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“Royal Couple of Thieves”  Episode 17/117


Woman:  “Hail the jewel.”

Autolycus [Auto]:  “Yodle-ay-HEE-Who!  [Laughs]  Well, hello
handsome.  Now, I know what you want; but I’m afraid a broken
heart is all I can give you at the moment.  Hey!”

X:  “We need to talk.”

Auto:  “Talk is cheap-- I have an expensive ear.”

Crowd:  “Who’s there?!”  [Etc]


Auto:  “You are a very persistent woman.  But this is mine.  I
stole it-- I have uses for it.”

X:  “Now, what would I want with a melted chunk of rock sugar?”

G:  “Sure looked like a diamond, didn’t it?”

Auto:  “Well, I applaud your attempt; but it’s not quite that
easy to catch-- the King of Thieves.  Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-- Oh!
This is not good-- B-b-b-b-b-b!  Not easy to catch, but-- not
impossible.  Xena, right.”

X:  “On your feet.”

Auto:  “No, this is fine.  I hope you have a very good reason
for this.”

X:  “I want you to steal the most valuable object in the world.”

Auto:  “Well-- things are looking up.”



Auto:  “Tying my hands is really unnecessary.  I said I would
listen to your proposition.”

X:  “And it’s not like you would lie to us now, is it?”

Auto:  “I haven’t yet.  Didn’t Hercules tell you I was an
honorable man?  Well, at least cover my hands.  It’s
embarrassing!  for Zeus’s sake.  Thank you.”

X:  “Do you know Malthus?”

Auto:  “Malthus, the warlord, I’m assuming.  Yes, his island is
just off the coast.  I don’t steal from him, by the way.”

G:  “Hmm-- he’s afraid.”

Auto:  “No-- we have an arrangement-- I don’t steal from him,
and he doesn’t gouge my eyes out with hot pokers.  It’s-- worked
out very well so far.  [Laughs]  Oh!  How clumsy of me!”

G:  “Uh-- Uh.”

X:  “Malthus has stolen a valuable chest.  He plans to auction
it off this week.”

G:  “Hmm.”

Auto:  “Hmm, what makes this chest so valuable?”

G:  “Oh, it’s covered with jewels and gold-leaf.”

X:  “It contains the most powerful weapon this world has ever

Auto:  “Ah, what kind of weapon?”

X:  “I don’t know-- I just know it exists.  So does Malthus.
The people coming to bid are the most ruthless villains alive.
I want that chest.”

Auto:  “Ha-ha-ha.  You don’t exactly strike me as the--
mercenary type.”

X:  “That chest is very important to some friends of mine.  I
promised to return it to them.  Will you help?”

Auto:  “No.  Not because I wouldn’t want to do your bidding--
that’s another subject-- but as I explained before, Malthus and
I have an arrangement.  Well, the dagger was a nice touch, but
it took me about oh, all of four seconds to get around it.

G:  [Laughs]

Auto:  “That, however, was very good.  Oh, for the love of

G:  “A really good thief would jump at the chance to steal from

X:  “Well, only if he deserved the reputation as the greatest
thief that ever lived.”

G:  “I thought Hercules said it was this guy.”

X:  “Apparently, he was wrong.  I heard that Malacious of
Amphese is good and available.”

Auto:  “Ah, hah, hah,hah-- you’re trying to use my ego against

G:  “I didn’t think it would work.”

Auto:  “No, it worked-- I’ll do it.  Not for money, though I’ll
take a reward-- But mainly because I am-- The King of Thieves.”


Man:  “You will certainly have the gratitude of my people.”

Auto:  “Your gratitude is all any man could ever want-- However,
this particular man has financial needs.”

G:  “Is money the only thing in your life?”

Auto:  “I believe it is-- Now we were talking about a reward.”

X:  “2000 now; 2000 later.”

Auto [Aside]:  “Obviously, no expense has been spared.”

X [Aside]:  “It’s all they have.”

Auto:  “This thing means a lot to you?”

Man:  “It’s hard to explain.  Have you-- ever known anything
that defines-- what you are as-- a person and a people?  It may
be just metal or-- jewels and stone-- to others.  But, to us,
it’s who we are.”

Auto:  “You’ve hired the best.  You’ll get it back.”


X:  “Sinteres is rich and he’s feared.  He hires himself out as
the ultimate assassin.”

