!Mary pulls out her cell phone and pushes send. Nothing's happening--she's getting nervous. So am I. She tries again, nada. The send function times out just as Tom grabs the phone from her hand.

At the safe house where Danny originally met Osprey, Tom is interrogating Creepy!Mary. He wants to know where the other bombs are and who has them. She says she can't help him. They exchange jabs. Her words hit Tom a bit harder than his do her, being that she's a psychopath and all. That is until Tom mentions that she'll be on death row by the time she gives birth. Item number sixteen? Home pregnancy test. Positive. Creepy!Mary spouts Bible passages. Tom plays the tape of her and Creepy Man having sex.

Tom: Thou shalt not commit adultery.
Creepy!Mary swears she loves her husband, just as much as The Cause.
Tom: Tell us where the bombs are, tell us your network, you stay with us, we fly you back to a State without the death penalty. Get a homey little prison with a creche. Keep quoting the Bible at me, keep pretending you're doing this for any other reason than revenge and I swear this sound will be the last your husband will ever hear. And the CIA will take you back to Florida where they'll be more than happy to stick you in the electric chair. Let me put that another way, Mary--I'm giving you the right to choose.
Creepy!Mary: And before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee...
Tom: Thou shalt not kill. Thirty-Love. Want to keep playing?
Creepy!Mary: After me, there will be more. Don't think that it's over.
Tom: It's never over. (Tom starts the tape recorder.) I'm listening.
God, I love this show. At Ellie's apartment, Tom can't lie.
Tom: There were--things.
Ellie: Things?
Tom: Yeah, things.
Ellie's had enough. Tom apologizes.
Ellie: Matthew, I need to know--who are you?
Tom: A man who loves you very much.
They hug. That's good enough for now. CSCE interrupts, her hair in messy braids:
CSCE: I've got a new hairstyle.
Tom: It looks lovely.
CSCE: You're a liar.
Tom's whole world crashes down on him.

At the airport, Tom and Creepy!Mary wrap up the story. Creepy!Mary has sung, and Tom's following through on their deal. CIA Chick and her men come to collect their prize. The Brits exit the car and the Americans get in. CIA Chick drops a Florida travel brochure in Creepy!Mary's lap.

CIA Chick: Hey Mary. Ready for DisneyWorld?


I thought it was interesting that the first episode used an American pro-lifer/anti-abortionist as the terrorist they were after. And as an Alias fan, I thought how completely different MI-5 is from Alias. More talk and brain work to figure out who-dun-it rather than racing around the globe and b*** kicking everyone is sight. It took awhile to get used to the accent...I kept turning my volumne up to try to hear what they were saying...and to understand what the conversations were about, but eventually I picked up on it.

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