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“Prometheus”  Episode 08/108


Thug:  “Come on!  This way!”


Thug:  “I killed Xena, Warrior Princess!”


X:  “I can still save your worthless hide, if you just hold
still.  Gabrielle?!”

G:  “All right!”

X:  “Gabrielle!”

G:  “I was in the middle of _the_ best-- I missed something.”

X:  “Get me that small knife out of my saddle bag.  Your
windpipe’s been severed.  I’ll have to cut you a new breathing

G:  “Who are these guys?”

X:  “I’m guessing bounty hunters.”

G:  “Are you all right?”

X:  “Fine.  Our melon didn’t do so well.  Hold still.
Gabrielle, bandage the wound.  You’ll be able to breathe out of
that hole until your windpipe heals-- or until somebody hangs

G:  “Do you realize that you just saved the life of a man who
was going to kill you?  See, you are a good person, Xena.”

X:  “Thanks.”


Innkeeper [Inn]:  “The gods are really mixing it up tonight.
You’d think I was running a hospital with this kid and your

X:  “He’s not my friend.  In fact, he tried to kill me.”


X:  “I lost him.”

G:  “You did what you could.”

X:  “This doesn’t make sense-- I’ve used this technique before.
It’s never failed.”

G:  “Xena, what’s happening?”  

X:  “He’s dead.”

Inn:  “Two people die in my inn in one night.  Talk about bad


[Prometheus screams]


G:  “What _was_ that?”

X:  “The screams of Prometheus.  This is no coincidence.”

Inn:  “What are you talking about?”

X:  “Prometheus has been captured by the gods.”

G:  “The bards say, that, if Prometheus is ever bound, then
Mankind starts to lose the gifts he gave us.”

Inn:  “Like fire?”

X:  “And the ability to heal ourselves.”



G:  “How do you know you’re supposed to visit this particular
oracle if Prometheus is captured?”

X:  “I just know.”

G:  “Hey, you’re plenty mysterious enough, without having to
work at it.  Are you going to give me a straight answer?”

X:  “A friend told me.”  

G:  “A friend-- who?”

X:  “Just a friend.  There it is.  If I’m not back by nightfall,
I want you to leave this place.”

G:  “I take it, this isn’t going to be your typical,
run-of-the-mill trip to an oracle.”


Oracle:  “What will you give?”

X:  “What?”

Oracle:  “A lock of hair, a fingernail, a finger?”  

X:  “I don’t understand.”

Oracle:  “You want to free Prometheus, don’t you?”

X:  “Yes.”

Oracle:  “Then, what _will_ you give?”

X:  “My life, if I have to.”

Oracle:  “We’ll see.  You better hurry.”

X:  “What am I supposed to do?”

Oracle:  “Get the tablet; it holds the key.  Try to interfere
with the flame, and you’ll never free Prometheus.  The chain--
Do you have the strength to pull it down?  Not much time.  You
were willing to lose a hand-- Very impressive.  Don’t worry
about the tablet; it said nothing.”

X:  “I didn’t come here to play games.”

Oracle:  “Well, that was no game.  It was a test to see how much
you were willing to sacrifice.  You passed.”

X:  “Tell me what I came to hear.”

Oracle:  “If you want to free Prometheus, you must go to Vulcan
Mountain, and enter the cave of Hephaestus.  There, you will
find a sword.  It’s the only tool that can break the chains that
bind Prometheus.”

X:  “Then I’ll get it.”

Oracle:  “Warriors loyal to the temple of Hera will try to stop
you from freeing Prometheus.  Don’t take them lightly.  They’re
fierce fighters and they’re not afraid to die.”

X:  “Neither am I.”

Oracle:  “Before you go, I must tell you one more thing about
that sword.”


G:  “You made it.”

X:  “You had faith, didn’t you?”

G:  “Well, of course.  Never a doubt.  You always come through.”

X:  “Gabrielle, what if, one day, I don’t come through?”

G:  “That’s not gonna happen.”

X:  “But if it does, what would you do?”

G:  “I, I’d become a travelling bard.”

X:  “You’d be good at that.  Shouldn’t you have some schooling

G:  “That would be great”

X:  “Where’s the best place to study that kind of thing?”

G:  “Athens, at the academy.  Why are we talking about this?
It’s, it’s depressing.  Nothing’s gonna happen to you.”

X:  “You’re probably right.”


X:  “Xena, look!  How cute!”

Falafel:  “Ah!  Headed for Vulcan Mountain, are we?  Come in
come in, you’ll want a memento of your visit.”

