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"Sins of the Past" Episode 01/101


TSc. 1

[Flashback to Xena's warlord days]

Troops:  "Xena!  Xena!  Xena!  Xena!  Xena!  Xena!  Xena!  Xena!"


TSc. 2

X:  "Hello?"

Boy:  "You got any food you could spare?"

X:  "Food's scarce everywhere-- No one has anything to spare.  
Where are your parents?"

Boy:  "The other side.  They were killed by Xena, the Warrior 
Princess.  She came down out of the sky in a chariot, throwing 
thunderbolts and breathing fire."


TSc. 3

Hector:  "OK.  We can do this one of two ways:  You can let us 
have the girls and go back to thoses hovels you call home, or, we 
can hack you all into little pieces, and take the girls anyway!  

Lila:  "Gabrielle!"

G:  "Take me!  Let the others go!"

Hector:  "Nice try!  But we'll take you, and anybody else we want!
It's never too early to start training a slave girl.  Oooh!  I got 
to admit-- this village makes tough women.  OK, OK-- now we take 
the gloves off-- start hacking.  You round up the girls."

Sold:  "Yes, sir!  You heard him, round up the girls!  All right, 
let's go!"

Hector:  "We'll take care of this one."


Sold:  "Come on!  

Soldiers:  "She's down!  Yeah!  We got her now!  Yeah!  You're not 
tough, after all!"

Hector:  [Laughs]

Xena:  [Laughs]

Soldiers:  "Now!  Come on!  Now's our chance!"

Townspeople:  "That's more like it!  Now we've got `em!"

X:  "You're with Draco.  Tell him Xena says, `Hello.'"



G:  "That thing you did with the hoop-- That was amazing.  Where 
did you get that?  Did you make it yourself?  And that kick you 
do-- You've got to teach me--"

Herodotus:  "Xena, we'd like you move on."

G:  "Move on?  Father, she should rest here until her wound is 

Herodotus:  "Daughter, hush.  We don't want any trouble with you, 
Xena.  We know your reputation.  We just want you to leave."

G:  "But, Father, she saved--"

X:  "It's all right.  I plan to move on, anyway."

Herodotus:  "Don't take too long."

Perdicus:  "Let's go, Gabrielle."

G:  "Hey, just because we're betrothed, doesn't mean you can boss 
me around.  I want to stay and talk to Xena.  You've got to take 
me with you, and teach me everything you know.  You can't leave 
me here."

X:  "Why?"

G:  "Did you see the guy they want me to marry?"

X:  "He looks like a gentle soul-- that's rare in a man."

G:  "It's not the gentle part I have a problem with.  It's the 
dull, stupid part.  Xena, I'm not cut out for this village life.  
I was born to do so much more."

X:  "I travel alone."

G:  "So, where are you headed now?"

X:  "Amphipolis."

G:  "That's in Thrace, isn't it?  I love to study maps and place 
names.  So, what route do you usually take?"

X:  "Don't even think about it."

G:  "What?"

X:  "Following me-- You don't want to make me mad now, do you?"


Draco:  "All right-- now all four of you."

Sold:  "He caught three of them."

Draco:  "Who has the green arrows?"

Archers:  "Green-- not me."  "Thank the gods."

Draco:  "Ares has smiled on you.  Sign him up, and get the others 
out of my sight."

Gar:  "Yes, Draco."

Draco:  "Hector-- how's the throat?"

Hector:  "Next time I see her, I'll kill her."

Draco:  "Pray to the gods you never have to deliver on that 


Soldier's Voice:  "Night watch!  All clear!"

X:  "Hello, Draco."

Draco:  "Xena, you look good."

X:  "So do you, except for that ugly scar."

Draco:  "It's nice of you to give me something to remember you by."

X:  "You picked the wrong woman to get rough with."

Draco:  "It never would have happened if you'd been more 
cooperative.  What are you doing here?  If you wanted to kill me--"

X:  "You'd be dead.  I want to ask a favor."

Draco:  "What do you want?"

