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“Dreamworker”  Episode 3/6


G:  “You think you’re man enough to test my blade?  Do you?  Your
type are all cowards!  I’ve met and defeated tens of hundreds of
your type!  So, come on.  Make your move.  Or, are you waiting
for me to make the first move?  First mistake?  Well, that’s
_your_ first mistake, waiting for my mistake!  ‘Cause I don’t
make mistakes!  Hah!  Huh!  Let that be a lesson to you.”

X:  “Are you finished with my sword?”

G:  “Don’t do that!”

X:  “This is not a plaything.”

G:  “I said I’d get some wood.  I didn’t say _how_ I was going to
get it.”

X:  “You’re lucky the tree was unarmed.  You could’ve been hurt.”

G:  “Maybe I wouldn’t if _someone_ would teach me how to use it?”

X:  “No.”

G:  “You know?  Doesn’t it make more sense that I should learn
how to defend myself?  _I_ think it makes more sense.”

X:  “Don’t confuse defending yourself with using a weapon.  When
you pull a sword, you have to be ready to kill.”

G:  “You don’t think I know that?”

X:  “No-- I don’t think you do.  People are too quick to go for
their sword.  It should always be the last resort.”

G:  “I don’t want to learn to kill.  I want to learn to survive.”

X:  “All right.  The rules of survival.  Number one.  If you can
run, run.  Number two.  If you can’t run-- surrender, and then
run.  Number three.  If you’re outnumbered, let them fight each
other, while you run.  Number four--”

G:  “Wait-- More running?”

X:  “No.  Four is where you talk your way out of it, and I know
you can do that.  It’s wisdom before weapons, Gabrielle.  The
moment you pick up a sword, you become a target.  And the moment
you kill--”

G:  “The moment you kill-- What?”

X:  “Everything changes.  Everything.”

G:  “What is it?”

Bad guy:  “Sweetie--”

X:  “Trouble.”

Bad guy:  “Easy pickings.”

G:  “Is this the ‘run’ part?”

X:  “Not yet, but just be ready.”

Gothos:  “Nice day, isn’t it?”

X:  “That depends on you.  What do you want?”

Gothos:  “Oh, we’re but poor men trying to scrape an existence in
this evil world.  Every now and then we ask for a little
something from travelers-- like your horse, your gold, or any
jewelry you might be carrying.  And I think I’ll have that fancy
sword of yours, too.  Now-- all things considered, I think a
surrender would be a good start.” 

X:  “I accept.  Gabrielle, take their weapons.”

[Bad guys laugh]

Bad guy:  “Take their weapons.”

Gothos:  “Get them!”


G:  “A-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi!”

Bad guys:  “Get the little one!  She’s got a sword!”  “Kill her,

Gothos:  “I know this sword.  Only one person carries a sword
like this.  You’re Xena, aren’t you?”

X:  “Do you really wanna find out?”

Gothos:  “My reputation is going to soar!”

Bad guys:  “Run!”  “Run for it!”  “Come on!”  “Let’s get out of

Manus:  “Very good.  Did you notice the young one?  She has a
fire about her-- and yet, she didn’t stain herself with blood.
Morpheus’ll be pleased.  Yes, she’s the one.  She’s perfect.”



G:  “I still can’t believe it.  They came right for me when I
picked up the sword.”

X:  “Maybe they thought you were a threat.”

G:  “You’re waiting for the right moment to say, ‘I told you so,’
aren’t you?”

X:  “Nope!  I’m waiting for you to say it _for_ me.”

G:  “I don’t know what I was thinking.  Maybe something like,
‘Xena needs my help.’ or, ‘I wonder if I could take some of the
heat off Xena.’”

X:  “In both cases, no.”

G:  “I’m gonna pick up some more salt pork.  I’ll meet you back
here in a few minutes.”

X:  “Mmm.”


Storekeeper [Store]:  “Afternoon?  Is that your friend?”

X:  “Yeah, why?”

Store:  “Oh, no reason.  Just strangers in town, is all.  So!
What can I do for you?”

X:  “I need a sharpening stone and some oil.  Who do I report a
dead highwayman to?”

Storekeep:  “Dead?  Your friend didn’t kill him, did she?”

X:  “No.”

Store:  “Oh.  Well, that’s good.”