G:  “Well, we’re kind of in a hurry, but--”

Falafel:  “I have just what you’re looking for.  This work of
art was sculpted by one of Athens’ finest craftsmen, and we’re
talking only five dinars.”

G:  “This looks like Mount Olympus.”

Falafel:  “It’s a remarkable resemblance between the two peaks.”

G:  “Not really.”

Falafel:  “Oh, sure there is.  Not from this angle, of couse.
You have to look at it from the other side.  No, this is no good
for a smart girl like you, anyway.  How about a nice box of lava
rocks, hmm?”

X:  “How far is the cave of Hephaestus?”

Falafel:  “You don’t want to go there.  It’s a dangerous place.
I sell you a replica.  Save you the trouble.  This is so
lifelike, it gives _me_ the chills.”

X:  “How far is it?”

Falafel:  “You know, I have a very attractive map of the area,
suitable for framing.”

X:  “I’m not going to ask you again.”

Falafel:  “Not far at all; it’s on the north side of the
mountain; you, you just bear to the right.”

X:  “Wait here.”

Falafel:  “Would you be interested in a scroll signed by the
great god Hephaestus, himself, hmm?”


Pro:  “Hera, this won’t work.  You’ll never break the spirit of

Hera:  “Yes I will.  As they lose your gifts, they’ll lose

Pro:  “One of them will set me free.”

Hera:  “I’ve taken precautions to ensure that won’t happen.”


X:  “The bigger they are-- Do you want the same as your friend?”


X:  “Hercules?”

Hercules [Herc]:  “Give me the sword, Xena.”



[They fight]

Herc:  “I can’t let you do this!”

X:  “You don’t have a choice.”

Herc:  “Xena, I’m not gonna fight.  With Prometheus captured, a
scratch could kill you.”

X:  “Just you worry about yourself!”


G:  “This one actually says ‘Mt. Olympus’ on the bottom.”

Fal:  “Oh, you’re right.  I’ve obviously been ripped off.
Damned, unscrupulous artisans.  Look at this-- a piece of the
shell Aphrodite came ashore on.”

Iolaus [I]:  “Hello.”

Falafel:  “Hello.  You’re the one interested in the Aphrodite
shell, right?  Better snap it up quick before he gets it-- five

I:  “I’m afraid you have me confused with someone else.  I wanna
know if you’ve seen a friend of mine.  He’s-- uh-- tall, broad
shoulders, big arms, very handsome--”

Falafel:  “Hercules-- I haven’t seen him, but I have the cradle
he was nursed in.”

G:  “Why are you looking for Hercules?”

I:  “I-- have something he needs.”

G:  “So you know him?”

I:  “Yeah.”

G:  “How well?”

I:  “Well, he’s my best friend.”

G:  “Really, hmm?”

I:  “Yeah.”

G:  “Hmm.  Would you mind if I asked you a personal question?”

I:  “I suppose not.”

G:  “What’s it like to be friends with someone like Hercules?
Do you find it a little intimidating?  Do you know what I mean?”

I:  “Well, I’m not sure.”

G:  “Well, isn’t it hard to just stand around while he’s doing
all these heroic labors?”

I:  “Well, I don’t just stand around.  I’m right there with him,
fighting by his side.”

G:  “Maybe I’ll try that.  You see, I have a friend who’s a
little bit on the intimidating side.”

I:  “Who might that be?”

G:  “Her-- Xena, guess who he knows?”

X:  “Hercules?”

G:  “You’re so good.”

I:  “Hello, Xena.”  

X:  “Iolaus.”

Falafel:  “Is anyone going to buy anything?”

G:  “You know him?”

X:  “We have a history.  Come on, we’re in a hurry-- let’s go.”

I:  “Xena--”

X:  “Don’t you take another step.”

G:  “What are you doing?  He’s with Hercules.”

X:  “That’s exactly why I don’t want him at our back.”

Falafel:  “I’ve got a Dionysian love potion could really mellow
out a pretty lady like that-- ten dinars.”


Pro:  “Hera, why are you doing this?”

Hera:  “Prometheus, you waste your affections on mankind.  There
are other creatures much more worthy of respect-- observe.”


Woman:  “Hercules?  Yesterday, my brother cut his hand on a
knife; and now he’s very ill.  Please, do something.”

Herc:  “I’m gonna do everything I can.  I promise.”

I:  “You know, I don’t understand.  What would Xena want with
that sword?”