X:  "Your men were at a village today."

Draco:  "I heard they got a large dose of the Warrior Princess."

X:  "I want you to spare that village."

Draco:  "You care about those peasants?  I could have mercy on 
that village-- if--"

X:  "If what?"

Draco:  "You join with me.  We'd make an invincible team."

X:  "I can't do it, Draco."

Draco:  "What does that mean?"

X:  "I'm going home."

Draco:  "I dreamt of being with you in love, or against you in 
battle.  You won't give me the satisfaction of either, will you, 
_will you_?  I'll spare that village-- for old times' sake."

X:  "Thank you."

Draco:  "What do you hope to find back in Amphipolis?  Forgiveness?  
I tried to go home once.  My father almost beat me to death with a 
blacksmith's hammer.  You'll get the same treatment, I guarantee 

X:  "Goodbye."


Lila:  "What's in the bag?"

G:  "Lila, I'm going to join up with Xena."

Lila:  [Laughs]  "Are you serious?"

G:  "Absolutely.  I'm going to be a warrior, like her."

Lila:  "A warrior.  Garielle, I can beat you up."

G:  "Yeah, well-- you're very strong for your age.  Lila, you 
know I'm different from everybody else in this town."

Lila:  "I know you're crazy."

G:  "Well, call it whatever you like.  The point is-- I don't fit 
in here.  And the idea of marrying Perdicus--"

Lila:  "He loves you, you know."

G:  "But I don't love him.  I've got to do this, Lila."

Lila:  "I'm gonna miss you so much."

G:  "Cheer up-- You'll finally have a room of your own.  Take 
care of Mother-- Don't let her carry the water from the well by 

Lila:  "All right."

X:  "Come on boy, we can make it.  That's it-- easy.  There-- 
easy enough-- Hmm?  What's the problem?"


X:  "Smell trouble?"

Cyclops:  "It's you!"

X:  "You lost some weight since I saw you last.  I guess that job 
I did on your eye must have cut down on the people-eating, huh?!"

Cyclops:  "Ever since you blinded me, a day hasn't gone by when I
haven't dreamt of tasting your flesh."

X:  "You know, you should find a different line of work."

Cyclops:  "Like what?!  I'm a blind Cyclops, for crying out loud!"

X:  "You could hire yourself out to a village as a protector.  
Even a blind Cyclops would scare most folks off.  And the 
villagers would probably toss you a, a sheep every now and again 
for payment."

Cyclops:  "Sheep?  How could you start eating mutton, when you're 
used to human flesh?"

X:  "Suit yourself."

Gar:  "Xena was spotted riding toward the Strymon Pass."

Draco:  "Hector, take two men and cut through the Pass.  Pick up 
her trail and send word as soon as she's entered her home valley.  
We'll march right into Amphipolis and torch everything in sight.  
And spread the word that we're doing it on Xena's orders.  Then 
she'll know--"

Hector:  "Know what?"

Draco:  "There's no rest for the wicked."

G:  "The bridge will hold me up.  The bridge _will_ hold me up.  
The bridge will hold me up.  The bridge-- Being an adventuress 
isn't that hard."

Cyclops:  "Gotcha!"

G:  "Immortal father Zeus in Heaven, curse this brute if he eats 
me!  Torture him with the slain serpent's blood and the crow's 

Cyclops:  "Shut up!  I hate chatty food."

G:  "I know Xena, the Warrior Princess."

Cyclops:  "I hate Xena, the Warrior Princess-- She blinded me.  
It'll give me great pleasure to rip one of her friends apart with 
my teeth."

G:  "Friends?  Who said anything about friends?  I've been 
tracking her to kill her."

Cyclops:  "How is a young thing like you gonna kill Xena?"

G:  "That's the point-- She'd never let a man get close enough to 
do her-- At least, not that kind of `do her.'  But, a young, 
innocent-looking girl like me-- I'll catch her totally off guard, 
cut her evil throat, and hack off her Cyclops-blinding hands."