X:  “What difference does it make who killed him?”

Store:  “Hey!  Elkton!  Get outta here!”

Elkton:  “I-- I know, I’m sorry.  I-- I wouldn’t’ve come, but my
horse has lost his halter.”

Store:  “Out!  Now!”

Elkton:  “Please-- I can’t guide him very well with just a rope.”

Store:  “I’m warning you, old man-- leave!  A-a- and- don’t come

X:  “Why don’t you just sell the man a halter?”

Store:  “Because, I don’t do business with his kind.”

Elkton:  “But I’m not a Mystic anymore!”

Store:  “A Gryphon can’t change its feathers!  Mystic, ex-Mystic,
it’s all the same!  Go on-- out!”

Elkton:  “I’m no-- Mystic!”

Store:  “Sure, that looked cruel, but, uh-- he’s one of  them.
So, it was a sharpening stone, right?”

X:  “No, I’ve changed my mind.  I need a halter for my horse.”


Smith:  “Hey!  What are you doing here?”

G:  “Aren’t you open?”

Smith:  “Well, of course I’m open, young lady, but-- what are you
doing in town?  You’re supposed to be off by the water’s edge
until after the Solstice-- unless you’ve got no reason to fear

G:  “Morpheus?  God of dreams?  Now, why would I fear him?”

Smith:  “Ah!  You must be experienced then.”

G:  “Yeah!  I mean, I’ve had experiences.  Are you always this

Smith:  “I should have known.  Otherwise, why would you be in my
shop?  Looking to replace your arms?  Lose your weapon of choice
in a battle, did you?”

G:  “Yeah, right!  [Laughs]  Big battle.”

Smith:  “You don’t look like a fighter.  Sure-- that’s your
strength.  Like the beautiful seed hidden in an eagle’s dung.”

G:  “Nice image-- Mmm.”

Smith:  “Ah!  Now, let me see what I can show you.  Ah-- The
steel-- it’s from the Albanian mines of Iskander Beg.”  

G:  “It’s the most beautiful sword I’ve ever seen.  And-- oh!
Believe me, I’ve handled plenty.”

Smith:  “Ah!”

G:  “Um-- but, um-- maybe something more-- petite.”

Smith:  “Ah.  Well, let me see what’s over here.”

G:  “Oh, how cute!”

Smith:  “It’s a breast dagger.”

G:  “Oh-- you mean, it’s designed to pierce the breast into the
heart of your enemy.”

Smith:  “No-- not quite.”

G:  “Ah.  Oh-- a _breast_ dagger.  Yeah, I like it!  Yeah-- yeah.


Man’s Voice:  “Get out of town, Mystic.”

Elkton:  “I’m no-- Mystic!  It’s-- it’s a halter!  Who did this?
Who?  Thank you!  Thank you.”


G:  “Did you get your sharpening stone?”

X:  “No.  What’s the matter with you?”

G:  “What do you mean?”

X:  “I don’t know.  You just seem-- bigger.”

G:  “Oh!  Hmm!  No, I’m not.  It’s just this mountain air.  I
feel motivated.”

X:  “You didn’t find a sorcerer to enhance your motives, did

G:  “No.  Would you get over it?  Ooh-- Ah!  Wow!  Look at you
look at that?  I wonder what else is in these clothes?  They’re
hand-me-downs, you know?  I know-- wisdom before weapons.”

X:  “I’ll keep this for the time being.”

G:  “Hah!  It’s not like your breasts aren’t dangerous enough.
That was a joke  You can laugh.  What’s going on?”

X:  “Get on the horse.”


X:  “Gabrielle!  Gabrielle!”


X:  “They took her.  Where are they?”

Store:  “They’re probably at the-- fortress of Morpheus by now.
It’s the Solstice.  The-- Mystics need a young maiden.  We
normally send our young girls away.  I thought you knew.”

X:  “No.  Your eyes practically lit up when you saw us come into
town.  What are they going to do to her?!”

Store:  “Stop!  By the gods, you’re strong!  Every Solstice-- the
Mystics come down from the mountain and they take a young girl.
We never see them again.”

X:  “That blind man-- he was a Mystic.”

Store:  “Yeah.  Yeah.  Yeah-- go and see him!  If you dare.” 