G:  “If anybody can afford this auction, he can.”

X:  “That’s why you’re going as him.”

Auto:  “Reputation and wealth, well that’s good cover.  And
where is our friend at the moment?”

X:  “Wrapped in an overthrow of Hytillus; we should be done
before he gets back.”

G:  “Sinteres dresses very well.  Oh, I like this ring.”

Auto:  “That’s mine.  I got it from a beautiful princess.”

G:  “Was it a gift?”

Auto:  “You’re so young.  So, tell me more about this-- uh--

G:  “Well, I’ve only heard a few stories, but he’s known as the
Warrior Philosopher.  Everything he says sounds philosophical.”

Auto:  “Hmm.”

G:  “He always chews on toothpicks.”

Auto:  “Toothpicks?”

G:  “He’s deadly-- he once killed a man with only a rose petal.”

Auto:  “Hmm, interesting-- toothpicks.”

X:  “I’m going along as your assistant.  Sinteres isn’t known to
have one, but I don’t think anyone’ll ask questions.”

Auto:  “Well, let’s hope he’s at least as debonair and charming
as I am, or no one will be fooled.”

G:  “This guy’s incredible.  I mean-- yes, he’s good-looking,
but give me a break.”

X:  “Look, we should be done in three or four days-- and then we
won’t see him any more.”

Auto:  “Ah, Xena, ha-ha-ha-ha!  I think I’ve found your
disguise-- the assistant to Sinteres would wear no less.”

G:  “Any less and there wouldn’t be.”

X:  “Stick to the philosophy and not the fantasy.”

Auto:  “Hmm.”


Auto:  “I must tell you-- I’m not very fond of water.  You sure
this leaky tub is the right one?”

X [as Cherish/aka X/Ch]:  “Yes, I’m sure, Lord Sinteres.

“Lord Sinteres?”  “Mmm.”  “Sinteres?”

Arkel:  “The journey to the island will take all night.  My
master, Malthus, has provided food for the journey.  We leave

Prognese:  “Tell us about the weapon.”

Arkel:  “Malthus will answer your questions; I will answer

Magmar:  “I’m Magmar of the Gauls.  And I want you should know--
I don’t fear you.”

Auto as Sinteres [aka A/S]:  “Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-
Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-- Boo!”

X/Ch:  “You must excuse my lord.  It’s been a long journey, and
we’re very tired.  The fact that he plays with you is a good
thing.  It means he likes you.”

Magmar:  “Strange humor.  Magmar can tell a joke from a

A/S:  “And a challenge with humor brings-- mirth without blood.
Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha--  Allow me to introduce my assist-- uh,
concubine-- Cherish.  She’s just a little nervous, you see,
because, she’s never been on a ship before.  So, I bought her
some new clothes.  Why don’t you go below decks and slip into
this?  You’ll feel much better.  Isn’t she something?”

A/S:  “Of course, the trick in killing someone with an apricot--
is really in the wrist.  The drawback is it kills instantly, so
there’s no time to gather information.  So for situations like
that, well, I use a muffin.”

Prognese:  “Is that what you used to kill Neolos?”

A/S:  “Neolos-- uh-- well I-- I’ve killed so many, so many ways,
uh-- apricots, muffins, those-- little things that keep your
shirt together instead of buttons.  I can’t recall.  But know
this-- that bastard Neolos died a death that was long and

Prognese:  “He was my brother.”

A/S:  “Yes, well, of course, I must be thinking of the other

Prognese:  “Perhaps, you were.”

A/S:  “Well-- very nice-- like the gentle dew of the morning
breath-- clinging lightly to your heaving--”

X/Ch:  “Might I have a word with you alone, Lord Sinteres?
[Aside]  What do you think you’re doing?  ‘Concubine?’”

Auto [Aside]:  Oh, come on-- Do you really think those people
would believe that someone like Sinteres would have someone like
you without-- having someone like you?”

X [Aside]:  “Just you watch it.”

Auto [Aside]:  “You know, that really is a good look on you.”

X [Aside]:  “Don’t start with me, now.”

Prog:  “Sinteres-- this is for Neolos.”

X:  “Hold on!”



Prognese:  “No one kills a member of my family-- without paying
a price.”