Herc:  “She plans to free Prometheus with it.”

I:  “So, why don’t you two work together?”

Herc:  “’Cause she knows I won’t let her strike the blow that
breaks the chains.”

I:  “Wait a minute.  People are dying of scratches, and, you two
are concerned about who gets the credit?”

Herc:  “That’s _not_ what this is about.”

I:  “Well, it sure sounds like it.  Hercules, I thought you
cared about her.”

Herc:  “I do care about her.”

I:  “Then let her strike the blow.”

Herc:  “Iolaus, I can’t.  Just-- trust me.”


G:  “So do you think that Iolaus is still in love with you?”

X:  “His love turned to hate for a while.  I’m not sure how he
feels about me, now.”

G:  “What about Hercules, hmm?”

X:  “What about him?”

G:  “You’re not much for girl-talk, are you?  Of course, you’re
not like most girls.”

X:  “Get back.”


Herc:  “Hi-- that’s a nice sword.”

[More Fighting]

X:  “You all right?”

Herc:  “Fine-- I-- blocked it with my gauntlet.”

I:  “Now I understand.”

G:  “Give me a hint.”

I:  “Hercules’ gauntlets are forged by Hephaestus.  So are the
chains that bind Prometheus.”

G:  “So if Prometheus’ chains are struck by that sword--”

I:  “The swordhandler turns to ashes.”

G:  “So it’s a suicide mission.”

Herc:  “I’ll strike the blow.”

X:  “I won’t let you do that, Hercules.”

G:  “You two have got to work together.”

Herc:  “Your friend is right.  Hera will put plenty of obstacles
in our way.  We made a pretty good team once.”

X:  “Yeah, we did.  All right, we work together.  But it’s still
not decided who’ll use the sword to break the chains.”

Herc:  “It is, as far as I’m concerned.”

X:  “We’ll see.”

G:  “Hercules, we haven’t been properly introduced.  My name is

Herc:  “Oh, well, it’s nice meeting you, Gabrielle.”

G:  “Um, if I’m not too obsessive, can I ask you a few questions
about your labors?”

Herc:  “Well, you know, actually, Iolaus is the one to ask.  You
see, he knows all the facts.  And he-- loves to hear himself

G:  “Would you mind?”

I:  “No, not at all. Ah, why don’t you go ahead, and I’ll, uh,
catch up later.”

G:  “All right.”



Herc:  “I’ve been hearing a lot about you.”

X:  “Don’t believe everything you hear.”

Herc:  “From what I heard, I want to believe.  You’ve been
helping people.”

X:  “Someone taught me it’s the only reason to be on this

Herc:  “Now, who would that be?”

X:  “Some legendary hero-- I forget his name.  Do you think we
should cut through that pass over there?”

Herc:  “Nice try.”

X:  “It should be me.”

Herc:  “Why?”

X:  “’Cause the world needs Hercules.”

Herc:  “It needs Xena, too.”

X:  “Come on,  people would hardly miss me.  But you, you give
hope to so many.”

Herc:  “You underestimate yourself.”

X:  “You’re not using your head.”

Herc:  “Well, sometimes in life, you go with your heart, not
your head.”

X:  “What does that mean?”

Herc:  “That means, I can’t let you die, if I can do anything to
stop it.”


X:  “Come on, you two.”


G:  “Hey Xena, I thought we were going _up_ the mountain.”


Herc:  “These caves and tunnels work their way up to the top.”

X:  “We better hurry.”

G:  “How did you find out about these caves, Hercules?”

Herc:  “I came here a long time ago with my father.”

G:  “Your father, Zeus-- the king of the gods, the maker of all

Herc:  “Yeah.”

G:  “Huh-- He’s about as talkative as you are.”

X:  “Yep.”

G:  “Actually, you know, I feel much more comfortable around a
normal guy like you-- I meant that as a compliment.”

I:  “Thanks-- I’ll take it that way.”

G:  “Are you sure you’re all right?”

I:  “Yeah, fine-- no.”

G:  “Iolaus.”

I:  “It’s all right-- it’s just a small wound.”

G:  “We’ve lost the ability to heal ourselves.  Even a small
wound could kill you.”

I:  “I’m fine.”

G:  “I’ll get Xena and Hercules.”

I:  “Gabrielle, wait.  They can’t do anything until Prometheus
is free.”

G:  “Well, then you should rest here.”

I:  “I can’t-- not when the whole world’s at stake.  I wanna
help-- Please, Gabrielle.”