Manus:  “Soon, my Lord Morpheus.  I think you will be pleased
with your bride-- as soon as she proves herself worthy.”


G:  “Let me out of here.  Believe me, you are in _big_ trouble!”

Manus:  “My child, I understand your confusion.  But take heart.
You are being honored today.”

G:  “OK-- Keep talking.”

Manus:  “You have been selected to be the bride of Morpheus”

G:  “Bride?  Morpheus?  No, you’ve got the wrong girl-- take my
word for it.  I’m not the wifely type.  I-- Well, I sleep late; I
don’t know a lick about housework.  And children?  I mean, look
at these hipbones.  No way.”

Manus:  “None of that matters to Morpheus.”

G:  “Really?  Well, what does matter?  I’ve got lots of faults.”

Manus:  “You’re to go through a series of challenges against
worthy opponents.  If you survive, you will become the honored
wife of Morpheus.  If not, you’ll have been sacrificed in the

G:  “Wait a minute.  Back up to that ‘If you survive’ part for a

Manus:  “The challenges will not be easy.  And each one will be a
fight to the death.”


Elkton:  “Who’s there?!  I’m not as blind as you think I am!  I
have senses you can’t conceive of!  Come on!  Speak up!”

X:  “I’m not here to harm you.”

Elkton:  “That voice-- You were in the store today.  You bought
me that halter.”

X:  “I want to know about the Mystics.”

Elkton:  “They’re evil.  A perverted cult that worships the dark
brother of the dreams gods.  I know all about them.  I was a
Mystic once-- back when the order was good.  But why do you ask?
And who are you?”

X:  “My name is Xena.  They took my friend, and I’m going to get
her back.”

Elkton:  “She’s been chose [sic] as Morpheus’ bride.  She’s going
to lose her blood innocence.”

X:  “Blood innocence?”

Elkton:  “Your friend has never killed anyone.  She will go
through a series of challenges.   She will be tricked into
killing to survive.  As soon as she does that-- she will be

X:  “You know where this fortress is.  Take me there.”

Elkton:  “It’s no good!  It-- it-- it’s hidden in the mountains,
and well protected by an army of warriors.  It would take you
months-- days-- to fight your way in.  By then, your friend will
be dead.  Unless-- unless you’re the one!  In a dream vision, I
saw a warrior who could travel the Dream Passage and defeat
Morpheus!  You _must_ be the one!  A woman with a dark past--
strong and brave--”

X:  “I’m the one.”


Elkton:  “The world of dreams is made of many passages.  It is
possible to follow one from one location to another.
Essentially, you bypass the physical world.”

X:  “What can I expect?”

Elkton:  “Everything in the Dreamscape comes from your own mind.
Once in, Morpheus will know everything that you know.  He will
use that to try and stop you.  Drink this and lay back.  This is
N’Kama oil.  The instant your soul enters the Dream Passage, your
body begins to lose its life fluids.  N’Kama oil will give you
more time.”

X:  “How much time is that?”

Elkton:  “Just a few hours at best.  You must find the exit door
at the other end of the Dream Passage.  Once you pass through it,
your body will reunite with your soul.  If not-- the body dies.
Until then, I will guard it.  Don’t worry-- I’m a gentleman.
This is the fire of dreams!  This is the key.  Morpheus knows
what we’re up to.  Listen to me carefully, Xena.  He will try to
use your own mind against you.  If you can defeat him there,
you’ll win.  Don’t be obvious.  Remember, this is your Dream
Passage.  The gods-- be with you.”


Warriors:  “Xena!  Xena!  Xena!  Xena!  Xena!  Xena!”  “Xena!
We’ve been waiting for you, our Queen!”  “Our brilliant
commander!  We’ve taken another town!”  “They’re all dead, as you
wished!  Every one of them!”  “As you ordered!”

X:  “No!  I left this behind me!”

War 2:  “You can’t change who you are!”

War1:  “And you are a warrior.  To be feared and obeyed.  And
those that don’t--”

War2:  “-- die!”

Warriors:  “Xena!  Xena!  Xena!  Xena!  Xena!  Xena!”


Mesmer:  “Xena-- Do you know me, Warrior Queen?”

X:  “Should I?”