A/S:  “You should raise your prices.  Now, my problem is a
vexing one-- kill you, and ruin a beautiful, starry night-- or
just injure you to prove a point.”

Prognese:  “You’re still more myth than man-- and I’m the one to
prove it.”

Man:  “What happened?”

A/S:  “Ha!”

Man:  “Don’t look at me.”

A/S:  “Well-- that worked up an appetite.  And hunger is the
gods’ way of saying-- ‘Eat’!”


A/S:  “And I said-- no need to worry.  It was a stuffed chief of
the guards!”

Magmar:  “Where’s your woman?  Did she drown?”

A/S:  “No, no, she didn’t drown.  She should be here
momentarily.  She’s newly-conquered territory.  You know how it

Magmar:  “Virgin grounds of rubbish!”


A/S:  “Yes, you see, a-- a woman’s chastity is like a new hat--
A beautiful thing that’s-- going to kill me.  Ah, what took you
so long my dear, uh-- finishing up my laundry?”

X/Ch:  “Yes-- you left something hanging on the line.”

A/S:  “Ah-- yes.  Well, I knew you could take care of it.  Come,
sit, and grab those grapes while you’re at it.  A little
something sweet for after dinner, ay?”

X/Ch:  “So-- Lord Sinteres, what have we learned about this

A/S:  “Does it really matter?  How about some grapes?”


Arkel:  “Malthus will be greeting his visitors in one turn of
the sand-glass.  If you should need anything-- knock on the door
and ask the guard for me.”

X:  “Arkel doesn’t want us wandering around his master’s

Auto:  “Ah.  Nice.  Comfy-- Well, Malthus certainly is the

X:  “We’re not here to enjoy ourselves.  Any ideas how you’re
gonna get that chest?”

Auto:  “What makes you think Malthus is just gonna let everyone
go once it’s missing?”

X:  “Magmar told me that his former boss has got a big ego--
almost as big as yours.”

Auto:  “Nothing-- is as big as mine.”

X:  “Once he discovers it’s missing-- Malthus will call off the
auction, without explanation, and send us all home.”

Auto:  “Ah-- I like it.  But you started by saying, ‘Once we
have the chest.’”

X:  “That’s your department.  We need to talk to Malthus and
find out as much as we can.”

Auto:  “Well-- we still have plenty of time before the banquet.
Ah!  Only one bed.”

X:  “Don’t even think about it.”

Auto:  “Ah-hah, well far from it!  Tell you what-- I’ll flip you
for it.  Tails-- oooh!  Hey!  Ooh!”

X:  “Heads it is.”


Malthus:  “Power-- to rule the world.  What’s it worth?  How
much will you pay?”

A/S:  “Ah, Lord Malthus-- if this weapon is so powerful, then
why are you selling it?”

Malthus:  “I don’t fear it-- I know its secret.  So don’t even
think about buying it to use against me.  Now-- let’s look at
why we’re here.  Please don’t-- invisible threads-- made from
human hair and spider silk.  If one is broken, it sets off an

Auto [Aside]:  “Invisible, right.”

Malthus:  “Counterweight balance-- even the slightest change,
lighter or heaver [Laughs]--.  No one-- gets near this chest--
without me knowing about it-- assuming they’re able to gain
entrance to this room.  The weapon-- will be demonstrated
tomorrow at noon.  In the meantime, enjoy my hospitality.”

X [Aside]:  “Let’s get to work.  I got you here, now what?”

Auto [Aside]:  “Now, I need a distraction for my work.”

A/S:  “Lord Malthus, your hospitality is graciously accepted.
But, please accept a gift of my own.  For the entertainment of
all-- my very own Cherish and her dance of the-- three veils.
[Aside]  Keep them interested, and make me proud.”

X [Aside]:  “You’ve got two veils!”

Man’s Voice:  “Let’s see her dance, then.”

[Dance of the three veils]

A/S:  “Ah!  I lost count.  Where are we?”

Malthus:  “Two-- amazing.  What did you pay for her?”

A/S:  “Well, I’ll let you set the price.  She might just be that
added incentive to my bid on the chest, ay?  [Laughs]  They want
to see more, Cherish.  Ah, that’ll be enough for now, Cherish--
thank you.  Ah-hah, if she has interest as a bargaining chip, I
guess there shoud remain some-- mystery.  What?”


[Malthus laughs]

A/S:  “My goodness.  She’s got spunk.”