Cyclops:  "You're really gonna mess her up, huh?"

G:  "You know what I think I'll do to her?"

Cyclops:  "What?"

G:  "Blind her-- gouge out them eyeballs and bring `em back to you.
It'll make a nice little appetizer, don't you think?"

Cyclops:  "Ooh, you'd do that for me?"

G:  "I feel we're bonded in our hate for this she-demon."

Cyclops:  "Ooh-- Go on-- and, if you bring me a leg, too, I'd 
appreciate it."

G:  "_A_ leg-- She's got two, doesn't she?  You'll get them both."

Cyclops:  "And maybe a, a--"

G:  "Hey!  Let's not get greedy."

Cyclops:  "Oh, sorry."

G:  "Xena's blood or die!"

Cyclops:  [Laughs]

G:  "Thank the gods for dumb Cyclopses."

Hector:  "What do you think?"

X:  "I think you got a sore throat.  I've just blocked off the 
flow of blood to your brain.  You'll be dead in twenty seconds, 
unless I release you.  Now, why are you following me?  Ten 

Hector:  "Draco, he sent me."

X:  "Draco."

Hector:  "He plans to destroy your home valley."

X:  "You'll regain feeling in a few minutes."

Man:  "Hmm?  Ooh, by the Heavens.  [Mumbles something incoherent]  
Hey, hey!  Are you dead?"

G:  "Where are you headed?"

Man:  "Amphipolis."

G:  "Oh, it worked!  I have been lying here,  supplicating myself 
to the great god, Hermes, the god of travellers; begging him to 
send someone who's on the way to Amphipolis.  Hah!  And here you 
are-- it's a miracle, don't you think?"

Man:  "Not really.  This is the road to Amphipolis.  Anybody 
that'd come along here would've been headed there."

G:  "Yeah, but, not everybody's a kindly old man who'll give me a 

Man:  "You're right about that.  I know I'm not gonna give you a 

G:  "Oh, no, no, you've got to.  I'll never make it by myself.  
I didn't bring enough food.  I've already gotten lost twice.  I 
wore the wrong shoes.  Look!--"

Man:  "Look, I'm sorry-- but I ain't got any room."

G:  "My father will give you a handsome reward when we reach 
Amphipolis.  He's very rich."

Man:  "What's his name?"

G:  "Dolan."

Man:  "Dolan-- The horse breeder?"

G:  "Best horses in Thrace.  I'll make sure he gives you a fresh 
steed for your troubles."

Man  [Laughs]:  "There ain't no horse dealers in Amphipolis.  
It's all sheep country."

G:  "I've been told that I'm very pleasant company on a trip.  
I can sing!  I know several poems, which I recite with great 
passion.  A travelling bard once gave me lessons.  I sing of 
Oedipus, King of Thebes-- the most tragic of men."

Man:  "Whoa, whoa."

G:  "What's the matter?"

Man:  "You wanna tell me about Oedipus?  Hah!  I knew Oedipus.  
I grew up in Thebes when he was king."

G:  "You knew Oedipus?  I'd love to hear all about him."

Man:  "Oh, well, I guess I could-- make room for you up here 

G:  "Oh, no, no need.  I'll just sit on top."

Man:  "Oedipus, the most tragic of all men.  Biggest fool of all 
men, more like."

G:  "You knew him personally?"

Man:  "Well, no, not personally, but, tsk, tsk, come on, I saw 
him around."

[Villagers sing "Glede Ma Glede"]

Woman's Voice:  "Hello."  

Villagers:  "Xena."  "Xena."  "Right you are."

X:  "Mother?"


Cyrene:  "Weapons aren't welcome in my tavern-- Neither are you.  
What are you doing here?"

X:  "Mother, listen.  The warlord Draco is marching on this 

Cyrene:  "And you need to borrow a few men for an army, right?"

X:  "I can help organize a defense."

Cyrene:  "Give it up, Xena."

X:  "I know Draco.  I know the way he thinks.  I know what his 
weaknesses are.  If we act now, we stand a good chance of 
stopping him."