Mesmer: “This was my village.  All gone now.  Your people came
and wiped it out-- and me-- as you commanded.  Did you know?  I
had a name?”

X:  “I didn’t do this.”

Mesmer:  “My name is Mesmer.  My wife’s name--”

X:  “I’m sorry.”

Mesmer:  “Sorry?  Sorry to know my name?  Oh, that’s right.  Your
victims were always faceless.  You never knew much about them,
did you?  Or cared.”

Baruch:  “I am Baruch.  I had two brothers-- one fifteen, and the
other twenty.  They were killed, too.  Do you wanna know their

X:  “No, I left this behind me.”

Baruch:  “Septim and Valius.”

Dolas:  “I am Dolas.  My brother and I were the first to die.
His name was Linius.”

Villagers:  [Stating their names]

X:  “Stand back!”

Dolas:  “We’re not crowding you, Xena.”

Baruch:  “It’s the weight of your conscience.”

Mesmer:  “You can end this, Xena.  You can end it-- easily.”

Baruch:  “Kill us.  You know how.  Take the sword.  Valius.
Septim.  Valius.  Septim.”

X:  “Morpheus!  I won’t do it!  It’s a trick!  You’re trying to
slow me down!  You’re using the past of a Xena long dead!  I’m
not her anymore!”


Manus:  “The Innocent has a friend who has entered the Dreamscape
Passage.  This is Elkton’s work.  Find him and you will find her
body.  Morpheus wants them both to die.  Go!”


Elkton:  “No, no!  It’s happening too fast!  Morpheus is draining
your life quicker than I expected!  You-- you must hurry, Xena!
You must hurry!  We must flee!”



Manus:  “The first challenge awaits you.”

G:  “First challenge?  How many of these challenges are there?”

Manus:  “Enough for our lord, Morpheus, to make an estimation of
your worth.”

G:  “So-- if I get through this, then you’ll let me go?’”

Manus:  “By the grace of our lord, Morpheus, of course.”

G:  “Of course.  What’s this for?”

Manus:  “You want to win, don’t you?  Find your way to the other
end, Innocent.  There’ll be two men trying to stop you.  Stop
them first.”


[Gabrielle encounters two men]

X’s Voice:  “If you’re outnumbered, let them fight each other.”

G:  [Coughs, then eventually sneezes]

Manus:  “Very good, Innocent.  I had thought you would have
killed-- but you didn’t.  Rest now.  Morpheus requires a second
challenge soon.”


G:  “They’re going to sacrifice me.  They’re going to sacrifice
me not.  They’re going to sacrifice me.”

X:  “They’re not going to sacrifice you.”

G:  “Xena!”

X:  “Wait-- I don’t know if you’re real or not.”

G:  “You don’t know if _I’m_ real?  This is _my_ dream.  I’m the
only one who _is_ real.”

X:  “Tell me something about you I don’t know.”

G:  “How’s that going to prove anything?”

X:  “Morpeus can guess anything I know.  Tell me something about
you I don’t know.”

G:  “Very well.  All right.  N-- nobody but my mother knows this.
I had six toes on my right foot when I was born.  Don’t look!
It’s gone now!”

X:  “It must be you.  Yeah, it must be you.  Morpheus would have
used something vaguely familiar to me.  My Dreamscape Passage and
your dream must be overlapping.”

G:  “Nice outfit.”

X:  “Yeah.”

G:  “Are you all right?”

X:  “Listen to me, Gabrielle.  They want you to kill.  And, no
matter what, you can’t do it.”

G:  “I thought they wanted me to marry Morpheus.”

X:  “Morpheus wants you to lose your blood innocence.  Once you
do, you’ll be sacrificed as his bride.”

G:  “I-- I’ve already been through one of their challenges.  And
there were two of them.  I did what you said.  They killed each
other.  Does that count?”

X:  “If it did, you’d be on your honeymoon by now.”

G:  “OK.  Option A is out.  No killing.  So, let’s talk about
option B.  What is it?”

X:  “I need time.  Use what you know to defend yourself until I
can break through the passage into the fortress.”

G:  “What do I know that’s going to keep me alive until _you_
show up?”

X:  “What’s the matter?”

G:  “I don’t know.  I feel strange.  Xena.”

X:  “Talking!  That’s what you’re good at!  Use your mind,

G’s Voice:  “Xena.”