X:  “It’s all set.  Before anyone notices it’s missing, the
chest will be tied to the anchor.  And now for the hard part.”

Auto:  “Hard for you; easy, run-of-the-mill for me.  There are
four alarm bells connected to those ropes.  Once I secure the
bells, move swiftly and stay low.”

X:  “What about the spider-silk threads?”

Auto:  “Invisible threads?  That’s the oldest trick in the book.
Xena, there are no threads-- trust me.”

X:  “Seems a little crowded in there.”

Auto:  “Ohh.”

X:  “‘No threads?!  Trust you?!’”



A/S:  “What is all this about, Arkel?  You know, I’ve got a few
complaints for Malthus about you.”

Arkel:  “Malthus is dead.”

A/S:  “Well, you’re off the hook this time.”

Arkel:  “Somebody in this room killed him and stole the chest.”

Prognese:  “Take care who you insult.  Malthus was a fool.  He
didn’t fear the truth, but he turned his back on an assassin.”

A/S:  “Then, the auction’s off, I guess.  Well, what a shame.
We’ll just have to pack our bags.  What time is the boat

Arkel:  “The boat has already left.  And it’s gonna stay away
until I have either the chest-- or the murderer.”

Auto [Aside]:  “I-- am out of here.”


X:  “What do you mean, you’re out of here?”

Auto:  “Malthus’ ego was important to our plan.  Now he’s dead.
So is his ego.  So is our plan.  Now any good thief knows when
to back off and pick another pocket.”

X:  “I can’t give up.  This chest is too important to my

Auto:  “Some advice from me to you-- find less demanding

X:  “There was a time, when I was young, I was wounded in
battle-- and those people found me.  They dressed my wounds and
fed me, though they had nothing to spare.  And then, when the
enemy came to find me, one of them died protecting me.  However,
I can’t expect that you would understand that.”

Auto:  “Understand?  What, just because I’m a thief, no matter
how or why?”

X:  “Well, I just figured you learned it from your father.”

Auto:  “My father-- well, that would be an interesting subject,
except that he was killed before I was born.  My mother died
when I was eight, so, it was just my older brother to take care
of me-- like those people took care of you.  And, when he was
killed, you-- do what you can to survive.  If we find out who
killed Malthus, we’ll find that chest.”

X:  “Well, let’s get on with it then, shall we?”

Auto:  “Ah, yes, but first, I must get some sleep-- and _I_ get
the bed this time, thank you.”

X:  “The chest!”

X/Ch:  “Who is it?”

Sold’s Voice:  “Arkel sent me to search the room.”

Auto:  “Multi-million dinar castle and no closets.”

Sold’s Voice:  “Come on!  Open up!”

X/Ch:  “One minute!”

Sold’s Voice:  “What’s going on in there?”

Auto:  “I’ve never been dead before. This should be interestng.”

Sold’s Voice:  “Open up!”

X/Ch:  “I told you to wait.  Please don’t be angry with them,
Lord Sinteres.”

A/S:  “What?  Ah, yes, yes, I’m enraged.  Why, if there was ever
a moment where I was more enraged, I-- I haven’t found it yet.
Cherish, my toothpicks.”

X/Ch:  “You‘d better go and hurry.”

Sold:  “This looks secure-- my apologies.”

Auto:  “They might come back at any moment.  Maybe we should
continue.  Ooh!”

X:  “’Don’t fear the truth, face it; for, to turn away from
truth is death.’  That’s strange-- What did Malthus say about
not fearing the weapon?”

Auto:  “Oh, who cares?  We have the chest.  But, how’re we gonna
get the boat back?”

X:  “We put the chest back where it came from.”

Auto:  “Sure-- we put the--”

X:  “The trick is, getting this lowered into place.”

Auto:  “Out of curiosity-- why not just dump this thing in the

X:  “Because, whoever did it-- thinks they got the upper hand on
us.  And putting it right back where he got it might make him
think twice.  And, besides, this is the only place the guards
aren’t searching.”

Auto:  “Ah-hah-- good point.  Ah-- you know, Xena, it’s funny,
um-- Hercules never mentioned you.”

X:  “Oh, I didn’t know you were a confidant of his.”

Auto:  “Oh, sure, Herc and I are close, yeah-- well, f-fairly
close.  We, uh-- we have a-- mutual respect.  Actually, I kind
of like the big guy.”