Cyrene:  "You think we're fools.  We all remember what happened 
the last time you talked like that."

Women:  "You'll not take our sons."  "Not again."

X:  "You're all in great danger!"

Cyrene:  "Even if that were true, we would rather die before 
accepting help from you again."

Man:  "Not this time, Xena. We remember."

Cyrene:  "Go away, Xena.  This is not your town anymore.  We are 
not your people.  I am not your mother!"

Men:  "Never again!"  "We know who you are."  "What are you 
waiting for?"

Draco:  "Hector, I sent you to follow her so we'd know what she 
was doing; not to tell her what we're doing."  

Hector:  "Look, I had no choice."

Draco:  "Neither do I-- Choose a weapon, now.  Get the men ready 
for a forced march.  What's the state of the troops?"

[Draco and Hector fight throughout the ensuing discussion]

Gar:  "The first and second divisions are about ready now.  
The third is stationed at the Strymon Pass."

Draco:  "Mobilize one and two.  They can take the high-road to 
the sea.  The third division can join us at Thrace."

Gar:  "They can take the Strymon road and be there in two days."

Draco:  "No, the pass doesn't offer enough cover.  March them 
north, across the foot of the mountains.  Then they can cut 
east-- to the northern border.  We'll flank Amphipolis on both 
sides-- and crush them-- if they offer any resistance.  Saddle 
my warhorse.  Get someone to clean off my knife.  Oh, and Gar, 
when we find her, she's mine."

Gar:  "Yes, sir."

X:  "If you won't mount a defense, then you must leave here."

Cyrene:  "You came all this way just to say that?"

X:  "No, it wasn't the only reason."

Cyrene:  "What other purpose could you have?"

X:  "I wanted to come home.  I thought maybe this time I could 
get it right."

Cyrene:  "I don't think anything'll ever take away the shame and 
sorrow you've brought on your kinsmen."

X:  "Probably not.  But I'm gonna spend the rest of my life 

Cyrene:  "Xena, I wish I could believe you."  

1st man:  "Here she is!  We know what you're up to, Xena, and we 
won't let you get away with it."

Cyrene:  "What are you talking about?"

1st man:  "Her army is burning fields in the west valley."

X:  "That's a lie.  It's Draco's army."

1st man:  "Then, why are they carrying _your_ banners and 
shouting _your_ name?"

Cyrene:  "Do what you will with her."

2nd man:  "You should have stayed with your army, Xena.  This is 
the last village you'll ever see."

X:  "Well, what are you waiting for?  Take your revenge."

Woman's Voice:  "Come on."

X:  "It's true, what they say-- It's sweet.  What?  Is one woman 
too much for you?  Let me even the odds.  One unarmed woman might 
be more to your tastes."

G:  "Wait, wait, wait!  Now, you don't know me.  I'm new in town.  
But, I can assure you, Xena is a changed woman.  I saw her do 
some heroic things in the name of good."

1st man:  "Unless you're suicidal, you'll get out of the way.  
She's brought Draco down on the valley."

G:  "Draco?  Now, he's a scary guy.  And I understand why you're 
upset.  But let me throw some logic at you.

1st man:  "Look, you're wasting your breath.  We'll never put our 
faith in Xena again.  I buried two sons because of her!  Now, get 
out of the way!"

G:  "Now, hold on.  Let's say that you're right, and she's Draco's 
buddy.  Let's say, she's even his girlfriend.  Well, what have you 
accomplished?  You think that Draco's bad news now?  What do you 
think he'll be like, when he hears that you knocked off his woman?  
Oh, boy, it gives me the creeps even to think about it."

1st man:  "All right, but get Xena out of here _right_ now."

G:  "No problem."

G:  "Hey, Xena."

X:  "What?"

G:  "I could probably get up there behind you."

X:  "What are you talking about?"

G:  "Wait, you're not gonna just leave me here, are you?  I came 
all this way to see you."

X:  "That is your problem."