X:  “Are you two coming?”

G:  “Yeah-- Yeah, we’ll be right behind you.”


X:  “Run!  Run!  Look out, Gabrielle!”

I:  “Just like old times, huh?”

Herc:  “If you mean, I’m doing all the work again, you’re

X:  “Come on, you two!”

X:  “Are you all right?”

I:  “Never better.”

G:  “I’m sorry-- Iolaus was wounded back in the barn.”

X:  “Why didn’t you tell us?”

Herc:  “Because, he’s brave of heart, and hard of head.”

X:  “You’ll have to wait here.”

I:  “No.”

X:  “If you stand any chance of making it till Prometheus is
released, it’ll be because you’ve rested.” 

Herc:  “She’s right.”

I:  “I can make it!  Oh!  Hah!”

G:  “I’ll stay with him.”

I:  “Ah!  Here.”

G:  “Xena.”

X:  “Hey.”

G:  “Be careful.”

I:  “Hercules, goodbye.”

Herc:  “What do you mean, ‘Goodbye.’?”

G:  “Don’t strike the blow.”

X:  “Be brave.”

Herc:  “You’ll be fine-- you’re too ornery to die.”

I:  “Yeah, but even if I do make it--”

G:  “Let’s go somewhere safe.”


X:  “Hercules?”

Herc:  “Yeah.”

X:  “There’s something I’ve been wanting to say to you for a
long time.  You changed my life.  You taught me how to live.
I’ll never forget you for that.  Thanks.”

Herc:  “Well, there’s something I have to tell you, too.  When
my wife died, I never thought I’d meet anyone who made me feel
the way she did.  But then I met you.”

X:  “Oh, come on.”

Herc:  “No, I mean it.  Why do you think I told you what oracle
to go see if Prometheus was ever captured?  Because, I knew I
could trust you with that secret.”

X:  “Well, I guess we’re lucky to have found one another.”

Herc:  “Yeah, we are-- You never give up, do you?”

X:  “Nope.”

Herc:  “Good, neither do I.”


I:  “Gabrielle.”

G:  “Yes?”

I:  “If you see Xena again, will you tell her something for me?”

G:  “You can tell her.”

I:  “Yeah, just in case.”

G:  “All right.”

I:  “Tell here, there are no hard feelings-- I’m, I’m proud to
have known her.”

G:  “She’s really special, isn’t she?  Sometimes, I wonder what
she sees in me.”

I:  “I see it-- You have a pure heart.  That is-- wonderful-- to
be around.”

G:  “Shhh!  Be quiet.”


Herc:  “It has to be here someplace.  Uh-oh.”

X:  “The gift of fire-- It’s gone.”


X:  “Look.”

Herc:  “This is it.  You ready?”

X:  “Mm-hmm.”

Herc:  “All right.  I’ll go first.”

X:  “Gabrielle wants to go to an academy for bards in Athens.
Make sure she gets there.”



G:  “You’re going to make it, Iolaus; I know you will.”

I:  “Yeah, sure.”

G:  “Let me tell you another story.”  

I:  “Yeah.”

G:  “Once, a long, long time ago, all people had four legs and
two heads.  And then the gods threw down thunderbolts, and split
everyone into two.  Each half then had two legs and one head.
But the separation left both sides with a desperate yearning to
be reunited.  Because they each shared the same soul.  And ever
since then, all people spend their lives searching for the other
half of their soul.  Iolaus, Iolaus.”


Herc:  “Xena!  Hey!”

X:  “I’ll free Prometheus!”


X:  “Hercules!  The sword!  Ahhhh!  Hercules!

Herc:  “Nice of you to drop in.”

X:  “Hah!  He’s free.”


I:  “You know, that wound can’t take much more attention.”

G:  “You’re right.  It’ll be fine.”

I:  “Yeah.”

G:  “Iolaus, when you were kind of delirious back there towards
the end, did you hear a story I told you?”

I:  No, uh, I was out.”

G:  “Oh.  Well-- it was nice getting to know you.”

I:  “It was more than nice.”

G:  “Hmm.  Hmm.”

Herc:  “Goodbyes are never easy.  We do make a good team.”

X:  “No argument.”

Herc:  “Just be safe.”

X:  “You’ve taught me what to look for in life, Hercules.  Thank
you.  Till we meet again.”


I:  “Hercules?”

Herc:  “Yeah?”

I:  “Do you believe that everyone has someone out there that
shares a part of their soul?”

Herc:  “I know it.”

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