X:  “Me too.”

Auto:  “Oh?  You and he-- didn’t, um-- ”

X:  “Mind your own business, Autolycus.”

Auto:  “I didn’t think so.”

X:  “All right, we’re secure.  What’s next?”

Auto:  “Ah, well, I have to think in reverse, here.  I lower
myself down there-- then you swing the chest out when I give the
word, ay?  A kiss before I-- oooh!  Yodle-ay-HE-- ”  

Arkel’s Voice:  “You idiot!”

X:  “Keep lowering!”

Auto:  “Easy for you-- ”


Arkel:  “What are you doing here?”

X/Ch:  “I’m here because-- a man was killed in this very room,
and-- the thought of it makes my blood boil.”

Arkel:  “I should expect no less from a concubine of Sinteres.”

X/Ch:  “I’m also here because I knew you’d come eventually.
You’ve seen a lot of danger in your life, I’ll bet.”

Arkel:  “A fair share-- and some.  Won’t Sinteres be missing

X/Ch:  “I left him passed out in our chambers.  All his energy
goes into fighting.”

Auto:  “Ahh!”

X/Ch:  “He’s not much of a lover.  How are you at walks in the

Arkel:  “Are you sure Sinteres is asleep?”

X/Ch:  “Positive.  By the gods, you’re an animal!  I like that!”

A/S:  “Cherish-- ”

X/Ch:  “My Lord!”

A/S:  “Ah, there you are.”

X/Ch:  “Arkel and I were just-- talking.”

A/S:  “Mmm, yes, well, it’s a good thing because, uh-- I’ve
killed men for less.  Come on, Cherish.”


Magmar:  “Did you hear?  The chest has been returned.  After
breakfast, Arkel is gonna demonstrate this thing.  And then we
can get into it.”

Prognese:  “They should’ve found Malthus’ killer.  Who’s to say
who’s next?”

Arkel:  “Attention!  Please.  As you all know, the chest has
been recovered.  There will be a demonstration of its deadly
power this morning.  Some local fishermen will be wiped-- from
the face of the earth.  But, first-- I want to introduce you to

Sinteres:  “Stop!”

G:  “Ahh!”

Sinteres:  “Damned are those who dare resist-- a little more
pressure, and she’s dead.  I am Sinteres-- the _real_ Sinteres.”



G:  “Xena, I’m sorry.  I had to do something.”

X:  “It’s all right-- I was getting tired of this game, anyway.
Sinteres, I’ve been looking forward to this.”

Sinteres:  “The Warrior Princess-- we finally meet.  You
understand about pressure points.  And who’s your colorful

Auto:  “I am Autolycus, the King-- of Thieves.”

Prognese:  “Imposter!  Allow me the honor of killing them both--
to avenge the murder of Malthus.”

X:  “A murder which you committed yourself.”

Prognese:  “That’s insane!”

X:  “When we heard that Malthus was dead, you said something
about him not fearing the truth.  That was a quote from the
writing on the chest.  How could you have known it if you hadn’t
stolen it?”

Arkel:  “You’re a dead man, Prognese!”

Sinteres:  “No, Arkel-- allow me.  I need to stretch a little
bit after the journey.  Hold a dagger on this young one.
Otherwise, Xena might feel bold.  Death has a thousand doors to
let out life.  And, Prognese-- I’ve saved one just for you.”

Prognese:  “I’ll kill you!”

Sinteres:  “Painful, isn’t it?  Excrutiating pain.  And as you
feel the blood drain from your lifeless heart-- I explode your

Prognese:  “Ahhhhhhhhhh!”

Sinteres:  “You can kill her now.”

G:  “Ah.”

X:  “Come on, let’s go.  Follow me!”

Arkel:  “Quick!  Get some more men!  Find the three of them and
bring me their heads!”

Sold:  “Yes, sir!”

Arkel:  “We have a demonstration to attend to.”

Sinteres:  “You’re a fool to let her go.”

Arkel:  “It is my decision to make, Lord Sinteres.  My men will
take care of them.  Right now-- I want to test this marvelous


Auto:  “Ah, just out of curiosity-- why did we run?  I mean--
not that I disagree, but it doesn’t seem to be your style.”