G:  “Xena.  Xena.  Xena.  Xena.  I don’t suppose you want my
breakfast order.”

Manus:  “Prepare yourself for the next challenge, Innocent.
This one will not be quite as easy as the first.  You shouldn’t
fear using a blade to protect yourself.  Morpheus would

G:  “I bet he would.  He seems like an understanding kind of god.
What if I just killed you right now?”

Manus:  “Is that what you wish to do?”

G:  “It was a hypothetical question.  I don’t suppose that y--
you’d want to let me sleep a little longer-- would you?  I mean--
I’d hate to show up the blushing bride with circles under my
eyes.  Just, uh, seven or eight hours?”

Manus:  “Time is not on your side, Innocent.  I know about your
friend in the Dreamscape Passage.  I have warriors looking for
her body.  She’ll be dead long before she could help you.”


Warrior:  “Look for wagon tracks.  Manus wants them dead.”


Elkton:  “This is all the N’Kama oil I have, Xena.  Morpheus,
you’re not gonna win!”


Manus:  “Save yourself, Innocent.  Morpheus wants you to

G:  “I’ll bet he does.”


G:  “I won’t be needing this.”

[Encounters three warriors]


Manus:  “Yes, Innocent.  Draw blood.”


G:  “Use what I know.  Use what I’m good at.  I”m not really good
at anything except-- talking.  Slow down!  Not all at once.  I
mean, let’s face it-- I’m going to get a bit tired.  So why don’t
we be fair about this?  Whichever one of you is the best
fighter-- I’ll take you on first.  And then the second, and
then-- well-- the easy pickings.  So, who is it?  Who’s the best?
You-- really?  Well, I would have thought-- yeah-- that would
have been my guess.”


Manus:  “Clever girl.”


G:  “I guess we know where they place you.  One of you has _got_
to be better than the other.  No!  No!  No!  No!  Ahh!  Ahh!”

Manus:  “You’re smarter than I gave you credit for, Innocent.
Somehow, you’ve learned that Morpheus demands you spill blood.
You’ve had two opportunities.  The next challenge will not have
options.  You take the life offered you, or you die.”


Gothos:  “Surprised to see me again?”

X:  “Not really-- nothing surprises me anymore.”

Termin’s Voice:  “How about me?”

X:  “Termin?”

Termin:  “Even in your weakened state, you can’t forget your
first.  And I was only the first of many, wasn’t I?  The first
notch on your hilt.  Here-- I still have the scar where you slit
my throat.”

X:  “You attacked our village.  Friends of mine-- people I grew
up with-- died under your sword.”

Termin:  “You were still an innocent then.  Like Gabrielle.
Soon, she’ll be just like you.”

Gothos:  “She’s going to taste blood.  She’ll be haunted by all
the familiar demons.  There’ll be a first kill to remember.”

Termin:  “Like me.  And a last kill to try and forget.”

Gothos:  “Like me.  Everything you have felt, she will know-- The
screams of her murdered will deafen her.”

X:  “No.”

Termin:  “And there’s nothing you can do to save her.  Your body
in the outside world dies-- and you die along with it.”

X:  “I can stop you.”

Gothos:  “With what?”

X:  “This is my dream-- my passage-- I control it.”


X:  “Hold on, Gabrielle!  I’m almost there!”

Doppel:  [Laughs]   “No, no, Xena, you can’t leave, yet.  You
haven’t passed your final test.”

X:  “Who are you?”

Doppel:  “Oh, you know me.  You know me better than any opponent
you’ve ever faced.  This might be your Dreamscape-- but you can’t
control me.  I am you.”



Doppel:  “You can’t go through that door until you have the key.
And you can’t go through life trying to deny that I’m the real
you.  We were so happy all those years.  Don’t you remember?
Putting fear into all.  Pushing aside those who stood in our way.
Taking what we wanted.  Ah, those were the days.”

X:  “That wasn’t me.  That was never who I really was.”

Doppel:  “Oh.  Well, let me ask you this.  Back then, didn’t it
feel right?  Everything we did felt right.  If felt-- good”

X:  “But it wasn’t.”

Doppel:  “Oh, how would you know?  You think this goody-goody act
of yours is going to last?  There’s no glory in being a hero--
ask around.  You’re weak without me, Xena.  But the fire is still
there.  Join me.”