G:  "Hey, I just saved your life.  Where are we going?"

X:  "To see my brother."

X:  "You always did have trouble keeping your face clean.  Since 
you've been gone, I kind of lost my way.  Now, I found it.  I 
thought I could start over.  But no-- They don't trust me.  Not 
even Mother.  I can't blame her.  She can't see into my heart.  
But I've got to believe that you can.  And I wish you were here.  
It's hard to be alone."

G:  "You're not alone."


Draco:  "Which one of you consider yourself a leader?  Ah, your 
emissary said you were interested in making a deal.  I found that 
amusing enough to agree to this meeting. What do you have in mind?"

1st man:  "We, uh, took the liberty of putting together a few 
wagons of loot-- Some very valuable things, as well as supplies.  
We hoped you'd take that and leave us in peace.

Draco:  "Why would I wanna do that?"

1st man:  "Well, uh, we thought that if we pledged to supply your 
troops whenever you're in the area, that might be very valuable 
to you-- more valuable then a bunch of dead villagers."

Draco:  "But not nearly as entertaining.  However, perhaps there 
is a deal to be made.  You do have something I want:  Xena."

1st man:  "Xena.  But she's not here."

Draco:  "Where is she?"

1st man:  "I don't know."

Draco:  "Let me show your fellow citizens what happens to those 
who don't cooperate with Draco."

1st man:  "Please, don't kill me."

Draco:  "Oh, in a few minutes, you'll be begging me to do just 
that, you lying sack of--"

X:  "He's not lying.  Hello, Draco."

Draco:  "Xena-- How was the homecoming?  Did they throw you a 

X:  "What do you want?"

Draco:  "I want you-- one way or the other.  We could be great 
together.  You must know by now you can never escape your past.  
Xena, celebrate you dark side-- Don't run away from it.  Ride 
with me."

X:  "You said one way or the other-- It's the other."

Draco:  "Choose the weapons."

X:  "You choose the weapons.  I'll choose the conditions."

Draco:  "Staffs."

X:  "On that scaffolding up there.  The first one to touch the 
ground dies."

Draco:  "Kill the first one that touches the ground-- No one 
leaves until we're finished.  Show off."

[They fight]

Man:  "Hit him, Xena!"  [Villagers cheer Xena on]

Draco:  "Why are you doing it, Xena?  They're sheep!  You're 
gonna die for them, and they despise you!"

Villagers:  "Get him, Xena!"  "Come on, Xena-- Walk on me.  You 
can have my shoulders".  "I'll help you, Xena."  "Get him, Xena!"

[Villagers cheer Xena on]

X:  "I haven't touched the ground yet, Draco, but you have.  
Looks like I'll have to finish you off myself.  Of course, now, 
maybe you're willing to make a deal."

Man:  "No deal, kill him."

X:  "If I let you live, you and your army clear out of the valley 
by sundown.  Swear it, on the head of Ares."

Draco:  "I swear, on the head of Ares, god of war, to be out of 
your valley by sundown."

X:  "Then go."

G:  "Xena!"

Draco:  "A deal's a deal."

1st man:  "You can take the loot wagons, of course."

X:  "I don't want anything."

X:  "Mother, forgive me, please."

Cyrene:  "I forgive you, my little one.  I forgive you.  I'm so 
happy to have you back again."

X:  "You know, I can't stay for long."

G:  "I was gonna follow you, until you were in some jam.  It's so 
cold out there, and I couldn't get a fire started.  And the 
mosquitoes are as big as eagles."

X:  "You know, I'm sending you home in the morning."

G:  "I won't stay home.  I don't belong there, Xena.  I'm not the 
little girl that my parents wanted me to be.  You wouldn't 

X:  "It's not easy proving you're a different person.  You can 
sleep over there."

X:  "You know, where I'm headed, there'll be trouble."

G:  "I know."

X:  "Then why would you want to go into that with me?"

G:  "That's what friends do-- They stand by each other when 
there's trouble."

X:  "All right, friend."

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