X:  “We came to get the chest-- that hasn’t changed.  How’s your

G:  “Have you ever had a headache that was so painful, you
wanted to be dead?  Well, I wish I had one of those right now.”

X:  “Come here.  Put your head down.”

G:  “Owwww!  Now I do want to be dead.”

X:  “It will take a while to lose it.  You’re very lucky.
Sinteres knows how to kill using pressure points.”

G:  “Is that the same stuff that you know?”

X:  “Yeah, it just depends how you use it.”

Auto:  “I hate to be a nag, but, what’s our next step?”

X:  “Arkel said that he was going to round up the villagers.  We
need to know where he’s taking ‘em.  Gabrielle, follow them and
mark the trail.”

G:  “What about the two of you?”

X:  “Don’t worry about us; just be careful.”

Auto:  “Can I ask you something?  Is your life always like

X:  “Pretty much.”

Auto:  “Sheesh!”


Auto:  “I’m a thief, not a-- human fly.”

X:  “Hercules said you were good at this.”

Auto:  “Ah-- well, if I knew his high esteem for me would land
me in this position in the first place-- ”

X:  “I didn’t say he held you in high esteem, I just said he
said you were good.”

Auto:  “You know, it seems pretty clear to me that Hercules
doesn’t know a diamond in the rough when he sees one.  I mean--
look at you.”

X:  “Care to explain that?”

Auto:  “Well, Hercules could have any woman he wanted.
Obviously, he just passed you by.”

X:  “Is that supposed to be a compliment?”

Auto:  “No-- just a fact, but-- if he let someone like you get
away-- then he must be a-- well, all right, yes, it-- was a

X:  “Hercules isn’t as blind as you think; but neither one of us
wants to fool ourselves.”

Auto:  “And then there are those of us who-- live to fool


G:  “Go this way, Xena.”


Soldiers:  “There they are!  Get them!”

X:  “We haven’t got time for this.”


Auto:  “Go on, Xena; I’ll hold them off.”

X:  “Are you kidding me?”

Auto:  “I think I’m kidding myself.  Go on; help those people.”

X:  “Yah!  Yah!  Come on!”


X:  “Hello again, Sinteres.”

Sinteres:  “Xena-- you said you were looking forward to this.
Well, I plan to make you happy.  Even though, this will be the
last bit of joy you experience on this earth.”

[They fight.]

G’s Voice [Whispers]:  “Come on, Xena.  Xena!”

Sinteres:  “Goodbye, Xena.”

Arkel:  “Whoever kills her gets half this in return!”

G:  “Xena!”

Auto:  “Well, I made it.”

X:  “I knew you would.”

Auto:  “Should I concentrate on anyone in particular, or-- or do
we hate them all?”

X:  “Every last one.”

Auto:  “Yeah.”

G:  “Everybody out!  Come on!”

X:  “Arkel, don’t!”

Arkel:  “Let’s see what this weapon can do.”

X:  “Gabrielle-- Autolycus-- don’t fear the truth, face it.
Don’t run.”

Arkel [Gasps]:  “Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

G:  “That was incredible!”

Auto:  “And you want to return this to your friends?”

X:  “It belongs to them.  And, besides, it’ll be safe with

Auto:  “‘Thou shall not covet; thou shall not steal’?
Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-- Who can live by those laws?”


Man:  “It’s all there-- all that we have.  But, money alone
cannot repay you for what you’ve done.”

Auto:  “To be honest, I don’t think you have anything that can.”

Man:  “Theft is not a thing that we admire-- but you truly are--
the King of Thieves.”

Auto:  “Yes, I am-- ah, well-- we are.  Just make sure everyone
knows about it, because I’m only as good as my reputation.
Normally, I’d make a more dramatic exit, but, ah-- I think I
could use a walk.  And what could I say to you?  I’ve-- never
had a partner in crime before, and after this-- I never will.
Ha-ha-ha-ha.  Hmm.”

G:  “Well, I hate to admit it, but I like him; even though--
when you strip it all away, he’s just a thief for hire.”

X:  “Is he?”

G:  “I wish I had known he was going to do that-- I wouldn’t
have taken this.  [Laughs]  Pretty, isn’t it?”

X:  “Gabrielle, didn’t you read those tablets?  ‘Thou shall not

G:  “I promise I’ll give it back-- as soon as I find the owner.”


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