X:  “All through this Dreamscape Passage, I’ve had to fight
people I’ve killed before.  And I couldn’t bring myself to kill
‘em again.  But as I face you-- I realize it can mean only one

Doppel:  “Yes-- it means what?  Tell me.”

X:  “It means I finally get to kill you.”

[Xena fights Doppel]


G’s Voice:  “Xena!  Xena!  Xena, hurry!”

Manus:  “Defend yourself, Innocent.  He’ll kill you as soon as
you come within reach.  Pick up the sword.”


Doppel:  “You can’t defeat me!  I’m stronger!  I’ve always been

X:  “You’re just a dark reminder of a disease I once had.  If you
were that strong, I would never have left you.  But I did.”

Doppel:  “Ever wonder how the rest of the world sees you?
Curious?  Watch as if you had the eyes of your victims.”

[They fight]


Warrior:  “Hold him!”

Elkton:  “You men don’t know what you’re doing!  Don’t let Manus
get away with this!”


Manus:  “Pick up the sword!”


Doppel:  “No, no, my sister.  You can’t leave.  You still haven’t
found the key.  You take for granted all your gifts and talents--
me.  Everything you are today came from me.  Every spark of noble
quality that made you a great leader-- me.  The strength that
made men tremble at your name-- it all came from me!  You

X:  “I understand.  If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t exist.
Whether I like it or not, you’re the key.  You’re the key.
There’s only one way out of this Dreamscape-- you!”


G:  “You’re the key to my nightmares.  And no matter what part of
me you think you are-- I control you.”


Warrior:  “What happened?!  Where is she?”

Elkton:  “Yeahhhhhhh!”


[Xena fight song]

Manus:  “Kill her!  Kill them both!”

G:  “Xena!  Catch!  I knew you’d come!  Well, I thought you
would.  I almost gave up on you.”

Manus:  “You have no idea what kind of enemy you’ve made.
Morpheus will not be denied.  You think he’s just going to let
you walk out of here?”

G:  “Punching’s all right?”

X:  “I’m impressed.”


Store:  “This is the last of it.”

X:  “How much do I owe you?”

Store:  “Owe me?  After taking away the fear of the Mystics?
After-- making this valley a safe place to raise a family?  Ten
per cent off everything.”

Elkton:  “You miser!  Don’t you _dare_ charge her one _single_
nugget of gold!”

Store:  “Lord Elkton.  Ah, of course not-- just kidding.”

Elkton:  “I hope so.  Unless you want nightmares for the rest of
your life.  What do you think?”

X:  “Very nice.  I take it you got your old job back.”

Elkton:  “My old job as Mystic Head Priest and my eyesight?
Tomorrow, we start the grain festival.  From now on, the only
thing we’ll sacrifice will be corn-- thanks to you.”

X:  “Glad I could help.  What did you decide to do about Manus?”

Elkton:  “Manus?  That was easy.  We decided to put him into his
own Dreamscape Passage-- and let his past demons decide his fate.
Xena-- you and your friend have saved this valley, these people,
me.  From now on-- we’ll worship the three Dream God brothers--
the way they were supposed to be-- with joy, not fear.  Speaking
of your friend--?”

X:  “She’s waiting for me.  I have to go.”

Elkton:  “If you’re ever in this area-- Well, you know where to

X:  “I do.  Thanks.”

Elkton:  “And, um-- sweet dreams.”


X:  “Ready to go?”

G:  “Xena-- I could have killed someone.  I mean-- I was capable
of it.”

X:  “We’re all capable of it.  The point is, you didn’t cross
that line.”

G:  “But I got close enough to peak over.  And what I saw scared

X:  “See how calm the surface of the water is.  That was me once.
And then-- The water ripples and churns; that’s what I became.”

G:  “But if we sit here long enough it will go back to being
still again.  It will go back to being calm.”

X:  “But the stone’s still under there.  It’s now part of the
lake.  It might look as it did before, but it’s forever changed.
Come on-- let’s go.”

G:  “For your first stab at wisdom, you did all right.”

X:  “I was just saying that for your benefit.  You didn’t think I
meant it, did you?”

G:  “Huh!  Not me-- I wasn’t fooled.”

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